I Upgraded The DoubleTree Chocolate Chip Cookie • Tasty

published on July 2, 2020

– These cookies are a problem

Do they put these cookies in hotels?

They wouldn't be able to kick them out,

be like, girl,


it's check out time

Hey Tasty fam, my name is Kiano,

I'm the founder and editor of Jikoni

And today I'll try to upgrade the famous

DoubleTree Hotel chocolate chip cookie

For those who haven't heard,

the Hilton has recently
released their cookie recipe

Now there's some mixed reviews about it

Some really, really good,

and others, not so much

It's all okay

There's always room for improvement

And that's what we're focusing on today

Self improvement

But like, for a cookie

(upbeat music)

So I have the recipe written down

I'm gonna make it exactly
as it's written down,

give it a try,

and then see where there's
room for improvement

So first things first,

my butter is at room temperature,

so it can whip nice and fluffy

White sugar, light brown
sugar, almost equal parts

There's a tablespoon more of white sugar

a lot of cookies start off this way

Cream together yo' butter and
sugar until light and fluffy

(mixing) If you don't have a stand mixer,

you can always use an electric hand mixer

And if you don't have one of those,

you got the mixers you were born with

All right, this looks right to me

I have two large eggs room temperature

It's kind of rule of
thumb when you're baking,

your ingredients that
could be in the fridge

are at room temperature

Some vanilla extract,

and it also asks for lemon,
to activate our leavener

It's not really gonna flavor
the cookie to taste like lemon


Like, four drops

You're gonna beat it some more

First on low for 30 seconds,

go for another two minutes


Like what am I doing with this lemon?

I don't like wasting things, so mm

All right, this is looking mighty fluffy

And now onto the dry ingredients

Two and a quarter cups, all purpose flour,

and then a little bit
of oats, like a smidge

Half a cup of that's goin' in there

Some baking soda

Now this is why they wanted the lemon,

but it's a cookie

It's not cake

But you know, in it goes

Some salt, a teaspoon of that

And the last ingredient, cinnamon

So I'm gonna mix this on
low speed for 45 seconds,

being careful not to over mix,

which I could feel like
45 seconds is a lot

It's been like 20 seconds and
it's already incorporated

So I wanna stop mixing

Can I stop mixing dear God, I cannot

I cannot let this go for 45 seconds

These cookies will be Frisbees

So this recipe calls for
a very particular brand

of chocolate chip so that's
what we are going to use

Two and two thirds cup of chocolate

There's only so great the cookie can taste

if your chocolate is meh

One and three quarter cup of walnuts,

this is more walnuts than I've ever seen

going into any single baked good

Just with a spatula I'm
gonna fold this together

I've never made a chocolate
a chip cookie dough

this pale before

Baking sheets lined with
some parchment paper

Normally I chill my cookie
dough before baking it,

but this doesn't ask for that

Scoop, then drop

So it's about three tablespoons
of cookie dough per cookie

This dough,

the recipe says you can
freeze it if you want to

And these guys, these
are going into the oven

300 degrees between 20 and 23 minutes

So it's kind of a lower temperature,

bake 'em until they are
golden on the edges,

and nice and tender in the middle

(mischievous music)

Cookies are out the oven and they are,

they're the same color
as my parchment paper

They're not lookers

I wouldn't swipe right

It's a lot of walnuts lookin' back at me

(upbeat music)

These are worse than I
thought they were gonna be


I really thought they're
gonna be like fine

(drops cookie)

These cookies fell flat in many ways

But I have some ideas of how we can build

on the foundation of this recipe,

and make them the best version

of themselves that they can be

It is a cookie make-over y'all

Time to make the cookie upgrade

First thing is the butter

I am going to brown the butter

It's gonna help bring out this nuttiness

that the other cookie wasn't having

Pop this on some heat, medium, medium low

The goal is not to burn the butter,

I wanna nice light caramel

It's like the butter is
seasoning itself when it browns

Keep a very close eye on it,

'cause once it hits that
line from brown to burnt,

you can't come back

In the meantime,

I have a baking sheet
lined with parchment

Toast the walnuts

In the original recipe they
weren't giving me flavor

Just like my butter I'm gonna brown them

I'm using significantly less walnuts

'cause I don't want them
to overpower the main star

No oil, no anything, they go in dry,

there's a natural oil in the nuts

350 degrees, five to seven minutes

Also keeping a close eye,

watch after your butter, your nuts,

like they are your children

Butter is beautiful, golden brown,

like you will smell it

Check these walnuts, these are awake

That's all you're doing in the oven,

you're just wakin' 'em up

I have my butter, beautiful and brown

It's gonna carefully pour

Now you wanna be careful
not to get all those

burnt milk solids in there

Brown and white sugar, but I
am switching the quantities

Brown sugar makes cookies soft

So I'm doing two to one ratio
of brown sugar to white sugar

So I have one cup of brown sugar,

and a half a cup of white sugar

All you need is a whisk

The butter is already melted,

so this should come together really easy

Every stir it's just like
fragrance, fragrance, fragrance

Oh, if you see any brown sugar lumps,

just break them up with
the head of your whisk

You want your food to talk back to you,

this is telling me it's
gonna be delicious

It's using it sexy phone voice like,

hey girl, how you doin'?

I'd like to introduce myself,

my name is brown, brown butta

Brown butter is magic y'all

I'm adding in eggs,

same as last time,

two large eggs, room temperature

Look at this beautiful, beautiful brown

And you know this stuff is done

once your batter slowly
flows into each other

I really want to accentuate
the flavors we're working with

There's just one teaspoon of almond,

and this will really help
bring out a true nutty flavor,

same amount of all
purpose flour as before,

the same amount of oats, and baking soda

Give it a good gentle
fold using a spatula

For the salt I'm going to
be using some sea salt

Sea salt is a beautiful
compliment to chocolate

It's okay if there's little
speckles of white flour

Chocolate chip cookies,
key word chocolate

The best chocolate you can find

is the chocolate you want to use

I am using this bar,

halfway between semi-sweet
and dark chocolate

And cut this chocolate into chunks

Little bits, not where it's
like a complexity of chocolate

You'll have a chocolate shard,

a chocolate sliver, slide 'em on in

I'm gonna put in these walnuts,

and woo,


fold 'em in until it's nice
and evenly distributed

So I'm gonna cover and chill this dough

for two hours or overnight

It's chilled, it is firm,

I am so excited to finally bake these

So each cookie dough ball
is around two ounces each

Working quickly, you're
just gonna compress

it together in that
curvy part of your hand

Just shape it into a quick little ball,

you don't wanna play with this too long,

'cause your chocolate will melt

I can smell all the
beautiful flavors in there

So just a tiny sprinkle of sea
salt on top of these cookies

is gonna help bring out
that chocolate flavor

I'm going to bake them 350,

so hotter than last time,
for 12 to 15 minutes

(upbeat music)


look at them

First noticeable difference
is shape and size,

complex in texture, there's
so many things going on

It is just like a happy party

I do have to wait for them to cool,

but not an hour,

maybe just 15 minutes so they can relax

(upbeat music)

This is the best part about a warm cookie,

is just breaking it

Oh, man


These are wicked

These cookies are a problem

Do they put these cookies in hotels?

They wouldn't be able to kick them out,

be like girl,


it's checkout time

What I love about this upgrade
is that there's so many

things you can do to this
recipe to make it better

with the exact same ingredients

Upgrading doesn't always have
to mean spending more money

I hope you give my upgraded DoubleTree

chocolate chip cookies a try

And if you do, show me the goods,

I wanna see the cookies you're making

And until next time, I bid you ado

(upbeat music)

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