ICO Review: Perlin | A Decentralized Super Computer

by birtanpublished on September 26, 2020

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Frequently and I'd hate for anyone to miss out purlins is a scalable dag or directed acyclic graph based blockchain that offers a decentralized computational layer with the use of its Avalanche consensus protocol purlins

Goal is to create a decentralized cloud computing marketplace which delivers massive computational throughput while aiming to reduce the cost of computational power this marketplace would allow users and suppliers to buy

And sell computational resources within a trustless environment a big component of this project is that the fact that it doesn't use traditional blockchain tech so let me go over what a dag is very quickly Bitcoin uses a blockchain tech

Which works in a sequential way and gives its users the ability to trace back any block within a written ledger to visualize blockchain technology it looks something like a list or a list of items in a sequential order which is why

It's called the ledger where directed acyclic graph or dag is a different type of structure entirely it's an implementation of a graph and all the nodes are pointing in the same direction and no element can reference back to

Itself it's a tree like structure which is similar to a file directory but folders contain subfolders which branch off into other subfolders and so on unlike Bitcoin or etherium dag powered networks allow the creation of parallel

Nodes as long as everything flows in the same direction this opens up a lot of possibilities out of the team so Dorji sun is the project manager and co-founder he's a serial entrepreneur whose most famous for founding

Carbon conservation which is a social enterprise that helps to facilitate carbon credit deals which has led in the preservation of large areas of the rainforest he also serves as an advisor to other crypto projects like Santa ment

Republic Protocol and Loki cancel Alaska's de sitio Kenta is a software engineer game programmer robotics engineer and a serial technical entrepreneur he's experienced with distributed systems and machine learning

Before purlins came to work with Navarrete Corp as an artificial intelligence researcher and at DJI as a robotics engineer there are a lot of other members of the team which you can go find if you're interested they are

Listed on the website next up is their I see on their token metrics so the purlins network will be fueled by a token called pearl and it's going to start off as an e rc 20 token their token will serve three main purposes as

A currency for payment transaction pearls circulator will be used to facilitate fees incurred by customers for access and computing resources the second is for mining users will be able to earn pearls providing computational

Power to customers through the network and three validator incentives Pearl's will be paid to validators who verify and broadcast transactions out of the network in total 1 billion pearls will be minted and they'll be released based

Off the total computing power available in the purlins network the breakdown of their sales are as follows from December of 2017 to January of 2018 they had their seed sale in which 20% of the tokens were issued the token price

Was 4 cents with a 12-month vesting period from the time of the token generation event from April to May of 2018 they had their strategic sale in which 20% of their tokens were issued at 12 cents each and a six-month vesting

Period started from the public sale and then their final private sale was from June to July of 2018 in which 7.5 percent of the tokens were sold at a price of 20 cents each with a three month lockup from the time of an

Exchange listing out of the tech so how does this project work and/or function purlins uses the Avalanche protocol which adopts the concept of meditative I'd hive throughput and scalability if I'm being honest it should be quite a

Bit of research to try to wrap my head around this concept the Avalanche protocol claims to be entirely different than pre-existing protocols because it's what's referred to as leaderless unlike in proof of state systems where there's

A leader or a validator it finds consensus within the nodes the leaderless Avalanche protocol sort of steers all the nodes into consensus without one entity doing it on its own it does this by using the concept of

Metastability basically meaning sub forums or small random samples from nodes on the network these can reach consensus and parallel and this allows for higher throughput on the network those sub forums will eventually

Converge and come to an overarching unified consensus quick definition on a quorum it's basically the smallest number of people or representatives that need to be present in order for a decision to be valid just from this

Concept I can see how purlins is boasting transaction speeds of 1600 achieved on two thousand nodes the dag allows for more physical nodes on the network while the avalanche protocol itself allows for those nodes to reach

Consensus faster both components allowing for parallel growth it's an awesome concept especially when you take into consideration that the largest limiting factor for blockchain technical ability and speed the two major

Components of purlins are the proof of compute availability and a decentralized computing layer to establish a trusted computing market a supplier must be able to prove that they truly owned a batch of available computational resources

Before delivering or selling them to another party the proof of Compu portion is the mechanism that's used to determine the true amount of computing power a supplier actually possesses the decentralized computer layer is the

Native layer that collects idle computing resources from devices on the network and uses the virtual machine instances to operate those foreign states that the goal with this methodology is to achieve better

Security privacy and performance prior to getting into crypto I'd never heard of a virtual machine but basically a virtual machine is just an emulation of a computer system virtual machines are based on computer architectures and

Provide functionality of a physical computer and may involve specialized hardware software or combination of the two purlins is made up of three categories the miners the customers and the validators miners there were supply

Side of the network – applied computing power of the ecosystem solving computational tasks the customers the demand side of the network they're the buyers of the ecosystem that required resources to execute

Computational tasks and lastly the validators 30 accountants that keep track of transactions between miners and customers through ledger these miners are elected and earn Commission's when they verify a broadcast transaction

Successfully purlins also supports smart contracts gaps and has an encrypted mechanism that provides research and developers with the option for controlled Authority on the data that they utilize within the computational

Resources basically that means that purlins also supports some level of privacy within the network their website is really informative and that's quite a bit of information including all of the advisers the list is pretty vast so I'm

Just going to mention to people but if you want to read the rest I would suggest going to the website I'll leave the link down below then since I was the first advisor and he's a founding partner of

FBG capital FBG capital is a digital assets management firm in blockchain pays capital markets and their second big advisor is Michael Arlington he's a co-founder of crunch fund and the founder of TechCrunch as far as

Investors go they're pretty stacked again the list is very long so I'll name drop a couple of them but if you're really interested go on the website the first is fpg capital which i mentioned before and the second is gbic

Gbic is a global hub for blockchain technology that furthers the development acceleration and the launch of blockchain projects the third is bit main which is a privately owned company which focuses on the designing of ASICs

And is the operator of one of the largest and most active Bitcoin mining pools out of the competition first up would be the golem Network prolem and golem have essentially the same priorities which is to utilize

Unused computing power recently I also covered anchor which is another ICO and it's very similar as well and goals but different in its execution Sodom is also similar as they state that they're trying to create a supercomputer

Outside of crypto projects would be the big guys like Google Amazon and Microsoft these companies definitely hold monopolies on cloud computing and it's gonna be tough to disrupt but that being said cryptos overall goal is

Disrupting the norms what's on the roadmap for per line the project was first created in December 2017 and their upcoming dates aren't really quite set in stone yet the team states that the test net should be released around

September of this year and the main and early q1 of next year final thoughts purlins identifies confirms and validates unused computing power and allows others to capitalize on it for a cost the movement towards the

Centralized cloud computing has really taken off and there were a ton of projects attempting this however I am impressed by purlins use of DAC technology coupled with the Avalanche consensus protocol to go about solving

This problem in a new and pretty creative way the biggest hurdle I see is definitely competition that being said they're doing something different and not quite like the rest so I don't know if they

Have any direct competition another hurdle that should be considered is how difficult it's gonna be to get mass amounts of smartphones computers and other gadgets to be permanently committed to the network I'm sure this

Is a problem that a lot of the other projects are also running into all in all I look forward to the progress that the project is going to make and I'm definitely interested in seeing what real-life transaction speeds and

Confirmation times they end up having alright guys that about sums it up for me today and this ice the overview as usual I'm gonna thank everybody who's been watching liking and subscribing my channel growth is all

Thanks to you and I super appreciate it anyways I'll see you guys soon

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