I used a $2,500 SuperPhone – This is what happened.

by birtanpublished on August 15, 2020

Last week a package came through the door the most valuable smartphone to ever enter this room and I wanted to show you what it's like to live with let's just say it didn't go to plan the first thing I did of course was unbox it so inside this heavy-duty

Cardboard is the retail packaging of the device it's premium as you'd have guessed for close to $2,500 this is wall-e is absolutely jacked China only super phone the huawei mate 30 RS and whilst I was excited to just

Rip it out the packaging whack it on charge and start using it because this is a special edition device it does come with a few extra bits and pieces there's a limited edition black version of their 40 watt super charger we've got a USBC

Cable to charge the phone but what you might not have seen before is a second USBC cable the reason for this is that as well as the standard mains charger you also get Huawei's new car charger which also supports superfast 40 watt

Charging now I realize car chargers on the most exciting thing on the market but this might just be the highest spec offering out there there's a second port to charge a second phone and an LED ring around it to keep it visible there's a

Pair of earphones nothing crazy this is like always answer to Apple's ear pods and a box which contains the rather unusual porsche design smart phone case and below this a second packet with the sim ejector tool and a couple of manuals

If you needed them you probably remember the while we make 30 Pro well the mate 30 RS starts with this as a base but B sit up dramatically 8 gigabytes of RAM becomes 12 and 256 gigs of storage becomes 512 with room

For an external card it uses better materials and an even faster chipset but I'll get to this not to mention the phones have had a fair few updates since launch to improve their features so what I wanted to do was put my sim card in

And live with the device to see if it felt any different okay 23rd of December the day before Christmas Eve I had three things I wanted to do and whilst I do them we can keep track of battery life with the indicator at the bottom buy

Presents find the best possible rooftop for an ultra wide shot and test the power of the phone with some games so on the way to the shops one of the very first things I noticed is that people can't stop looking at this phone I was

Just walking around filming what was in front of me and I definitely felt an above-average amount of eyes on this thing 4k video is still capped at 30 frames per second but I was happy with the stabilization all this attention is

Probably because like it or not this is unconventional as far as smartphone design goes it uses primarily leather on the back with a glass window in the middle I've used a fair few car branded smartphones now and this is probably my

Favorite from the outside we've actually made it thicker than the standard made 30 pro but because the camera module has changed from being one small protrusion to cleaner this whole window in the middle it is a bit more stable when it's

On a flat surface there is also a custom software skin and wallpapers I like the base colors but don't really like the clash with the colours of the normal icons and the rest of the UI it was around 1:30 when I arrived at the

Shopping centre and I was recording this with a feature called dual view which lets you record at two different magnifications at the same time now I was taking screenshots throughout the day to keep track of the battery and

Notice there's no volume slider here which means easiest way of doing this is by double tapping with your knuckle it is wildly unconventional but it works shopping I wanted to get one main thing as a present and in my mind I was

Picturing some sort of house ornament so we found a good shop for this and used it as an excuse to test the phone's video capability in a medium well-lit environment I stumbled into the lighting section and

Instantly decided that this is where I'd find something so after about 20 minutes lots of back-and-forth I made a decision so you've ended up going with this one it's a dimmable lamp so every time you tap the base lights up brighter I like

It and then like any sensible person who'd just bought a Christmas gift I tried throwing it like the huawei mate 30 probe the made 30 RS has the option to record at 7600 80 frames per second

Slow motion it's so slow that even fast moving objects can appear to stop in their tracks I've actually heard some people say it's too slow but you can always record at a more normal frame rate if you want to do

All right so we just finished shopping the Sun is setting it looks beautiful right now and just when we go to that rooftop to get a massive you across Nottingham he's found a bit of a market so we're gonna head there and see what

We find this is where things went wrong it actually started great the place was jammed with people and I got some great shots using each of the phones different zoom magnifications plus after giving it half an hour this became the perfect

Place to test the phone's video capabilities in low-light and to get one thing Claire no other smartphone does it better the footage was clean well exposed with great-looking background blur which of course in a Christmas

Market with all these tiny light sources around was a treat to look at even got a few portrait mode shots and I remembered a few of the things I liked about this standard mate 30 Pro that are also here an automatic step counter on your lock

Screen and auto rotation that rotates not based on the orientation of your phone but the orientation of your eyes which is just better for example if I rotate my phone but my head stays straight the content will rotate because

I'm looking at it from a different angle but if I rotated my phone and my head let's say I was lying down in bed at night then the content wouldn't rotate because I'd be looking at it straight on but then you might not know I have a

Younger sister and I was out here with her and whilst she was getting some shots of the market she left her phone on an ledge you can probably see where this is going I carried on looking around the market she followed and

That's the last time when we saw it even though we realized 15 seconds later the had been stolen so bit of a spanner in the works so I spent the next half an hour of changing her account passwords and making calls to get the device

Logged a massive shame but we had to carry on finish the video we had a rooftop to get to and finding warm wasn't as easy as I'd expected the initial plan was to go to a hotel take a lift to the top floor and then find a

Nice window to look out off but what I ended up using was a helter-skelter or for those of you who don't know a theme park right I got permission to walk to the top and it would be very tough to complain about the view from there in

Both video and the subsequent photos I took afterwards the may 30 RS smashed it and I also tried three times zoom and five times oom whilst using night mode just before I headed back home to do some gaming I tried two things a side by

Side video comparison with the Samsung Galaxy fold as you can see here and I found a spot to give traffic trails mode ago if you have a tripod you can stick the fern on it and make it only pick up the lights of passing cars

Anyways on the way back we're at 39 percent battery after about five and a half hours of heavy screen on usage so far also worth noting is that I've had the phone as a Wi-Fi hotspot for an hour and a half of this time so I got home I

Hit download on a few games that I wanted to try and whilst I was doing this I had a thought in 2018 with wawas limited edition porsche design mate RS porsche refused to add a notch on to their phone even though is based on the

P20 pro which had one and now i thought about it it seems like with the mate 30 RS porsche has allowed the knotch but they've clearly designed wallpapers to try and mask it anyways just before games the other thing I was really

Curious about and decided to try was a benchmark this special edition phone uses the curing at 995 G chip which is actually built on a better manufacturing process than the standard 990 and so in theory it should be faster in practice

It came out like 8000 points higher and that's factoring in the extra four gigabytes of RAM I would say that difference would have been significant a few years ago but nowadays with the incredible numbers that modern flagships

Are achieving it's negligible so gaming was about what you'd expect a reasonably smooth gameplay on basically any title you try I spent about an hour on Call of Duty mobile and then so the evening just using the phone

Passively on social media checking the photos I've taken that day and watching a few videos I mentioned earlier that the phone has no volume slider and Huawei has a very interesting answer to that you double tap on the curved edges

And then slide to change volume I'd say I prefer the feel of having a physical button but this does have the perk of working on both left and right hand sides anyways the day came to an end at around 11:30 p.m.

Having had around seven and a half hours of screen on time and having used 86% battery so to sum up the wall I made thirty Rs has been fun to use I'd say it's different enough physically to have been a refreshing unboxing and

First impressions experience but at its core software wise it's pretty alike what you'd get from the much more affordable huawei mate 30 pro it's not a value handset none of these car branded limited-edition phones are but I can say

It delivers on what it promised thanks for watching my name is Aaron that this is mister who's the boss I'll catch you in the next one

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