If You See This Run And Call For Help!

published on July 9, 2020

Oh No Franklin these sea creaturesaren't just venomous and predatory theycan also be super expensive to deal withwhile being stung by a box jellyfishmight not always be fatal thecomplications could set you back up to20 thousand dollars and when you get

Bitten by a sea snake you're looking atup to three thousand dollars just forone vial of antivenom and let's notforget about the searing pain caused bybites and stings from these sea terrorsthat's why when you see a Manowar or

Even a sea urchin you should probablysave yourself and your wallet and swimfar far away the Portuguese Man O War isa siphon of four and a species closelyrelated to the jellyfish these dangeroussea creatures sometimes float in groups

Of 1,000 or more and if you're unluckyenough to get caught up in its tentaclesyou are in for some serious pain aMANOWAR's tentacles can be thirty feetlong and there are even occasions ofthem being more than a hundred feet long

They contain stinging nematocysts whichare little capsules loaded with barbedtubes that deliver the venom this venomis paralytic and fatal to fish andcrustaceans but thankfully a fatal stingon a human is rare they do however cause

Painful welts swelling and in some casesheadaches nausea and trouble breathingthe pain can last two or three daysafter being stung the best and mostcommon treatment for a man-of-war stingis actually not expensive

Simply apply vinegar or ammonia to theinfected area and use shaving cream anda razor to get rid of any extranematocysts then you can apply heat orhydrocortisone to the area so all in allit's a painful experience but you can

Treat yourself with about twenty dollarsand access to the Internet a stingraysting can result in some high hospitalbills and days of intensive care thestingray may be something we often swimwith but if you remember Steve Irwin

Tragically lost his life to one of theseseemingly harmless sea creatures theStingray has a large tail like barb onthe back of its body being punctured bythis barb can result in heavy bleedingdifficulty breathing dizziness nausea

And even losing consciousnessany person stung should immediatelyremove the venomous spines unless theyare in the neck chest or abdomen inwhich case emergency medical attentionis absolutely necessary

Fortunately stingrays rarethe attack unless provoked or disturbedthe most common cause of an attack isfrom people accidentally stepping onthem a stingray sting could put you inthe hospital with a serious infection

And sometimes the barbs have to beremoved in the hospital because of therisk of bleeding out the cost forantibiotics and a three-day hospitalstay in serious cases can cost more than$30,000 in hospital bills a hefty price

To pay for swimming with arrays' theblue ringed octopus is flashy for areason it may look like an innocentcreature that roams the ocean floor butin reality its venom is 1,000 times morepowerful than cyanide it also has enough

Venom in its little body to take out 26humans within minutes the blue ringedoctopus produces a neurotoxin calledtetrodotoxin which is also found inpuffer fish the venom blocks nervesignals throughout the body and can

Cause muscle numbness as well as visionloss nausea and loss of senses and motorskills these symptoms lead to muscleparalysis which can stop you frombreathing and lead to severe respiratorydistress the sting of a blue ringed

Octopus has no anti-venom an encounterwith one often lands patients in the ERand they have to be put on ventilatorsimmediatelythe average ICU cost for a ventilatedpatient is $2,300 per day and that cost

Rises to more than 3,900 per day afterthe fourth day of care so being a littletoo interested in one of thesepsychedelic blue creatures could costyou tens of thousands of dollars orworse your life assuming that venomous

Snakes are only a land problem is veryvery wrong in fact some of the mostvenomous snakes are sea snakes like theelusive banded sea Kraitthose secrets reproduce and often eat onland they're a lot faster in the water

And their neurotoxic venom is actually10 times more powerful than arattlesnake they're pretty docileanimals but any diver or fisherman whoaccidentally handles a secret is in fora world of pain

Their venom often causes severe muscleand joint aches blurry vision vomitingand even paralysis but what can be sodisarming is that the bites are usuallynot painful at first pain sometimes onlystarts three hours later if you've been

Injected with the venom then anti-venomis usually the only way to survive avial of antivenom from one of thesebitesand cost $3,000 out of pocket and can bevery difficult to find

Since secret bytes are pretty rare butthere is a chance that a small bitewon't always inject venom if that's thecase a bite from a secret may result innothing more than a puncture wound andprobably a lot of anxiety the stonefish

Wins the award for the world's mostvenomous fish they inject a venom thatcan end the life of an adult in under anhour and because stone fish are so goodat camouflage most victims never evensee them coming getting stung by a stone

Fish results in pain and bleeding atfirst and then the pain will usuallyspread to the rest of the limb therewill be swelling and the symptoms canget as severe as difficulty breathingseizures fever accompanied by infection

And even paralysis but there is hope forrecovery from a serious reaction totheir venom a vial of antivenom can bepurchased and most hospitals where stonefish attacks are common we'll have someon hand however one single vial runs for

As much as 2,300 dollars and if you'restung multiple times you'll needmultiple vials for one or two puncturesthe dose is one vial for three to fourpunctures the dose is two vials and forfive or more punctures the doses three

Vials even after the anti-venom is giventhe discomforts numbness and tinglingmay last for several weeks the flowersea urchin is the most dangerous of allsea urchins but weirdly enough it's notthe sea urchins spines that are

Dangerous it's the pedicel RI which looklike tiny flowers that really hurt thesemechanisms are like tiny toxic claws andcan cause severe pain similar to ajellyfish sting as well as slurredspeech difficulty breathing weakness and

Numbness of the tongue lips and eyelidsyou can only really see the damage ofsting has caused once the inflammationstarts to recede it may be that thespines went in too deep or that they arecausing nerve or joint damage that may

Eventually require physical therapy youcan soak the wound in hot water and usetweezers to remove the shallow spinesbut if you end up in a hospital becauseyou need to have the deeper spinessurgically removed you could be looking

At a ten thousand dollar hospital billor eighteen thousand dollars if you endup with sepsis from the whole ordeal thecrown of thorns starfish is one of themost sinister sea stars in the worldthose spines it gets its name from are

Incredibly dangerous and even just beingstung on the finger can result in heftyHawsor worse these starfish can be anywherebetween one and three feet in diameterand have between 13 and 16 sharp spines

When these enemies spines puncture theskin they cause severe bleeding painswelling and in some cases fever nauseaand headaches like with sea urchinssometimes the spines have to be removedsurgically a six centimeter long spine

Can break off in the body leading tosepsis and prolonged pain what's worseis that the infection can be hard to getrid of and can come back multiple timesimagine an $18,000 hospital bill thatcould be repeated two or even three

Times more thankfully these starfishdon't aim to attack humans so watchingwhere you walk can save you from a worldof pain and expensive medical bills thenematocysts covering the tentacles ofthe box jellyfish are like little poison

Darts but they can land you in thehospital with an irregular heartbeat orparalysis and in some cases the sting ofa box jellyfish can be extremely fatalthe Australian box jellyfish is the mostdangerous marine animal unlike other

Species of jellyfish these guys don'tjust float they can actually swim atspeeds of up to four knots they alsohave very strong eyes on the sides ofthe body making researchers believe thatthey hunt their prey instead of waiting

For it to come to them if you're unluckyenough to get caught up in its tentaclesthe box jellyfish sting can causeburning pain in the skin muscles andnerves and have lasting effects on theimmune system and since their venom is

Neurotoxic they can cause severerespiratory distress because of this themost common cause of someone ending upin the hospital from a box jellyfishsting is cardiac arrest a trip to the ERfor cardiac arrest and the following

Days of treatment can run up to $20,000on your hospital billthe Weaver fish is small but those longneedle sharp spines inject powerfulpainful venom into its unsuspectingvictims those victims are usually

Unaware swimmers and beachgoers sincethe Weaver fish lurks in very shallowwater and usually comes out right beforeand after low tide and since they lovehiding in the sand most people justthink they stepped on something sharp

Until the pain kicks in five minuteslater the most common symptoms rangefrom nausea headaches and itching allthe way to low blood pressurefainting tremors seizures feverand of course severe pain and swelling

Most people will avoid going to thehospital and treat the condition bysoaking the infected area in hot waterfor half an hourand then carefully removing all of theremaining spines the pain tends to reach

Its peak after 30 minutes and then willslowly decrease but the biggest problemwith the weaver fishbesides the searing pain is thepossibility of anaphylactic shockkeeping an EpiPen on you in case of

Emergencies is expensive enough about$700 for an adult dosage but ending upin the hospital with a serious allergicreaction can cost about $1000 there aremultiple species of the dangerouslydeceptive nudibranch but one species

Called the iliad are hiding a uniquesecret weapon an Elliot hastentacle-like outgrowths called Saratovthat allow them to steal venom fromother underwater creatures after thenudibranch eats the tentacles of a

Stinging animal like a jellyfish or acoral the stolen stinging cells passedthrough the digestive gland and wind upin veneto sacs under the new twobranches body here they can be storeduntil they're needed for the neuter

Branch to defend itself when you getstung by one of these sea slugs youcan't be entirely sure what creature thevenom came from thankfully the venomisn't as powerful as right from a sourcebut since neuter branches can steal

Venom from very dangerous creatures likethe Man O'War getting stung by one canresult in headaches nausea and of coursesearing pain non serious cases can betreated in much the same way as a normaljellyfish sting with about twenty

Dollars worth of vinegar shaving creamand a razor to get rid of the extranematocysts but if you end up having anallergic reaction to one of these stingsyou could end up paying $1,000 to treatanaphylactic shock are you scared to get

In the water yet let us know in thecomments which of these sea terrors youat least want to get stung by don'tforget to hit that like button andsubscribe to the richest for more thanksfor watching we'll see you next time

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