I Tried A Weighted Blanket For My Eyes

published on July 2, 2020

♪ Do you like Piña Coladas ♪

♪ And getting lost in the rain ♪

That's how it makes me feel

Hello, my name Merle and I have been

having a lot of trouble sleeping

I go to bed and I just lay

and I think about all the things that

are going on in the world

I had a night where I didn't
fall asleep till 6:00 AM,

it was awful

In the past, I have tried
to use a weighted blanket

for my sleep troubles and
it worked really well

Then I felt like I didn't
really need it anymore

A friend of mine was
having a lot of trouble

sleeping so I let her have it

And I'm not just gonna
go ahead and be like,

"Give me that back"

I did see something online,

it's called a weighted
blanket for your eyes

The fact that I could just
go straight to the source,

straight to the eye, is
really appealing to me

So I'm gonna try it out for seven days and

see if it improves my sleep

So I think it arrived,
without further ado,

let's just get into this

(crackling sound)

I'm really hoping this is it

Otherwise it'll be a late night Amazon

purchase that I don't remember

Oh, rubber gloves that I ordered

It's not the sleepwear

This looks like the package

Oh, I was correct, the Nodpod

The weighted blanket for your eyes,

gentle pressure equals better sleep

Here she is, okay

right off the bag, it
looks like a quadruple

ravioli, why are there four eye pads?

Maybe it's like to put the
pressure on the outside

of your head too

Who the hell sleeps like that?

Tell me that please, if this is what I'm

gonna look like when I put this thing on,

it's gonna get a five star review

First night trying this
thing out, I've realized

now that there four eye
pillows in case I turn my head

So let's give this a shot

I didn't fall asleep again
until like 3:00, 3:30

maybe 4:00, I don't even know

The mask like fell off,
I think at the middle

of the night

It felt nice when I had
it one, but it didn't

really help me fall asleep

So far not convinced

But I'll try it again tonight

It's night two, trying these on

Yeah, here goes nothing

You know, it feels like

cool, very cool, the
beads are very like cold

Which feels nice and relaxing

And I gotta say, I'm not
seeing the hype so far,

feels really relaxing but my issues

are deeper than that,
I think I'm gonna need

more than just the eye pillow but I mean,

I'm gonna keep trying it out

I also like to sleep on my side,

and this makes it pretty difficult

– When I think of health,
I think of three pillars,

you know, there's diet, there's exercise,

and the huge one is gonna be sleep

For the body, I know
there's a big thing about

these weighted blankets

Sleep is individualized, but

I'm not gonna go with
a weighted eye mask to

be the magical piece of the sleep puzzle

– It looks very serene

You look like you're at a spa

– Would you like to try it on?

– I'm very well, thank you

– I think you should try it on


– I mean, I sleep with
eye masks on all the time

so I don't think it feels too bad

Though I think it is fairly
heavily to move around

much as you sleep, can you?

– No, I can't

– I think if it's strapped
to my head and I was

able to like roll around
in my sleep with it,

I'd use it

– I'm gonna take it back now

– Take it back, take it back

– I'm trying

– Take it back though,
take it back though

– Oh, I've woken up again,
the thing is not on my eyes

It's not here

– Oh, here it is

– Oh, I need some sort of a strap

It does relax me

The cooling effect is nice
and I push on it harder,

cause I don't think the weight is enough

I don't think I'm using it incorrectly,

I think it just isn't for
people that move in their sleep

which I imagine is a lot of people

Cause raviolis are up to snuff

– They do look like raviolis

– I think there's more
anxiety tied into my

sleep problems

And a heavy eye mask
isn't gonna solve that

While it may be nice for
someone who has toruble

relaxing before bed, I m
sure it would be helpful

but for more serious cases, I don't think

it's a good solution

It just doesn't do enough

It's not a miracle cure for me

I gotta confess something,

I feel like I've been
unfair to the nNdpod

I've got it fastened in the back now,

that helps a lot

I'm getting the hang of
it, I think I have it on

to the right tightness,
so that when I roll over

it stays on

I got like a decent
nights sleep last night,

I still wasn't asleep till like 2:00 but

that's kinda normal for me

Feeling a little more positive, we'll see

Also just a fun little
bonus, look at this,

I'm in a work mode, I'm
cleaning, I'm dusting,

I'm vacuuming, I'm cleaning

I'm on the couch

Oh my God, there's a bag

I woke from an okay nights sleep,

it wasn't amazing, it's hard to tell

of it is the Nodpod's fault
and how much of it is my fault

I sometimes think that
my issues with sleep

are bigger than this Nodpod can handle

I experience a lot of
anxiety at the moment

with everything that's
going on in the world

so I'm working to try
to control those anxious

thoughts but it's tough
time to kind of judge

the Nodpod cause there's a
lot going on in my brain,

I will say, it's still
comforting, it's still

soothing but it's kind of hard for me

to put the Nodpod over my eyes and ears

because my anxieties
making me feel like it's


I feel less intimidated
to put it over my eyes

during the day time

I might take a nap today

I rest confidently in
my review, which is that

this Nodpod is nice but it falls off even

when it's fastened tightly

I would think of it as like a napping tool

more so than a sleep aid

If you have like chronic sleep issues,

it's not gonna solve them

That's that

– When we talk about
the pandemic and sleep,

it seems like one thing
that we've been missing

quite bit of is structure

Whether it be dropping
the kids off at school,

going to work

We don't have those anymore

There is a lot of stress

One of the things we
recommend is to develop

something we call, "worry time"

(gentle music)

If you have a thought that seems to always

jump in your mind at night, come up with a

plan of what you can do

Try to do something
peaceful, quite and calm

before going to sleep

(gentle music)

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