I Turned Youtube into a Giant Battle Royale Game

published on July 17, 2020

What if we turned YouTube into the world's biggest battle royale game so before I make a giant battle royale with ten thousand players we need well ten thousand players so I'm going to make a program that fetches all of the comments from all of my youtube videos and makes

A list of the top ten thousand people who have commented the most on my videos so here's the final code I don't really know what I'm doing token response what the fuck is that I

Don't know anyway let's just hit run and see what happens and oh boy would you look at that it's actually working and now we just wait for the program to fetch all of the comments on my YouTube videos

Two hours later boom a list of my top 10,000 fans the number to the left indicates how many comments they have in total on my videos so the more comments you have the stronger stats you will get in the battle royale game meaning they

Will be the favorites coming into the tournament okay so we have our players now we kind of need a game so I started a new unity project and got to work on making players pick up above guns shooting redstone and much more and then

My brain was like what Oh Danny you actually have motivation not dog we ain't gonna have none of that and then three months later my brain was like okay time to get back to work and now I know how to make 3d games so we're

Gonna make the simulation in 3d instead so I started with a rectangle and then I made it absolutely massive giant enormous just like here mom now let's make a player let's call him bheem I'm not gonna lie mr bean out here looking

Kind of thick if you know what I'm saying okay mr bean stand still if Donny has big peepee what the fuck after programming his brain being quickly learned how to balance and walk so he

Shouldn't fall over anymore okay mr bean stand still if Donny is an epic gamer what the fuck and before going any further mr bean looking kind of dull so I gave him some glasses to make him look much more epic then I

Wrote a quick script to spawn in a bunch of players I started with ten then I tried 100 and then 1000 which was still running on a very high FPS so we're going big baby 10,000 players and we're still running on a 26 FPS which is not

Even half bad unfortunately though for mr bean the sunglasses have to go and if we start the simulation now without the sunglasses our FPS has been boosted up to 40 so almost twice the FPS it definitely hurts to see the sunglasses

Go but it was a worth his sacrifice and maybe in the future we'll see them back I also added some HP to the players so that they can actually die essentially they will fight by just bumping into each other and when they take damage

They will turn red and of course we need to try this with more players so here are 10,000 players running to the same spot and attacking each other but as you can tell our FPS has now dropped very low and is sitting at around 8 because

There are so many collisions so I did a bunch of optimizations and unfortunately how to change mr bean to mr cube to squeeze out some higher FPS but I'm gonna be honest with you mr cube is also low-key looking kind of thing so

There are 10,000 six cubes battling it out we're getting around 15 fps which is kind of bad but if we build the game and run it as a standalone application we actually achieve a stable 30-plus FPS which is actually pretty good that's

Like twice as good because it's 15 times 2 is 30 and and so 30 pause is like so enjoy the beautiful side of 10 agents fighting but obviously there are still many things missing before we can call this a Battle Royale

The first thing I did was make the enemies spawn randomly all across the map not only does this make you feel more like a battle royale but it also doubled my FPS since they're not all grouped into one small area but if we

Take a closer look at mr cube and his brother we can tell they're actually dumb as bread they just gotta walk around randomly without any purpose or meaning absolutely brain-dead it's kind of like me actually that's exactly like

Me so I gave them vision basically these red lines in front of the players are sensors and if anything enters a sensor the player will attack I also added obstacles which the players can hide behind and they can't walk through them

They will always walk around them because in real life you can't really walk through a wall and I thought maybe you shouldn't be able to do that here either so you know that's pretty cool and once they see each other they will

Start fighting it would also be nice to see some simple stats about the different players like HP amount of kills and so on so I made a quick UI element that displays some of the features for a given player and after

Some quick programming for the camera we can now move around and click on players and see their stats it's far from perfect but it gets the job done and as Napoleon used to say before attempting world dominance cameras don't need to be

Perfect brah now one crucial element we're lacking which every battle royale has is the soul so I made a tube and then I made it thick and then I made it massive like your mom and then I covered the entire map in it

And of course I also made it shrink slowly with time so that the players constantly have to move towards the middle and just like that it's almost looking like a battle royale but currently the players are unaware that

This zone kills them so I program them to sprint towards the middle if they touch the zone but the map is looking kind of boring and bland because because the so-called map is literally just a square so it's time to spice it up a bit

First off we need to build so I built some walls around the entire play field so that nobody escapes I also quickly made some more obstacles around the map so if you suffer from OCD or you just dislike when things look

Like I would look away now if I were you it's still looking a bit boring though so I found some free models online from Google and after a while here is the new map then I got to work on improving the players so first I give them better

Vision so instead of just a single line they can now actually see in a cone I also made it so if they're low HP they will avoid fighting and just run away and finally I added a leaderboard which shows the player with the most kills and

If you click on them it takes you to that specific player them to make the game feel and look a bit prettier I also added some nice snow on the map which made everything feel just nice and just kidding you're naive that's 10,000

Players dropping and then I wrote some quick code that will read all of the names from the text file that we generated earlier and load these names into the players and give them their appropriate stats and just like that we

Now have 10,000 players walking around with different stats and names from the comment section look at all these family friendly names what could possibly go wrong we got robots gamer YouTube in the house

Well known for his roblox gaming a loner boy 100 not so ye tough you mister fire Lee I actually know that guys it's got a channel so I'm also pretty high on the list because I've commented on my own

Videos which means I also have to enter the game therefore I added the ability to take control of any player so that I can participate myself there's just one thing missing and just like that we're

Now ready to start the first youtube boil Johnny why don't you take it away thanks daddy so we're just gonna get right into this the first youtube rayul ever and here comes the plane ready to drop into

Players and there it is 10,000 players dropping in at the same time now to keep 75 our favorite coming into this tournament with 29 comments on the diner channel it's a true Danny fan rose of Tushar with 26 Colin's LaMacchia

Already picking up a kill with 26 comments as well and Danny himself with 25 comments on his own videos what a loser anyway Danny's gonna try and pick up his first kill here but can't quite seem to

Get this guy's lucid games and losing games he's on the run he's gonna get away and Danny trying to chase him down but can't quite seem to catch him in hello someone took his kill and Danny is pissed but he's too slow to catch up we

Also have the mages mango 23 comments Mike is told with 23 comments highpockets 21 comments under his belt and 2 kills already hype rocket looking pretty good not gonna lie I was a sheep dog who's it who's a sheep and a dog

Let's go back to Danny Danny's lookin kinda low on HP so he is just going to run like the pussy he is he's racked up 2 kills those so looking pretty good not gonna lie that is he's doing alright and here we see the zone

Moving in quickly the boys are trying to run but oh no more blank what are you doing he's dead they're all dead Danny it's gonna go into the warehouse and just chill it's cuz why not back to my key store picked

Up one kill 23 Collins let's go back to Danny Danny seems to be still chasing this guy kid can't quite seem to catch up his name is can we get 10k subscribers with no video fam and Danny desperately trying to take this

Down but here comes too soon and how what is daddy gonna do is he gonna run is he he's gonna fight Danny inside of the zone he's taking a lot of damage this might not be the wisest choice but he is not giving up on this kill look at

This it seems like Donny's taking control let's let's get him Donny cap look at this he's just slurping milk while killing everyone and oh no Danny goes down Danny is dead and the zone is quickly killing everybody and it's a

Carnage in the middle we have 100 players right here desperately trying to get away from the zone and they're all gonna go down and it's a slower than we have Sondra in the middle he's gonna get absolutely smashed oh my

They're all just dying progeny car routed breathing BOTS it's gonna pick up a kill real quick four players left in the middle of the Sun but progeny goes down only two players left new yaki ninja versus John Robert Jurgen

Who's gonna take the victory home and they're gonna engage the pure get winds but who's this swordmaster comes out of nowhere where'd this guy come from around he doesn't have a sword but but he sure looks like a ninja right

Now because he came out of thin air my god do we have a match in her hands sword master with three kills roses John Robert Burian with four kills who's gonna take the victory home I don't know who's gonna secure the chicken dinner

We're about to find out since like John Robert Kirk is running away but sword master who saw having any of it he's going in and sword master is gonna secure that victory royale my god what a match ladies and gentlemen

Congratulations sword master for winning the first YouTube role against 9999 players absolutely crazy stuff my god Danny back to you anyway that's gonna be for me thanks a lot for watching I have some more fun stuff like this coming

Scenes so make sure to smash subscribe now slappers or I will throw a milk carton at shot cuz I don't know also new Carlson dev vlog is probably coming soon I'm working on some new features as well as multi players so you

Know make sure you wish this don't steam or I slap you anyway that's gonna be for me I'm gonna go hit the sack now peace out also drink your milk and yeah buy merch cuz we got merged now yeah sick and if

You're an epic gamer you might even join our discord server link down below ok that's it I'm done peace out let's go papa boom

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