Ian Balina Talks Token Metrics, Losing $2 Million When Hacked LIVE, Future of Cryptocurrency

by birtanpublished on August 25, 2020

In ballina is someone who lost 2.5 million dollars while live-streaming on YouTube and he's my guest today he's one of the most controversial personalities in the cryptocurrencies in field and the community as a whole and today whether you love him or you hate him my goal

With this interview is to get as much as I can out of Iain to understand who who really is his journey from ganda to the US why he left his secure job at IBM as a data analyst to go full on into cryptocurrencies and I CEOs in

Particular which is something that I think considered to be a super risky how he made his millions how he lost 2.5 million dollars and how he kept his cool and what what keeps him going moving forward after all of us happening to him

And after all the cryptocurrency community really going after him so we talked about his upcoming project token metrics we talked about how his team are using AI and machine learning to create investment strategies for top tokens and

If they're just using these as buzzwords I'm going to actually ask him this I again regardless of what you think of en you're going to love this interview let me know what you think after you watch the interview go into comments tell me

What you think tell me what you took away from the interview I'm hoping you're gonna take away about security and securing your investments because you don't want to be losing 2.5 million dollars like a ended right and give it a

Thumbs up if you love it subscribe to my channel this is my new channel and we're trying to grow it I appreciate you tuning in let's go say hi to eat

So for those of you who don't really you're famous for a bunch of things alright in the cryptocurrency field and people know your name can you tell us a little bit about your backstory like where did you come from

How did you get to where you are today yeah so I was born in Kampala Uganda I was a kid and then early on when I was two my parents moved to the UK then when I was eight move to America and I've been America for the last 20-something

Years alright now you get your age away okay that's cool cool yeah so uh I mean I'm not for being very very transparent you know sometimes almost to the thought but my background is as an engineer as a

Computer engineer Oh high five me too after graduate school went to work at Deloitte Consulting as an IT consultant then was there briefly then crossed over and went to IBM and I work in IBM for four years

My first three years also technical sales engineer and the IBM analytics brand covering products like IBM Watson SPSS and and such and then my last year I was IBM executive for open source analytics covering all of North America

So hope I am very cool and I worked in data right data was my passion I love data I haven't got featured in The Wall Street Journal for using IBM Watson analytics to predict my March Madness bracket so wait so you said I was they

Don't was my pageant is data steal your passion because data is still pretty big okay that's good I'll fix that data is still my passion okay so I got involved in crypto around 2016 a friend of mine came to me and said hey Ian I

The IBM is doing lots of big things in the blockchain space I'd like to meet the IBM director for blockchain and asked him why do you care about this right and he told me that he was a Bitcoin developer he was launching a

Crypto fund and that really got like my attention because he was my late 20s launching a hedge fund I didn't know anybody that aged watching a hedge fund yes she won for Bitcoin and crypto so they got my attention because before

That I thought cryptic cryptocurrencies were just for Silk Road and bad actors people doing bad things I had no idea you could actually invest in and speculate in cryptocurrencies so as somebody who was already invested in the

Market I had a very high appetite for risk I was the entrepreneur I had dabbled in penny stocks so when he was when he told me he was making two to three hundred percent excuse me from just huddling

Bitcoin and etherium and his random currencies it told me you know I have to try this out so come went and joined coinbase I put a hundred dollars into Bitcoin later I was into a theorem then I said okay now I

Want a fraction a piece of something let me educate myself about this so I humped on Amazon and found the two best books I could find digital gold and the age of the crime scene oh yeah actually he was a ho he was a guest who was one of the

First guests and around the block is one of my good friends awesome book for sure yes there it is two books they made me a believer after those two books I was all-in on crypto I put my money into crypto so January around I would say

January February 2017 I kind of went all-in for me at that time I began dollar cost averaging into crypto I put in about I think couple grand into etherium and Bitcoin but at that time I put in I think was about twenty five

Hundred dollars into aetherium then a theorem announced a theory enterprise Elias where they're working with companies like Citibank Microsoft JP Morgan and the etherion price doubled in a week and a half

So I doubled my money in a week and a half and that was at that time the fastest this is this is the beginning of the bubble basically yes yeah the beginning of the bubble and I said guys you know what sell everything go all-in

And I began really becoming obsessed with crypto I was working my magnified job then from 6:00 to midnight and beyond I was doing krypter krypter investing trading research I went to my first crypto can I see conference that

Was talking summit that was spraying 2017 for the first time I met people in the crypto space in real life because before then I'll just just researching that words yet personally meeting people in person really any bigger believer

Because these people were smart they're credible they weren't just people from Silk Road so the big thing I took away from that conference where I cos I see investing all the crypto millionaires I met maybe money from ICM blessing at

That conference yeah thorium ICL made safe ICO I said okay you know what maybe I should stop trading maybe you have to check into this ICO thing so after the conference I began investing in almost any ICO that could walk to a point where

I bien I made some money but not as much money as I would like as my goal was to quit my job that year within 12 months was to combine IBM and become fully self-employed to have financial freedom so let me put some notes here by the way

So first of all 2016 that is pretty late for majority of the faces that we've seen critique racy but that evident was intently is also the year that I got involved in cryptocurrency cuz just like you from back in 2011 my friends were

Telling me about crypto it was like this is too shady I don't want to get involved it was until 2016 that I got involved and then I became obsessed just like he asked me as it as it grew bigger and more people got involved and it's so

Interesting that just like you the first time I went or cryptic conference that is when I was like oh my god this is this is it this is like the people here exactly just what I was like people here are actually

Legit these are scientists these are people who are educated or backing it so I just wanted to that he is like going to a cryptic conference really makes the day and night but here you said that you got involved into ice Neos so that to me

Is still I mean right at the beginning maybe I see those were fine but now I see oh they're like ah kind of risky so how did that go for you so initially I mean I was investing you know the first one or two months I

Admitted him was every I see I could find any I see I thought was good at that time and that was making money but my goal was to retire right to basically quit my job by the end of the year so I was looking for big home runs and they

Weren't really coming then I said you know what there has to be a better way right I worked with data and I said you know what let me look at the ICO data so over the course of one or two weeks and gathered as much I see your data as I

Could find on all the projects out there then really try to find patterns in the data what data were you looking at so both qualitative and quantitative data points names I'll go through and see how much money they raised the total tokens

Took him supply but I also go through and grade the teams and say okay we'll just a solid team what are the factors were really helping these products perform well and I just try to get as much data as possible put everything

Into a spreadsheet online on Google sheets and after a while I said you know what I'm seeing patterns in his eye cos the ones that perform well I'm seeing a common pattern right and at a high level the common

Patterns were they had solid teams they had a product right don't just one what just one wipe it wasn't just a white paper it was an actual product then also the total token supply and they were very very modest very very humble right

You weren't raising too much money they weren't putting out way too many tokens so I basically used a three sigma ruin stats just kind of see okay what does the average good ICEA look like and I look look at every single data point

Then I'll then take that and great upcoming icos and see how far they would deviate from each data and for those deviate from the mean of what of what's expected of a good Nicaea

And in August I I also had a channel right at that time I was very small channel under five hundred people are following me I yeah I was just a channel well just share my my experiences being an entrepreneur in the business world

Working as a freelancer and such I began making content on Bitcoin and crypto made for beginners that kind of was my best video at that time I got about five thousand views then after the conference I made a video on ICS for beginners and

That's kind of what made me kind of go famous in the crypto world that video ended up going viral and had over 400,000 views on YouTube alone and that kind of put me there and the map that got me to five then eventually ten

Thousand hours on YouTube and I also began doing live streams so I had to live streams every single week one was the AMA with my audience about crypto and the other was just me doing ICA research I would just press record and

For two two three sometimes even four hours live I would just research ICS while showing showing how to score and make these products in my spreadsheet so in August I think ended up scoring different ICS and I mean this they made

Like a list of my top ICS at that time and the top ideas were ZRX which is zero zero X project and dnt and district Alex project and when they came out those ICS 0 X data 10x the first month and the NT did like a 24x meaning that $1000 turn

To $24,000 and that kind of made me go even more viral they're saying who's this crazy guy live-streaming with this crazy spreadsheet well you weren't just scared that you're doing basically everything live and people can see your

Information and what were you worried careful and I know I'm kind of touching I'm leading you towards the next thing but I mean I wasn't really scared cause to me out trying to be very transparent cuz when I

Joined his face there was no transparency people would hide behind avatars masks know who you're dealing with I was very very transparent told people of my full-name where I work I'm still

Working at IBM my role they knew I did anything that could call my boss and say hey this guy are you the reason why because IBM is now very big on blockchain and actually I interviewed a new team from IBM as well as well and

Even the blog so there are you the reason why they're interested I think there has been probed blockchain way before me right so I can't I can't take credit for that but anyway I just kind of long story short I began regularly

Reviewing projects and in my spreadsheet I'll track my investments I would track how much money I put in the return and then I also I also open sourced my spreadsheet to the whole world right so the whole whole world could see how I

Would rate projects how much money I was making and I was publicly keeping track of everything kind of like a journal so people saw me build my portfolio from initially twenty thousand then all the way to the ICO mania end up going to

Five million dollars so they saw my top takes investments like icon Wahby dragon chain so December 2017 is probably the month where I really I guess blew up in the crypto world because well Bitcoin was going up in it

But everybody was making money the performances were getting from just IC on by Sting and the success rate we had wasn't really seen into space because before on average four out of five IC investments would you would lose money

On yeah using at that time we were making money on four out of five of each IC we invested in and in December we got three I cos in the same month then had over eighty X returns so you're saying we is it but this time had you joined a

Hedge fund or was it just years so it's me but I say we just kind of me in my community yeah community different played a big role right so during the live streams they'll bring projects to to me too

Look at an and scroll alive and some batsman's that will a big like icon and one and marching they came from the community right the community would say okay take a look at this project right so I always like to kind of think that

They also played a factor yeah that's amazing that you give them credit all right so okay so tell us tell us about that that that story that everybody's burning too and I know like

You've talked about it over and over again yes the spreadsheet it kind of goes back to the spreadsheet so on a live stream one time this was this is in 2018 I came back from South America had a live stream and I ended up getting

Hacked live on the live stream right and this is now kind of all over the news and stuff but yeah I mean it was definitely not cool but the thing is you kept your cool like you you literally people saw you live and you first you

Were not even paying attention to the light like people were commenting hey did you just notice like two million dollars just vanished out of your account you're like what does Lucy they don't pay attention right that's

Initially I just thought it was somebody trolling me yeah so I just ignored it but when I couldn't log into my spreadsheet as I was live streaming I knew something fishy was going on so I am ruptal Enda the live stream and then

Checked right and then that's when I enough said okay yeah so we need to actually did hack me see you think it had to do anything with you live streaming everything you're doing because you were on the map you were a

Target no I mean yes I was a public figure but in that live stream I think what what really triggered them to kind of do that cuz I did get some warnings earlier from some of the projects that hackers were going through investor

Networks and they thought that came into our network and we're trying to hack people in our network so they were really tracking me and other investors for a while right there then basically already hacked us and we were just

Waiting for the right time to pull the trigger so in that live stream that's the last you know I said that I would stop making everything I was doing so public I was going to kind of go more private

All right I think what's this so they're like this is their last chance they yes I think what I said that's when they pulled the trigger on that oh all right so 2.5 million dollars that's a ton of money I'm first I mean I cannot even put

Myself in your shoes because I feel like if that had happened to me I probably just freeze another like I wouldn't be even even even able to move so what what were the thoughts in your head and have you know being able to recover and what

Do you most importantly recommend to other people in the cryptocurrency industry yeah I mean so when it happened it was definitely a big kind of gut blow and she was a gut wrenching I would say my reaction to it was just sucks right I

Mean but at the end of the day right that's the I kind of have to handle the cards I was dealt right I was public I was kind of out there in myself at Target right so and people had won me about this happening

Right so I basically took responsibility for the actions I I had done right and then I also wasn't really secure with my security right there are definitely other ways for me to be more secure with storing my crypt oh right I was really

Just kind of lying for the most convenient way but now right so it is sucks because so I try to be as transparent as possible as well so I go live every Tuesday and I'm probably good make myself a target but it's just

Within my community I don't go on YouTube is with my community with my inner circle people but I share everything like they see my email address everything and I just teach I show them exactly what I'm doing and

It's not only creeps out of socks and I showed them everything and I just you want to trust because you want to be transparent and you want to trust that everybody's watching you like you want to see the good in the world until damn

Something happens or like ah I can't see the good in the world anymore so it has that changed this perspective for you at all yes yeah I mean for the last year I've kind of been more reserved I'm not so out there I have fun

With my peeps some people thank them I've kind of I guess gone missing or just not really creating content yeah I we when I found you that's been busy building right because for me the biggest thing wasn't really the money

And people find out crazy because for me I knew I had learned his skill right so I knew okay yes it hurts and sucks that I lost this money but I still have the skill with me for the rest of my life right so you can build it again over and

Over again from scratch cuz it's kind of like building a house right if you're a house builder and you've learned that skill if a hurricane comes and builds your hat and blows your house away yes that sucks but you can already build in

Your house right what would suck even more is if you lost that skill right no that's that's a great perspective I you have time on your side cuz your yacht alright class I also thought man descriptor market is

Gonna keep on going up enough enough right so cuz I admit the money's so fast I thought I could make it back again as fast right so I did end up recovering a small fraction of the money but not everything right just a small fraction

Of the money like we're still having to hit that now it feels like at the beginning was just this fast bubble that kind of burst now we're building a foundation so people who are now getting again the future for them is probably

Even bigger what do you think yeah I mean that the future is definitely huge right looking at the world you can make you can no make firm says that they project Bitcoin or rather tokenized assets the market cap to equal ten

Percent of the global GDP by 2027 that amounts to about nine trillion dollars right and then the Royal Bank of Canada's expects crypto market as a whole to become about ten trillion dollars and right now we're about at

About two hundred twenty five billion dollars so that means it's current home right now crypto still has room for over 40 X growth right s so it is definitely still lots of potential growth in crypto so that's how you keep your cool you go

Back you do your studies on now you have a new skill which is how did secure yourself so what are the things that you're working on right now you mentioned that you're building first are you still working at IBM no so I end up

Quitting my job in September 2017 an IBM one photometer crypto I've been full-time in crypto for the last two years no and it's a regret spare no best thing I ever did I mean cuz as soon as I quit

IBM and went went into crypto a lot more business opportunities came I was able to go on our crypto world tour in 2018 hosting conferences so we did 35 countries in 12 months hosting events with my community as not just 1,000

People in Moscow Russia and London and Amsterdam every continent pretty much except Antarctica so to us that was really a great way to build that Network meet our community meet our audience I ended up making even more money just

From being full time into crypto because the opportunities out there and I can take advantage of them right there right then so you're originally from Uganda and Krita is actually getting pretty huge around that area in Africa in

General how is it how it doesn't think it kind of have you actually gone back there this year for the African luncheon conference I was there last year as well and it's very very Pro crypto right because cz what finance went to Uganda

For the last Africa blockchain conference and that's what he meant to the President and that's where they said hey come into Uganda well welcome you with open arms and banners opened their first ya gateway in

Uganda do you see that as the reason why it's so popular in Uganda is because it gives the people power erected to Canton cryptocurrency gives people the power as opposed to the government or it doesn't really have to do with that Uganda I

Mean I think it's just it does give them some economic freedom right but I think kind of like most other parts of the world most people are using crypto to speculate it's for them and it's not people I met there mainly investors when

You have investors then you have those who are trying to use blockchain forget blockchain to really whether its remittances sending money abroad and kind of that's probably the the biggest

Use case right now in Africa for for blockchain right because well being from Iran myself like I see that it's interesting because the Iranian government is also kind of like playing with cryptocurrency and they ban it and

They they they say no it's cool but for the people to me that that is a power because it gives people the power kind of outside the government itself because it's more or less is permission less and where when governments can be kind of

Oppressive there can it can give people the power and that's way to me that's kind of interesting but what was I gonna ask my daughter just woke up started crying sorry I lost the track yeah so you were saying so you're now working on

Projects yes I'm taking what I was doing with a spreadsheet so at the peak of the crypto mania in January 2018 my spreadsheet was being accessed was was being viewed by over 1 million unique people or not so the demand just for the

Spreadsheet itself was was insane spreadsheet so it cannot scale so the demand was too much I ended up taking it down because I kind of saw that work ripped what's going it cannot sustain those levels of growth and I could see

That the way I SEOs were going there are eventually going to to crash which is what ended up happening so I took it down and said ok you know what let me see how I can create something that can scale to a much much wider audience to

Millions on noise of people so the last two years or so I've been planning researching and for this year building a product called cocoa metrics which is taking what I've been doing with the spreadsheet but expanding it not just

For I SEOs but providing data-driven ratings on all tokens and cryptocurrencies out there even though it's already trading live on exchanges so right now we're planning to launch that this month know if anybody goes to

Talking metrics calm Tok en m ET r ICS alright let me actually brought it up over here we're doing a limited launch to just 2,000 people so if you sign up there will send up the information and the idea is for

Us to really so we're bringing in human capital and experience so me myself from IBM and my not gonna in data that's it we've also had people from snacks JPMorgan to come in and help us research and due diligence on products from

Technical analysis to the technology and code reviews to analysis everything to really provide something that can help investors with due diligence in terms of asking hey is this project legit or not I just asked a mana so here is a

Cryptocurrency investing but you mentioned that you're mainly speculating so what is the time frame that you trade is it mainly like day trading or do you hold as well I mean so I don't trade I saw I'm over I would say my time frame

It's probably 3 – anywhere from three months to a few years okay long term investor anyway so are you taking profit right now are you just building up at the current prices I cashed out some time back so right right

Now just kind of been investing into building took your metrics but I think now is really your time to kind of start buying in I have bought some Bitcoin here and there but we're talking metrics we're trying to bring human capital and

The data and we're to taking this to the next level by bringing in machine learning so using machine learning deep machine learning and your networks not getting too technical but basically AI to help

Raid cryptocurrencies based on all the data points we have and back test it and see okay how lay how accurate is this model and can this help us make more money where do you get the data I mean so the thing is machine learning

AI are some words that some people just throw out very lightly these are like as a buzz word so how do you we were getting a little bit technical but first of all where do you get the data and how are you building the like

Are you are you partnering up with data companies and the I companies or are you building everything from scratch on your own how deep do you get with this very very deep so that's right so we we do take all that we have both qualitative

And quantitative data points so far I'm aware monetary of data points is data like from corn market cap from other api's but then the qualitative data points we have is the human capital right having our team of analysts myself

Investors from Goldman Sachs JP Morgan come in and actually go through and manually rate these products and score them on actual higher goldman sachs for this what you pay them yes yeah so we have actually people on our team the

Staff that goes through and looks at and manually scores every single cryptocurrency as well then we bring we tie those two together with the other data points from Karnataka and other api's then we ingest that into the AI

And have it learned I'm so having both the human and the AI element so I mean that for me is pretty interesting I'm gonna bring that one of your competitors because I like to trigger things so have you heard a quick briefing symmetry yes

I have yes so what do you think of those are them I'm not sure I don't think they're using machine memory not no but they are doing a lot of that they're mainly basing it on human capital and analyzing it for us kind of like my

Spaceship known for we're going to be very very transparent and actually show people how accurate our meetings are so for example for the last three months we can say I've Bitcoin 30-day price prediction models was 90 percent

Accurate for the last 30 days and 80 percent accurate for the last two months and any one person accurate for the last three months what happens if everybody uses your point that can be back and shift the

Markets yes well I mean we think would kind of solve that right so the spreadsheet I had was shifting markets but with this this is going to be right now we're doing a limited launch right that's right it is constrained

And it's also a premium product and so not everybody can use it only people with the money can come in treat here all right so to have info on Bitcoin is free but if you'd like to have info for the top 20 top 100 and even

Cryptocurrencies outside the top 100 market cap yes then there this is a premium plan so you have basically a lot of information about we can basically safe to say almost every cryptocurrency there are 2000 of them ok and so what do

You see 5 years from now 10 years from now do you still think we're gonna have 100 cryptocurrencies or do you think they're gonna vanish we're gonna have a handful of like 5 to 10 cryptocurrencies out there that are actually still

Surviving and I think will happen even more I think we'll have we're not getting any any fewer crises at the moment why why would there be more cryptic currencies because humans are very very creative and there is

Finalized to innovate and do other things kind of like in regular equities markets right right but unencrypted currency if you go but there are like 5 categories for the blockchain I understand like thirst so there's so

Many different use cases for blockchain you can go from agriculture to medicine to taxes so you can use block super almost anything but critic race is a critical is a currency that you can either use it to pay fast or you can use

It to as a store of value like Bitcoin how many more use cases for cryptocurrency can you find what do you need isn't it right I mean in terms of what I think is actually useful right definitely for you I think in the future

Kind of like now only about 1% will actually be useful but I think for the other 99% for the longtail locator to very specific niches of thanks right kind of like with credit card loyalty points right there are so many credit

Cards companies out there but there is issue in your cards for anything – or anybody with a community may want to create their own cryptocurrency just for that community so I think there always be infinite amount of cryptocurrencies

Focus purely on the longtail kind of like with websites and the Internet the internet is really what has changed the entire world because it caters on the longtail anybody in the world no matter how small your idea is you can find

Other people around the world who also like that idea right being able to connect people with a long tail and make it scale so I'm out of old is 100 top 100 you mention Bitcoin a bunch of times but what is your big cap favorite most

Favorite big cap cryptocurrency and your most favorite kind of venture capitalist up-and-coming cryptocurrency most favorite I mean so I don't really have favorite so I just go with the data I'm kind of it all right so what is what are

Your I'm trying to get the information for free out here who are your data suggests okay I mean I'm gonna see if I can excellent roll it up in terms of what we like so n / – Bitcoin is king the king is still king

Looking looking at all the data points combined right so the fundamentals the technical analysis the technology the machine learning everything combined in terms of the best French is out there obviously not financial device we like

Bitcoin if Tyrael – finance & Kosmos oh you like cosmos Oh that has not been on my list why why cosmos I mean cosmos the fundamentals are good the technology is very very very good now all these father mentioned are for

This particular point in time right this is just factors in technical analysis so these are not for a long term you're not particularly suggesting that these are the ones that you want to hold for like 10 years these are the stuff they're

Working right now well they work right now but what's the thing that work long-term however with us you take a active portfolio management management approach meaning that something can be good but you may not have to hold it

Forever right kind of like Bitcoin is a Bitcoin bitcoin is the best-cooked currency out there but it makes no sense to hold Bitcoin when he went down from $19,000 all the way down to $3,000 right our strategy is

To sell the top wait for it to bottom back down and then buy back him so do you really think that your machine learning is going to help you really score the bottom on the top absolutely absolutely

Like I mean cuz this is not news right last year in 2018 Bitcoin was down to 70% while quant funds according to PwC were up to 8% so even in a bear market quants made money the meaning that fun scripta funds that leverage machine

Learning stats algorithmic trading still made money because they're able to mitigate their risk right sure we can be perfect with timing the top and the bottom but the goal isn't to be perfect it goes to maybe be 80% right right so

Maybe you see Bitcoin coming down and G from 19,000 and you get out at 16,000 and buy by K at 6,000 that's to say to your money right so that's that's really the goal and eventually when the process of applying

To become a sec licensed investment advisor so once that happens we can really help people and give them better advice and turn this into a global advisor so something like a vanguard like a better mentor wealthfront and

Really do the trading and portfolio management for people ourselves on the platform so that's something we're actively working towards becoming so John McAfee is famous for saying that mathematically his mathematical system

Suggests that bitcoin is gain to 1 million by the end of 2020 does your mathematical and the AI machines suggest the same thing we're now predicting out to 2023 only thanks for a month anything is possible

I think it's possible but yeah Armada has not predicted that far yet but maybe you down the road and while I have you here because a lot of my ideas are super Cardona fans what do you think of them feel free to trash them if you want to

We don't there's not like I'm affiliated or anything is in our top 10 right now in this particular point in time in terms of cryptocurrencies the fundamentals all right they could be better but it's

It's better than most the technology is definitely a solid we think right compute in terms of all the cryptocurrencies we've looked at in the top 100 candana has the fourth best technology score all right I'm glad to

Hear that because I'm actually a card I'm a fan okay that was super awesome thank you so much for taking the time I know you're super busy like launching something brand new entrepreneurs it's super cotton time-consuming

I appreciate your transparency I appreciate you being here and helping the community and helping our community really learn oh but more just a tiny bit more even if it was even even if it's helped 10 people I would really that

Would be success for me and I'm sure though he success for you as well because we're here to really encourage the community to get involved and learn more and make money at the end of the day and have better lives so thank you

So much again for joining you guys watching at home go to tokens metric Stockmann and gets us press but you know when the product is launched it sounds super exciting and I'm actually gonna subscribe right now as well so I know

What's up as well again thank you so much Ian you guys watching at home I'll see you the next theme on the block

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