If Kim Jong-Un Dies, Will China Seize Energy?

published on July 2, 2020

his Kim jong-eun Dead or Alive

either way the Chinese Communist Party

has a plan to dominate North Korea

this is China uncensored I'm Chris


well 2020 has been a big year the Donald

Trump impeachment hearing death of Kobe

Bryant the crash of the Ukrainian

airliner in Iran raging bush fires in

Australia and oh yeah a global pandemic

that's killed hundreds of thousands of

people I think we can all agree that

what 2020 really needs now is a battle

for control over a nuclear-armed rogue

nation okay I figured it out 2020 is

like all of the disaster movies combined

into one movie so now we're moving from

contagion to crash landing on you anyway

it seems nobody is quite certain whether

or not North Korean leader Kim jong-un

is alive or dead the international

mystery North Korean leader Kim jong-un

has not been seen in two weeks at the

same time speculation grows over his

health I like to think of him as

Schrodinger's Kim because we won't know

whether he's alive or did until we can

observe him last week CNN reported the

North Korean leader was in grave danger

after surgery US intelligence reporting

indicates Kim recently underwent

cardiovascular surgery some officials

saying the intelligence suggests he may

be incapacitated but that might not be

true according to South Korean sources

Kim is alive and well okay so maybe he's

not Schrodinger's Kim he's Kim Twain

knew reports of his death were greatly

exaggerated but still kim jeong-hoon

hasn't been seen in weeks he's missed

several high-profile events including

the birthday of his grandfather Kim

il-sung that's the biggest national

holiday in North Korea he created North

Korea as we know it today he's basically

seen as a god so where is Kim Jong hoon

a new theory has emerged about the

health and whereabouts of North Korean

leader Kim Jung and oh my gosh does it

involve him riding off into the sunset

on a white stallion incidentally that

horse was later found on the side of the

road the current theory is that Kim is

actually hiding out to avoid the

coronavirus more evidence has emerged

that North Korean leader Kim Yong and is

residing in a luxury villa of his at a

coastal resort even though North Korea

definitely has zero coronavirus cases

the theory that Kim is sheltering in

place is based on satellite images that

show luxury boat movement by his luxury

coastal resort and Kim's luxury armored

train park nearby

Wow self isolating is hard it's also

possible that Kim is at the resort

because he's recovering from some kind

of illness or medical procedure at this

point everyone is basically the

shrugging guy but Kim's possible brush

with death has got everyone thinking

what happens if Kim jong-eun dies there

is no clear air and China is very

concerned about this China has

dispatched a team to North Korea to

advise on the health of leader Kim

jong-un according to three sources

familiar with the situation the group's

trip which included medical experts

doctors and officials came amid

conflicting reports about the health of

the North Korean leader but you know who

is the real hero here the horse anyway

the Chinese counties party is very

interested in North Korea in fact former

Chinese leader Jiang Zemin was close

with former North Korean leader Kim

jong-il very close excuse me I need to

vomit here's a video of a cute puppy

China was and still is the main thing

keeping the North Korean economy afloat

and the Chinese Communist Party likes

North Korea because they get to be the

middleman in any international

conversations about North Korea but

relations between China and North Korea

haven't been so hot under current

Chinese leader Xi Jinping one of the

first things kim jeong-hoon did after

taking power was to execute his uncle

who was seen by beijing as the most pro

china and pro-business figure in the

North Korean leadership a few years


Kim's half-brother was assassinated he

was living in China at the time in fact

three years Kim jong-un had never met

with Xi Jinping their first meeting was

in March 2018 right before Kim met with

President Trump but with the future of

Kim's regime in question if he dies

Beijing might see that as an opportunity

to gain more control of North Korea

China already has a lot of economic

influence in North Korea but according

to Michael Osland author of Asia's new

geopolitics the Chinese Communist Party

might actively try to take control of

North Korea Beijing might well make a

bold gamble to intervene in North Korea

in the name of peace in order supposedly

to prevent a government collapse and

humanitarian crisis securing nuclear and

missile sites up sensibly to ensure

stability would cement Beijing's control

over the Kim regime applying client

state perhaps even headed by Kim's

sister would naturally follow would it

get to that point it's unclear but

Beijing would at the very least move to

secure the border with North Korea to

prevent a flow of refugees into China

and they would definitely work to have

the next leader of North Korea be more

dependent on China on top of that South

Korean president moon jaein has

expressed his desire to unify North and

South Korea and he's also pushed for

closer ties with China a very big

problem for more on that check out my

recent episode called could South Korea

fall to

enos North Korea it's on my other

channel America uncovered yeah we have a

whole nother show we're terrible of how

promoting it please subscribe anyway

if China can get more influence over

North Korea that would make Japan a

little nervous

Japan may seek nuclear weapons and the

us alliance and balance of power in

Asia could be completely rewritten so

there's a lot riding on this poor horses


Godspeed horse Godspeed next I'll answer

a question from a member of the China

uncensored 50-cent army since youtube

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videos the China uncensored 50-cent army

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question comes from charlie WB Rooke is

there any more talk of reunification

between the north and south

due to this possible death of the Dear

Leader and the uncertainty of who will

be the next Dear Leader great question

so it might be possible that if things

go really bad in North Korea South

Korean forces possibly with US allies

would enter North Korea to maintain

peace China wouldn't be too happy about

that so I think that's kind of unlikely

but many in South Korea do talk about

eventual reunification and as I said the

current president certainly seems to be

in favor of it obviously that would have

a lot of challenges economically and

culturally president moons current

proposal is to reunify the two Koreas by

2045 joke's on him because I fully

expect the world to be madmax by then

another possibility is that more

reform-minded forces within North Korea

will seize power we don't really know

what kind of political factions exist in

North Korea because it's so closed off

from the rest of the world we don't even

know for sure how many children Kim has

maybe new leadership would want to open

up North Korea more economically or

maybe they'd bring about nuclear

annihilation but that's crazy

I mean 2020 can't get any worse right

right on the other hand Kim might be

alive and well or at least recovering at

his beach resort I'd like to think of

him kicking back sipping a mai tai and

FaceTime with his BFF Dennis Rodman

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next time


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