Icon ICX Staking Tutorial | Step by Step

by birtanpublished on September 10, 2020

Bitcoin was created into existence by a process called proof-of-work okay to make new bitcoins into existence you have to get super powerful computers with ASIC you know miners in most cases set it up to the network and you get rewarded for that process for your

Computer power okay it's very inefficient it causes environmental concerns so the new generations of cryptocurrencies have a process called proof of stake with proof of stake you don't need any crazy computing power at

All you just need a desktop or a laptop you can buy the coin and in some cases look make seventy four point eight seven percent a year now that trumps all of traditional finance dividends so if you want to learn how to stake Icahn icx

Follow along because I'm going to show you the whole process keep watching what's going on everybody Alex back with another cryptocurrency video and today I'm gonna be showing you step by step how to stake Icahn icx and make an extra

Twenty percent a year without having to do anything at all okay it says how staking works it's called proof of stake you can do some research on it if you want to now I've seen other tutorials nobody's taking you through the full

Entire process I don't even have the wallet downloaded on my desktop I don't even own the coin so I'm showing you almost everything I'm gonna figure out you know right in front of your eyes so if you have already subscribed to my

Channel my name is Alex I talk about everything internet entrepreneurial if you're looking to make money on the internet this is definitely definitely the channel for you hit the subscribe button as well as the push notification

Bell so you can get videos like this all the time guys I'm not showboating you don't see Lamborghinis in the background enough you know flexing or anything like that I'm just simply trying to show you guys

You know practical knowledge that you can apply to your life like today that's what you're gonna get in this channel okay guys so let me jump right into it so as you can see icon right here the reward is nineteen point eighteen

Percent now there's a lot of coins to pick from you see some coins there that look you know really good right sixty three point eight nine percent seventy four point eight seven percent a year that is ridiculous

That's crazy and I'm gonna give you reasons why I picked icons specifically okay now if we look here you know let's just look at the top three okay live Pier one a lot of people don't know about live pier – the volume is pretty

Low three my mom told me never to trust something that's you know too good to be true so I kind of just threw this one out the window they could have it you know the market cap solo man owning nine million dollars in the market cap you

Know chances are yeah you could make seventy four point eight seven percent but you know the value of the coin can decrease and you'll lose money in that aspect so the two things we're looking for is a solid coin that's gonna

Appreciate over time where you can make money on the coin as well as a realistic reward now that we got here you know snx this is giving you sixty three point eight nine percent you know they have you know a pretty good market cap not

That bad right at the market caps pretty big you know the volumes it's pretty bad but it's not that bad but two red flags about snx I don't like is the fact that you know the total staked is pretty high what does that

Mean all the coins in existence seventy-nine percent of the people are staking them and that's the only reason why they're holding that coin okay that means that they can dump it and it will lose the value right which brings me to

My next subject if we come here to coin market Capcom and we go to SN X right if we go to this this coin here we can see that it's just been going up non-stop we know that live life has ups and downs no matter what this kind of looks like us

It's not a scam obviously it's not a scam for sure 100% guys not a scam okay you know there is a chance that it can just keep going up don't get me wrong what the chances that's going to go forever it's very low there's a chance

That I can drop okay and if it drops then it makes no sense to make that extra you know 60% because if it you know that what one dollar and 36 cents they'll say it goes back you know to this route the support right here you

Know it's a you lost more than a hundred percent so you're making 60% to lose a hundred percent you know it's just I like coins that I can just leave there for a long you know long term I'm not gonna look at this ever again for the

Next like two years so I make my decision I make my decision and you know the fact that it's very overpriced in my opinion right now I wish I would have got in earlier but I missed that boat right so that's 63% it's not gonna woo

Me until you know buying this and staking it but I see X on the other hand okay I see X is very cheap very cheap all right extremely cheap some people would even buy this coin just to hold it for its value because look at one point

I see X was that almost ten dollars now what is it worth thirteen cents now if you would have bought I see X over here of course you're gonna have a bad time but for us very undervalued very very very undervalued okay I did look into

The project a little bit not crazy you know keep in mind guys you know ninety percent of my money is in Bitcoin the etherium this is just for fun just to keep a couple hundred bucks in there see what happens so I can keep the project

To make staking I can experience staking because you know I made the majority of my money off of mining etherium so I want to experience something different so I don't mind doing that but keep in mind this is very cheap okay twenty

Percent not too good to be true okay and another thing I like okay look right here they have you know only twenty three percent of the people are staking this coin twenty three percent of these people are staking it

So that means that you know the other what seventy seven percent or so there's a 76.4% you know they are actually either utilizing the corner just holding it right you know it does have a smaller you know the icon I think a lot of the

Reason why people don't like it and I've talked negatively about it is because guys this looks like a pump and dump think about it man it's at $10 that $10 hundred thirteen cents that's why guys with crypto currencies in general I try

To keep it to you know Bitcoin in theory I'm hopefully one day Theorem gets you know transitions into a theorem 2.0 and we can stake that because that's what it that would be more appealing to me even if it's five percent a year opposed to

Twenty percent because guys keep in mind Icahn can keep going down and you can lose it I'm not trying to like scare anybody it's just the truth guys the crypto currencies vary so crazy its market in the world right it to be very

Careful where you put your money in crypto crisis that's why I keep ninety percent of my money in Bitcoin in theory I'm and I kind of just playing around here just to you know see how the staking is gonna work out so you know

I'm gonna put approximately I'm gonna I'm gonna purchase let's see I would have to purchase 1500 icx I believe let's see so I purchased 1500 so you can see there it's about 200 bucks I'll make an extra 40 bucks a year and if it ever

Goes back to its dollar you know amount that means okay I'm gonna make about two hundred and eighty seven so let's look so – so I'll have 1500 I'll make an extra two let's say two ninety whatever just to make it easier

Plus two ninety if it ever goes back to the ten dollar amount guys times ten dollars which I you know that's a it's a long shot but it could happen you know this was like the ico phase or a twelve dollar amount whatever I can make you

Know almost 20 grand off of – oh sorry 20 grand off of you know 200 bucks it's not bad you know I think it's worth it considering the fact that they have this staking opportunity okay if it didn't have a staking opportunity well there's

A lot of other coins that you can kind of throw your money in and lose it right so I don't mind putting a little 200 into this so let's just get started with it first thing if I come to this website is one thing weird I don't know what

This is guys what are you doing icon what's happening right now like why is there just as big blue you know I don't know maybe in the future you know I'll look into this more I'll do a review on it

And we look into the white paper but whatever that's that's not what we're doing it we're just staking so let me download the wallet okay so I see oh icons wallet support by I see expiries crypto currencies so I'm just gonna go

To like a guide or something let's see so you guys go to I see X dot Foundation download the wallet okay it's gonna be you know if you have the brave add it to the brave browser fairly simple guys I mean typically this is how it usually is

You know with almost every single wallet and cryptocurrency so you know I'm not new to any of this stuff I just want to make sure I'm doing it right for the purposes of this video all right so it's embrava now where is it right here boom

No I might have to block out some of this stuff so you guys don't see my private keys so create a wallet for icon annexed wallet name alright download keystore file now guys when you're doing stuff like this you know

You always want to keep it on you know don't save it I'm saving on my computer just so I can keep it later I'm going to delete it though and basically never you know hold your private keys on your computer so it's but PK C X I'm just

Gonna delete this later and write it down but for now I'm just gonna keep that there okay so make sure I have it down there I'll always keep your key so far in a secure location confirm next private key same thing with the private

Key you know I'm just gonna put it on a notepad now but you always want to delete it later okay so actually you guys can't even see this so I just say that there what's happened I have another monitor so I

All right now complete that boom boom all right so now I have my wallet so I believe I just need to get some icx in here so I'm going to if I come to my Exodus wallet okay obviously I don't keep all my money on my Exodus but I

Have a good amount I think I'm gonna trade some see I think I'm gonna trade some not chain-link not yo s I think I have a little bit too much chain-link actually see ya me see guys again I keep like 90% of my money

You know in cold storage wallets this is just like the money I have on my desktop do you not keep your money all of it and Exodus please yeah I'm gonna have to switch out some such at some chain-link okay so I'm gonna send like mm I could

Be $200 I'm gonna do like a hundred bucks so I'm gonna send like a hundred bucks with a chain link to my finances bindings have icx pretty sure it does just make sure go to coin work Capcom yeah I see x-ray there icon okay so I'm

Gonna get it on Finance cuz easier for me login to Brian ants all right now I'm in Brian ants guys if you don't know how to log into an exchange you shouldn't be buying cryptocurrency in the first place

Okay I also never leave my money on exchange ever so I'm just going to send some money from my Exodus wallet my chain link lets send like I'm just gonna sound like I don't know how much hi nosfy almost 100 chain link is $200 so

It sound like 50 chain link all right I'm gonna send it to a chain link address so I just come here I'll go to my wallet alright now I believe chain link is linked right link yep chain link now I'm

Going to deposit chain link and to here copy the address come on over to Exodus put the address in there 50 dollars guys if you don't know how to confidently send transactions it didn't take me it took me a while to actually be able to

Confidently do this now of course you could send 20 bucks but if you have some serious money in cryptocurrency you know sending you know one case I sent you know 50 grand across the network that's pretty nerve-racking so if you don't

Know how to do any of these transaction stuff you know feel free to check out my course it's called blockchain basics so I'll leave the link below you can go ahead and check it out for yourself it basically teaches you how to send

Receive buy sell and store your crypto currencies in the proper manner again if you don't have confidence to navigate Internet 3.0 you know just be careful this is a new infrastructure of the Internet so there's a lot new scams

Coming out you know taking people's money so be careful with that stuff okay so let me send this a chain link over there that was a nice little sound there and that's wait for it to come in alright guys so I

Can officially got the chain link it went through all the confirmations went through right here as you can see I have it so I simply need to just scroll up go to exchange I go to the basic exchange just to get it over with I really don't

Care about the fees at this point just a small amount of money so I'm going to go to you know link chain link right click there okay we're selling link I'm going to sell a hundred percent all 50 of them sell link right now okay hopefully

Execute quickly all right refresh the page see if it executed all right another way you can check is here let's just go to icx and see alright so I see X is a coin that we want to buy do I have any Bitcoin in there no I don't add

Up right here okay it said it was filled okay so let's buy icx 100% okay there you go I'm sorry this is a such a small amount of Bitcoin I not really used to that but you can see here I'm buying 786 I see X all I do is hit a hundred

Percent by I see X hopefully it feels quick right let me just refresh the page make sure it fills zero percent fill see oh it's filled perfect now all I have to do is come over here to the exchange wallet all right now it's gonna just pro

Tip right there hide okay I don't know why I didn't feel cuz just double check that let's refresh it alright let's just search for icx exchange exchange exchange okay said it filled but for some reason it's not

Showing that I have it so let's go back to the deposit alright so see what I have here right there build oh it's 38% filled okay let's just wait to that fills let me just go back to the exchange

Right affiliate mmm partial fill okay another way you can do this is cancel the order okay let's take a hundred percent of it and okay there's get the other half so what's the price it's point zero zero

Four zeroes one eight two zero Satoshi's so what you can do is you just buy it for a cheaper price to make it quicker so we're gonna buy it at eighteen eighteen okay okay so it's it's buying at eighteen sixteen let's just buy to

1814 just to fill it quicker the purpose is oh that's cheaper so we're gonna buy it for more expensive right so if we buy it for more expensive that means that you know there's a better chance it's gonna

Go through so I really don't care alright so eighteen twenty let's buy one hundred percent I see eggs all right see filled see how quickly that filled now perfect now we should have all of them let's go

To exchange wallet all right I'm gonna search I see X there you go on my I see X is there let's withdraw this I see X we're gonna put it in this wallet go to my wallet alright so there's the one that we just made hopefully you followed

Along and made it with me all right so we're gonna deposit some in here I don't even know how to do that with this we're gonna figure it out icon there it is copy address deposit address right there come on over here you guys are getting

All this free information ok ammount we're sending it all I submit out of being bada-boom let me get my phone pull out my Google Authenticator all right I think that's the right one that's it go to email and verify let me jump over to

My email here not verified buying in spite of being confirmed withdraw you see I do this too much right it's done all right so it should be processing it's gonna take a while I'll come right

Back when it's in my wallet here again you guys can verify this in so many ways here's the address you should simply click that and I'll go to a block Explorer right icon tracker and show you that the transaction on its way okay now

It's showing that there's nothing there the reason why it's showing there's nothing there because you know the centralized finance exchange here is processing it once it process it then it will sell it send it so I don't like

That if you were to send this to a wallet to another wallet it would immediately transact but it basically asking for permission from finance to send it that's the differences between you know

A centralized exchange and something you know in your own wallet guys have you have all your cryptocurrency in your own wallet okay please put it on your own load okay so I'll come back when this is done alright guys I'm back so now you

Can see that all my icx is in the wallet to 784 it's about a hundred and two dollars whatever okay so now we basically just have to stake this okay so you're gonna come to the voting tab here okay you're gonna click my status

Okay now these are all basically who you can vote for okay all the reps the P reps that you can vote for we're gonna do that right after the first thing we got to do is my status okay now we have to select the

Wallet lane name you could have multiple wallets we're gonna just choose the one I created all right so adjust you can put less amount staked if you want like something like that I'm just gonna do all of it okay so I'm just gonna do all

Of the staked okay I just okay you have to actually adjust it to max steak there you go sorry about that complete complete okay check transaction we can check it you know on the tracker to see if it's staked or not alright so now we

Have a hundred percent of them staked okay now we can vote okay we have to basically vote no voting power please stake too icx first I just staked it let's just it's probably just going through the blockchain guys you got to

Go through the confirmations but once it's confirmed let's just come back here and click my wallet again just make sure now we have to basically vote so we're gonna click vote here and I 100 percent voting power and I'm basically just

Going to vote for icon foundation so probably give me the biggest return we can add that you could also add other foundations if you want to but I'm just gonna click that and then delegate all of it a hundred percent how do I do that

100% of my voting power just move this cursor all the way over boom vote delegated vote all right now you can go check it now if you want to see how much money you're making let's see where we would see that

So if we go to voting I go into my status okay you just log in again and it's gonna pop up right here current let me just double check that all right so you can right here so I believe you can claim your icx here okay now keep in

Mind we're getting about 20% a year so that's you know just wait a month or so and then you actually see a good return just claim it and then you could actually compound it by staking those amounts also okay so that's really it

For this video guys that's the full complete tutorial how to if you don't have icx already change it into Bitcoin change the Bitcoin in to icx send it to your wallet right exactly how to you know stake and then exactly how to vote

Alright so that's the complete tutorial if you have any questions leave a comment below if you like the quality's content hit like if you don't leave some constructive criticism subscribe for more video updates and like I always say

If you don't get with this technology you will get left behind thanks for watching this video guys I'll catch you in the next one

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