iMore show 418: iPhone 6 event preview!

by birtanpublished on May 18, 2021

It is September for 2014 I'm Rene Ritchie and right now we're going to go over the last minute iphone 6 rumors i watch rumors ipad rumors and everything and anything pertaining to apples September 9th event this is the I'm or show joining me as always we have the kaiju of mac mr. Peter Cohen how are you Peter good Renee how are you today i am doing very well thank you i'm sorry your cabinet your camera was giving you such soros oh yeah i don't know what the hell is going on man I need tech support i think you call yourself i know right self okay you can change hats at least at least be some sort of dynamism there

We go also joining us we have I'm Wars resident ninja mrs. a leak as move our Yali I'm good you said your am is what Midwestern before could you please make up your mind is that a big gulp starbucks oh I have the Canadian version I have a second cup I think Peters just happy i don't have tim hortons yeah I've never had Tim Hortons they have some now like not in Ohio which is for those not familiar with American geography the state next to us where Derek Kessler lives do you look do you have dunkin donuts what Ali yeah oh yeah so if you want to try to Morton's coffee all you

Have to do is get a Dunkin Donuts coffee and grind out a lit cigarette in it and it'll taste about I remember 10 as a kid and someone told me that drinking Pepsi how they made Pepsi was they poured a bottle of coke halfway up each bottle of Pepsi added water sugar and stirred that sounds legit I believed it was a kid I don't know how long it took me to learn better yeah that sounds plausible though alright so we have a big show we're on the verge of the next iphone event it is September 9th that is just a few days away I'll be jetting over there I'm leaving sunday actually I'm gonna get

There early to get a bunch of stuff done but we are we are so close we can taste it but before we get to that our mutual friend Jim Dalrymple who's been in the bay area for a while happened to be out on his what I'm only guessing is his daily promenade and he noticed that Apple was building a massive structure next to the flint center Peter I some people say it's a garage some people say it's a home kit test studio some people say that it's a health kit hospital some people say that they're doing it just to mess with our minds what is this giant thing and why

Are they building it my theory is that it's the world's biggest ipod high five oh hey oh yeah I mean that's a really good question you know the flint center is is of historic significance to Apple it's where Apple introduced the original Macintosh 30 years ago um it but Apple has also invited a lot of people to to this event next week it wouldn't surprise me if it's something as you know as banal is just additional Steve incredible if the overflow area yeah exactly I you know it could be I don't know I don't know what the capacity of flint center is but you know just over

2,000 all right so you know I mean assuming that that Apple fills that to capacity this could be where they're planning on showing off new products I don't know I don't have the foggiest idea but you know what I also haven't read a single reputable thing that's got any idea whatsoever everybody is just kind of blue skying on what this mysterious structure next to the flute center might be but it is it's sort of like Close Encounters of the Third Kind in which your Dreyfus is building that that mountain in that you're watching Apple build this for a second you think

Is Apple really building those are they building something because most people don't do stuff like this this is not normal consumer electronics company behavior this is true Apple does I mean Apple Apple apples experience here at the flint center notwithstanding neither apple nor other companies typically build an entirely new structure in order to present a new product so it's pretty remarkable like and I think it signifies just how important Apple feels like this product rollout is so Ali my favorite part is that we got good pictures of it because some dude through a fluid drone

Over it and I enjoyed when they flew a drone through the fireworks on new year's eve or sorta fourth of July I enjoyed it when they flew a drone over the Cupertino go-kart track actually gonna become apples you know headquarters to these drones are amazing mmhmm yeah my friend got a GoPro last week and we had one of those drones we we bought one for Heather's nephew my girlfriend's nephew and he got like six of them so we decided we were gonna keep one and I can't figure out how to work the GoPro once we do I want to have some fun with those but yeah it's kind of

Amazing how now like you can't really keep anything secret because someone will just fly a drone and they'll find how can they don't have x-ray drones why isn't there a drone flying there that's x-raying this and seeing this is the world's biggest ipod hi-fi it's an eye house all right a couple other things we got a question where did it go getting too many questions coming in this is from Curtis how much if at all do you think apple will address the so called iCloud security scandal at the keynote I spoko this on Mac I'm gonna give you guys my theory and I want to hear your

Theory so my theory is if they do address it they are going to try to address it in a way that helps them sell more iphones because that's their job so they'll come out and i'll say security is an industry-wide problem i'll put up a list of companies that have had security problems recently or maybe including the targets in the home depot's but any sort of any sort of hacking tivity heartbleed and open SSL whatever it has to be they'll put that up and then they'll say we think we can do better at Apple we want to do better we know your data is private and

Important to you and so we're doing ephemeral messaging in iOS 8 we're making sure as you know your fingerprints are locked down and touch ID it when they're announcing the mobile payment say we're know you're nervous about your wallet but just like touch ID this will never ever leave your phone it will never be in any cloud including iCloud so I think if they choose to address it it will be as a way to sell more stuff they get away with that Peter of course they can and you know if anybody says well that's not addressing the issue I think that they're being

Either naive or willfully stupid about the way the company's work you know apples not going to make a big deal about it I don't think if Apple addresses at all at all it's going to be couched in the the user experience of how secure data is or can be using other Apple technology I don't think that that Apple is is really going to use this opportunity where the world spotlight is shining on them to do a maiya culpa and talk about how badly they screwed up because according to Apple's own public statement about this celebrity nude pic

Scandal their system wasn't at fault to begin with this was you know it that this was circumventing people's passwords this wasn't something that was a failure of the systems that were in place yeah the only possible exception to that is they find my iphone lack of rate limiting on on password czesc that lets brute force but computers we thought that they've corrected yes this point and but the peters point we don't know what if any amount of stuff was taken with that so there's a variety of factors here Ali do you ever take on this yeah if you're a celebrity and you

Know that you're gonna I mean you should know any time that you're a high-profile anything that people are going to try to break into your crap I mean I get password resets for Instagram and stuff on a regular basis but I also don't use password one as my password if you're doing that shame on you but I yeah I mean I think like you said the rate refresh like they fixed that it doesn't matter who has your accounts if you create an easy password and someone find your email they're going to get into it that's just how it is and I don't understand either if it was if they did

Indeed have iCloud accounts when you sign into a new device or someone signs in from another location don't you get an email so I don't want to get to be spent a lot of time talking with us on vectors and I want to talk about the event mostly but just quickly for people who haven't heard about it what what happens with this is they they do a bunch of things to the best theory so FAR's first someone approaches them typically and says I want to break into this celebrity or this and nothing not to be a celebrity this person's account and they try to get as much information

As they can about them they go on social networks they even try to approach people in real life talk to friends of them in real life they try to find that everything they can to neither guess the security questions or guess the password they'll try to brute force it if they find a bug like this rate limit in and find my iphone it'll absolutely exploit that and they have a known targets even if takes a long time to brute force it they're only specifically doing you know one or two people once they do that they then they don't actually load it onto a phone they

Go and they use tools created in Russia that are meant to be sold to police departments to rip the iCloud backup softest er vers and iCloud backups are typically stored i believe on amazon AWS or microsoft's asia services and then they use the same tool to start digging through those backups and they'll go back over and over again and they'll find all backups new ones the way tweaks get another new back up and they'll keep going until they find something that they want so it's a really thorny tricky problem to solve and it's a problem it really it sounds like a cop-out and

People think i'm defending Apple when I say this and for the last time I'll explain it I am NOT defending Apple the best solution for me as a consumer is that Apple had a hack and somebody went in and took the stuff because then Apple could fix it and I would never have to worry about it again but it's not that it is a widespread many vector prolonged you know involved attack and that means that everybody just like you have to be careful where you go and you know who you talk to we tell kids us every day you got to be careful with your online data you've got to secure it and in a

Perfect world we could just blame apple then pretend everything was safe we don't live in that world don't live in a world where I'm a clown made of candy either so a strong passwords password managers and allie has put up a ton of stuff like which of the best password managers had a secure your iPhone how to do two-factor authentication all that kind of stuff so just go to I'm more calm / security you'll find all of it there who breathe okay I'm back so yeah I don't think that apple will make a big deal about on the show and if they do talk about it's going to be in the

Context of how they're improving it making it better for their customers there was a late-breaking rumor earlier today that we might see the new iPads at this event as well which we haven't heard before traditionally Apple in the last couple years Apple has done iphone and ipod in September and then iPad and Mac in October on one hand the iPad refresh this year is probably not going to be here is going to be touch ID maybe a gold color color scheme but nothing as revolutionary nothing as major as the ipad air and ipad mini retina last year

Peter could you see Apple just got sort of folding the iPad in to tuesday's event possibly if you know this year's ipad update is just kind of a minor you know sideline thing you know if Apple had something bigger up at sleeve for next year maybe otherwise I think that apple would be losing an opportunity to you know break out the ipad as it has in years past yeah I mean like there's two things to break apart there one is if the iPad does get put in here that leaves October wide open for the mac which means to me if you have to fill a whole event and it's just the mac you're

Gonna have to have a lot of mac stuff to fill that in if you have the ipad you can go 5050 but if if you don't have the ipad that's one hundred percent of mac event and maybe i could see that I mean maybe retina MacBook Pro maybe 4k max maybe that's when they address the itunes stuff and the iTunes versions of sort of media versions of continuity so you can continue watching and listening to stuff as you move around so there is a lot of material there but I don't know if that's a one and a half hour keynote yet yeah it's a good question i don't think that it really is i don't know i

But you know like I guess we've got what less than five days now before we'll know for sure yeah Leah you are you you see where a world where they would throw the iPads out this quickly I think I think of it more from a financial standpoint to those are there two biggest product launches typically every year people get the most psyched over iphones and ipads throwing them into one category and one launch that kind of seems to me like you're splitting what people might buy I mean a lot of people don't have the means to go and buy a brand-new iPad a brand-new iphone at the

Same time so you're also talking to different fiscal quarters I think I don't remember what Apple's quarters run but it just seems to me like that would be iPads are geared towards holidays I phones are around this time I can't really see them doing that and if you want to introduce even more like I'm sure there'll be more iOS 8 features just for the iphone 6 introduced this next week but there could be even more features we traditionally Apple would do a point one release in the fall back when they still had iphones in the summer and they would have new stuff on

The new ipod touches but i could see for example if split if multi window doesn't make it into iOS 8 but is ready for a iOS 8.1 that could be something you show off at an ipad event in october the continuity stuff doesn't ship until yosemite in october you can show people that again you know get them excited for that again it just seems like a lot of material there won't be maximizing their exactly you guys points it wouldn't be maximizing the ipad by doing that you could also argue too i mean the ipad air just came out and what november of last year announced in october i chipped in

October ipad mini came out later okay i thought i bought it i thought it was the beginning of november either way i mean they haven't been out for a year so ipods our ipads I don't feel run the same product cycle as iPhones either and announcing one eight seven months after one was just launched doesn't make sense to me so Curtis is asking if they make an October Mac event could they throw the Apple TV and with that as well the last I heard the apple TV update is scheduled for the spring along with the ipad pro and there was something else I forget something maybe even the iWatch

I'll get rien alastair because the going back to 2007 the apple TV originally was announced as the ITV in the fall of two thousand six and then reintroduces the apple TV during the iphone event in january of 2007 you know and then the iphone that iphone was introduced in january shipped in june the ipad was announced in january shipped in april apple is not adverse peter pointed out last week the mac pro showing off the wEDC shipped at the end of the year Apple is not adverse to pre announcing new products you know especially if they don't want them to leak by someone else

First you'll see it's going to be interesting they're going to have a lot in this event I don't know how much more this event I don't know much more i will be able to process just being at this event although renee i'm sure you're breathing a sigh of relief knowing that apple is going to live stream it yeah so we were talking about this yesterday because you never typically you don't know sometimes not even until the day of sometimes not even until just before the event whether Apple's going to live stream it I'm going to the event but I'm going alone so if there was no live

Stream would have to try to photograph and live blog the event at once I've done that for WWDC it is not easy so you know with having Peter and Ally here who can watch the livestream and work with me on the live blog it is just so much easier I think it's better for this is a huge event Apple wants everybody to see this it just makes so much sense it's better for everybody that they live stream it absolutely I know some blogs get upset do they figure out we're traveling all the way out there and now it's not exclusive you know it's not your world

No and I think that's redic I think that that's ridiculous exactly you know to Ali's point I think that that it makes our jobs easier when people can follow along instead of using us as the exclusive filter for the information that they're getting well for most people in the East Coast and basically everywhere in America it's it's in the middle of the workday I mean not a lot of people are going to be able to stream it anyway so they're going to be browsing your website and browsing for text recaps of you know what's going on and I think the live stream helps us

Better understand what's going on so we can relay that information that's certainly a very good point too I so we're getting a lot of questions a lot of them are the same it's hard to answer you so for example a lot of people been asking us whether the 5.5 inch iphone will be announced alongside the 4-point alongside the 4.7 inch my suspicions and only my uninformed suspicion is that it probably won't be only because we haven't seen as many part leaks for it which in my mind means that it is not as far along production as 4.7 inch because typically when you make tens of millions

Of something those parts start to leak out it's just in its an unworkable genie and we haven't seen that for the 5095 we've only seen a few parts so my guess is that might come later and the only thing that I think is is non-ideal about that is a lot of people are going to want to decide which one they want and if one's available earlier sure some people might say I'll get the 4.7 inch now because I've been waiting and it's good enough in the next year I'll get the 5.5 but I think a lot of people would prefer to be able to look at both of them at the same time and say no no

This is the one that I want I think it could go either way I part of me thinks that maybe they'll announce it and it just won't be launched in part of me thinks they won't and if you know I don't think Apple wants to purposely piss people off by announcing one thing and then a month later saying open here's another iphone but at the same token if they announce it they're going to give up a good amount of consumers that probably would have lined up for the 4.7 inch but now they're going to wait so I guess it depends on how Apple wants to approach

That it's how much they'll care about Wall Street because in a pure apple world they wouldn't care they would say we're introducing a 4.7 and a 5.5 inch iPhone the 4.7 one will be available on the 19th the 5.5 one will be available in October or November whenever it's available and they will and if people just so it decided to defer buying that would be fine but the only problem with that is in the world in which we live and again I keep referring to this world in the third person it's kind of weird they last year they had both the iphone 5s and the iphone 5c debut at the same

Time and they sold i think nine million something units that first weekend and people regardless of whether it's apples oranges are not going to compare opening weekend sales numbers this year and if one of the two new devices isn't available to same weekend those numbers will be lower and peter having read mainstream media lately i know that that contacts will be absolutely absent from the coverage yeah absolutely no question so yeah so yeah the simple answer is we don't know and the same thing with 128 gigabytes again it's a rumor everybody wants it on most people want it people

Like having local stuff we'll see if we get it we should have gotten at last year if Apple had followed the same pattern they didn't so neck this year is the next likely target can you talk about the specs of the iphone 6 or can you guess at the specs i can mean there's certain things that logic dictates for example it probably not going to be worse in almost any major way from last year's iphone like it'll probably still have great screen it'll still have LTE things like 802 11 AC Wi-Fi makes sense to me because apples routers supported their max support it a

Bigger screen probably means more pixels so that makes sense to me the camera probably won't get worse how much they can make it better I don't know because I don't know enough about cam optics but these are thin devices I would like there to be optical image stabilization but i won't bank on it because Apple hasn't you know they've traditionally focused on the chipset not the not the optics but I think and correct me if I'm wrong here Ali but I think it's a mistake to focus on the specs now I think a bigger iphone is nice I think a better camera is nice but

Apple sells these as experience that it is impossible to remove from the software and services they provide on top of them I think that people confuse specs with improvement and better because maybe the camera doesn't get optical image stabilization but the software and the hardware inside the phone can better support that and I've said it before in the iphone 5s the difference between a five and a 5s software wise when it comes to capturing panoramix or some other types it it's night and day I mean you can see that Apple really focuses on software I don't

Care what the specs say if my phone produces better pictures than the last generation I think apples done their job so I think people focus too much on spec sheets and not the experience that you're given I think that makes sense at least we had a wonder peter complete tangent but you know I don't hear people asking us about specs for the mac that much anymore likely people sort of know what Intel's got coming on the road map but no one no one really says is gonna have a 4k isight camera you know is it going to have a high they're happy with the broad strokes like it's gonna have a

Retina display it's not really the specific pixels do you think that that's just because mobile is still less mature and you know maybe will mature into a situation where just the spec exhaustion has taken place and we hope we can't worry about it so much anymore oh yeah I think you answered your own question you know the way that Apple and other companies not just apple or differentiating their their their products in the PC space now is with features it's not with with specs the spec wars in the PC market are pretty much over um so there are there some

Stuff to get excited about spec wise like you said you know whether or not the next macbook air will have a Retina display or not but that that's really a feature more than a speck and I think that you know mobile is still a very fast moving target there's a lot of heat and light right now in the development of new processing technology and mobile whether it's apple with its arm processors or Nvidia with its Tegra products even somewhat in you know in the Android space as well you know we're seeing movement with interesting stuff there so

People are still really invested in and I shouldn't say people just generally I think that if you ask the average consumer they don't give a damn what kind of processor is inside their device they want to know how long the battery is going to last they want to know how big the screen is they want to know how much memory it has so or how much storage capacity it has so they know how many apps or how many pictures they can put on it but you certainly in the tech circles in which we run there i think is a markedly greater bit of interest in understanding specs then there really is

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Lights will go down Tim cocowalk out he will tell us what Apple believes he'll give us just a quick overview of Apple if he does any apple store stuff I'm kind of hoping he hands over to Angela errands now because she's been there for a while she's a really good public speaker and I'd like to see if this is the time they've chosen to talk about apple retail i'd like to see apple retail up there i don't know if they have a really compelling story for this event and what anything major is happening but if they want to show off a new store being built or ali if they

Want to show off how their you're doing recycling programs or trade-in programs or something i think Aaron's be a great person to talk about it well maybe that's what that's the secret behind the the mysterious structure outside the flint center pup-pup apple store yeah it's a pop-up apple store and it's just going to float magically away sort of like a club Bespin Cloud City or something have you seen anything with the trade-in programs and the road on site repair L you think that's that's getting interesting yet they're pretty limited on what they do in story I can

See why I mean Apple source of such a high volume it doesn't really make sense their apples end concern typically in stores customer experience and if someone's waiting around for hours to for an appointment or for their phone to get fixed that's a bad experience in their eyes so little things like batteries screens the way they do those they do them in a way that's super fast but it does limit them so i think the reuse and recycling program comes into play there because the phones that obviously they take in are then refurbished and sold is refurbished or

Used as replacement so i think that i don't really see Apple expanding too much past that just because I think it wouldn't interfere with customer experience okay fair enough I will still hope for an Angela Ahrendts exciting though it's gonna be on my wish list yeah I would like to see her too I kind of want to see a female on stage at an apple event I don't seen that well they're making we've seen a couple years we've seen third-party developers do demos stage but no one from apple and the given their big diversity push now it really would be great to see that

Because that's how you use during a vicious cycle into a virtuous cycle by intentional action and then it you know sort of takes off on its own i think phil schiller will probably handle the iphone duties like he's done every year he'll come out he's already done the two new devices dick but the ipad bigger try the iphone bigger this could be an interesting sell Peter because previously with the iphone five when they made it taller they emphasized how your thumb can still reach every part of even had an ad for that i don't see them doing a Mia culpa I see them may be

Saying we've gone to the point where software can handle a lot of the navigation now we don't have to limit the size of the hardware anymore that would be a sensible way to go the other way to go would be to 22 I don't know offer thumb prosthetics I thought that's what it's a giant pop-up apple store to sell items right on the premises I feel like they've kind of been training us for a larger screen since iOS 7 they really push gestures and I think that gestures are a way to maneuver around I know almost never reach in the top I hold my phone with my

Right hand and I can't really think offhand of many times when I even have to reach in the top left corner of my phone anymore because I can use gestures and swipe from the skirt the sides of the screen so I kind of feel like Apple handles a lot of those hardware issues with software solutions I had to do it the other day to cancel out of something and it was it was so rare I actually noticed wow I have to reach all the way up to the top left corner of my phone I now get irritated when developers don't use swipe gestures because I'm so used to using them if it comes down to

Choosing between two apps and one of them supports gestures the way it should I most likely probably will choose that up here's a question from Mac interactive and we've answered this before but I think we have more information now yo somebody has to be available the same day as iOS 8 because otherwise it's not going to be compatible with continuity and iCloud Drive the latest i've heard is that it's not coming till October and I think that matches with what a lot of other people have heard and I think as you pointed out Peter last year Apple was happy to

Ship Mavericks without iCloud keychain and they'll probably be happy to ship Yosemite without sorry iOS 8 without continuity until you send many hits yeah I think people are overthinking this you know these are certainly core operating system features and it's something that that Apple has you know made a big deal about but that doesn't mean that they have to be offered a day and date at the same time as the new operating system or the new product let us not forget that the vast majority of people who are using iOS devices don't have a Macintosh Mac ownership is still a relatively

Minor percentage of of overall Apple ownership so many many people are going to be able to use iOS 8 just fine without experiencing any kind of issues related to you know lack of continuity features in Yosemite iCloud Drive is a different story you know I don't necessarily see iCloud Drive has not Apple not being able to flip the switch on iCloud Drive the day that iOS 8 ships even if you have somebody folks have to wait wait for it for a while now is there going to be some grumbling from the Mac community or from people who use both platforms if

Apple doesn't ship Yosemite the same day that it ships iOS 8 I suspect there probably will be and some of those complaints are going to be valid but it's not a showstopper for the vast majority of apples user base yeah it's used to me like you know dropbox and google drive and a lot of other cloud storage services have hook ins and it would be really baffling to me if Apple couldn't issue an update to OS 10 just to make iCloud Drive compatible until if somebody releases I feel like that's a reasonable solution and features like continuity and some of the other stuff

In iOS 8 like Peter said not a lot of them own macs and not only that it doesn't break functionality the functionality is still there and as soon as you somebody becomes available active yeah I can see that here's a question from Skippy having no experience with giant android phones what is it about bigger screens that makes it better my iphone only feel small when I'm surfing the web so that's an interesting question Allie would you have a galaxy s5 I think and an HTC One is there anything to like about the bigger screen like why do we why is Apple making a

Bigger screen I don't know I like when I compare this to my phone here I mean there's a big size difference here I personally don't really like the way a larger phone feels in my hand only because this this is an issue that I see like some of these things and I think they showed prototypes for Apple is actually going to move the power button to the side dude I think they will for the iphone sex yeah the problem I have with stuff like that is I consistently hit that button with my hand like what I'm holding the phone and I hope that's not going to be the case I don't

Necessarily think bigger is better it is for some people and for other people it's not but I it's important for apple to hit that segment at this point because people have already said they want a bigger iPhone um I don't know I think it's a matter of preference do you take on it Peter no no I'm gonna give my heart to you an ally here so there I think Gruber and John Gruber and Craig hockenbury disgaea had discussed it at length on the talk show so you can check that out for more but it comes down to basically some people need bigger and some people

Need more and what I mean by that is you know we're not getting any younger and for some people the iphone the everything from the lettering to the buttons to everything is just too small for them to be comfortable and yes things like dynamic text help with that but it is constrained by the size of the display there's also people who want more pixels they want to be able when Steve Jobs said that one of the reasons they made the ipad was because the largest screen allowed for a higher class of software I did a big write-up on what Scott what's coming with

Adaptive UI in iOS 8 and it's one of the things that Apple released for developers but part of that is for example you can now with iOS 8 have an iphone app when you're in portrait and then when you rotate you can go to the split view that you usually get on an iPad so like right now an iphone is one column a horizontal orientation in one column in portrait one column in landscape with iOS 8 it can be one column in portrait two columns in landscape so you imagine the mail app on the iPhone rotate landscape you have the iPads version of the mail app and that's

Interesting on a 4-inch iphone that's really interesting on a 4.7 or 5.5 inch iphone especially if a lot of apps start doing that you essentially have a mini iPad and then you have a higher class a higher level of software you can not only have bigger stuff and more stuff you can have better stuff eventually Apple will be constrained by the size of the screen as to what kind of software they can make so it's something they need to do at a certain point they sort of let people grow up with it and they've sort of grown up with it but I think this is just the next step and

They've gotten technology the point where like Ali said you have the gestures and the holds and all these different ways of controlling it so you don't need to touch the entire part of the screen and you can also design a device that can be big and can be thin and have lots of really cool technology inside it so i think that is at the core why the bigger phone will be better for some people certainly not everybody but for people who want an iphone to be more of a computer to be more of a primary computing device it's going to be a benefit to them yeah and certainly we've

Seen a certain amount of drop off and ipad sales you know or just tablet sales in general people aren't refreshing them as frequently as analysts might have expected a year or two ago but people are continuing to use the devices that are in their pockets or that are on them and having a larger screen helps bring that ipad style experience that Renee is talking about to more people in a device that they're going to depend on every day and hopefully that they're going to replace in a year or two years as opposed to just waiting for it to wear out it's going to be interesting can't

Wait to see Peter with this 5.5 inch iphone like a boom box on his shoulder yes indeed i'm looking forward to it myself although i don't know if i'm actually going to go with a big iphone I've got to say I'm and I from if if the spy photos that I've seen or any indication I think that the the the what is it the 4.7 inch is going to be just fine for me sweet spot we got a couple of questions about the protruding camera I explained a lot of that I think last week we talked about that and why you need zed-index on a camera and you may not want on a phone so just check back

On last week's show we went over it at length I'm not sure if they'll do iphones first i think that they will because the iphone is not the new thing so that makes sense for people for them to give us that first and i think it'll be really exciting on its own going into i watch for a minute we originally I heard bunch of the people heard that was going to be october now it sounds like it's going to be this event although it's not going to ship with this event it might ship later in the year might ship next year but the idea of apples wearable is still it hasn't leaked again

Probably because they haven't began manufacturing it yet it hasn't gone for FDA or FCC approval yet but the idea about it I think people are starting to wrap their head around it the the concern I have is that expectations are too high for this now and a lot of that is I the markets and a lot of that is a media like Apple has been told that they are doomed unless they have new product categories which I still think is ridiculous because what's a new product category the apple to was the mac was and it was a development on a personal computer the

Ipod was the iphone was but the ipad and ipod touch are variants on the iphone those aren't new product category and i watch is probably going to be a variant of the ipod and the iphone it's going to be a multi-touch wearable device that does a few things very well and to me you know if you want to call that a new product category because it fits your message great but none there's nothing in there that's going to sell hundreds of millions of units it's like an apple TV it's something that makes having your iphone better so I just worry Peter that the media in the markets are going to

Build us up so high that nothing apple shows could possibly be any good well that's the fear that I think we have almost every time Apple has a product announcement that you know there's going to be something that's going to come along that or there's going to be some expectation that's going to be unmet and you know Apple stock price is going to plummet or apples public opinion about apples going to plummet I I don't think that we can live in fear of what might or might not happen I mean and you know as far as having a truly disruptive technology you know I'd argue the

Opposite Renee I'd argue that the ipad although was certainly based on you know OS 10 it was based on the groundwork that Apple laid with the iphone and the ipod touch it was a different product category because you know tablets it existed long before the ipad did but the ipad is is the product that kind of made the tablet category what it is today so this is definitely a genre-defining product at the verb the mac as well yeah the mac as well you know pcs existed long before the mac and apple of course was very well situated with the apple too but you know the mac once again

Camera came along and redefined it so is this going to happen again with the iWatch or whatever else Apple has up its sleeve maybe but that's not the important thing because those products aren't going to be aren't going to make a material impact on Apple's business on day one you know that's something that we're only going to know a year or two down the road after Apple sells them and keep selling them and keep selling them and refines them and then keep selling them that we know we know we're going to have another genre-defining product on our hands so

Some things we just can't know on the first day yeah I reminds me ally member when the ipod came out they said it was lame you know she'd get a nope no mad and then when the iphone came out you know it's lame doesn't even have apps can't do mms and then the ipad came out lame is just a big it's just a big iphone so i'm sure when this comes out there'll be someone like ah lames just this month it's just an ipad that's or an ipod that runs iOS yeah i would agree and i'm sure we're gonna see blog post up sound like that um i think with wearables I think it's all going to go

Back to software and support it's just like NFC I mean like you know Renee's like drenched in it in Canada it's not really caught on here I think it's just going to depend on how many merchants someone brought up a good point I don't even remember who it was about Apple already has over 800 million credit cards and things on file with itunes so it makes it very feasible that a payment system could be something that would get people on board because you already have your information linked so it becomes very easy for Apple to integrate that and for you to have a watch or your

Phone or whatever and pay for things so maybe that'll be a little bit better of a push with merchants but I really think some of its going to come back to commercial use and business use and how people integrate home kit or some of those health kit into their products it's seriously my understanding and this is you know second third fourth hand is that you put you probably don't even need itunes for this like it's going to hook into and we saw like rumors already about Visa Mastercard Amex an existing NFC technology so it'll be literally a tap to pay system and maybe itunes

Account will be one of those options but it'll have really wide ranging mainstream appeal I believe Apple is partnering with retailers so it won't just work everywhere it'll be sort of like you know when I books was introduced and it had half the major publishers and you were wondering you know whose name wasn't on that slide and why did it fall off I'm sure part of that will just be it's hard to make partners and part of part will be it's hard to get partners ramped up immediately so we'll have a couple well-known names up there

That you'll see is there working with Apple you can go tap to pay with your iphone or i watch immediately and then over the coming weeks we'll see more and more people come on board with it there has been a lot of media saying that because of the iCloud photograph scandal that people aren't going to be trusting of this I think that because people are reading articles about that they have a harder time trusting it's almost like a self-fulfilling prophecy but again my understanding based on indirect information is that all the stuff will be done like touch ID won't be done like

ICloud roll it'll be stored on your device your credentials are locked into your the secure Enclave on the aah upset including credit card information when you tap to pay it's a hardware channel release that information never get leaves your device never goes to the apps never goes to the cloud so there's nothing that become can be compromised in that way but Ali do you think that's a message going to resonate you think people are just gonna see the articles going oh my god would you trust apple with this oh I think like all hype it dies down you know I I can't see that

Affecting people threw a fit over touch ID last year so you know oh it's you know you're giving your fingerprints to the government I don't know how many you know people or you know groups i saw saying that last year and now you don't really hear too much about touch ID being insecure you know giving your fingerprints to the cloud because that hype dies down so didn't I we killed it yeah well and I think initially you know it's going to be the same thing people are going to complain about iCloud hacks and people getting your payment information but how is that any

Different from someone being able to sign in and I guess they can't really see all of your credit card number but if someone gets into your iTunes account they're going to be able to make purchases now you have a credit card linked to that well again it's I don't think it's a only the stories about itunes I think it's about credit cards and we just saw a home depot just had a huge via a huge hack was the other one target it had a huge hack and I think that is enough to scare retailers to get to want to make it apples problem not their problem anymore you know I have a

Lot of friends and all not necessarily friends but family members that still don't want to put their credit card online it will purchase things from amazon they won't set up a paypal they won't do things because they don't want to put your credit card number online and then they're always kind of dumbfounded when I say you do realize that when target or whoever swipes your card it goes on the internet like I mean it's the same internet you know whether it's encrypted or whatever you're still putting your number on the internet every time you swipe a debit card so I

Think it kind of goes into that round and round argument of what's safe and what's not and how is one thing safer than another any system that's created by a person can be hacked by a person I just got this mental flash of Peter in the in the VW van walking down the streets of the Cape just tap on his iPhone getting his coffee to keep on going yeah I just hold out my hand grab it and keep going yeah I me like it's I think you're absolutely right I think we're going to see a bunch of dumb headlines one at line will see a bunch of dumb headlines and apple announces it

And when it launches and six months later it's it's only going to come down to how good and easy and experience it is to use it yeah no I'm inclined to agree all right so um what else are we expecting to see your iOS 8 any will see again the file stuff there if there's anything that is depend on new hardware including if there's a new app that either adds to or replaces passbook I'll getting back to the watch thing yeah I said this last week but it's worth repeating my gut feeling is they're gonna take the same tack they took with the original iphone the original iPad

And that is they're going to do a few things really well you know they're not going to everything but they'll do a few things really well and it seems like it's going to be the health and fitness stuff the logging of your of your information that it's going to be the remote control stuff the home kit stuff that it's going to be the mobile payment stuff the past kit stuff or whatever else they end up calling it I haven't heard anything about notifications they still want them though just because it might be in some situations convenient to have those show up on my watch

Instead of on my phone that's in my pocket or you know otherwise occupied and I if there are apps I don't know if there would be app store apps where we know them today or if they'll be remote views where they are with extensibility widgets I don't know if I need apps in the first bird Peter do you need apps in the first version of a wearable and there weren't apps in the first version the iphone still no apps in the eye on the appletv I'm not even convinced i need a wearable Renee so it's it's this whole wearables thing has got a long road ahead with me attainable it's gonna

Be on a chain that you can wear a Peter like like Flavor Flav that would be fine that would be fine if I could just you know where a big gold gold chain around my neck with an apple pennant at the bottom like a mercedes benz or VW logo i would be fine with that where's flavor moto motorola motorola listen to me where is Flavor Flav's watch he needs one make it for him it's true yeah boy Ali do you want apps having the same boat as Peter I don't really know if I want to wearable is that what people said when they announced the ipad I don't know if I want a tablet it's not

About one it's about oh look shiny new tech no I wanted an iPad I don't it's one more thing for me to have to worry about charging you know i don't know i'm not convinced I had a pebble I have this samsung thing here that pairs with my phone supposedly and yeah I don't remember to wear it you know it's it's been more than a decade since i've known since I've regularly warner a wristwatch it's just not part of my accoutrement anymore I just you know I don't care you know I keep my earrings in I keep my my you know my chains on but I just I have gotten really out of the habit of

Wearing a watch and I don't know if I really want to go back to that I don't really like doing it like when I'm typing I take it off because it hurts my wrist and you watch always has and that's what I would do with my pebble I would take it off when i was typing and then i would forget to put it back on and it would sit on my desk for months on end collecting dust and it would die so i'm afraid that that's what would happen with me with any wearable Peter wants what Jason still wants and that's an apple hat and half o hat no an apple yarmulke would be fun and I will ya look

Well they're gonna have somewhere to put the storage so it'll be one with a propeller on both that's okay hmm are we going to take another quick break and I'm going to tell you about naturebox now I had a chance to try these when they were a sponsor on macbreak weekly and they are I'm not gonna lie totally and utterly delicious their snacks but they're an awesome way to snap if you said this before you go to we call them dinners here you can make fun of that name I think you guys call them kwik-e-mart sore 7 11 and sore convenience stores or something but you

Go in there and they have the same old snacks that they've had since your grandparents went in there they are shades of orange and green that would never intended to be you know they never grew out of nature I don't know where they got those colors from probably meteorites or something as far as I can tell and they're just they're old they're stale they're dry their monotonous they're boring there's two words that mean the same thing whatever that is those are what you get normally naturebox is not that they are always have new stuff they always have

Interesting stuff they have it's so let me just explain how it works me back up for a second you subscribe it's almost like a snack of the Month Club you subscribe to nature box and then every month they ship you a new box and the really cool thing about it is you can choose the kinds of boxes that you get I have to just change the screen here for a second because I got diverted to the Canadian naturebox I don't want to give you predictions that are based far too much on Mabel but if I look at what they've got right now I'm gonna go to the snacks page so right now they have

Asiago and cheddar cheese chips ancient grains granola apple cinnamon crave santa fe corn sticks flax fortune coins I mean this stuff it's it's just terrific the only problem is deciding which one to eat first and how much of it to eat now the cool thing about this too and I was going to go right back here for a second is that like I said they ship it right to you you always get fresh new interesting things and frankly if you're watching like I watched the UFC if you're watching sporting events if you're watching TV shows it's just way better than eating the old junk that

You always used to eat so here's what you can do here's what I want you to do you can start your nature block membership today and get a free sample box so you just go there you go to naturebox com /i more to get started that's naturebox calm / IM oor e sign up get a free box try it out if it is not delicious if it is not to your liking then don't do anything else but if it is if it is as good as I have told you it is if it is as good as I believe you will find it to be then just sign up naturebox com /i more and enjoy snacks shipped right to your

Door that will make your friends and family jealous and you can tell them to go sign up to alright so I want to talk a little bit about our plans for this event because we're going to do some fun stuff so this is all subject to change because we don't know everything that's going to happen just yet but as far as i know now i'm leaving sunday night i'll be in cupertino monday tuesday wednesday i fly back on thursday the event is at ten a.m. pacific 1 p.m. Eastern in cupertino they're not holding it at moscone in San Francisco they're not holding it at yerba buena as we sped

Earlier this is a 2000 seat facility this is a big place and apples building on to it so it's going to be a big event we're going to have all the coverage that you expect leading up to it we've done a lot of iOS 8 previews then a bunch of iphone previews i watch previews we're going to keep doing that we're going to give you a full preview for what you think the events going to hold that should be up this weekend then during the event I'm going to be live blogging from the flint center peter is is going to be backing me up here at home base I'm not sure if you've decided

Whether you're going to be live during the show or not Peter but we'll let people know when you do yes yeah so it could be Peter Kevin Mitchell look might help us gives a huge watch aficionado Ali's going to be working on we're gonna have the entire mobile nations News team bringing you everything you need to know as soon as you know immediately as it happens it's going to be a big group effort on all of our part I'm looking I'm excited about it because yeah I'm getting this violet Peter do remember before WWDC where people we sort of knew about in the industry and who were

Working on this stuff we're so excited about what they were going to show us hmm like they cut they knew about Swift they knew about all the iOS they develop herself they knew about extensibility couldn't say anything but you could just sort of see everyone happy and smiling yeah WWDC 2014 was was a really interesting keynote simply because everybody was so upbeat so on message and had so much to talk about I would have to go back years to find anything that was comparable to that so yeah this is this is going to be an interesting event yeah and if

Anything and I don't want to oversell it I don't want to you know create my own expectation all debt but everyone I spoke into is just as excited just the same we can't wait to show you this stuff and yeah they're excited every year for the iphone but like wwc this year this year feels like something special and I think there's a lot of pent up interest because some people have been waiting for a bigger iphone for a long time a lot of people who aren't on the beta I've been waiting for iOS 8 they've been waiting for the functionality like extensibility that

It's going to provide extensibility mean we've talked about it a lot I've written I think ten thousand words on it but it is going to be a big deal we're going to have widgets we're going to have a custom actions custom sharing custom keyboards we've seen some of that like we've seen some of the the swiftkey some of the Flexi some of the swipe stuff that's coming out one password has been teasing their extension i'm running the beta and to be able to just like you go to a web page or a nap and as long as the extension is accessible you just tap it tap your thumb and it fills in your

Password is Eat I'm not going to say it's an iphone from the future not going to do that but it definitely feels better than the iphone i had you know three months ago and i think people been waiting for certain things to come to the iphone for a long time and they're going to be getting at this time they're going to be super happy about it my quick take all right so that is our quick plan after that i don't know what's going to happen exactly it depends on what Apple does if we have to do if for example in the fleet center extension it's a maze and you have to

Find your way through just to survive it might take me a little while to navigate that you know that whatever the Minotaur happens to be but we will do the I'm war show instead of doing it next thursday we're going to do it next tuesday that's the current plan at least so i don't know what the time we likes i don't know what time i'll finish at the event and what time we'll all finish writing about it but sometime late afternoon evening we're going to do the next time on a more show after the event we're also going to try and do another debug developers panel i really love the one

We did after wdc with daniel gelcoat matt grants and ryan nielsen jason Ellis I really want to do that again we're going to do a iterate designers panel so we'll talk a lot about how you make apps for the bigger screen and what the repercussions are for designers will do a vector probably the day before to talk about the mobile payments some more but it it is going to be a long day but I think it is going to be a good day that's my quick take keep saying that Peter I'm in this position where I'm so excited but so tired yeah you've got to get yourself some some

Rest before before next week man because it's going to be a long week I got to be like Hicks and Gracie under a waterfall now there's an image all right so Peter you not say forked again the seat this week yes indeed working on it now what was last week sigh it's been so long already God you know what I'm sorry I'm drawing a blank here um what was last week's good grief you've got one prep for this week Kremlin ology I want that's right yeah because it was in reaction to the the Apple invitation you know every every time an apple invite to an apple event like WWDC or next week's

Event goes out people have to dissect the and thank you ali for reminding me people have to dissect the the invitation pixel by pixel will figure out the hidden meaning and what it usually does is it it demonstrates what what they're hoping to see at these events and if they do somehow manage to guess them well then they declare that they're there observational skills were were excellent and of course I was right well no you weren't you're just lucky or you were basing it off of rumors that have been reported a million times in a million different places so I i think

That people need to lay off it a little bit but i would still encourage people who read the the column to come up with their most wild outlandish ideas for what each pixel of the invitation men and yes i'm working on a new one for this week to have an affair me but it Brezhnev Brezhnev yes that was your idea Renee thank you very much for that okay so I wish I could have found a good picture that I really wanted to use a Brezhnev in a furry hat though that wasn't great Ally you told everybody if you if you are going to two newly how to newly safely on the iphone i did i

Gave you some apps that are probably a better idea than letting photos go to your photostream so what is what is your what are your picks oh I think snapchat was in there obviously oh no I'm cat-like I wouldn't recommend it if you're if you have a single person you want exchange with just because snapchat has issues of its own but if you're looking for people it has such a big community that you have to include it yeah and I think what else should I have in there you had dust that new one by marc by what's his name all right yet sitter avocado which my friend leo

Laporte admitted to using along with another app called couple i think yeah avocado is more for just couples so if you just want to have an app that you can kind of keep schedules with and send photos the nice thing about avocado is i'm pretty sure that app does not save photos that you take with the app to your camera roll i think it's what were the only few that do that so but for some people that's obviously only going to work if you're only sending photos to one person on vector last week Dave whiskas one of the co-hosts in the guy who makes a Vesper he was saying that he

Would like for Apple to have a private camera mode just like you have a private browsing mode so that if you want to be absolutely sure that the photo you take is never going to end up online you switch to private camera mode take the picture then when you want to go back to normal switch back and that combined with iOS 8 iOS 8 is already doing ephemeral photos like if you don't press a button it disappears I think two minutes after you've seen it I think would make a lot of people safer because things would only end up online if you really intentionally wanted them to be

There mmhmm yeah agree but for now you can check out some of those and those are obviously a little bit safer some of them offer encryption and self destructing chats and all kinds of stuff including Mark Cuban's cyberdust yes you also told people how to use two-factor authentication is worth pointing out apples two-factor authentication only protects itunes purchases changes to your account and i think one other thing right now there's some rumors that they're going to be rolling that out wider and really hope that they do but if even

That protection is better than none so you have a full set of instructions I believe it today I would really like to see to factor because right now I actually tested this yesterday because I didn't remember whether or not it worked if I sign into a device that I've never signed into before with my iCloud idea restore from it I will receive an email saying that I signed into a new device but nothing stops me from doing that um I know that when you set up brand new I believe it asks you for your little code that's only for iCloud keychain I think yeah and it's only for iCloud keychain

So that would be nice I I would like that at least extended to where I can't bring down an iCloud backup without either knowing that code or recovery key or having something sent to another device before I can continue with a restore all right so we got a few was there anything else that you wanted to mention that you ought about this week Ali anything else come to mind I think we posted our how to sell your iphone guide oh yeah so if you want to sell your iphone in order to help subsidize your iphone 6 ali's got a great guide for you yep we also put up the ultimate

Guide to accessibility on the iPhone Ali went through and documented the entire stack of accessibility features and they're really I mean there is so much in there if you have visual impairments audio impairments motor skill or physical impairments learning impairments you know whether you have autism or dyslexia or you're near-sighted you're blind if you have hard of hearing if you're deaf there's a ton of stuff that apple provides for you to be able to use not only your iPhone but exists better in the world around you so I'm more calm / accessibility you

Can find all that i really like kelly how all that turned out Ali was good thanks all right questions from Sal amor it seems funny to meet at Samsung just one year has already released six smartwatches and so we get this a lot how come Apple hasn't powder watch yet samsung has already put out six watches and my take is that these are fundamentally very different companies but it's great that both exist so Samsung does what is essentially the Google version of public beta is except they do it in hardware so instead of just putting up gmail and leaving a

Beta tag on it for 20 years they will start putting out watches immediately they'll put out phablets immediately anything that they can think of they'll start making it into products I'll put it out maybe they sell maybe they don't but they learn they put out new versions and they try all sorts of crazy things they just introduced a freaking phone with a curved display that puts the notification center on one side for right handed people only I mean this is this this is like literally that billionaire crazy uncle of yours you can build anything you want in his backyard

It's Larry Ellis with a hardware division it's amazing and they'll just try it and once in a while something will stick they'll have a good idea and a lot of times they'll have no kooky ideas that are early incoherent but people who are early adopters who want like if you wanted a smart watch you from Apple you just couldn't get one but you could get one from Samsung so for people like that it's great and I think it benefits everybody because you can see what works and what doesn't and you know Apple famously put up all the bad phones like not bad phones but like

Though the blackberries and the Nokia communicators and the trio's and they said what they think what they thought were the problem with those and how they're going to solve it they talked about tablet PCs and what they thought the problem was with those how they could solve it Apple is great when it can see an existing product and say you know this is not a great experience but we think we can make it better we think we have something to offer something to add here and Samsung is part of the reason that Apple can look at the SmartWatch community and say we think we

Have something of value to give to this so I mean beat of you have any concerns about Sam so I mean they're big company they got money you know sometimes it just feels like throwing they're throwing stuff up on the wall and seeing what will stick it's exactly what they're doing you know I just a it's it's it's a little crazy um and hey if they can make money doing that then great I'm not going to disparage Samsung's products though I use a samsung TV I've had it for a few years I'm very happy with it I don't particularly care for their phones but

You know whatever it to you know different strokes for different folks we just got my mom a samsung TV mostly because you like I like plasmas plasmas are you know falling up there they're flying by the wayside so we got her an LED and it's hard does that mean Samsung LG sharp it's it's it's not a big differentiated world anymore he's basically a panel that you pump either your cable box or your Apple TV into mm-hmm all right so here's a note we've answered a bunch of these are ready to apologize if I don't pick your question exactly but we've got

A bunch of similar ones from Kyle he wants to know any thoughts on what devices will be supported for continuity iphone 5 and ipad mini correct me if I'm wrong Peter but it's anything with bluetooth LE which i think is the iphone 4s if not iphone 4 on yeah if i understand right bluetooth LE is the deciding factor so that and you know a Mac that supports bluetooth LE a bluetooth 4.0 should should be all that you should need an iOS iOS 8 only starts in the iphone 4s anyway so my guess is that anything that supports iOS 8 will support continuity iphone for us and up

Yeah as bluetooth LE nick says I think NFC will only support monetary transaction and not be as open as androids implementation extra buttons etc that wouldn't surprise me wouldn't surprise me if Apple used NFC for a very specific function I mean this comes up to and I have these discussions over and over again you why doesn't Apple put in a second radio so that Verizon can have simultaneous voice and data else because verizon is one network one stubborn stubborn network in the entire world and Apple is not going to throw out their power management to make their design

More complicated just to support one network yeah and people have made the excuse well other other phone companies or other handset manufacturers have done it well you know if your friends jumped off a bridge would you jump off a bridge is is what I say to them being the father of three you know just just because other people have done a stupid made a stupid design decision doesn't mean that Apple has to repeat their failures the bottom line is verizon is going to switch over to volte you know and at that point it's not going to be an issue and I think apples content that

To have verizon customers wait until then and Verizon customers certainly don't seem to be and Sprint customers for that matter certainly don't seem to be not buying the iphone in droves simply because they can't make a call and run data on there at the same time do your other friends need the marketing push that Verizon gives to those phones maybe does the iphone they make specific know they make often make specific models just for verizon which is something Apple is not prepared to do either anymore yeah exactly one one phone two

World them all five models but one phone so the NFC thing it wouldn't surprise me if Apple is going to be hyper conservative with NFC and only enable it like touch ID was only at was for only two specific things for a year then the APAP I went wide Apple is known to be conservative with radios and conservative with API so my guess is if there is NFC it will be specifically for the use in one or two functions and then maybe a year or two from now it will get opened up for other functions when Apple's has you know hundreds of millions of data points to say what

Works what doesn't what they need to do with it absolutely lots of questions about 28 gigs we've already talked about splitting screen sizes into tears we've already talked about does continuity work between an iPad and say an iphone yes so my the other day when the pot last week when we were podcasting in fact my phone rang during the podcast and I press the sleep button to mute it and immediately across the room my my iPad started ringing so this is the future we have coming for us yeah that's not annoying so but the answer is yes it'll continuity works between the

Iphone and ipad and the iphone and mac i some of it will work between the ipad and the mac but for example the SMS and phone stuff won't because it needs an iphone to relay that kind of stuff I hope syncing with that sure works better than I message of face time because there's times when I'll answer FaceTime call on my phone and my iPad continues ringing first nerd problems ally now I'm sure I'm sure there'll be all sorts of annoyance is at first and some of them will get fixed and some won't but if they were all fixed we'd have very little to write about blah blah blah do

You think the apple slices from Curtis do you think apple will drop the price for iCloud storage given that Dropbox finally has I mean I'd like them to I think five gigabytes is too little for the free tier I don't think it's too little i think Apple could afford to be more generous with the free tier we only know pricing for the what a 2 2 gigabytes is a dollar a month and 200 gigabytes is four dollars a month is that right Ellie I thought it was 99 cents for 200 gigs apparently i read that wrong no you're right so this there's 50 gigs five those

Five gigs for free 20 gigs for a dollar 200 gigs for four dollars um I would like to see that her job so I hope a terabyte comes out at ten bucks a month yeah there is a terabyte here we don't know the price yet but I'm it depends on how Apple dozen traditionally make their money off services so they do sometimes charge a premium for it but I think that would be make more money I don't know i'm not i shouldn't say something that i'm not a CEO I don't run these companies given the price points of dropbox and google and onedrive and all these different things i would say that

Cloud is becoming table stakes well an apple is using the cloud in a way now that's much different than they have in the past up until now you really couldn't use iCloud like you will be able to with Yosemite and iOS 8 like a true cloud storage service it was selective it's not like you could go in and pull files and store things so sure they probably didn't make money off of that because I still had to rely on dropbox to store files that I wanted to open across several different programs and be able to organize those as I wish yeah um cheaper is better for us I don't

Think it would hurt Apple at this point but we'll have to wait and see it is a brave new world out there for online storage Peter am I forgetting anything any awesome games I didn't ask you about no I can't think of anything that's really burning up the charts for me today i have iphone brain freeze just iphone 6 brain event burn mm-hmm ali anything on your end hmm i think we all i updated minion rush has a lot of updates lately so i went ahead and updated that game guide so for anyone that's looking for new tips new codes those are all updated

Yeah and simon did clash of clans as well yes alright cool well Peter uh ally thank you so much we will be coming at you from the iphone event or shortly thereafter next week in the meantime Peter if people want to follow you if they don't any more of your smart stuff where can they go they can hit me up on Twitter and flogged flarg h and of course read my stuff at I'm more calm Ali how about you every day on I'm more calm and i am at I muggle on all of the things i am at Rene Ritchie if you can join us live I urge that you do normally next week will be an exception but

Normally we are here every Thursday afternoon well depends on what time zone but we here every Thursday 10 a.m. pacific 1 p.m. eastern i think that works out to about 6 p.m. greenwich mean time if you can join us live because you can ask us all the questions that you heard us being asked today or you can just hash tag ask I'm more on Twitter and we'll keep track of it or email us at podcast at I'm more calm if you can't make if you can't join us live you can also find the audio version of this show on iTunes they can find the video version of it on youtube Peter Ali thank

You so much i will see you at the event see you soon well I I won't see you at the event but you'll see everybody else will see you at the effect we will see over each other at the event there we go okay I guess bye

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