by birtanpublished on October 1, 2020

what's up crypto gang welcome back to
another episode if you guys are new here
we do a giveaway at the beginning of
every single episode and today's winner
is Libya Jolie thanks so much for
commenting on the previous video Libby I
just sent you some Bitcoin and also
linked to your YouTube channel in the
description below in today's video we go
through as bit it is a new platform as
it is allowing investors to move from
the traditional world into the
cryptocurrency world quick disclaimer
this video is pseudo sponsor to buy them
because they are doing a campaign on
grow your base so I wanted to be fully
transparent because they are 100 percent
compliant with the SEC they have
approval that I'm going to be linking in
the description below to do their ieo in
the next coming days of the past few
years lawn ramps have become more and
more popular and what as bid is trying
to do is they're trying to build the
bridge between traditional finance and
bring everyone into the cryptocurrency
world which is extremely important when
you're dealing with traditional
institutions and investors there needs
to be a level of compliance that is
basically unmatched and we haven't seen
anything yet other than the company
called backs these coming outfits of ETF
and we can go through them another time
but as bit is basically focusing on
allowing traditional investors to use
the different instruments on their
platform and to make them feel
comfortable with investing in a brand
new asset class which is cryptocurrency
so if you guys are brand new to the
space Roger ver is the guy behind
Bitcoin comm and Bitcoin cash which is
the company that is primarily focusing
on big blocks and low cost transactions
to be the cash of a cricket cartoon
world and him backing this project is a
big deal there are a lot of companies
out there they claim that they have
advisors that are helping them but in
this case asmin actually has a close
relationship directly with Roger ver and
Bitcoin comm and they're doing exclusive
announcements over the next few days
that I'm excited to be linking in the
description below one of the most
important things when we talk about
bridging the world of traditional
finance into cryptocurrency is by far a
traditional credit card or plastic card
that you can use and that is what asmin
is bringing at the table where they are
going to be providing an actual crook of
currency car so not only does that bit
have Roger for backing them and they
have a plastic card it's you
for banking and a license in Europe to
be using it as payments completely
legally they have the backing of the SEC
to sell to accredited investors in the
United States which is a massive deal
for any company that is trying to do
these ie OS in the space you know that
is a very large hurdle to get the
blessing of the SEC to allow credit
investors to invest in it but last and
most important out of all of this is
that they have a working MVP which
stands for Minimum Viable Product people
can go through they can use it they can
actually interact with the multi
currency exchange as it exists right now
to test the grounds before they actually
do their ieo if you guys haven't seen
the ieo video it stands for initial
exchange offering and that is where a
company is releasing tokens on an
exchange that intended to initially get
investors into the door and invested in
the project and having a partnership
with an exchange right on the gate is a
very powerful thing to provide liquidity
for all of the investors that have put
forward their investment so in this
video I'm going to go over the one-pager
to show you guys the bullet points of
all three of the customer segments that
they are trying to attract which are the
traders investors and institutions
without further ado let's dive right
into their one-pager so you guys can get
an overview of what Aspen is trying to
accomplish by bringing traditional
finance into the world of crypto all
right as you can see here right front
and center blockchain investment banking
a super cool bridge to allow traditional
finance to come into the cryptocurrency
world you can also see that the ieo
starts in 20 hours and 20 minutes which
means it's the link to their active ieo
on bit forex will be in the description
so you guys can go check that out as
well here is the quote from Roger about
the asmath project he said as that has
everything apart for suggestive launch a
strong teen a reliable business model
payment institution license and most
importantly the exciting prospect of
bringing something new the world of
so Roger is a big component of allowing
everyone in the entire world to have
control of sovereign money and control
their own finances so it would make
sense that he wants a traditional world
to move into the cryptocurrency space
and allow them to really try something
new and this would make perfect sense of
why he's backing this project is there
opening the gates for the institutions
and they're doing it compliantly which
is what institutions are all about
they're not going to touch anything one
of these shady exchanges out there now
that isn't compliance in various
countries and they're just sort of
fly-by-night so it's exciting to see
that an actual legitimate exchange is
going through all of the compliant
processes to allow traditional finance
come in use the instruments that exist
in traditional finance on a new asset
class which is crypto alright so this is
the overview of everything that as that
is doing they're doing a multi currency
exchange where customers will have full
access to the crypto crypto pairs as
well as crypto to Fiat pairs which what
I mentioned before was an on-ramp that
is effectively allowing people to
seamlessly invest using the fiat
currency of the country they're based in
so for example your US dollars or your
pound if your base is somewhere like
London so the investment platform will
be a multi-layered investment account
that allows equal to basically do pro
folio management so that's something
that is in the traditional world where
you can you know allow people to manage
your portfolio for you and it's
basically a hands-off experience with
the traditional finance world I've been
involved with that for the past five
years or so with people like Merrill
Lynch that allow you to you know
passively let them manage their money
and then just check in with them every
now and then the next one is CM CIO so
this is basically a twist on market cap
and it is really really cool in that
they have like actual AI based trading
signals it's a very clean platform and
if you guys get a chance to check it out
I'm gonna link to that also in the
description but really really cool
design very seamless and very easy to
use I've actually started using that
over the past couple of days then of
course you have your various things that
are included in payments where you have
electronic payments you have your wallet
where you can use you know for cold
storage which is very important it's
important for everyone to know find the
as I've mentioned cold sores hot storage
outs are just something that you're
trading with cold sores is something
that you are you know keeping off line
away from any sort of you know server or
anything if it could potentially be up
risk of losing funds the AZ chain I'm
sure you guys are familiar with the
finance chain where they're launching
you know developing their own network
and they're launching tokens on top of
it this is a really interesting thing
that they're trying to do here as bid is
working on developing its own blockchain
network to solve the common problems of
security scalability centralization but
I would imagine in the future they're
actually gonna be releasing assets to
traditional investors this last bit here
is a big one this is where you bridge
between traditional and your crypto so
AZ stocks are done here on the on the
bottom right hand corner is customers
will get access to an effective trading
on traditional stock markets including
real-time prices and live charts with 50
traditional indicators so this means
that you are not only seeing crypto you
are seeing traditional stocks so that
mesh together when we talk about the
multi currency exchange you're not only
going to be able to invest in crypto but
you're also going to be able to monitor
the traditional stock market which is a
big deal when you're when you're putting
all those together you're making people
more comfortable with using what you've
created when you're introducing a new
asset it's important to include the old
assets that your trick you're familiar
with and then the event that something
happens and you get too freaked out with
a new asset you lose it to that one
prime example being something like gold
you know you could move Bitcoin it gold
and whatnot so very very cool that
they're allowing traditional investors
that kind of homey feeling where they're
allowed to invest in traditional stocks
as well as scripted last thing I want to
show you guys is the five reasons that
they gave me there's an actual MVP a
business model that is actually
legitimate where you're dealing with
bridging the world of traditional
finance tools into crypto which is
really really something that you need to
onboard all of the institutions that are
interested to space simple clear
services there's nothing too complex and
bonuses or the actual as
holder's and last but not least is Roger
burrs advisory he is bitcoin Jesus as
he's been claimed in the past there as
he's claimed in the past and he is
definitely one of the most influential
people by far in the space and all
projects that he's been a part of have
raised between 15 and 50 billion USD as
you can see right here so super exciting
to see that he's getting involved in
this I'm definitely going to be doing
more research on the actual MVP itself
and I'm really excited to see that the
team is you know adequate that they're
going to be approaching and these
traditional investors to bring them into
the crypto space because that is a mega
wave of money it's important to realize
how much money will be going through
tools that are from a traditional
background and incorporating crypto into
them it's within the trillions of
dollars that you guys need to keep in
mind when you're dealing with
traditional finance and a new asset
class and you're introducing the two
together and creating an on-ramp like
this you are going to see a big influx
of capital once be more comfortable you
have both traditional assets and new
assets when they're comfortable moving
between the two you will see a large
amount of capital coming through it and
that is why this is such a promising
business model so I'm really excited
about this project
and I'm gonna be using it over the next
few months here so if you guys have any
additional questions leave it in the
comments below and super excited there I
also on bit Forex that is it for my
overview of as bin I hope you guys liked
it if you did there is a link to there
grow your base campaign below so you
guys can share on social media earn some
tokens for sharing it and show them some
love all across your social channels and
that is it for this episode I hope you
guys like it there's also a link to
everything that I discussed in the
one-pager below so you guys can check
that out there ie
is coming out in the next 48 hours so go
get that ago this is not financial
advice by any means all the disclaimers
are in the description below also if you
have questions about that and I hope to
see you guys on the next episode of hack

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