I Was Wrong About the iPad Pro!

by birtanpublished on August 29, 2020

What's up guys suck you're on super staff TV and today we're gonna be talking about the iPad pro a lot of you guys will know that I've had this pretty much since launch this is me twelve point nine inch version and you may have seen my unboxing and other coverage that

I did with this but you may have also noticed that I didn't post a full review now there was a few reasons for that the main one being was that I didn't find myself using the iPad pro as much like oh I would so yes I'd use that a few

Times a week to consume media or watch movies videos on YouTube general browsing and also sketching occasionally with the Apple pencil which I really like but whenever I want to do anything serious I kept finding myself going back

To my laptop or desktop machine and a lot of that was down to the limitations of iOS 12 it kept feeling to me like the iPad just had a stretched out version of the iPhone and honestly speaking I didn't really expect much to change so I

Was working on my six month later review and then we had about iPad OS and that did solve a lot of my frustrations that I had with the iPad pro and now after installing the public beta I find myself using it a lot more in this video I'm

Gonna be covering a lot of what I know like about the iPad how I use it day to day and what I still think needs to be improved so firstly I love that now we have icons much more closer together

It's utilizing that bigger display so much more when you are in landscape mode you can have widgets on here permanently so you can have a quick glance at information previously the app icons were so far spread out it just seemed

Like such a waste of space I still wish that I could customize icons and have them not to part of this grid just because I generally like to have a few things placed was the bottom and maybe the widgets along the top but that's

Just minor it's such a big improvement being able to utilize that space so much more I also really liked the updated multitasking so being able to use two instances of the same app together that's so useful if I want to compare

Some notes between two different documents for example I can do that with ease I really do like that and of course the files app so when Apple initially announced that we can have USB type-c on

The iPad pro everybody was super excited if you recall seeing my reactions video after the iPad pro events pretty much every youtuber was very excited about USB type-c but then when we actually started using it and seeing how

Restrictive the files app was was definitely quite disappointing however now with iPad OS I can plug in a Samsung t5 Drive I can plug in my SD card and I can fully utilize the files app which is so so much more intuitive and useful yes

A lot of these things are what we should have had straight away from the get-go but of course we didn't have those and I wasn't sure if we were gonna get these things but we now have them and it makes the iPad pro so much more useful another

Thing that I really really like is the desktop class affari browser this makes my life so much easier whenever using a mobile web browser you have to keep switching back to desktop view and even that is not always the

Best and now that we've got a very good desktop class browser it just makes this so much easier to use and utilize that big big display now I'm still getting used to a lot of the new gestures one of the ones that I do like but I think

Still needs a little bit work or more practice on my site is copy and paste you can use three fingers to kind of pick something up to copy and push down to paste on when it works it's really good it works better when you've got

More text but for instance when I've got a small piece of text sometimes I found myself you know accidentally pinching out rather than actually copying that's probably more on my side I need to kind of work more on that but it's definitely

Quite intuitive and we also have the smaller keyboard which you can just pinch and then type just with one hand it's more similar to a size that you've got an iPhone now personally speaking I do use the keyboard folio a lot more

That's just something that I find a lot more easy to use especially if I'm say on a train or something and I'm going through lots of emails and I'm gonna be doing a lot of typing I do prefer having a physical keyboard and if you don't get

The keyboard folio case there's lots of other ones out there but so personally speaking I would definitely recommend if you are somebody who does lots of typing I write lots of scripts when I want to go I do lots of

Emails then having a physical keyboard definitely makes a difference rather than the digital one right so those were some of the main improvements that really made me use the iPad pro a lot more but there was already lots that I

Did like about this firstly starting with this beautiful display I mean it's so so good it's sharp its vibrant the viewing angles are good and 120 Hertz refresh it's so so smooth I absolutely love it and the bezels now

That there were a lot of smaller it means that you can have this pretty large display in a very compact form factor now I've seen a few people still say this online that oh why aren't the bezels like the iPhone super small well

These are the smallest bezels that you could possibly have on a tablet and that's because unlike a smartphone which you hold around the sides a tablet you are going to need somewhere to kind of place your thumbs now speaking of the

Design I really do like this it's very very compact it's so lightweight which means I can just throw this in my bag and not have to worry about it weighing me down and if I'm gonna be taking this instead of a laptop which usually is

Around 2 kg Plus this is so much easier to carry around and it fits better in so many more places the build is very premium on solid we've got metal all around I personally put on ad brown-skinned because I like having a

Little bit more grip on the iPad also gives it a bit more protection on the back if you want to pick one of these up then I'll be leaving a link to our channel sponsor debrand in the description below and I have seen a few

People kind of talk about the durability and if it's gonna bend or anything like that now I do understand the concern because you've got such a large and thin device here but mine has been absolutely fine I

Generally do have my keyboard folio case on this when I'm traveling but I just kind of throw this into my bag sometimes when I'm on a plane it's inside the compartment at the front with all the magazines sometimes it's like kind of

Stuck in the side of my seat I've gone to sleep it's been absolutely fine I have no problems in terms of durability I don't think generally most people will have any problems in terms of this bending or anything like that now let's

Talk about the performance one thing from the get-go that I have to say on the iPad pro is that performance has been on point this thing is so so fast and smooth now I am NOT a gamer by any means and I don't generally

Game on my iPad a pro I don't generally game at all but whenever I have gamed on the iPad Pro and whenever any of my friends have game on the iPad Pro they've absolutely loved it performance is top-notch and that

Performance also translates in to apps I use a Lightroom a lot to edit images and I've got some very large RAW files which I'm bringing in a little time and performance has been absolutely fine now a lot of other creators have been doing

Video editing I've tried a bit of video editing on here I've got Adobe Rush on here but I only tend to use that when I am doing a short video for social for example for Twitter or Instagram I've not really found myself using the iPad

Pro to edit a full YouTube video that's just something that I find better and more comfortable on a proper laptop or desktop that has a full fledged version of something like Final Cut Pro or Adobe Premiere Pro I just prefer that full set

Up I don't really want to kind of compromise or learn something new just for using that on an iPad so video editing I still do on the desktop but I'm sure if you are somebody who wants to do some video I think there's lots of

Videos out there and I think this is very very capable of doing that now let's talk about one of my biggest problems with the iPad pro and that is around Photoshop so when the announcement of the iPad pro was there

They had this big demonstration of Photoshop and I'm somebody who uses Photoshop every single day you guys may see from my thumbnails and on my Instagram I'm always doing lots of creative things and I also use a Wacom

Bamboo tablet so that is a pen stylus and that just gives me so much more precision so the combination of having Adobe Photoshop full-fledged Doby Photoshop on the iPad pro with this massive beautiful display and the Apple

Pencil was a dream come true for me I was like this is amazing then I waited for a few months and we had nothing and I waited for a few more months and we still had nothing and it's roughly been around nine months since the official

Launch of the iPad pro and the announcement of having Adobe Photoshop on the iPad pro and we still don't have anything there was a sort of beta sign up a couple of months ago I believe but we still don't have a set date of

When we're gonna be getting Adobe Photoshop on the iPad Pro and that's something that's just taking way too long Apple Adobe please I don't know what the problems are please sort them out and

Bring us Adobe Photoshop on the iPad pro once that happens then I will definitely be using this a lot more that's because if I am on the go and I want to edit a thumbnail or do some more heavy edits on an image then I can do that all here on

The iPad pearl without having to go on a laptop I go to London often so I'm there usually at least once or maybe twice a week because I'm based in Leicester and before I'd have to take a laptop with me in my back now I just put this in there

And it's so much lighter and so much more convenient to have something like the iPad pro which I can then just pull out on the train get three emails do a few of these things but if I had Adobe Photoshop on here then I'd be using it a

Lot more and I'd pretty much only need to go back on to my desktop machine if I was doing proper full-on video editing now hopefully Adobe Photoshop is something that we will be getting soon but you do have sidecar now so this is a

New feature that's been introduced with iOS 13 and Mac OS catallena and this is where you're gonna be able to use your iPad pro as a second display and you will have control full-fledged desktop apps using your iPad pro so that

Includes Final Cut Pro that includes Adobe Photoshop but of course you're limited to being within the area of your Mac now I personally haven't installed Mac OS Catalina just because I don't like putting on a beta on something that

I have to rely on so I do use my MacBook Pro a lot so I'll be installing that when the official final version is out and I'll be testing out sidecar a lot more but that will open up a lot more possibilities for people who want to get

A lot more out of their iPad Pro and who are in the Apple ecosystem now just touching on a few more points before we conclude there are still some apps which I find frustrating like for instance Instagram which is still a mobile app

That's being completely stretched and looks absolutely terrible on here that's instagrams fault that's not apples fault Instagram please make an iPad app Twitter's pretty decent but once again I do think there's a lot of wasted space

Towards the side I think you could you a lot better now these are generally some minor things battery life on the iPad pro has also been absolutely awesome it gets me through the day apps we find and the other thing that I

Really like is now that we've got USB type-c I can just have a power bank and top this up unlike if I was using a laptop then I would need to find a power outlet with this I can just have a large power bank with me and I can charge this

Up whenever I need and that's definitely a big big positive so guys that is the iPad pro now that we've got I pad OS instead of using this a few times a week which I was doing before I am now using this pretty much every single day and

Once we do have some more improvements and once we have Photoshop and I think I'll be using this even more I think that's what the iPad pro was supposed to be about it was supposed to be a computer replacement for a lot of people

Not a stretched-out iPhone and I think iPad OS really puts it towards that yes there's gonna be things that gonna be improving with time and of course this is the beta version so there are still a few bugs and things which will be ironed

Out but now I can definitely say that this has become part of my workflow process and it's something that I use a lot more who is this for if you're somebody like me who does do video editing and needs a desktop for that but

For pretty much everything else this will be a very very good addition if you're somebody who doesn't do anything like video editing or just as some like video editing that you can do on here using something like that Dobby rush

Then I think the iPad pro may just be a complete replacement for you especially if you're a creative I'd want to use the Apple pencil once you've got Photoshop if you're a photographer then again you don't necessarily need a full fledge

Laptop or desktop I think you're gonna be able to do a lot of what you need to do using the iPad pro that's what I think of the iPad pro what do you guys think definitely drop me a comment below and let me know your thoughts I hope you

Enjoyed this video and found equal if you did and do it that thumbs up fun for me and if you have already then be sure to subscribe hit that Bell icon so you don't miss any further coverage thanks for watching this app on superstar TV

I'll see you next time yo you just you just use made it part of my iPad pro video

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