by birtanpublished on September 9, 2020

This is gonna be another one of those videos where i wish i could tell you good things about this market and i wish i could tell you all the reasons that this is really bullish but unfortunately i'm seeing more reasons

That this is actually pretty bad let's get into it um the first thing let's actually take off these indicators is let's kind of recap what we're doing let's not use any indicators and just kind of recap what

We see we've had a really big dump and a very vicious dump when we dropped below this green line exactly what four flies told you would probably happen and since then we've ended up falling

Down to the bottom of this ten thousand dollar range we are finding support right at well actually in the 9900 area so we've already confirmed that this price is dipping below 10k

And now we're finding some stability around this level so this is good the reason this is good is you know one of the things i mentioned is if we do drop lower i want to see

How we drop lower and one of the things that's happening is that at first yes the dump was pretty harsh take a look at this dump over here take a look at this dump over here and now look at how we're moving down

Right now it's very different before we would just rock it straight down absolutely no care in the world and now the market is fighting back the bulls are putting up a fight we're

Getting big support wicks we're getting big big big bounces over here and that is slowing down what the bears can do this is amazing this is exactly what i want to see

If the price can go down to this green box because what this is showing me is that at first the downtrend was getting more intense take a look at this dump compared to this dump right

This dump was worse than this one but now it's kind of this dump is a lot healthier this dump is happening a lot slower and really what it's showing me is that the bears are running out of steam

The bulls are gathering some strength another way to visualize this a lot of you will know is by looking at the rsi the rsi is trending upwards the relative strength of the market is going up the

Market is getting stronger while the price is dipping lower so this is an early warning sign that we could be ready for a reversal in this case the trend is downwards so reversing means

We end up going up amazing this is uh when i talk to you about i want to see how a move happens if if what i want is to see that we fall down to fill the cme gap when the market opens which i think is

Really soon in a couple of hours if that's what i want to see then i'm getting the how do i say the the pretty signs i'm getting the um the prerequisite pieces of the puzzle in place already i'm getting everything

I want to see when i want to see it and how i want to see it to tell me that if the market dips lower it's probably going to have a good time finding support here and why do i know

That well the support is obviously increasing around this range the bears are losing weakness in this range and i would expect them to be very weak i would expect the bears to be very weak when we entered this

Range there is a lot of support around here there is the cme gap right we are in a beautiful mid to long term uptrend and so i think that coming down to fill

The cme gap is all we need in order to instigate another rise back up and i do think that we are still long-term bullish in this market i do think that's the case so i think that with what i want to see

I'm getting everything i want but that also means we are going to dip lower if we dip lower i i would expect that we're going to stop at this price level i would expect that the dump isn't going

To be so strong anymore but it's always possible we just you know we just we just fall straight below this level and that's it and then we're looking at very very low targets it's always possible

So what are the reasons that i think this is going to dip lower first of all the fact that this is already in such a big downtrend tells me that it's probably just going to continue that's just what trends tend

To do they trend the trends will trend trends keep moving so i think that um it's not finished yet we've also got this ichimoku resistance take a look at this we've got this

Ichimoku resistance on bitcoin at the moment it's on the one hour time frame and it has now caught up to bitcoin this is a big deal this is on the one hour time frame

And the one hour time frame is very reliable in my experience when you're trading in a very short-term trend it's also very wide the wider a cloud is the stronger it is typically

If you don't know what i'm talking about then you can search up ichimoku for flies and you will see my full in-depth tutorial on what this indicator is how to get it and what it means

Um but the wider it is typically the stronger it is and because it's red it's resistance so pretty pretty simply it's strong resistance over here um we're already seeing this we kind of

We traded into this cloud and we're not really able to break up into it we might that's not really the point the point is the trend is is facing weakness when it reaches this level and this cloud is

Only getting lower so i think it is going to put that pressure on bitcoin and send it lower doesn't mean bitcoin can't trade in this cloud you know it can trade anywhere in this cloud all the way to the top

And still count as a valid rejection but i think because the trend is so weak it's not likely that we're gonna go any higher than kind of this area i would be surprised if we went higher than ten thousand three hundred uh in

Fact we've actually established resistance at ten thousand three hundred this is initially where we were finding some mild support and then bam we started finding

Resistance in this area and i think that's going to continue to be the case these small signs were previously bullish areas previously bullish areas are turning into resistance

Are everything that i need to tell me that this trend is still weak it's in my opinion this is as clear as it gets there can be a million bullish signs but none of them will be more obvious than this

To tell me that this trend is still weak it just doesn't get more obvious than that and for that reason alone i still think that we are due to be rising uh to be dropping even lower

It's um it's just too heavy i think and i'm not too sure if bitcoin is going to be able to sustain these levels that said if we do end up trading higher just covering all bases i think

This 10.8k level starting around about here all the way up to 11.1 is going to be very problematic for bitcoin i think bitcoin is going to kind of suffer around this range

Um this is also where we're starting to see the four-hour eg mobile cloud develops so take a look at that that's where the four-hour ichimoku is so let's say we dump down here and then we keep

Rising back up again we're going to start to encounter resistance around that rough price range and so it is something that i'm basically on guard about it's something i'm keeping track of

Um you know to see if we do end up dropping lower and then switching it over to ethereum we have a very similar setup over here but this one actually to me was a little bit more interesting

You guys already know how i closed a beautiful massive short position on ethereum when i went short at this price level right here i even told you i was doing it in video

And then i wrote this whole wave down and i closed the position around about over here that was a 180 profit obviously i'm trading it on leverage i trade everything on leverage um and i deploy that

Leverage very safely so i already closed the 180 profit bam vips saw me doing that this was uh one of our messages i haven't updated this yet my bad

I've already shown you updated testimonials in four flies gold as well the way you can access full flights gold is by clicking on this link over here but once again gotta show this guy off twenty one thousand dollars made in one

Trade absolutely beautiful this was trading the drops and rises on ethereum he was playing the long position on the side he actually he played the long side beautifully he played the short side beautifully

Profited from both sides which is just absolutely amazing like i said i've shown you how i close the 180 profit and then the next thing i did yesterday is i closed another 20 profit on this so

This little green arrow um i actually showed this to vip members last night i told them i was entering a short position on ethereum um my short position entries were on these two

Yellow lines and i just told them look we've got the ichimoku cloud over here bam right there we've already gotten rejected from it once over here nearly touched it and another time right now same as bitcoin so i told them i

Think ethereum's facing some troubles ethereum has already risen by quite a bit it's gone up by 15 since the low that it's set and 15 up in a downtrend is very big so i expected

We would start to find some trouble and look at that a really really big drop over here unfortunately i ended up getting stopped out on the rest of my position at break even but that's not a problem i

Still close the profit that was a green trade and that's all i care about i'm all about making those slow consistent healthy gains over the long run so that i can apply exponential growth

To my account in the long run that's what it's all about that's that's everything i show you on a near daily basis weekly basis in vip

It's the only thing i care about exponential growth in the long term it might sound really sexy to aim for a 100 profit or the 180 profit that i got over here yes it's cool if i can get it

I'm not going to say no but a lot of the time people will be chasing big numbers like that and meanwhile they're going to lose 10 on each trade 20 on each trade 30 on each trade and that

Really runs your account balance down very quickly aiming for those home run trades can run you down very very quickly it can be very disastrous and that is why i look to book these more consistent

Games where my risk is so much smaller and over the long term i can get that same big home run effect just by trading in a safer way right now that is what i'm all about so beautiful

20 profit closed right there we are running an exclusive sale at the moment it is 50 percent off things are really hot i like it like i told you in the last video i thought i was going to enter

Enter a position on that day and i did this is how hot i think the markets are at the moment the beautiful clean profitable position stop-loss move to break even you see how i enforce this discipline

Every day zero exceptions and if you want to see that if you want to gain access to everything this member did have access to go to gold take a look at the screenshots there's a lot of them new ones dropping every single day if

You want to jump into the group and gain access to what these people had access to for 50 percent off then you can take action now by clicking on the first link in the description down below then click on

The app for flies button and then click on the send message button to ask me how to join vip and i will send you all of the information

That for me is what i'm seeing ethereum doing at the moment as well i think ethereum is going to continue dropping a little bit lower um both of these coins could break out and

Test higher resistance levels again i think actually that would be really nice to trade it would be very very clean and easy to trade those patterns but i'm not banking on them especially because those cme markets open very soon

I think it's very likely that we're going to drop just a little bit more and then hopefully we're going to rise up but it's too soon for me to do that analysis first we need to get down to

This price level if we do first we need to get down to 9.6 the final thing i want to address in this video is a falling wedge that bitcoin is in take a look at this we've got this

Falling wash on bitcoin it looks something a little bit like this you guys know what falling wedges are by now but very quickly if you don't it's where the trend is moving downwards then you move

Downwards again but slower and that is what we're in right now you already know where this is going if you're a regular viewer so this this is this and typically in a normal

Market in a traditional market what this means is first the downtrend was strong there was a lot of momentum behind that downtrend over here the momentum got weaker so the market flips and it starts trading

Higher that's what it means in the traditional market but if you've been watching this channel for anything more than three weeks probably you will know that i say this

All the time bitcoin usually raises a fat middle finger to this exact pattern and it just keeps doing what it was already doing it does this moving down it does this moving down and

It does this moving up all the time i'm not even going to find an example for you because i think most of you already know exactly what i'm talking about traditional markets will not keep rising

Higher they will start dropping because it shows you that momentum is running out the gradient of the rise gets weaker the gradient gets lower and so it looks like the trend is losing momentum it

Makes sense bitcoin always not always but very commonly disobeys this pattern and keeps rising higher so i think that's just another little bit of evidence for me just given how

Common bitcoin how how often bitcoin raises a middle finger to this pattern i think it's just bound to happen again it looks very very clear to me and the good news is that even if it doesn't happen

I don't stand to lose money a lot of people will think that if analysis is wrong then money is lost it's not the case if you play your cards correctly analysis means nothing and it is all about the

Trading analysis is the it's the car chassis trading is the engine if you know if you've got good analysis cool you've got a little lotus or ferrari that just sits on the

Driveway all day with the engine you can drive it you can enjoy it you can feel the thrill that is what this is about in the vip group that is how you're able to see members paying off the fee

At first potentially struggling this guy did struggle a little bit let me go to this message over here he did struggle a little bit but uh and it took him i think call it four months whatever to pay off his

Yearly entry fee um he wasn't trading with huge amounts at the beginning but now he's paying off his fee times over in in trades constantly it is absolutely top level stuff so if you

Want to get into the group and gain access to everything i have on offer you can find out what it is by following these steps takes you less than 30 seconds i'll show you everything you're missing

Out on and give you that 50 discount to enroll you uh definitely a hot market i told you yesterday i think i'm gonna enter a trade very soon and i think that's still the case um this for me is where i'm paying

Hyper attention to the market to make sure i don't miss out on any potential opportunities and i think opportunity is just flying by us constantly at the moment all right hope you have enjoyed this

Video if you have you know what to do subscribe like spell all that good stuff and i'll see you in the next one bye

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