I Tried To Learn Korean In 60 Days

published on July 2, 2020

this word is copy it means coffee this


is kopi it means nosebleed people are

going to think that i'm ordering

nosebleed at cafes

hey guys this is inka and in this video

i will be trying to learn a new language

in only 60 days

as some of you know i am half taiwanese

and half hong kong chinese

i grew up basically speaking all three


mandarin english and cantonese even as a

kid i've always been fascinated by


one of the things that have always been

on my bucket list is to pick up another


korean for me has always been on top of

the list of languages that i wanted to


i think partially because i used to be

based in east asia

and i had this goal of mastering all the

east asian languages

korea is also a country that is so rich

in culture

and history if i could get a good grasp

of this language

i'd be able to go there and actually

talk to people and get to know all of it


also because for right now i produce a

lot of the kpop video content here at


if i'm able to understand or communicate

better in korean

it could help our talent feel more

comfortable too all of these reasons

are why i've decided to take up this

challenge of

learning a new language in 60 days for

full disclosure

i have learned korean a little bit

before but i have

forgotten pretty much most of it because

i haven't been using it at all

now my goal is that at the end of these

two months

i should at least be able to form my own


i am hoping to understand what people

are saying i am very hopeful and i am

very excited about this

i just hope i don't disappoint myself

and you guys also just to clarify i shot

all of this before the quarantine

so promise i am staying safe and i hope

you guys are staying safe too


so to start it off i actually started to

pull out some of the old

notes i still had from my study abroad

program and i also

downloaded an app to help me with like


and like kind of have a refresher of


i'm actually really surprised that i

still have these notes they

remind me of just how much i've

forgotten looking

at the notes i've written before though

the way i've spelt it out up here when i

pronounce it it just

seems so similar i feel like i just need

somebody to

be here somebody to talk to to make sure

that like i'm pronouncing things right

if i get this first step wrong i feel

like i'm just gonna get everything else

wrong too so to stay on track and to

make sure that i would actually see some

improvement within these 60 days

i decided to look up where i'd be able

to learn korean in the city

and that's when i found kcc and that's

when i was introduced to un

who would become my tutor we will do

some refreshers i hope

she gets to the level where she could


it will depend on her as much as it

depends on me

this first lesson was intense in

basically told me that i've been

pronouncing everything wrong i want to

make sure that she has the right


so this is our first week we definitely

have more ways to go

are you ready i'm ready i'm ready all



so in and i set up a schedule where we

would meet twice a week for two hours

each time and i would be starting from

the very basics


so it involved a lot of reading and

repeating after her making sure that

i was making the right sounds so let's

do that again

hannah hannah chinchon

and once i got home i would go over the

materials again i'm just going through

some of my notes

rewriting them


what did make it more difficult though

was that i wasn't just learning common


and words but i was learning how

sentences were structured

so that kind of tripped me up i also

started trying

to speak in korean to my korean friends

with key emphasis

on trying


is that right yeah wow that's pretty

good um

that's what's important to you

for this week i'm actually going to be

in tokyo japan for work

which means i won't be able to go in for

my lessons and because my schedule's

kind of

crazy it also means that i don't

actually have that much time to

practice so i'm really hoping this

doesn't set me back i think being in


also kind of confuses me a little bit


in japan because i'm learning a lot of

new phrases in order to try to get


i feel like sometimes i also mix up

japanese and korean phrases which is

not a good thing and i'm trying not to

do that it's hard it's really hard to

to stay on track i hope eon won't be too

disappointed in me

can you say it one more time


the third week definitely set me back so

i had a lot of catching up to do

a lot of revising a lot of studying and

i had to refer to

the internet to make sure my

pronunciation was okay

i also changed the language on my phone

from english to korean since i figured

that would force me to use korean

a lot more in my daily life rushing to

class now

with my sandwich because my phone's now

in korean

it takes me like three times the amount

of time i normally take

to read anything this is proving to be a

lot harder than expected

and some of my conversations within even

though it took me a while to process

what was being said

i could actually understand what she was

saying and that got me

really excited


so it's pretty much the end of day right


i had a shoot this morning then i went


korean class then i had to rush back for

another shoot today during class we try

to put like sentences together

but at the same time i was also so

exhausted and

my brain literally just stopped working

and when we started we said to aim for

like 30 minutes every day but

a lot of times i have shoots or events

that go on until really late

in the evening and the biggest thing is

also because i know we're trying to

do so much within two months it is

not as easy as it sounds i'm trying to

read directions to see where i'm

supposed to go but everything in google

maps right now is in korean so i'm very


and not just google maps but because all

of my notifications were now in korean

it was

kind of overwhelming and i feel like my

workflow just became

slower i was less efficient because of

how much time

it took to process everything it is now

10 pm at night right now and

i literally just got back from work and


am trying to do my korean homework i've

been reading the same page

for like i don't know how many times but

the information just isn't going in

i can't like my brain honestly just i

just need sleep

so i don't know i want this to work but

it's also just like

i don't know what to do


it is week seven we're almost at the end


and i feel like now i'm like finally

able to understand sentences and yin and

i were having

conversations granted that she does try

to speak a little slower for me

i understand most of it

or maybe not most i get the meaning the

general meaning of what

she's trying to ask so super super

excited about that

being able to put sentences together in

korean was one of the most incredible

feelings learning about

how to say want to han

but even though i could read better now

and i could understand more things

this is when i started learning about

korean grammar

and this is the part when things got


difficult tenses olive oil

oil okay now you should be able to

say can you come to my home to eat

it tonight me like five minutes high

five high five

higher still episode okay

so i'm on my way to meet brandon and his


so i am hoping to use this chance to

practice a little bit of my

newly learned korean i have been tasked

to order

one person





what is this

you're inviting me over to your


i am on my way to my last korean class

really sad but this is it

i really hope i've come a longer way

than i think i have

i worked with inca for 60 days she

started with pronunciation

now she's generating sentences and i

think that's a

very good improvement definitely keep

studying yeah

you should be really really really proud

of yourself and for the final challenge

i tried to converse in korean with one

of my favorite k-pop stars amber

all right korean lesson thingamabob i

don't need this okay

you don't need my phone


thank you

crazy thing with like mandarin and

english is that chinese also has a

really really

weird grammar yeah english too and then

you're flipping that into koreans i

empathize with your struggle and you did


thank you thank you so yeah that

concludes my 60 days of learning korean

but as you guys can probably tell this

is also really just the beginning

learning a new language really is an

ongoing process and i really don't want

to lose

any of the progress i've made so far i

also really want to know if you guys

have been trying to learn a new language

i think it would be really fun for us to

share experiences and any tips we have

in the comments below but as for now

this is my promise to myself

i am going to keep practicing i hope to

only get better from here

see you guys soon bye



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