by birtanpublished on September 29, 2020

what's going on guys Carl here back with
another episode that is slightly
different than the ones that I've done
before a lot of you guys on social and
being asking if I had one piece of tech
different categories of course what
would it be this one is definitely tough
but we'll start off with maybe travel
tech first as it's the thing that I've
been doing for the past couple months
years you guys know that I'm traveling
all the time and this is the piece of
tech that I kind of swear behind this is
the away luggage carry-on kit and it's
honestly being a game changer for
someone now that only travels with non
check bags only carry-on bags this is
the thing that carries all of the tech
that you see plus more usually the dope
thing about this guy it is the largest
size for an official carry-on so TSA
approved you won't get any problems it
has a nice hard shell it has protected
over ten thousand dollars worth of
camera equipment for me it'll come in a
ton of different colorways I've actually
had the white one before this is my new
navy one it is jam-packed with techy
features that makes me geek out to the
max it's got its own built-in safe
wheels that kind of rotate 360 degrees
to make your travel experience super
smooth and easy a nice handle of course
to travel with and underneath that the
best part it has a built-in power bank
that will charge your smartphone five
times it's 10,000 milliamps it has two
USB ports so if I have saved my camera
Bluetooth speaker phone one phone number
two I could theoretically charge most of
these guys up so at least they're usable
if I'm in the air and when I land I need
to use them so so handy and if you want
20 bucks off your next suitcase I've got
a link down below use promo code carl
conrad and just be sure to let me know
what color you end up grabbing and I'm
hoping that I can convince a way to make
an orange one as that will be my next
color option as most of you guys know if
I had to pick one laptop of choice it
has to be the 2018 MacBook Pro you guys
know that my life revolves around
YouTube and the MacBook lineup has just
gotten better and
as the years have gone on it means that
I can crunch 4k content when I'm sitting
in a hotel room while I'm sitting on a
beach while I'm crammed up 30,000 feet
in the air trying to edit a video I can
do that on this guy so I have a fully
mobile YouTube studio in literally the
palm of my hand
mine of course is protected by this dope
new the brand skin in carbon gray link
down below if you're interested camera
wise you would actually not be this guy
this is the sony a7r 3 I would end up
recommending the a7 3 it's $1,000
cheaper at 2000 bucks it's a full frame
beast and has almost every single
feature of this guy in a cheaper form
factor for lenses and I have a ton to
tell you the truth the one if I could
only choose one to pick it would be the
one I'm recording with now the Sony G
masters 16 to 35 2.8 and it's got the
nice versatility of a zoom so you can
kind of have more shops and more focal
ranges just as important as video
quality you can't forget about the audio
game if I could only pick one it would
be the Sennheiser MKE 600 it's what I'm
currently recording with right now and
if we actually do a little stop this is
what it sounds like without a microphone
and this is what it sounds like when
we're back to using the Sennheiser so a
big big difference and something that a
lot of people usually forget when
they're getting into the video game
don't forget to upgrade your audio as
well smartphones this is the tough one
and I kind of cheated a bit on this side
if you are team iPhone which I typically
use the iPhone X as my daily driver the
iPhone 10 if I had to choose an Android
device currently right now I would go
with a Galaxy Note 9 it's got the latest
silicon it has a gorgeous screen it has
the s-pen which I can sign all of my
YouTube documents with and it's a tough
split on this channel I know if your
team iPhone it's great that you can use
iMessage across se my macbook pro to my
iMac the continuity is awesome of
Android has its own benefits curious
though I'll maybe make a pulldown here
which you would fall on we should just
all be able to play nice together I
think one day headphones of choice okay
so I once again did a hack here I broke
it down for you guys in two different
parts over the ear headphones I'm gonna
go with my Bose QC 35 Mark twos awesome
for drowning ups and when I'm on flights
when though I want to have something a
bit more compact I am leaning towards my
air pots still the best in your wireless
options in my opinion and the fact that
I've got mine coated in orange there
might be a tad bit of bias there perhaps
more of the bias continues here for my
Bluetooth speaker if I had one I would
go for something that's more portable I
know maybe the sound output isn't as
good as larger ones but I'm traveling
with this guy usually it's the Sony SRS
xb2 they've got great battery life and
usually have a deeper kick of bass than
most other ones if I had one accessory
choice I know I've got two in my hand my
accessory for a computer Logitech MX
master I would be willing to give this
up if I could really only choose one
this is the Manfrotto mini tripod the
honestly grail of my channel I cannot up
this ten dollar accessory up enough and
that is honestly it for the one-off
series if I could only choose one piece
of tech and this is what it would be in
each of the respective categories I
think if I only had one it would
probably be a smartphone as it has a
decent enough camera to record YouTube
videos they've come a long way mobile
photography it does have editing
software in it I could edit a YouTube
video crazy to think you can have a
successful YouTube channel just starting
off with your smartphone curious though
to hear your thoughts down below in the
comments and let me know what you think
about this style of episode I will of
course make more outside of the tech
travel space but I hope you guys enjoyed
today's episode and hope to catch you in
one of my next ones or in one of my
vlogs base

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