I’m Back

by birtanpublished on August 29, 2020

Oh hey there it's been a while what's going on everybody it's your boy Tripp tell Bobby I hope you were having a great day great night wherever you're watching or listening in from and yeah it's been a little bit of time since I've been on YouTube and I can explain

Myself and also provide some insights into the future but since the last time we chatted here on the tube on the podcast approximately 0.0 things have happened with the Bitcoin price basically zero point zero things have

Happened with the price of aetherium and basically the only interesting thing in the crypto world that's really gone on has been finance moving out of the u.s. or moving back into the u.s. financed us and Facebook's libro just getting

Curb-stomped by European regulators shoutout France and Germany for their very flexible government regulations around anybody trying to create money that isn't them but want it to pop in and just talk about number one some

Things that have overall been going on in the marketplace in general and then also my kind of outlook and some plans for the future with the channel and a bunch of other things as well first of all though want to give a shout-out to

My friends over at eToro for bringing this episode to come to you guys crypto bobby comm slash eToro if you want to check them out while a lot of other exchanges crypto exchanges are leaving the US because they're

Afraid or whatever not innovating not doing much uro has started operations in the US within the past year they've been around for over ten years and they're actually innovating with social trading and a bunch of different elements that

Really make for a very interesting experience much more so than a lot of the other copycat exchanges out there so if you are in the US or if you're international and you haven't checked out eToro yet go to crypto Bobby comm

Slash eToro to get started with that and yeah thanks again to those guys but what the hell have I been up to it's been like two weeks or so it has been mostly me sitting right here in this exact seat on the phone

Basically 24/7 or not necessary 24/7 but pretty damn close to I have been really really busy with proof of talent and if you guys don't know that is the recruitment firm that I started that works exclusively with companies in the

Crypto space right now and I left my full-time role air swap like three months or so ago and have been doing this full-time and number one I just want to say shout out to anybody that it has ever or is ever going to bootstrap a

Company on their own I have always had a salary basically since I've graduated college I've always have a salary I've always had you know corporate security I've always had all that and you're doing it on your own

It's scary sometimes and it is it's it's it's really interesting and every single day is a whole new thing and it is it's a ton of fun but it's also you know a lot of ups and downs and have been just kind of going through

That cycle and as I've been going through that cycle I have on-boarded ten different customers in the past few months so now working with a bunch of awesome venture backed companies in the crypto space that I count as clients in

The proof of talent world and I personally just been struggling with like how much time should I be spending doing things like YouTube and the podcast versus spending just you know diving deep into recruiting because you

Know these companies now trust myself and trust proof of talent to provide them with solid candidates and if I'm not doing that should I really be spending time doing anything else so that's kind of been just being super

Honest like the big reason why I haven't made as much content recently as I've been doing my best to find the balance between hey I started this company and I'm trying to be successful and I'm trying to make sure that

Clients are successful and that they're happy and that the candidates that I work with are successful and that they're happy and hopefully if you watch the channel and you've got a chance to work with me so far hopefully I have

Delivered some level of results for you or you've at least enjoyed the chance of working with me so far but yeah that's been like the biggest challenge right now so far for me it's just been balancing that and and even taking it a

Step back like I was I was out to coffee the other day with one of my friends and he was kind of asking like you know how do you ever think about starting a like a decentralized company in the space did you ever think about doing anything like

That and to me the answer was like no never like never ever ever have I've always been a my first job out of colleges and recruiting and then I've worked in software sales basically ever since then

And I've always been a service slash sales type guy where that's kind of been been the bulk of what I want to do and what I want to deliver and I think it is super appealing for a lot of people and attractive to be like hey I'm gonna

Start this new project that's gonna be whatever it it's gonna be a wallet or it's gonna be a decentralized service or it doesn't necessarily matter it's gonna be decentralized toilets partnering with Tron who the hell knows right but that

Just never been appealing to me because I feel like you know doing what I'm doing as on its own is a massive risk it's a massive career risk but it's even more of a massive risk when you're doing it with some type of random technology

That 99% of the people on the planet have never heard of so that's been the tough part on my end as far as just balancing things out and hopefully you guys can understand and into that and I want to make things more regimented in

The future I've been trying to do my best to just be regimented with my own schedule now that I make my own schedule for the most part and to that I'll be making videos every Monday Wednesday and Friday from here on out so expect videos

Every Monday Wednesday and Friday and if something crazy happens to the blockchain space will always hop on live or something like that but every Monday Wednesday and Friday from here on out your boy will be making

A video popping on and just kind of even giving you more of a more review into the overall business side of things of what's been happening so hopefully that'll be somewhat interesting because that's been part of the challenge too on

Mind is you know when you look at content on YouTube you look at all these you know there's a lot of people that make content now there was a lot of people before but there's a ton people to make content now and what do most

People want to see when it comes to YouTube what are most people like click on when it comes to YouTube especially in the crypto space is they want to know whether the markets gonna go up or down that's it right that's that's what

Matters for the most part 99.9% of the people on YouTube have no idea if this shit's going up down sideways in circles zero clue absolutely zero flow so I don't want to sit on here now most of all for

Me I have absolutely no clue whether things are going up down or sideways so I'm not gonna sit down here and be disingenuous with anybody and pretend like I do and pretend like I have some type of you know ball that's gonna

tell me which way it's gonna go and which way things are gonna move so I try to always be true to myself and true to you guys and hopefully you know that type of thing helps out just in the long run and is appealing for you guys so

That that's kind of where my head's always been at and especially as I've gone down this process of building a business that I really hope scales and doing my best to make sure that I'm servicing the candidates that I work

With and the clients that I work with to the best of my ability while still balancing expectations that there are people that hopefully if still want to see this type of content so like I said coming back Monday Wednesday and Friday

Starting next week we're back in it but what's been happening this week the big news really like I said before is then finance and Facebook and I think when you look at buying in it's finance has always been interesting and it's

Interesting a public perception can sway pretty quickly on people and how that can be a fleeting thing I think public perception in many cases can can really be determined heavily by toke price and B&B has gone down a little bit

And B&Bs as most people would have assumed B&B is not initially listed in finance us so I think some people gave some push back to finance around that I think that it'll be interesting to watch how they really play things out because

Traditionally they've been a little bit fast around they've been a little bit fast with with regulations and they've also been just quick to execute and some people who are more conservative when they look at certain aspects of

Regulation and things like that might look at that in a very negative light but now you're seeing finance really directly competing in the US with coinbase with Gemini with Robin Hood eventually with things like eToro so

You're having this like pretty concentrated regulatory battle or battle of regulated exchanges now in the US and cz has always been one that's happy no incorrect executed and incredibly well they came out of nowhere in 2017 to

Crush it so for me now the big thing to watch is like it are people going to move over our United States residents going to move over that if used bindings in the past are they going to move from but from finance to finance you ass in

It and it's easy that fantastic of an entrepreneur or no is it just was he playing on a different playing field than the rest of the entrepreneurs in the world when it comes down to the crypto exchanges so that's something

That I'm watching on the other end of the spectrum you got Facebook and Libra and this is libras now supposed to watch at the end of 2020 I am still fairly doubtful as far as if and when Libra will ever launch France in the past day

And so did Germany but both France and Germany came out and said Libra no no you're not coming here you're not allowed to be in our countries and the only people that are allowed to make money in this country is us which is

Funny because it does show number one that they view anybody else trying to compete with them as you know a terrible or a bad actor so number one I do think governments are scared of Libra and I do think that more

Governments are gonna come out and other France and Germany have come out and said hey you know we're not we're not going to trust this we don't trust you guys and and this is our job we we know better than you and were the

Only ones that can make money and you can't do that so number one I think more governments are gonna come out and I think this whole just Libra thing is gonna go to and we'll see what happens there but again that goes to the

Point of decentralization and really honestly true decentralization to you know the point of a Bitcoin and to a lesser extent a theory but now aetherium I think is over time become more decentralized as time that goes on but

Really just to to the point of Bitcoin of being a truly decentralized money and that is is what I think bitcoin is and why it could never just have the the pullback that you've seen with libre from these governments because there is

Not anybody from Bitcoin that you could drag in front of Congress you couldn't drag them into a Senate hearing you can't send a cease and desist letter to Bitcoin that is not something that you can do and that is still and will

Continue to be bitcoins biggest advantage is the distribution and the it's a terribly overused word but decentralization of the money around Bitcoin so I do think that what you're seeing with Libra is the problems that

You see with Libra are pluses that you see with Bitcoin and you always want to take that into consideration and especially when you start to you know think about some of these other projects that are quote unquote decentralized if

There is somebody that they can call in front of Congress that they could send a cease-and-desist other or you really decentralized the answer is probably no it's probably not it is not so that is what you're seeing now is a huge selling

Point for Bitcoin and will always continue to be a selling point for Bitcoin in my mind and something to just keep an eye on because I do think governments are threatened by this and they should really be more threatened in

My opinion by Bitcoin in a lot of ways but it's a lot easier to pick on Facebook in this scenario and also you get political points for picking on Facebook is at this point I'm like Democrat Republican whatever policy

You know whatever parties are in Europe or in Asia nobody likes Facebook everybody you know wants to just use beating up on Facebook as a as a political gain so in addition to being threatened by Facebook

You also get street cred for ripping facebook to shreds so you have kind of the best of both worlds in that scenario but like I said I want to pop in just give you guys a quick update as far as what's been happening in my life and or

Really lack thereof as far as I'm literally just working at this point in time and it's super super exciting I'm taking private jets flying all over the world I'm just absolutely crushing it and then by that again I mean I'm

Sitting at my desk and I'm not moving and I'm talking on the phone all day and some days I'll go down to the gym and I'll hit the weights and that'll be great so that's that's pretty much been where

I've been at for the past two weeks apologies for the delay we're back on a regular schedule again for the first time in hot minute but I hope you guys can appreciate that I hope you enjoy the commentary we would love to hear your

Comments in the youtube channel below and if you're on the podcast always hit me up on twitter peace

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