I Tried The DIY Tie-Dye Loungewear Trend

published on July 2, 2020

– [Chloe] I'm worried this is too blue

That's not what I meant to do

Oh, there's a lot of white right there

(upbeat electronic music)

Hey everyone, I'm Chloe,

and I've recently become
obsessed with tie-dye

I don't think I'm the only person

to become obsessed, because
I've seen it everywhere

I've seen it on my Instagram,

on clothing websites, even on celebrities

Kylie Jenner was wearing
a extremely expensive

matching tie-dye set,

but the good news is that you
can tie-dye stuff yourself

And it doesn't seem that
hard, I say that now

because I haven't tried it yet

So the cool thing that everyone

seems to be wearing
right now is loungewear

because obviously, no one's
really going anywhere

So I thought, "Yes, let
me give this a go myself

"and see if I can recreate
a professional looking,

"matching tie-dye loungewear set"

So obviously you need
white clothes to tie-dye on

because it will show up the best

I had an issue tryin'
to find white clothes

during this quarantine because delivery

is really really slow at
the moment, understandably,

and unfortunately there
weren't a lot of items

I could get quick enough

So you need 100 percent cotton

for it to really work
properly, like natural fibers

and I could not find a hoodie

that was 100 percent natural
cotton, or a crop top

My hoodie is a 93 or 95
percent and so is my crop top,

so there is a chance

that the tie-dye isn't gonna
go on properly (groans)

So this is the outfit on

I really love these
pants, they're so cute

They're really high waisted,
just little tank, crop top

Don't love the jacket,

but there wasn't really
much I could do about it

I wish it was cropped or just not as thin

or just more oversized

It's kind of just in the middle, but yeah,

this is what we're working with

So I am gonna be using this
One-Step Tie-Dye Kit by Tulip

I deliberately chose these colors

because they're a little less rainbow

and I want something a little more subtle

This kit includes most things
you need to tie-dye with,

whereas if you buy dye on its own

you then obviously have to
buy rubber bands and gloves

and these bottles, but
this all comes in the kit

which is really nice

If you don't wanna use a kit
and you want separate dye,

there's a brand called Rit
which is apparently really good

and it comes in more sort
of, cute colors to be honest,

but I wanted the kit because
I am a beginner (laughs)

and I just want to be told what to do

This is everything you need to tie-dye

apart from the items you're tie-dying

I have a white towel to test
what the color of the dye

is gonna look like on it
before I put it on the clothes

Elastic bands, your dye and your bottles

to put water and dye in

I've decided I want these three colors

'cause these three are the colors

that I like together (laughs)

Some gloves and then you need plastic bags

for however many items you're dying,

'cause you put them in
there separately afterwards

So some websites and some videos say

to actually wash the clothes first

and then others say just to get it wet

because you're gonna put the dye on wet

I'm just gonna get this wet

So once your fabric is nice and wet

you wanna lay it on a
tarp of some description

so that obviously, the floor
doesn't get all messed up

Yes, I am sitting on my kitchen floor,

I live in a studio apartment

So the next thing you're gonna wanna do

is decide what technique you want

I personally am gonna go
for a crumpled technique

which is one of the easiest to do,

but I like the effect that it gives,

it's more of like a marbled
all-over effect for the hoodie

and for the pants I'm gonna do marbled

and then maybe just to show
you guys a different technique,

I'll do the crop top in a swirl,

which is hopefully not gonna look crazy,

'cause I do want this
to be a matching set

So we'll see

So I ended up putting a trash
bag underneath the hoodie

because to be honest, the
paint from the top, here,

ended up on some of the hoodie

So basically, you're
just gathering the fabric

and try and do it uniformly

so that you're not getting
big clumps and small clumps

Mainly from the middle is
what people were saying

and like, come through like this

I undid the zipper because
it doesn't feel very flexible

and I feel like it would be
less flexible with it done up,

but this is my first time
guys, so I could be very wrong

(upbeat electronic music)

Okay, so now that's crinkled,

you wanna put the elastic bands around it

Let's see how this goes

Kind of don't know how to
keep it all in one lump

Like, do I put one massive?

This band isn't even big enough

I guess maybe


(upbeat electronic music)

Yep, it all looks pretty crinkly

Okay, on to the pants

You take the end and you just crinkle

(upbeat electronic music)

I'm actually gonna just
put a band in right now

so this doesn't go out of
shape while I do the rest

(upbeat electronic music)

Oh you can make a little
ball with it, that's smart

Okay, I think that's good

So I'm gonna use the colors
lavender, purple and turquoise

These already have the powder in them,

but I want it to be a little more pastel,

so I actually might tip a
little bit of the powder out

because you're gonna
fill this up with water

and I can't really dilute it
unless I tip the powder out

So I tipped out a little
bit of dye from each

Now we fill it up

Whoo, oh my God that is very deep

And then you shake it
for one minute each dye

Well, literally just
shaking them did this to me

Put the glove on, Chloe

So I'm gonna test what this looks like

on this white towel

This one's the lavender

That is very very dark

Although, it is spread out quite nicely


Oh God that's deep

I guess the purple and the lavender

do need to look different,
so, I'll probably leave them

I'm gonna put a little bit
more water in the blue

It looks absolutely no different, hmm

I think it'll be safest

to start with the lightest
color first, which is lavender

and basically you just start going for it

Ah, oh God, oh God, oh God, oh God

Just any kind of pattern
you want, I believe

Oh it's cool

I'm leaving room for the other dyes

'cause I want three colors obviously

Flip it over

(upbeat jazzy music)

Let's do the blue next, (exhales)

I'm tryin' to get all the
areas that I haven't got

(upbeat jazzy music)

I don't think this is gonna be pastel,

this blue is too bright for that,

but it's still a cool color

So some people have literally just like,

injected it like this

I'm worried this is too blue

I think for this purple one

is the one I'm gonna make sure
gets, like really in there

(upbeat jazzy music)

Hopefully it's worked, I tried
to get into all the crevices

There might be some random
points that are really white

which would be annoying

and I'm also worried that
these colors are mixing

to be an ugly combination,

but now we put them in
plastic bags and we wait

(plastic crinkling)

So different YouTube videos
and different websites

say to leave the clothes in the bags

for different amounts of time,

anywhere from an hour to 24 hours

I think the longer you leave
it in the deeper the color

I don't really need it
any deeper than it is,

so I might only leave it in a few hours,

but let's do the crop top

So now we're gonna try the swirl technique

and I think I'm just gonna
use two colors for this

'cause the blue is so dark

Apparently you grab the middle

and then you just twist it like so

until the whole thing starts to turn

(upbeat jazzy music)

And then you put three bands on it

This is a very small
item I'm doing this on

(laughs) most people have got it on like,

big T-shirts and stuff

So it's kind of what it's
supposed to look like,

just three elastic
bands spread out evenly

So to create the swirl,
you are supposed to put

(sighs) Oh

That's not what I meant to do, (beep)

It not, hmm

Okay I think I've still done that wrong

I'm just gonna do the whole thing,

and then I'll go over the bits
I want in the darker color

Okay, so what you're supposed to do

is do alternate triangles,

but it's hard to be specific here

(record scratching)

Why is there only five?

Shouldn't there be six?

Where's the other?

Oh, no it moved!

Oh God, I'm just gonna make this up,

this is not gonna be right (laughs)

Oh no!

What, so you're supposed to?

Yeah this is not correct, okay

And it's going everywhere

Really screwed this up, sorry everyone

Well it's all bleedin'!

So, I'm just gonna leave
it, I dunno what, okay,

this is just an experiment

Well it's going in its little bag

So now all three things are in bags

and I guess we just wait

Tick-tock, tick-tock

So what you're supposed to do
is rinse it with cold water

You can take these off
either before or after

Let's see if all the color comes out

Okay it's getting a little lighter,

which is not a bad thing,
might just take these off

Oh, there's a lot of white right there

Oh no!

And this is, right at the front!

(Chloe laughing)

It doesn't look too bad

I'm not super into this
massive white patch

All right, on to the hoodie

This one I am definitely worried about

because it's a slightly different
fabric from the other one

and I'm scared that it's
gonna come out more


This isn't even gonna be
the last time I wash it,

I'm putting it in the
washing machine after this

Pretty cool!

Oh, (snorts) it's so small
it falls down the plug

The grand reveal

Oh, uh (enunciates)

Aw it's cute!

That is kind of a spiral,
you can kinda see that

So once the water runs
clear on all your items

you're gonna throw them
in the washing machine

I'm gonna do it on cold
and not for very long



It's still colored

It's not as crazy bright
as it was, which I like

This is actually perfect

And my little baby one
still has color on it

Okay, now we're gonna dry
and then we're finished

See ya soon

(upbeat electronic music)

Here is the finished
product, oh my God I love it

I can't believe how well
this actually turned out,

and even the top which
doesn't entirely match,

It still matches enough that
it doesn't look crazy together

It's so cute!

It's definitely lighter than it was,

but that's exactly what I wanted

I am really surprised how well
the top and bottom matched

when they weren't exactly the same fabric

I now just wanna go and try out

a bunch of different patterns and colors

I might just go do that

Bye bye!

(upbeat electronic music)

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