I Tried To Make Mini Donut Cereal • Tasty

published on July 2, 2020

Jenny baby doughnuts the smaller than a

baby hey guys it's Katie and I'm here

with my husband Chris hi he's back this

week round of applause

you guys asked for it I didn't go

anywhere so Chris there is a trend

that's happening all over the Internet

where people are making mini pancakes

cereal Wow

yeah do you want to see yes I do oh my

god well good that's pretty great and I

hope you're not excited because I'm not

making that what I'm thinking donut

cereal cereal that sounds really good so

you're just gonna take those little

donut holes or munchkins no I'm gonna

make it from scratch but I guess that

should obvious that sounds really

delicious donut let me down I won't

I won't let ya so I'm gonna try to make

donut cereal but not just any type of

donut funfetti donuts cuz a it's easier

to use a cake box and B who doesn't love

sprinkles and everything I do first

thing I'm gonna do is preheat the oven

at 350 degrees preheat done now I'm

going to disregard the instructions on

the back of this box because we want to

make a thick batter that we can pipe out

not a runny cake batter so grab whatever

cake batter you have and add it to a

medium bowl then we're gonna add one egg

some oil some water and then whisk that

right up that funfetti smells like

birthday she is thick that was really

easy let's get this into a piping bag

and we'll line some baking sheets with

parchment so I have my baking sheets

with my parchment and I got my piping

bag for my tip I'm using a small to

medium rounded tip and whenever you're

filling a piping bag it's easiest to

fill using a tall glass or container and

then you're just gonna fill that in


great take a water break fresh so the

next parts gonna be super easy just have

to pipe out like a thousand perfect

circles I'm sure I can do it to make my

life a little bit easier I'm gonna pipe

a little bit of batter into each corner

to help hold the parchment down here we

go perfect circle probably not gonna

happen on the first try but we'll see

alright here goes nothing


the batter kind of overlapped it's not

exactly flat so I'm gonna just dip my

finger in a little water and I'm just

gonna Pat that down

alright cue this going very fast I'm

gonna go put these in the oven for about

seven to eight minutes and we'll see how

it works out good luck


this isn't really good I'm really

pleased a few of them lost the hole in

the center so we're gonna make some

doughnut holes I'll take this straw and

we're just gonna poke a hole right

through it

and you've got a perfect doughnut with a

doughnut hole once all your doughnuts

are perfect you can move them on to a

drying rack next we're gonna make what I

think is the most important part of any

doughnut the glaze so we're gonna start

off with two cups of powdered sugar add

meringue powder to that this is just

gonna help our glaze stiffen up faster

and then we'll just sift those two

things together and next time I'm gonna

use a bigger bowl cuz this one is way

too small for this I don't notice they

came this is so funny me delicately

trying not to get this all over the

place next we're gonna add four

tablespoons of water and I love a pink

glazed donut so to make that perfect

pink color we're gonna do three drops of

purple food coloring and six drops of

pink I lost count as I was talking

hopefully this turns out to be the right

color and you're gonna whisk that right

up okay

our glaze is gorgeous simply gorgeous

so now it's time to put it on top of our

little babies start in this corner well

I'm going to glaze a few at a time so

that I can add the sprinkles before the

frosting hardens


these are ice that they look very very

cute I'm gonna go throw these into a

breakfast bowl and we'll go grab Chris



here you go fun in a ball oh my god this

is like a partay yeah these are cool

looks like a cereal that someone would

be eating in a cartoon can we try yes

let's do it

so donut celebration it's a cookie cake

mouthful good cookie cuckoo crazy

cookies that's not stealing a slogan

from another cereal what would this look

gonna be tiny baby down baby Donuts

Johnny baby Donuts the smaller than a

baby thank you so much that was tasty

I'll taste do you know that but maybe

like come




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