ICO Review: Moonlight | Employment. Redefined.

by birtanpublished on September 30, 2020

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what is moonlight the concept behind the
project is pretty simple they've created
a decentralized platform to bring
contractors and employees together in a
mutually beneficial way the
decentralization allows for greater
transparency and makes it easier for
both the employers and the employees to
find the right match for an efficient
and meaningful engagement the platform
takes in several elements that are
already existing in the current gig
economy and adds in features that can be
afforded by the blockchain for better
project management and a better
workforce ecosystem the platform
features a marketplace for work to be
advertised by organizations or
individuals workers can bid with the
amount of hours that they are able to
provide to a project alternatively a
matching engine can autonomously connect
organizations and workers for best
suited jobs fulfill their needs Mumma
offers several more features to improve
on the project management processes such
as analytic datasets to power project
tracking a transparent crowdfunding
platform and a tool for cross-border
worker remittance payment alright let's
go over the team the moonlight project
has a strong team with experienced
individuals working for them most of
those developers are from the city of
Zion which is a global independent group
of open source developers that is
associated most famously with the neo
blockchain the leading co-founders are
Allan Fung Tyler B Adams Chris
Birmingham and Michael d Val these guys
are also known for co-founding the city
of Zion as well I know the ICO and the
token metrics
Mulla is creating a net 5 token called
lux Deluxe token will operate like the
next token to provide additional value
to token holders addresses holding Lux
will be awarded gasps proportional to
their Lux holdings
additionally Lux will have a utility
within the ecosystem remittances done
with Lux will award the resolvers any
issuers reduced fees the total supply of
moonlight or Lux tokens will be 1
there'll be no bonus provided during the
pre-sale event they stated it's because
they want to decrease the incentive of
people to buy and flip the project the
lux token allocation is broken down as
follows 30% for immediate project growth
meaning strategic partnerships core
development incentives and so on 20%
toward the vested projects growth this
allocation will be locked in a smart
contract for 24 months and will be used
to accelerate new project initiatives
25% for the pre-sale and the last 25%
for the public token sale the exchange
rate is 1 neo for 2000 lux token or 1/8
for 15,000 lux tokens the pre-sale
finished last week and they're starting
their public sale I think sometime this
month moonlight has a few components
that make up the project which are the
marketplace the project coordination
trustless resumes remittance and project
crowdfunding Moonlight equips both the
employee and the employer with an
ecosystem that they call the smart
economy workforce
this smart economy workforce is broken
down into two entities the issuer the
one who creates the task and the
resolver the one who fulfills the task
let's move on to resource identification
within the marketplace to better equip
the issuer and the resolver moonlight
has developed a matchmaking algorithm
built into the smart contract that
assigns the issuers tasks to the right
skilled resolver the marketplace runs
both on and off chain and allows
developers to interface with match
making algorithms via API keys next is
their advanced project coordination
mulet will provide an estimate of how
long a user will take to actually
complete a task this will be based on
historical data comparing the
contractors estimated timeline versus
actual timeline this also allows an
issuer to see how each bidder will
impact the project's deadlines trustless
resumes to start off the project they
will allow people to submit their own
normal resumes to the ecosystem as tasks
are completed you will start building
their own trustless resumes based on how
fast and how efficiently they complete
the tasks in moonlight the resumes will
be registered on the blockchain to prove
their merit this will allow for a level
of trust between the employee and the
employer that's not currently available
in other non blockchain based solutions
remittance this is defined as a
peer-to-peer transfer of funds across
borders moonlight will support in
different types of payments the first
one would be post pay
and it's the payment type that allows
the organization to provide payment for
the task after it's completed prepay
this is a payment type that pays the
provider as soon as he is selected for
the task this is a good method of
payment for those tasks that may have
associated upfront costs staking is the
payment method that's going to be best
for complex tasks or icos as allows
staking in one currency and then upon
completion payment can be provided in
another coin or a token if after some
time the token cannot be provided then
the payment can be made via the staked
currency the periodic payment is the
closer to the traditional salary payment
where the payments paid out by agreed
amount on a regular interval flex
payment can be compared to the time and
materials billing that we see in the
consulting world the file price has not
been determined ahead of time in order
to receive payment you have to submit
documentation showing proof
documentation could be something like
receipts timesheets and any other kinds
of things that you can think of the
system will integrate with the neon
exchange this will be the primary
currency exchange on the system for
those that want to receive our mittens
in Fiat or other tokens on the Neo
system next up is project crowdfunding
Moonlight allows organizations to add
maturity gates and these gates are
incentives for contractors to adhere to
a schedule stakeholders or issuers of
the organization can assign their tokens
to be distributed on different maturity
if the agreed-upon work has been
completed in a particular time the
maturity gate will open and distribute
the token this ensures that the
contractor is rewarded based on the work
completed and not on promises up next is
their advisors so they have strong
members from necks and a city of Zion
ethan fast who is the creator of the
more popular neon wallet nathaniel
Walpole who designed Neos can their data
science adviser is christy is his PhD in
statistics and he's also a machine
learning expert on to the partners again
the city of Zion as I previously
mentioned and neo global capital NGC is
a financial investment branch of the neo
foundation nós is another partner this
is a virtual operating system for a new
and transparent internet this project
actually also runs on the neo blockchain
Thor which offers fast and flexible
payments for insurance 401ks and a
network of jobs for contractors on the
neo blockchain Moonlight provides a
platform for trustless resumes
recruitment and project management while
the Thor token will provide contractors
an easy way to access their benefits
it's actually a pretty cool use case for
both projects under their competitors
the blue whale foundation ICO and work
which is another ICO as well as any
traditional freelance platforms although
I do think that moonlight has a serious
advantage by removing the middleman and
empowering its users I also just don't
know a ton about the other eye SEOs
doing this what's coming up that we had
to look forward to the public sale is
coming up this month and a marketplace
beta is slated for release in q3 of 2018
final thoughts I love the fact that the
project is built on neo I think it's
really cool to see newer platforms
starting to grow and evolve I also think
the use case for this project is awesome
and definitely makes sense by removing
the middleman in this situation means
both the companies and the employees
will benefit financially their teams
already proven through their past
projects that they're very adept and
experienced blockchain tech their white
paper is very detailed and really lays
out the project in an organized and
easy-to-understand way the only hurdle I
see is the length of the roadmap in a
traditional setting that wouldn't bother
investors as that's kind of normal but
in the crypto space people are impatient
however that doesn't mean that the
project won't be successful but rather
people just need to be a little bit more
patient alright guys that about wraps it
up for me today I want to thank you all
for watching as usual I appreciate the
love and support and I'll see you guys

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