I Went To Tampa With No Clothes • The Empty Suitcase Show

published on July 2, 2020

– It's my two favorite
things, yellow and knowledge

( cheering)

– No black

– I'm a nickel

Good night
– Good night


– It's every plus sized persons nightmare

You travel to a fabulous location,

but your suitcase gets lost along the way

"Oh, just go buy new clothes,"

your thinner friends might say

Because they don't know that
if you're above a certain size

your chances of finding
a certain size are small

Well I'm about to turn the
nightmare into a dream come true

I'm gonna visit eight cities

with just the clothes I'm wearing

Then I'm going to try to find a day look

and a night look to explore the city,

will I be too nude to leave the hotel?

(elephant honking)

It's the Empty Suitcase show
and we're about to find out

(techno music)

– Freddie guess what time it is?

– Is it time for the next ep?


– We're going to Tampa, Freddie

– Tampa

– I know you've always wanted to go

– Frampa

– I know it's been on your list forever

– Krampa


– You ready to go?

– Let's do it
– Let's do it

(upbeat music)

Oh it's soup

Welcome to Soup Town

Oh, it's so hot

Michael, I hate this

I picked the right outfit
– You did

– But can we go back inside now?

– [Mike] Eventually!

So Kristin what happened
when you got out of the car?

– Glasses fogged up

– [Mike] Oooh, too steamy!

Wait, this is really funny

– I don't know what's happening

– It is humid

– Yeah

(tiki music)

– [Mike] Good morning, Kristin

– Good morning

We are in my suite

– [Mike] It has a little
kitchen situation

– Whoa kitchen

And we have the bedroom

– [Mike] Wow!

– It actually has a cute
little view of Tampa

– [Mike] Oh hello

– We have a barn door

– [Mike] Oh

Open up

– She's a cow


We're here at the Epicurean
Hotel here in Tampa

Just like Devin joined me

for a couple episodes of Empty Suitcase

Fred is also joining me
for a couple of episodes

and then Jenn will be
joining me for the last four

– I'm back
– You're back

I know you're back to wreak
havoc on this entire process

– Woo!

– How hard do you think it is

to plus size shop here in Tampa?

– I actually, okay, I think I'm
also optimistic about Tampa

– Well, to give you an
idea about how difficult it

is to plus size shop here,

let me hit you up with a

We looked at five popular
shopping centers here in Tampa

and we counted 169 stores
that sell women's clothing

How many of those 169 stores
do you think sells my size?

Which is a size 20

– Oh my goodness, this is a big number

Let's say 58

– 58?

– Yeah

– The number is 14

Two of those shopping centers have zero

– So this is worse

– Yeah it's way worse

This is one of the

that feels a little bit
more perilous to me

– Yeah

– So, we'll see

The store we are going to
today is, Curv Exchange

– Cute

– A little chain of stores
here in the Tampa Bay area

Just like the other stores,

we're going to see how much of an outfit

I can assemble without
having to supplement

at other big box stores here in the area

I need to be able to find a day look

for some fun in the sun

– What type of fun in the sun?

– Well, we'll find out
later in the episode

And a night look for a
nice dinner on the town

– Love it!

– I feel like this is the day activity

you've been dreaming of styling me for

Not that you're gonna
be doing the styling

But I feel like you're
gonna be doing the styling

The point of the show is not
for Freddie to do the styling,

it's just that Freddie
insists on doing the styling

– I do, wait I didn't know that

– No
– Oops


– I just let you do it
because you seem so happy

– Oh

– All right, ready to go shopping?

– Let's do it!

– Yay!
– Woo!

(upbeat music)

– Hi!

– Welcome to Curv

– Thank you for having us
– Hello

– I'm Angela

I'm the Regional Manager of Curv Exchange

– And I'm Cait

I'm one of the Managers at
the Down Mayberry Location

– Curv Exchange is an award winning,

plus size resale boutique
with five locations

in the greater Tampa Bay area

We want curvy women to feel like

they are in an upscale boutique

We are owned by one woman with a dream

– All right Well we have a dream today

We're trying to find two looks

One that is for an activity
that is going to be outside

You probably can guess where outside

– Couldn't guess at all
with Tampa Bay area

– In a swamp

– Obviously

– With the alligators
– Yes

– And then for our night activity,

we'll be at a fun restaurant


– My goal for Kristin,
especially in this city,

is to just skin

Skin, skin, skin

– That's the Florida style

A few clothing items as possible
until it hits 70 degrees

and then just bundle up

– All right, well I think
it's time to go shopping

– Let's shop

– This is Fred's favorite part

(upbeat music)

Fred's looking for stuff,
I'm looking for stuff,

because this is a gigantic store,

and we would be here until Friday

– I feel like you could never
go wrong with just a cute

distressed pair of denim shorts

– She's coming with me!

– This situation

So this is cute, so skin

– I love her

Ready to start our journey?

– Let's do it, what did you pick?

– Let's learn some lessons

– All right

– This is something I
would wear right now

– It's very cute but yes, very you

– I know Freddie doesn't like
me to wear things that are me

because apparently she
doesn't respect my identity

– No, I love it

– As a predictable person

– What's on here?

Just like different types of
flowers and the names of them

– It's my two favorite
things: yellow and knowledge

– I love this

– I've never been a big sleeve like this

– I love this big sleeve

– You love an exaggerated sleeve

It is Halloween so

– Let's lean in

– Yes, let's lean into bats


It won't be Halloween
when you're seeing this,

it will be Christmas

Let's talk about this thing

It surprises me that you
would pick something this,

because it's something I would wear

– I know This is
something that you'd wear

– I like to be like, "What about a dress",

and you're like, "What about a soda can"

– Yeah

– Unfolded and taped over your boobs

– I think I'm another reason
I might like this so much,

is because I don't think
you wear black much

– I know, I normally
don't like to wear black

– Let's unpack that, why?

– I think that for a lot of fat women,

black is a color that
they are told to wear,

because it's slimming

Everyone's kinda like,

"You should wear black more because like,

"you'll hide into the night"

Even though it's not
really a thing anymore,

it's still in my mind and I'm like

– No black

– Okay That makes sense

I would like you to try
– I mean, okay


– I love this dress

– Okay, I like it too

We agree!
– We agree!

– Why do we feel about this?

– I own a lot of things like it so,

I'd be inclined to say yes

I feel like that's the same thing

that would make you say no

– No

– Well now I want it


So, we need to look at bathing suits

for my big date with the swamp

I think this is really cute

Normally, I'm disinclined
to wear vertical stripes

for the same reason I
don't like to wear black

I also like the little tied up moment

because this can be
like, this is for church

– Yeah

– And this is for after school

– Oh!

I want to see you in vertical stripes

– Yeah

– The show is about pushing
yourself, into Freddie's arms

Accept me

– I'm loving this bottom

– Ooh!
– I love that

– That is tiny

– Oooh!

Love to see it

– I feel like there is the
allowable zone for belly on me

and then there's like,

getting a little bit too far field

– We'll see how it looks
and how you feel in it

– Okay

– But we will try it

– I like this too


Okay, then I guess I
won't be trying this on

All right, fine, fine, fine, fine, fine

I'm just gonna keep it
anyway, I don't care

Is this a bathing suit
or is this just lingerie?

– I think it's just negligee,
but let's talk about it

– Maybe, I can put like a
bikini bottom with that

– Oooh

– Anything is a bathing
suit if you're already wet

Should we move onto something else since

those are apparently all
the swimsuits that you like?

– Yes
– Okay

I love this thing, it's beautiful

It isn't a traditional cover up

– Gorgeous
– I know

The only time I want a bird on my shoulder

because of poop

I also pulled this

I feel like I could cut it down the middle

and turn it into a little bit of a robe

– I love that

– I did good!

– A lot of times, my
cover ups are just pants

– Then what do you put
over the top of you?

– It's just your swim suit

– Yeah but then it's just
wet suit, water crotch


Which is the name of my next novel

What about maybe a skirt

Because that might take away

the damp crotch problem

– Yeah, let's try This is cute

I love the color

This could be an option if we
just cut this little bit out

Because I wanna see your booty

– Well, you're also going
to see my crotch too

– Good

– I pulled this while
you were in the bathroom

– Yeah, what is this situation?

– So this is a high-low skirt

– This could be super cute

– Yeah, I think also this
could be a coverup too?

– Yes

You also pulled these

– I feel like you're very proud of me

but you're not telling me

– Yes, I am very proud of you

– Okay, thank you I love complements

– I love these shorts

– I want to talk about this skirt too

Which is also a fun find

She's a-symmetric, nope

She's A-symmetrical

– I love a jean skirt

I love some rips I love some holes

I love some–


(snickering loudly)

(laughing loudly)

So I like this

But I would tie it up

– I like the idea of tying this up

– Do you? 'Cause it kinda
seems like maybe you don't

– Upon first looking at it,

it definitely feels a
little bit like Grandma


– It has pineapples on it

– Tying it up could be super cute?

– Does your Grandma like pineapples?

Yeah, absolutely
– Yeah

– All Grandmas love pineapple

I also got these shorts

What I was thinking about is,

they might be cute with


– I would love to see
this for night I think

With a heel

– Unfortunately I've come down with

a case of being very old

In my old age, I've stopped wearing heels

I love arch support
– Yeah

– I also like this

I think it's really cute

Wow, okay And then it goes back

– Okay

– What

This is the in real life equivalent

of seeing the dot, dot, dot

You're like,

"Oh, I'm about to be dumped over text"

– I don't love this

That's it

– I'm trying it on anyway

Would you ever wear this?

No, we don't talk about this

– I do want to talk about this

– (groaning) Oh, I thought
we were going to not do that


You like this a lot and
I don't get it at all

I'm sorry
– I love this

– I'm sorry, I just don't

I just don't get it

This is like Batmans Mom


It's time to go try stuff on

– Let's do it My favorite part

– My least favorite part Yeah

Can I come out?

– Come out

Love, love, love

Swimsuit obsessed

– Really?
– Yes

I love love love this like
burnt orange color on you

– I don't own anything in this color

– No, I've never

I haven't seen you wear
anything like this

– I just, I don't want to evoke
too many pumpkin metaphors

So I generally stay away from
autumnal gord like colors

♪ It's another yellow
dress for my collection ♪

Gotta catch them all
– This is gorgeous

– Thank you

– Me and you are both shorties right?

The fact that this fits you both up here

and down here, it's a miracle

– Yeah, it's both horizontally

and vertically maximized for my pleasure

– Yes

This isn't the one

– Why is it not the one?

– Because it's not really pushing you

outside of your comfort zone

– But Daddy, I love him

Mom's writing a novel

– I love how you got creative
and put two pieces together

And made it work

I do love seeing you in
brighter colors though

– Oh my gosh, after all this

about how I never wearing black

– I know, I know
– How I gotta work through it

Okay, I'll try more things on

– Wanna see more, wanna see more


– I just want to show you
the shirt and how cute it is

even though I know you're
going to reject her

– I like this shirt

I think I just don't know
what the shirt is for

– It's for wearing on my body Freddie

It's for covering up my body

It took me 10 minutes to
figure out which way was front

– First of all, love the swimsuit

Love the skirt

– (gasping) You like both of the things?

– [Fred] I love both of the things

– Are we done?
– No

I'm ready

– I'm ready too

To prove you wrong!

– Okay, yes, this shirt
looks good tied up

– It does
– I like it a lot

Love the shorts too
– Yeah, they fit really good

They're a cute color
– Yeah

How do you feel in it?
– I feel great

But that's because I know I'm right

Good Bye

Ka kaw

Okay, this is really cute

It's a little tight
– Okay

– But you were right, it is cute

Please clap for Freddie

– Oh the sleeves

– I know you can hide in there

Good night
– Good night

Oh my gosh, oo that's perfect

– I'm a nickel

– I think this is a great
option for night to be honest

– To be fair, you love nickles

– Do I?
– No


The more I wear it,
the more I get used it

It just, it feels almost like
something I would have worn

like three years ago and not now

And so I'm a little bit like,

is this who I am today?

Me three years ago would
have worn this with flats

And that's it

Maybe me now is a little bit more

– Elevated?
– Yes!

What ever this means

I'm a nickel with a college degree

– I would love to see some fun

– Accessories?

– Not even accessories

You know, I want to see you
with a slick back ponytail

I know you like your hair down

I know you like your hair down

– Here's what happens
when I wear a ponytail

– Okay but you're making
your face do a thing

that it would not have to do

– The face comes with the hair Fred

It's not very low cut
– No it's not

And that's probably why I
want you to do a ponytail

Just to get some of the
– Some of the head

– Some of the hair out the way

– Yeah, I want to see your face

I just want to see your face
– Okay! (laughing)


All right, all right, all right

I'll think about it
– Okay, think about it

Just, you know, an option

– We're done shopping!


This is the most this season

I've been able to assemble in one store

– Fantastic

– Go team Curv
– Wooh!

– Thanks guys

– [Curv Staff] Thank you

– Bye!
– You've done so much

– Bye!

(upbeat music)

Good morning, it's time for day activity

It's hot

I can't believe I'm even
wearing this robe for this shot

Had I my druthers, I would be naked

– [Mike] Take it off
– No

(upbeat music)

– Let me see your outfit girl

– Hello!

– You look so cute!
– Hi!

– Oh my gosh

– I am super excited to announce

that this is the first
outfit of this season,

that I got entirely at the
thrift store we were shopping at

– [Fred] One and done

– Every single thing in this
outfit came from Curv exchange

The shirt

This bathingsuit

The shorts

The shoes

The bag

The sunglasses

All of it All of it

So exciting

So happy that you can celebrate with me

Are you ready for our day activity?

– I'm so ready

– We are here at Caddy's
beach bar on Treasure Island

And we are going to be having
some drinks and some eats,

right on the water

– This is my favorite vacation activity

– Yes, same
– Let's do it girl

– Let's go!

(upbeat music)

– (together) Cheers

– It is so hot outside

Oh wow, it's delicious

That's problematically delicious

– [Mike] Oh, hello (laughing)

(waves roaring)

How's it feel Kristin?

– Ah, it feels so much better

I was so hot

No, no no!


No, no, no, no!

– [Mike] Your drink is intact right?

– I'm the statue of liberty
of having a good time!


– We're done at Caddy's

– Time to head back

For our nighttime activity

Gotta wash the salt out of my bits

– Yep, yep
– Let's go

(Soft music)

– Hi Kristin

– [Kristin] I'm filming you

because I am about to start getting ready

But I've already done my hair

and I don't want to show anyone

– Kelsey Perez
– Kelsa Preze

(soft music)

– Come on in girlfriend

– Hello!
(fan faire music)

– I love love love love

– Hi!

You were like, you should
do a slick backed hair

And I was like, no

And then you were like, you
should do a slick backed hair

And I was like, no but again

And then I was like,

fine, I guess I'll do it

It actually looks pretty good

– It looks so good
I love your little clips

Your cute earrings
– Thank you

– Everything just like works

– I got this dress, these shoes

and this bag from Curv exchange

And I just had to get these
two little things from Target

Thank you for forcing me to do this

Plus it means my hair is
not going to get in my food

– Do you feel cute, you feel sexy?

How do you feel?

– I feel good I feel pulled together

I feel very polished
– Good

– You ready for our night activity?

– Yes, where are we going?

– We're going to go do a
tasting menu at Il Ritorno

– [Fred] Oh? We're doing a tasting menu?

– [Kristin] I love doing tasting menus

– I think this might be my
first time I've ever done that

– It's like dating a bunch of food

(upbeat music)

– Hello!
– Hello, welcome guys

I'm Chef David Welcome to Il Ritorno

I've got a great menu planned

All you guys have to do
is sit back and relax

– I love it, so ready

– Let's do it!

To making everyone see
my beautiful potato face

– I love your face

– I love potatoes too

– Cheers lady
– Cheers

(upbeat jazz music)

– Wow
– It has a cheese hat

– It does have a cheese hat

– Oh look at that steam

I'm a witch

– I'm a witch

– Yes, yes, yes
Wow, wow, wow

It's like eyeshadow for
your mac and cheese

It really brings out that smokey eye

– Oh my gosh

– Wow

– She's delicate, yet she's earthy

You're like Courtney Love in the 90s


– It's really light,

but so potent

– You know those Listerine
strips you put on your tongue

And then some how your
whole mouth tastes clean?

It's like that

But for flavor
– Yes

– Much more expensive

I was going to ask if this
was vegetable or frosting

Turns out both

– Oh, I thought it was potaters


– Whoa

♪ Meep meep meep meep ♪

– It's good

– I don't even know what to
say but it's really good

– It's like a little Brussels
sprouts situation happening

– It's so cute

– Brussels sprouts did
a verse on this dish

– [Fred] Mike, what have
you been staring at?

– I love being able to see your face

I've known you for four years?
– Yeah

– I've never seen you
have your hair like this

– [Kristin] Do my hair back?

(upbeat music)

– What do you think?

'Cause you're a big fruit dessert person

– I am
– I'm not

– It is everything I could
have ever dreamed of

Oh, this is so good

– Yeah, the burnt part


Is burnt Is good

Nom nom, eat 'em up


We did it!
– We did it

– We did it
– Wow

– You got what you wanted with my hair

– I got what I wanted

That's really the whole
point of me being here


– [Kristin] I was able to put together

most of those two
outfits at Curv Exchange

– [Fred] Huge accomplishment

– Really big
– Love it

– Really exciting

Really hope we can do that
for at least one more store

– I think so

Let's put it into the universe

– Not putting together
full outfits at the store

is really hard on me later on

So we always want that

– Did you feel hot?

– I feeled hawt, I know

Normally I'm not like
(squelching) with my hair

But you made me
– Good

– I would like to give a big thank you

to the Epicurean Hotel, Curv Exchange,

Caddy's and Il Ritorno

Thank you so much for having us

This is Freds last city

– This is sad
– I know

– This has been like so much fun

– I'm so glad! I was so worried

– Oh my gosh

I'm also really sad that I'm
not going to be to force myself

in some really cool secret new cities

That I'm not going to tell you guys

– Oh, okay

The person who will be joining me

for those four cities is of course,

– Beautiful Jen
– Miss beautiful Jen


– So get ready for that

That's going to be really hard to edit


(upbeat music)

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