iMore show 439: Ally’s selfie stick

by birtanpublished on November 27, 2020

Hey everyone it is January 15 2015 I'm Rene Ritchie and right now we're going to talk about surviving the holidays surviving CES and surviving beginning of the year apple rumors this is the imore show joining me today freshly returned from her first semester at home it's her second semester at Hogwarts a leak as mu ha who are you at Ali it's my third actually Oh your third oh you're almost here what is it a sophomore junior what is what is a fancy terminology for that almost starting to take my owls nice goblets of fire have been passed nice all right nice i'm also joining us we have from the newly arctic version of

Cape Cod mr. Peter kono are you Peter good how are you Renee good so has the Cape actually frozen yeah it actually has this week it is cold as hell and well the opposite of hell I suppose but it is it is cold out there yes you know we haven't had a lot of precipitation yet we're still kind of waiting for a snow event but um I just have no tolerance for this cold weather I'm ready to go down to Florida like a lot of the other people who spend part of their year on the Cape do you just go Snowbird it just gonna snow bird it that's right i figure i'll i'll set up

Shop in a cardboard box outside the mobile nations warehouse and inverness or something florida scare me they're really big take they have giant reptiles too yeah it's a little Gators me they have Gators I think that's just bull Dickinson in the suit though I'm not positive so yeah it's freezing cold here that's why I'm wearing a toque just to keep some sort of warmth in me while I podcast and I've got a new set up today Peter I took my nehalem Mac Pro and I laid it on his side and I have perched the retina 5k imac on top of it to use that as a standing podcast to do now and

It also reminds the mac pro of who the dominant machine in the household is it was funny i said this computer was so fast it was the first gen nehalem when i got it but now I think my macbook's are faster my like my macbook air might be faster than it I'm not sure yeah you know mio ay macbook our mac pro keeps plotting along and I'm very happy to continue using it but these things don't age very well in terms of a processor performance that's for sure I just you know it fits into my workflow so I continue to use it but realistically i could replace it with a

Mac mini at this point and it'd probably be an upgrade i still love no i mean like it was so beautiful i couldn't bear to part with it because typically i give away my machines or Stella or something and I'm just using this as an object are now yes I understand it's you know that the cheese grater grille on the front of it and just the giant monolithic look the big apple logo on the side I still like to look at mine although I do have I do have a mounting bracket around here someplace that i'm going to put under my desk one of these days to actually get it off the desk to free up some more

Desktop real estate I've never installed it I've had it for a couple of years but one company or another sonnet or somebody made a mac pro brackets that you can bolt to the underside of desks so nice oh that's a bit and Peter oh speaking you know the wired management would appreciate anything you could do to get stuff off your desk yeah yeah I wrote about that I'm really happy i'm not working at Wired this week but you know you spend a few million on renovations to a new office and I guess you think you can tell your employees what they can put on their desk and wait

What they can't I don't think I've gone over this before but i have to ikea for two by two shelf units on wheels as a standing desk with the mac pro flat on top of that and the imac on top of that with the microphone attached to the desk and that's what i'm using for a standing desk I think you're standing too right Allie I am I bought one we stopped to put it we bought their that IKEA hack where you can buy a one of the side tables and a shelf and some weird thing imma bobbers to connect them um that's the technical that's something of the cattle like I was about to say it is

That is probably the name of the catalog but we bought that for Heather just to see if she would like standing so maybe we should actually do that since you've had him for six months and i'll write something up on how to put together a fancy ikea hack standing desk and a lot of people have those are you drinking overly caffeinated commercial I'm drinking a flat white because starbucks now has those I don't know what a flat white is um I think it's like two parts milk and one part espresso it's a little different than like a latte I have just

Coffee from second cup because my um my blue bottle ran out and I was late for the shows i just picked it up and I feel like heathen yeah starbucks just started serving I really like those they're really popular like in Europe we had him last time we went and I look forward to those every time we go and I came back to starbucks during class yes you were in Europe how was it did you have fun it was a lot of fun um we were all meeting everything like every time I open up Instagram there were nine ally selfies and I think they were taken with a stick they were Oh Peter shares a selfie stick

You know what more power to her oh it's also gold phone is not acceptable but a selfie stick is acceptable sure absolutely now a belfie stick or whatever that hideous contraption is you showed me earlier that is never accept we've spent half an hour in the last vector talking about belfie' stick so I'll just say go listen to that and you can you can find it all about belfie' sticks yeah um you know so I hope Kevin Mitchell okies obsessed with these things into the greatest invention of the year so go and join us turned it like a 900 belfie sorry 900 selfie stick

Review what's so great about them um you know I am an overly thorough person as anyone especially my girlfriend will tell you have a list for list for lists and when I packed for this trip a selfie stick was not on it because when I see people in the streets with these I want a ninja chop them in half and it i think it's just how some people can be so obnoxious with them is what drives me nuts so i think a little bit of it as etiquette on the user side um but when we got over to Europe it was myself my partner Heather and then another couple one of my good friends that I've known

Forever and her husband that went with us and we quickly realized if you want to take group shots and not have to depend on like I don't want to really set up a tripod or have to get my camera out or whatever it you can't really get much in the background with four people in a picture let alone even two so after about two days of us getting comments pummeled at us and people yelling at us on Facebook don't buy a selfie stick I said okay we're gonna go on a hunt for one and that turned into like a mad dash across one like six different places and everyone apparently

Is sold out of these selfie sticks we went to a couple places and I just said you have a cell no like I didn't even get the sentence out and they're like no so we finally found them at selfridges in London and they were grossly overpriced and i'm pretty sure i paid almost fifty dollars for this translated into american dollars which i think like a five hundred dollars yeah one of my friends said the other walmart look look Americans are coming they don't want a selfie sticks why not make a really expensive something that we got one and the couple that was with us got one and

I felt horrible for them because the first one they had didn't work so they took it back they swapped it out and the second day they had it broke and they didn't have the box so they couldn't take it back it was not against describing are the people who are listening and not washing exactly what it is okay so a selfie stick is pretty much they have a couple different kinds I guess this one is Bluetooth powered so it's got a little switch or the end here um a one charge seems to get I think the last time we charge this was the first time we charged it in London and it's

Still working so um basically it has a little button on the handle that connects to your phone so it controls the camera shutter so you can extend the main base of it so basically it's like a it's if you ever seen a monopod that's pretty much what it is and it has like a little kind of grippy thing up here you can expand it see almost like over the car the car holder things look like yeah so pretty much you just you know stick your phone right in here so Ali's taking her phone and she's putting it in the jaws of death and she's clamping it into the selfie stick and then this bends

Forward and backwards so you can kind of you know do your thing doesn't have the sex that are the extra arm like the belle fille stick or whatever that other thing is cuz you know no those are evil but um basically you can put it front or back ways you can take video fit of my HUD no this one won't there might be some out there that maybe do I oh that even I bought before we went on this trip a new photo one of the road trip tripods for my regular camera and I know they even have because that tripod actually you can take two of the legs off and it becomes a monopod and you can

Buy an attachment like this for smartphones so a lot of tripods that are like on the higher end also offer monopods that tried to use I feel about this the same way I feel about ipad photography my like do it makes you happy do it I'm my million-dollar idea my billion-dollar idea is a selfie stick for macbook airs oh you know I would like Peter remember supernatural and they had death sure that I would like his cane that you just press a button and it becomes a selfie stick because I could walk around it looking like one of the four horsemen but when I want to

Take a selfie I press a button and suddenly it's a blue to selfie stick there we go yeah absolutely you know it's funny how incredibly popular they are and as a matter of fact we at the store up and purge it partitioning petitioning or manager to get them in yes I think they'll sell I'm hoping that we'll get the men in time for tourist season anyway but you know if it if it helps people compose a better shot I'm not I'm just you know and I think there's a place for it and I think it has a lot to do with the etiquette people use um it becomes obnoxious when

You are you know holding it out in front of a street or obstructing traffic with it or something the first time I pulled it on 9 i'm not a lie too i felt completely ridiculous in the log the minute you go like this people are like one of those got it in Diagon Alley looking it is this does double as a wand you're not supposed to tell people that but um you know after a while we were just kind of like whatever alex has a feather in it when you're on a trip like that you want pictures that you can bring home and you know I kind of got over the whole oh well I don't want one

I think they're totally obnoxious and I think there's a place for them do I think that people should just carry them around in their purses to be obnoxious with them no but if you're going on a vacation or you're going on a trip or you want good photos and you don't want to rely on a DSLR or a full-size tripod or you don't really like asking I don't like giving strangers my phone I have like this irrational fear that I hand someone my phone and they just take off running like in a cartoon i look at your rally when they put it in just take off I

Would be the person that that would happen to but you would run them down I mean at least this time I have a selfie stick and I can go like this and I can just beat them with it so no but you're so you're the generation like III i watch your instagram i watch your facebook you take a lot of selfies I don't think I've ever seen like a ton of Peter selfies flood the internet they get it that's true that's true I don't yeah I take some like I do and what I'm doing an event or something but if I'm on vacation you I'm probably taking pictures of everybody else so I would

Get an LC stick it kind of changed for me I think for me personally I had a lofty right she infected you kind of but last year My partner and I went to Europe and this over the past year I went through I had a lot of really great shots with my regular camera I had pictures of her I had pictures of buildings and all these gorgeous pictures and I'm like I have like two pictures of her and I like in that to me was sad I'm like we have like no pictures of our relationships so for me that kind of changed things too like I would like to have pictures you know so

I kind of have always been the type of person that likes to be behind a camera more than in front of it so I've kind of made it a goal this past year to not do that so I don't regret not having pictures of my family and whoever else so for me I think it was just kind of more of a personal thing did you see a lot of selfie sticks out in London oh my god yeah it's at one point like when we were not finding them I was to the point where like damn it I man to go over there and hold that girl's feet and I'll just take it and we'll run so I mean it almost got to that point cuz we were

Just in a mad dash all over London trying to find this like mostly iphone users Android users windows play everyone yeah I saw people with GoPros and um GoPros I think come with a monopod maybe or you can buy one um it's like GoPros I saw Samsung's I saw point-and-shoots I mean it could pretty much fit whatever you want and this so animals it probably probably I mean I could probably use it for other things like maybe over a campfire I don't know I feel like Peter and I are hosting a today show at tonight show segment I could find a lot of interesting uses for

This some of them being more obnoxious than what this is actually for so um yeah we saw a lot of people and the degree of obnoxiousness depended on the user I think home so it's not something that i think i would put in a bag and carry around all the time but 1 i'm going somewhere where i know i'm going to want to take pictures i wouldn't mind having it um this one is bluetooth they also they make ones I've seen ones too that don't rely on battery and you can actually think it plugs into the headphone jack and then it works just like a headphone click or wood for the

Shutter are you gonna review these for us I am wrentham are con me into writing a why how I changed my mind on selfie sticks piece so evil evil but yes you can look forward to that and then yeah I think maybe I'll round up a couple different ones and see which ones are better than the others lots of selfies so otherwise had a good trip though I did it was an awesome trip for countries in a little over two weeks it was a long trip if it's Tuesday it must be belgium yes and while you were doing that serenity and I were at CES and you can find most of that at I'm more calm / CES

Live and we looked at tons of stuff we try to us pay attention to the the car play stuff the home kit stuff the health kit stuff the car play stuff is nice and that it's all becoming highly normalized almost everyone has the same sort of stuff out now so you can just basically get into your car and it'll be you know exactly the interface that you want and some people thought that was monotonous but I think that's exactly what I want from car play the home kissed off was really cool and it was funny it was not the big home kit vendors who had the most impressive demo Peter it was

Incipio who some people say is just a case company but we went there and they had it running with full on series so you could say Siri turn on the lights Siri turn on the outlet and like the fan would come on Siri turn off incipio and all the incipio incipio stuff would come down and I'm just sitting there going man can you imagine if they did you know president Bartlet in in this century be like Siri crash the west wing it would be rific yeah indeed you know i've been using siri commands more and more in the car so this is becoming a kind of second

Nature for me and even in the house now when it's tethered or when it's a when it's charging or whatever i'll say hey Syrian tell it to do something sorry if that just set your phone off I didn't mean to but um you know I think that it's good and as we see more functionality taking advantage of this it's a really good thing and they suspect that before too long where it's just gonna be second nature for many of us to to talk to our devices instead of actually touching them to get things done I think you got a neat Siri trick the other day was that Ellie you know

You can send a gift card with Siri nice i did not know that i did not know that either I'll i read that i'm i'm already and i just ignored it no I'm gonna write it up cuz I didn't know it until like yesterday nice so what you do say Siri send a gift card yeah you can say like I would like to send a gift card or something to that extent is there any documentation on what works and what doesn't at this no way probably scattered across the internet and rain I won't tell you that like someone under the age of twenty taught me that so man what else was there I see ya the health

Kid stuff I mean I don't go over too much let's book about it a lot on Mac break a little bit on vector and we have so much stuff up but yeah just go to I'm more calm / CS live and there's there's like clothing that will measure your muscle usage and balance and also all the new 4k TV stuff and it was it was a crate it was as crazy a show as you could expect we basically went you know 18 hours a day for four days but it was really cool we saw a bunch of really interesting stuff it wasn't huge for iOS or Mac news but you know there were rumors and things that turned up as well

But before we get to that Peter would it what did you do with all of us gone did you sound like a giant party or something pretty much it was non-stop basically from from wall to wall every day that you guys were gone I was so happy to have the place to myself was incredible I think I saw a couple dog moms make it on the homepage that's right yeah there were officially with your sister that's right few she be you knew pictures posted and they would then they would vanish no you know i mean the advantage I think of CES and of course if the way that the deli time for

Vacation is that the beginning of January is typically a very slow time at least an apple tech you know it wasn't always that way Macworld Expo used to happen overlapping quite often with CES and it would be very busy as companies would prepare their new releases and you know start looking for for publicity for their things but for the past few years it's it's been kind of quiet that little stretch after at the end of December so you know I was I was certainly lonely I missed you guys but it was it was pretty quiet all things considered we're gonna take a quick break so I can tell you

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Can go at your own pace everything is segmented you can learn a little bit or a lot all at one time it's been a few minutes a few hours you can spend all day if you want to and if you have a specific question you can just look that up because their searches transcript is all this amazing stuff so I really want you to you know take a look at this because it could make your 2015 so much better than your 2014 and all you have to do is go to Linda calm and sign up for the free 10-day offer that's ly ND slash I'm or Linda calm / I more go ahead we challenge you to try

Something new for 2014 thanks Linda so let's go through some of the stuff that happened there was a bit of a kerfuffle about the state of the stability of Apple software i know you've written about this in the past Peter so give me the quick summation of this then we can get into a little bit sure what happened last week was that Marco Arment posted something to his blog and it blew up because Marco Arment of course is a very high-profile developer and you know a frequent commenter on all things apple so he tends to get a lot of a lot of eyes looking at his pages every time he

Talks and Marco echoed some of the same things that I had said in a November editorial that I posted as part of my not safe for work series and you know I did I won't rephrase what Marco said but I will sort of restate what my position is and that is that we have seen Apple unfortunately slip in some qualitative ways with iOS 8 and with with with OS 10 Yosemite that I think are really kind of unfortunate you know things like Wi-Fi not working perhaps as reliably as they should be things like the new continuity features in iOS 8 and Yosemite not working as seamlessly especially between

Platforms as they possibly could be these are all problems that I've had firsthand these are problems that I've dealt with with my customers in the store that I work in on the weekends so you know the lulav anecdote is not data I'm the first to admit that but these problems happen with enough frequency that Marco myself and a number of other people who write analysis of what's going on in the Apple world have you know felt compelled to write stuff about it over the course of the past couple of months so this isn't coming out of left field at all but that

Was sort of the reader that Reader's Digest condensed version of what happened last week yes I I have a lot I talked about this a little bit we did the live show from Las Vegas but I'm of two minds on this puter like I think there's absolutely a truth to this sentiment like I think people are believing this and that's why it resonates so much because we all have you know 10 or 12 little things that just drive us nuts on an almost daily basis my only thing is I don't know if it's really different than it's always been or just the scope and scale of out

Pull software is bigger so it feels like the problems are bigger because I went through some of the I more postings and I went through some of the message boards and I and almost every year there comes to a point like last year it was the constant Reese brings and the year before that I think it was a lot of the I clouds there's always like there seems to be some Nexus about which all of our complaints get piled upon the back of that beast and I'm having trouble separating what's you know old and kind of forgotten from what's new and painful from what's really worse and it's ever

Been before that's exactly right i mean you know the fact is what was it three four years ago now Apple committed to an annual upgrade cycle for its operating systems and you know it was sort of catch as catch can before you know Apple would do monolithic update every whenever it felt like really or whatever it's its development process sort of suited a major update but otherwise we're kind of left to our own devices in between those periods and now Apple you know does this regular annual update and they cram a lot of new features into each of each annual update each annual

Upgrade and they try to make them very enticing for people to come along with them and they seem to do a pretty good job because the majority of users who are eligible to use these upgrades will install them once they're available you know iOS 8 s biggest speed bump in terms of adoption seems to have been the fact that it's so damn big and people's devices are so damn small because you know apples been selling 8 and 16 gigabyte devices for quite a long time so there are very many of those out in the world and you know people either don't know that you can tether at many

People many many uses that these devices have absolutely no idea that you can pull up plug in the USB lightning cable that came with your iphone into a computer and something will happen if you've got itunes installed it's beyond the scope of many people's ability and that is not to denigrate them it's just something that they haven't been trained to understand and something that I don't think that Apple has communicated particularly effectively to them so you know they go to install these updates and discover that they can't because they don't have enough free space well

The free space is your issue as Ali will tell you because she's written how to's on this very topic are not an issue if you go to iTunes and do it because itunes does all the heavy lifting for the device I to install those updates but that's still again as a mystery to many a great many people and those folks unfortunately are the ones who you know get system update messages saying you know iOS 8 iOS 8.1 iOS 8.2 etc is available but I can't stall it because you don't have enough free space so they just ignore the message and just continue on um Yosemite is a kind of in

A different story because Yosemite goes so far back in terms of supported systems that you can go back six years and find computers that work just fine with Yosemite that I don't think that that as many users have run into the same kind of roadblocks getting Yosemite installed on their machine as long as they've got snow leopard 10 6 8 installed and they've got the mac app store and they know what the mac app store is they probably have gotten an update message about Yosemite and many of them have installed it many folks without any problem my experience at

Least on the mac side has been the people who run into problems the most frequently on the mac end when they install a new operating system are installing a new operating system on top of what they already did there they're upgrading and indeed Apple has made clean installs more and more progressively difficult to do over the years until nowadays you have to know really exactly what to do in order to do a clean install you know you've got to do a time machine backup or a backup of your hard drive you've got to launch it into recovery to recovery system you've

Got a blank your drive using the drive utility and then you've got to install a fresh copy of the operating system using internet recovery in order to install a clean version of the operating system it's an arduous process that apple doesn't document and that Apple it doesn't make user friendly I think by intent because they figure everything's going to go okay well a lot of things don't go okay you know texts system extensions get pulled over when you do updates a plist file settings files get but get dragged over as well and this stuff all adds up to cruft that gets

Left in the operating system that makes things either work unpredictably or not work as well as they should and that ends up degrading the performance of computers integrating the stability of the computers as well there was an interesting article from Ashley Nelson who works at Dropbox and again it it covers a lot of that but her opinion was and I and this is something I believe too that we're in sort of a transitional period we're in the middle of turbulence where Apple did a big design makeover with iOS 7 and a big functional makeover with iOS 8 i'm not so sure how that

Plays into Yosemite and Mavericks Peter so maybe we can talk about that in a bit but at least from iOS 7 and I don't know what your experience is ally so much changed that it's sort of i'm willing to give them a by with with this version and see how iOS 9 comes because once the visuals are done and once extensibility and things are done then i think you can pay more attention to fixing up the new structure that you built I would agree um I think my experience with Yosemite is a little I really have not had very many complaints with Yosemite and maybe that's just because Mavericks made me

Want to die when I first I had a really hard time with Mavericks I it ate my email um image previews are broken it would take forever to load raw file previews and it just I when I went through the beta with Mavericks too and it scared me away from the beta with Yosemite and I didn't do it until pretty much the gold master so maybe that's why that's what I'm remembering and what's tainting me from UM from betas but I haven't really had a lot of the bad experiences I think a lot of people have and maybe my workflow just doesn't consist of some of

The pain points um I mean I've had my share of issues with continuity and extensibility and I don't really think I've really used extensibility very much on the Mac not nearly as much as the iphone um I feel like iOS there was a lot more of a need for that than OS 10 if that makes sense um I feel like I'm a creature of habit with my work full on my mac too so that might be part of my crux that I have my workflow I have things set up the way I want them it works and I'm very reluctant to stray away from that even if I even if I was ten is made that easy for me um so I

Don't know I just don't seem to have yo somebody's been a very smooth experience for me so far it's beautiful I'm Peter some people have likened it to the transition with with OS ten you know like the Kodiak and then one in two and i don't know if i'll go that far but I I do think when you get all this new stuff there's there's pain that comes with it absolutely there are a lot of new features in Yosemite first of all you somebody got of course a user experience or user interface refresh that it didn't significantly change the way that it worked but it did change the look and

Feel of the operating system and some profound glaze correct me if I'm wrong but I think what a lot of people aren't aware was a lot of the demons were rewritten as well like the the DNS diamond i think the network team and I think the launch demon a lot of those were totally rewritten yeah and I was just getting to that you know a lot of the stuff under the hood of Yosemite changed in very very significant ways developers can tell you that that that the 1010 was was a big change under the hood so what that means is that there is get some turbulence I

Would agree with that and I'm starting to wonder if it may not be a good opportunity for Apple to do a Snow Leopard year maybe today maybe this year should be snow semin or something like that the 10-11 would be a possible opportunity for Apple to not necessarily say no new features like they did with snow leopard even though there were new features in snow leopard but to take a step back and say okay you know we've got a batten down the hatches we've got to tighten everything up we've got to make it make sure that everything is working as bulletproof as we can

Possibly make it trim the fat a little bit and make sure that the code that we've got going forward is ready for the next ten years which is what Craig federighi said on the stage at WWDC last year when it came to the actual naming convention that they were using for OS 10 going forward so it would be nice to them to have them apply that same kind of philosophy to the actual underlying code and make it easier or make it better for the fur fur for users now having said that look a lot of people who have are using Yosemite are using it on new machines machines that were

Purchased with you somebody or machines that might have come out of the Mavericks era and we're upgraded to us somebody and they're having a you know fewer problems than people with with with older legacy machines are and I think that that's just part of the nature of the beast but I I really would like to see a you know Apple take I think a little bit more of a circumspect approach with regards to software development for OS 10 and just make sure things are a solid as they they can be so people have fewer problems yeah no I agree absolutely with all that and we're

Going to see I mean Oh iOS 9 + OS 10 10 point 11 both started up just after the last version shipped you know they've been working on them for a month or so already let me keep working on them we'll see them for the first time at WWDC 2015 and and it'll be interesting to see what the focus is because I think most of the low-hanging fruit has been done now so they have the they might have the time in the luxury to do all this some people were saying that it would have been better if they took more time like if they rolled out extensibility over

Two years maybe instead of one year but they already took a lot of time like exbc XP see the cross communications protocol that extensibility is based on I think rolled out with iOS 5 originally or iOS 6 and they've been slowly you know they broke springboard apart into springboard and backboard and now they broken it apart into pre-board and front board and backboard is bring board and bulletin board and all sorts of things so they've really been working both in board is funny that's what runs Notification Center which is kind of apropos but you know it like they've

Been doing a lot of work under the hood and it's just more work but I think it's such a fundamental change that it was going to be a little bit painful but now I think they have a lot of time to go back and sort of tidy that up but you know peel what Peter like Peter looks like people like Peter and Marco or watching so I better get all their ducks in a line another bit of another story that came out while we were away mark Gurman came back from his vacation decided to drop a few bombshells on the Apple community one was one of the prototypes for the next generation

Macbook air and so Apple has been working on sort of a retina macbook air for a while now and they've gone through several prototypes and just to reiterate something output prototypes everything if you can think of something Apple should do chances are they've prototyped it and maybe they figured out reasons not to do it or they figured out reasons to do it and it'll ship or not ship depending on what those prototypes do and they've had prototypes of the macbook retina MacBook Air I think for two or three years now they've had prototypes of MacBook Airs with

Touchscreens macbook air is running iOS built on arm they've done all sorts of things and there's kind of a confluence of rumors here one was from KGI securities so marks rumor is that outlet is that one of these prototypes at least is a macbook air that has one of these larger screens the kind we saw with Adele announced at CES but basically a 13 inch size screen in an 11 inch size body and a newer even thinner design so thin in fact they wouldn't include a magsafe they wouldn't include a thunderbolt all they would include is a USB see a type connector any Peter I can

See Apple experimenting with this machine I can see it being one of the two or three prototypes but I don't know if I can see them shipping at this quickly well the 13 inch screen size in an 11-inch form factor is something that we're seeing more and more in the Ultrabook space Apple would not be the first to market with this there were companies at CES that were showing off their versions of the same idea and are indeed shipping those products either now or in fairly short order so that I think is a foregone conclusion that that that seems

To be the direction the industry thinks the consumers are going to want to go in and let's face it the 11-inch MacBook Air and its current embodiment does have some drawbacks the screen is is weird the screen is shorter it's not as high as the screen and the 13 inch or the 15 inches it doesn't have the same aspect ratio so you tend to get a very squashed look when you're looking on web pages so it would make sense for Apple to be doing something in that area I thank very much and I I would certainly hope that they're doing it you know people look at that single connector that USB

3.1 connector that acts both as a charging and interface cable and say well that doesn't make any sense that's less functional than the the current macbook air is and that's true but there are a lot of things about the evolution of the macbook air and the macbook pro that haven't made sense at first glance and only really translate into a something that does make sense further down the line so I'm yeah I basically approaching this skeptically I mean the bottom line is it's a rumor it's not confirmed that it's going to happen or that it's going to happen this way the

Renderings that 925 max showed are very convincing looking but 9to5 mac has made in a secret of the fact that they are renderings they're not actual stolen product images from anywhere so you know I think that that the the what's the word I'm looking for the reality of those images or the apparent reality of those images has made a lot of people say okay this is what it's going to look like let's slow down a little bit yeah this is this is only rumor until apple announces it nothing is certain so I mean uh the serenity did a great article

For us about you know putting the air back in the macbook air and when Steve Jobs came out on stage in 2008 and pulled the macbook air out of a sleeve it was amazing like it was super thin for the time and it had I really had that little fold down door for the ports and there really were very very few ports that was power USB and headphones i think and nothing else and we've sort of gotten away with that to the point where it's arguable where the line between a macbook air and a macbook pro begins and ends and you could see i could absolutely see Apple getting more

Back towards that original inspirational super ultra light you know battery life portability the expense of everything else sort of structure USB see we looked at it it can carry power can carry display signals I don't know I forget what its bandwidth is I don't know for example you could you could plug it into a theoretical 5k Thunder Thunderbolt Display I don't think I don't think it actually has a bandwidth to dry that but maybe you could plug it into a next-generation regular display and it would charge and it would do all this at once but i think you know apples bound

By the laws of physics and the laws of economics and whether we're far enough along that that one cable because I you know I I OS devices use one cable they use lightning for everything for charging for communications for display for out for us be four everything can a Mac do that yet I don't know but Ali I mean do you and I both gone back and forth on macbook pros and MacBook Airs would you like more of a macbook air air back oh you know I think I'm sorry I think I've come to terms with being okay with a 13-inch MacBook Air I like the portability I like the size I still want

The retina um I think for me it was the deficit but I I think I'm okay with that sighs and I feel like that might be a size that is on par with what the majority is ok with it takes a special kind of person like jim dalrymple or run to use an 11-inch MacBook Air I don't my eyes would just bleed but um I don't know it'd be a 13 inch screen and 11 inch body alley that's the miracle here yeah that would be amazing as long as I don't lose the screen real estate I would be okay with that um I'm happy with that median I just don't want to lose screen size I think I've become

A little bit more I'm not as it I don't have such an aversion to larger screens i actually prefer my six plus now so i'm getting used to you know not i always used to want smaller's better can fit more in a bag but you know I'm kind of getting away from that and I almost bit the bullet on a 15-inch MacBook Pro and i'm glad i didn't know you put your imac on a selfie stick as far as i know i might have there might be pictures from a selfie stick of a macbook on a selfie stick you don't know still Peters idea so the other royal t check the other rumor that's come up before and is

Coming up again this time from ming-chi kuo at KGI Securities and you know I I have no time for financial analysts but of financial analyst he's been more reliable than the rest and he tends have really good supply chain sources so when things are moving into production he tends to be pretty reliable when things are fairly obvious like apples gonna make another iphone he's rock solid when things are more up in the air he's been sort of hit or miss but you can make up your own mind on that but he's saying that Apple is readying the ARM based version of a macbook air you know maybe

It's an even a sub macbook air type product and these are all really interesting rumors to me because when you look at the past and again apple has prototype arm-based macbook airs in the past technology is getting to a really interesting point Peter did a great article on this during the week but you know the Intel transition you know it was super interesting because Steve Jobs came out and said we've been running it for years and here it is and they had Rosetta to run all your old powerpc-based apps and it was a very very smooth transition the transition

From Intel to arm if it does happen on a macbook air would be even more interesting like would still run OS 10 wrote at one iOS if it's running iOS when it emulate OS 10 it's a very different time Peter I mean back then Apple was still really Adobe making apps for their platform on Microsoft making apps for their platform and I think they're less dependent on that now but I also think the state of their technology your things like handoff and continuity in general and extensibility means that you know it doesn't really matter so much anymore

What the device you're using is because your activity and your experience follow you across their platforms yeah indeed now I mean there there are some you know people have made a big deal about the arm transition and as you point out Apple has has done this transition has done a transition to different processor architectures a couple of times so I think they've got the process down cold OS 10 is pretty portable you know as far as that's concerned it always has been because it started life as next step and you know next step worked on what was it three or four different architecture

Simultaneously so that was always kind of key to the the flexibility of next step I'm not entirely worried about that but you know I think they're there are some advantages of the way that things are set up now with Intel processors that we sort of take for granted like the ability to run Windows and Windows virtualization software like like VMware fusion or parallels desktop or even VirtualBox these are all really useful apps for people in the business world especially who need to run Windows apps that don't run on the Mac or you know big gamers gamers love to use bootcamp

So they can actually you know be able to play games without having to worry about whether or not they've been ported to the mac and in fact companies that do develop games for the max some of them anyway use software that's pretty close to virtualization software to get key parts of the games working so that those businesses and and those consumers would all be significantly affected if there's a switch away from the Intel Architecture but I don't think it's ever been a question of if Apple will do this on the Mac but just a question of when when the arm hardware that Apple that

Develops is mature enough to be able to handle the the Mac experian without degrading the UX in any way for the users it's got to be at least as good enough as an Intel experience in order for people to use it order for Apple to to consider it i think and KGI is staking its bet that by the time that happens it's going to be 2016 and then it's going to happen on the low end of the mac spectrum at least at first that it'll be an entry-level machine like a low-end macbook air that would be getting this treatment as opposed to a high-end machine like an iMac or retina

MacBook Pro the mess prono an arm right exactly yeah well we'll see what happens you know but the proof of the pudding is in the eating as they say and there's no pudding to eat yet so what's interesting to me is that it's easy to say that Apple like a lot of people have said Apple should go to army John Syracuse has given some good reasons of why that's you know not as obvious as some people think because you know it's its power its performance its power management there's all sorts of things that go into it but beyond that Apple has to answer a lot of questions like

What I have an imac and i have a macbook air what where my apps if i'm using lightroom on my imac is i'm gonna assume Adobe's gonna make lightroom for the air if it's a different architecture how does it move back and forth what's my workflow uh Apple according to rumor the reason why the iPad Mini 3 didn't jump up this year is because Apple physically could not produce enough a8 chip sets they were you know making the iphone and making the ipad air 2 max them out they just couldn't make any more will they have enough capacity start making them for the Max's as well because you know

Intel is just running these chips they're they're foundries are producing Haswell in broad well and sky lake if Apple's making their own chips they have to get foundries to produce this chip do they have that capacity how is all the other architecture I mean there's pcia on the max and that's what they've been using there's a PCI a on iPhones but only for the communication stuff the Lightning isn't picea is a whole bunch of really interesting questions that Apple you know it's probably answered it may be is in the process of answering if I don't think any of them are as simple

As a blog post saying apples going to do this or Apple should do this I would completely agree with that so many of the things um what else was in the news oh also mark Gurman the iphone companion app you managed to get some screenshots for it I don't know if it was a secret or not I don't know if Apple I don't remember if Apple mentioned at the event but you know almost every watch has a companion app for doing a bunch of management things because it's easier to manage these things on a phone than it is on the watch the same way in the early days of the phone you had a lot of

Management stuff in itunes because it was easier to do it on the iTunes the desktop they know what to do it on your phone it's just you know it's a price of being early in this technology but the stuff i really liked ali was the accessibility stuff which we hadn't seen before there is going to be voiceover and I think you know those kinds of technologies for people i think the watch will be a super great assistive technology and i think it having extra accessibility is is really awesome yeah I was interested to see that and I'm I'll be very curious to see how it is

From an accessibility standpoint in real-world use um I didn't I think a lot of that got released when I was gone so I didn't look at all of it but I did read on that and that to me is interesting and might make it worthwhile for a lot of people and they had monograms you know Peter could have a PC on the top of his of his watch face right in the between the two Mickey Mouse arms I don't think you're someone Peter on the Apple watch nobody and you also have a way to manage your apps like you cuz it's got that honeycomb of apps and you can manage those on the watch us

On the phones you don't have to do it on the watch which is also cool but I'm excited for this friend of the show Jim Dalrymple did an article on the the market for the Apple watch and he had a lot of really interesting points there you know you'd expect a lot of people would accuse Jim of being yo totally on the side of Apple but he raised a lot of interesting challenges are going to face in the market but the least of which is do people even wear watches anymore you know when you start going you start going from there and it is an interesting question because you know

How many people will wear a watch the Apple watch it was a big talk of CES like what's the Apple watch going to do for the watch market and some watchmakers are really scared other watchmakers are like well you can only use it if you have an iPhone there's a lot of people who don't have an iphone and that's still a super competitive market for us and some people are like well some people have an Android tablet and an iphone and they're going to want something that works with in Apple's not going to do that so there's room for us but I do think you

Know every time Apple has a new device we were talking about this Peter on the TWiT New Year's special there was a trivia contest and there was someone who said the max gonna fail no one wants to use a mouse and then the iphone is gonna fail no one wants to pay that much for a phone I posi it was all John Dvorak of course every time John Dvorak is a professional troll yeah but I mean I think I think there's that tendency with the watch but i think the watch might be the first category where you have to actually wonder how big is that potential market well and this is what

I've been saying all along you know fewer people were watches than ever before but the yeah I will watch market is a very self selecting market because it's only going to be people who have iphone 6s or iphone 5s that can actually use the thing so it's an even smaller subset than just the the average population and that's not to say that Apple isn't producing millions of watches I mean millions of phones and hasn't produced millions of phones that that are going to be able to support the Apple watch but the bottom line is you've you've immediately limited your

Market and I think Apple has to understand that it has to be planning production accordingly a you know having said that I'm sure there's going to be a lot of initial interest especially among early adopters adopters especially get among gadget fans and Apple enthusiasts for it and as Ali intimated a few moments ago I'm just not sold on needing an Apple watch the first day that it goes out and gold Peter right and not with raisin sadly yeah you know if I want to spend four digits on a watch but you know better come with raisins if you're gonna spend four digits that's

Right yeah it better come with raisins oatmeal raisins oatmeal raisin cookies nice um another interesting article John Gruber was talking about how Siri has improved lately and I've been noticing this too and the coolest thing about Siri for me and iOS 8 is that you start talking and instead of like the purple purple purple lot nothing you actually see the words as you're talking and what's cooler is they'll go back and fix words that because of the additional context of what you said later now are more likely to be something else and I think that's super clever

But this reminds me of the the home kit stuff we were talking about earlier in that and the only extensibility stuff in that if you look at something like the watch and Peter's been talking about this with Yosemite for a long time an ally with iOS is how moving those workflows around so you're working on something on your phone and it's just not big enough and you want to you know really pound out that angry email you put it down sync would only have that email if you save it as a draft it would put it in your draft folder you could pull up mail and go to drafts and open

It up and scroll down and keep writing it but handoff is syncing activity so you put that phone down you hit that mail icon and that's the email you were working on even if it wasn't safe to draft and write in the position you were working at it it's it's much more than just saying and the watch only expands on that because you know you have everything from that subtle tap to that short look to that bait that long look to that glance to that watch kid app and if you decide oh it's just a watch my fingers are too big it's not great that'll hand off immediately to your

Phone and I'm assuming you'll maybe you know from the phone to the mac or directly to the mac and it starts to once again decouple interface from computing and syria i think is the same because Syria is going to be the principal interface for home kit but also there's me a lot of Siri on the launch and you'll home kit through Syria on the lodge and I think it behooves Apple to have that office you know somewhere in an undisclosed location your peter's house where all the guys in Boston are busily working on this voice technology so I think yes it is

Improving but Gruber's point was also a lot of people had bad Siri experiences and they haven't gone back and that makes it so important to really nail it when it comes to things like you know in his example the watch would my example things like home kit because I don't know how many chances when people get the watch they'll give it before they decide is too hard to use you know yeah I I think that that's that that's a that's a very real issue and it's a very real problem and I don't really know what what Apple's going to do about that are you a big sur user now Peter yeah I

Am I am more and more it started in the car and now i'm fighting applications for it around the house because now that I've got a dock that I'm happy with I i keep my iphone plugged in continuously a lot more than I in and within voice range a lot more than I used to but it's it's all convenience stuff for me you know when it comes to Sierra it's it's it's media playback and it's asking it directions and it's a um asking for stuff that I I know it can it can pull up that's why i was asking alley before if there's you know any documentation on on what you can actually talk to siri

About um to to get that information because a lot of times i will frustrate myself pretty quickly not being able to get the details that i need out of Siri or I think the biggest problem that I've run into with Siri is having Siri tell me something that that I I know it can do like when's my next appointment how you say it exactly and you have to you kind of actually have to obey this very specific syntax to get the results you're looking for and that can be today and that even is an issue sometimes with reminders and calendars like it'll try to Edwards to events when I'm telling it

Like a day or time and that's like super frustrating because Peter might tell Siri I have a meeting with Rene tomorrow at noon i might say schedule a meeting with Rene tomorrow it should understand all of those contexts because people say things differently and interact with things differently so that that's a that's a pain point for me as well and there's really not any comprehensive source that explains I mean I've found sites that like obscure sites that will link these are the things you can do with Siri but it's not like telling me specifically and there's things that

I've never gotten Syria to do that supposedly Siri can do so I don't know if I just talk funny Renee would probably say yes well you have a Midwestern Stanny accent while peter has a new england aryan vibe hmm and what's your accent uh contaminated Canadian content look daddy look a better contaminated quebecor because Ali will say you betcha Peter will say I don't know it's what's it with it I dear and and i'll just say sell you next or sweet all next something weird like that yeah it's an interesting it's so I use Siri all the time like all yellow the

The equivalent of yo Siri I don't activate anyone's phones by accident yo sería not give me a gift card because Ali just decided to tell me about that now but Yossi retake a note and then I'll dictate an idea for an article while I'm in the car but I use Siri all the time for alarms for reminders because in I think it's very telling that Apple didn't make a device that mean they tried with the with the wheel like a buttonless ipod shuffle and didn't work very well but there's no device that has just siri as an interface it sits beside things and I

Think that suggests that it's better for some tasks but not for all tasks and you always want that multi-touch alternative but for things like setting a reminder setting an appointment setting an alarm it's just so much faster and yes I'd love it if they localize theory for tasks that don't need the internet like doing an alarm or something like that but I think all that stuff is coming and I think you will you and you see what Google now can do in amazon's echo and all these technologies i think this is going to be you know whatever the new Apple TV has in it this is going to be

Part of our interface for the next 10 years at least and it really behooves everyone to have it super rock solid are you a big sur user ali i forgot to ask you apologize i used to be a bigger seer user than I think I am now I do use Siri a lot for calendars and reminders sometimes messages while I'm driving i'd use the dictation a lot and i use it for music so unfortunately a lot of my music needs i use our do um so and you can't really use Siri with that but if it's something i know i have in my library for that makara yes we're going to keep looking at this

We're going to have a lot more exciting coverage up here you you had a fantastic Mac game up today yeah absolutely uh this war of mine is from 11 bit studios and I strongly recommend even if the the idea of a war game quote-unquote turns you off check this out you can get it on the Mac App Store you can get it on Steam it's a little bit cheaper on the mac app store right now 1699 versus 1999 on steam it's a really cool game so this war of mine is not a game that puts you with a gun on the front lines of combat like every other war game does this game was actually inspired by the siege of

Sarajevo during the Bosnian war and it puts you in a fictional Eastern European city that's been bombed out and that is under siege and is heavily infested with snipers and you know troops and mercenaries and looters of all kinds and you you find yourself in a bombed-out house that's pretty much habitable but you're with some other survivors and you have to get the supplies together that you need in order to live you need to patch your the wall the holes up in your walls to keep looters out you need to collect rainwater so you can have something to drink and you need to

Fashion supplies and equipment so you can live you need to build a stove you need to gather food you need to trade with with other people sometime and you also need to scavenge scavenging is a big part of the game so you need to go to other bombed-out houses and unfortunately loot them or you know trade with other people in the middle of the night as well because they happen to be inhabiting these these places where you're visiting very very intense game difficulty wraps up very quickly the interesting thing about it is that it's not a 3d game it's a 2-d game so you see

Everything in sort of cutaway view with a really beautiful pencil rendering effect that gives it a very lush Illustrated look to it I can't say enough good things about this game and it doesn't surprise me that this came from 11 bit studios their the same game developers behind the anomaly series which is one of my favorite tower defense game series because anomaly initially put the tower defense genre on its head tower defense games are usually where you're setting up towers in a maze to blast these creeps these these troops that are coming at

You anomaly flip that on its head made you the troops trying to survive the onslaught of the tower attack so hats off to 11 bit studios this game came out shortly before Thanksgiving I only had a chance to check it out after the holiday break so I'm getting around to reviewing it now but it gets our editors choice award and I strongly encourage everybody who is even vaguely interested in what I just described to go and check out the review and then download the game yeah it looked it looked totally awesome mm-hmm umm Ali did you try out any new apps or anything fantastic while you

Were gone or was it just all selfie stick all the time hmm let me take a quick glance at my iphone I mentioned this on macbreak weekly but salinity and I shot a bunch of CES with iphones and liana and i had done that in the past but this year i got the idea from dieter bohn you know formerly mobile nations now at the verge of using hyperlapse the instagram app and filming with that but instead of saving it as a hyperlapse at six x 1 x save it at one x y and it just does super almost Steadicam like video and its really really nice and I'll write up a tip on that because it works

Really well yeah um the only thing I wish is that you could go back and resave something because once you make your decision it's set in stone and they take blood and you can't go back in and resave and I did that accidentally on our trip i would take what i wanted to be a video and then I saw your day I did that too I took a nice video pan of the beautiful gorgeous cannon glass that was on display and the cannon booth and accidentally right away gave me a 6x option without thinking I tapped it instead of tapping 1x and now it looks like a staccato animation is appalling

Yeah I am looking through my phone and I don't really see I don't think I really had too much time to play with new apps um I could probably tell you what I used the whole time um yeah its cross the road i know i did get my highest score ever on the plane which was supposed to have Wi-Fi didn't and that's horrendous for almost an eight-hour flight so I wanted to beat my head against the glass on said I just played Crossy Road of course I used dog as my character I am thoroughly convinced that was not there before my cast and then the next time i played

Crossy Road all of a sudden I unlocked dog it was just for you Ali I'm gonna go with that because it makes me feel special so awesome a couple things wanted to tell you about we have oh I'm blanking on his last name rich Stevens who does the diesel sweeties comic he's been doing some apple comics on I amor now he's terrific so make sure you check him out we have a lot of exciting stuff coming your way februari but it's too soon to spill all the beans so I'll just tease you with a few beans we have a bunch of really cool new features maybe a new show coming your way we'll see

Talking about it now Peter in the meantime if people are interested in following you in reading your occasionally what's the right word for it snarky commentary on the community where can they go they can go to I'm more calm and you can also find me on social media at flog f as in frank la RGH nice and Ally how about you you can find me on all of the social things at I muggle and then every day and I'm work nice if serenity were here sir he's actually under the weather she caught an Android virus at CEA I'm just kidding don't write me nasty letters I love Phil

Dickinson we all know it's an iphone virus is no such thing she did not jailbreak yeah so she's under weather but she'll be back with us next time you can find her at Saturn se tter n you can find me at Rene Ritchie you can find all of us at I'm or we do this show live currently on Thursdays that might be changing stay tuned for more on that but if you miss it live you can catch it on itunes for the audio or youtube for the video at any time that is convenient to you I want to thank everyone for joining us it was a great 2014 we're gonna have an even better 2015 and i also want to

Once again thank they are offering a free 10-day not seven day 10-day trial to kick off 2015 to help you start the new year with a bang all you have to do is go to /i my that's ly / I'm or we challenge you to try something new in 2015 sign up free 10 days learn something amazing thanks Linda

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