I Tested 10 TikTok Fashion Hacks

published on July 2, 2020

– Look what happens!

It loosens!

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Hey everyone, I'm Chloe and
I am very new to TikTok

Yeah, I didn't quite jump on
the bandwagon quick enough,

everyone was talkin'
about it and I was like,

"Okay fine, I'll go on it"

I was worried it was just gonna
be a bunch of people dancing

which I don't really care
about, but I realized

there is so much more to it than that,

and one of the cool things I found

was a lot of fashion DIY
hacks and I wanna see

if they actually work

because you gotta try these things out

Let's give them a go!

So the first hack I'm gonna
try is a hack to get jeans

that are too big for you to fit you again

I don't have jeans, I only
have shorts that are too big

but yeah, you see this?

So what she says to do is undo top button,

get this button and put
it through this hoop,

which I feel like is gonna be difficult

These belt hoops are pretty stiff

So now you're like that,

and then you're supposed
to do it up like so

Ah man

Ah, this is so difficult!

Hmm, (laughs)

They fit nicely now, this
is how I want them to fit,

and I like the fact they
dip in the middle here

They just are all bunched up here

It might be 'cause these are buttons

It just looks a bit weird,

I could maybe pull it off as a style

So it doesn't look too
bunched up at the side

which some people were complaining

that that's what they didn't like

I'm just not tightly down with the front

I think maybe belt loops are
too far away from my button

so I had to pull it over
so far to get the button

around the belt hoop, 'cause
it doesn't look like that

on the TikTok I'm
copying, it looks better

So maybe if I had a
different pair of jeans

it would actually look okay, but for me,

I'm gonna give it a four out of 10

because it didn't really work

on the shorts I want to make smaller

So there are these really cute tie up tops

that are in at the moment,
but it's really hard

to wear them without a bra and some people

don't like not wearing
a bra, understandably

So this is a really cute hack
to still wear a bra with it

This is my tie up top and I'm
wearing a sports bra under it,

apparently you can wear a
regular bra if you wish

Basically you take the
ends and you fold them

as if you were gonna tie it normally,

but then this one you wanna
put up under the sports bra

so it comes out the top like this,

and then tie it normally,
so tie a knot here

That was easy

Yeah, that's cute!

What if I do another knot?

Does that look better with two knots?

I would honestly give this a 10 out of 10,

there was nothing to complain about here

It works perfectly and it feels

so much more secure, love it

The next hack is a really easy way

to make a regular sweatshirt
into a cropped sweatshirt

This is a sweatshirt, it says sweatshirt

She literally just decides
where she wants it cropped to,

so let's say here, fold it up under,

and tucks it into her
sports bra, and that is it

I love it, it's so simple!

She said that other people,
and I've seen this on TikTok,

other people will tie
a shoelace around here

and stuff like that, but hey,

if this works, this is much better

Let's see

I'm honestly struggling to get
it completely up at the back

I'm not very flexible
clearly, oh it's falling down

But from the front this looks really good,

I love cropped stuff and this
is just a easy, quick way

and you don't have to cut
anything or tie anything around


Do you have a bracelet

that can't be put on
without someone's help?

This is a hack that seems super simple

that could make that happen

Let's try it

So get a bracelet, get a bobby pin,

put the bobby pin through
the chain like that,

then you're gonna hold the bobby pin here

and wrap this around like
so, and then you have

something to grab onto

which isn't just the
chain to then do it up!

I love the bracelet hack, I
think it worked perfectly,

it just gives you an
extra bit to hold onto

which is what you can't usually grab

when you're tryin' to do it yourself

So I'm gonna give it a 10 out of 10

because there's nothing
not to like about it

Obviously there are
loads of tops out there

which the straps show because
the neck line doesn't work,

and sometimes you don't
wanna wear a strapless bra!

So this is a hack that hides those straps

So you get a clear bra
strap, I guess actually

any bra strap would work, but
make sure it's adjustable

And then you will feed it
through your top under your bra

and then on this side
catch the other strap,

and then you have these
two little bits here

and they can actually fit together

So you wanna do that so it's like this

And then hide it


Yeah, it works, woo-hoo!

And you actually can't see
the strap I don't think

It might get a bit annoying
having something here,

but right now it feels fine

so I'll give this an eight
out of 10, it is pretty good

Sometimes you just don't
wanna untie your sweatpants

when you wanna take them off

because you're that lazy, at least I am

So this is a really cool
hack which basically loosens

and tightens your sweatpants
so that you actually

haven't to undo them, sounds pretty sweet

So I got my sweatpants,

no I didn't tie dye these I'm afraid

They are very cool though

Get your strings and you wanna make

two little knots in both of them

So she did hers about
here, a regular knot

Boop, but just don't pull it tight

So one, and then super simple,

you just feed one through
there, and one through the other

like that and then you pull it tight

So that is your knot, and so it looks like

a normal knotted sweat pant,

but if you pull on these
bits look what happens!

It loosens and you can
take 'em down or whatever,

and then you pull the ends
of this to tighten again

I've done this too loose

'cause this is not holding up anything

You want them to be
there, I think you have

to put the knots higher,
let's try that really quickly

Yeah, that is way better

Okay, cool!

Oh my God, I love this it is such

a cute little hack and it's so simple

I'm going to give this a nine out of 10

These hacks are killing it!

This is another jeans hack
that make bigger jeans fit you,

but it looks a little
cleaner than the one before

so I'm excited for this
one 'cause I feel like

this is the one that's
gonna work, let's see!

All right, I'm back with my baggy shorts

and this time I just need a little scarf

So I've seen TikToks where
they tie it on the side,

and again it kinda pulls
everything to one side,

but this is so cute because
you tie it in the back

So the back three loops, and
you literally just tie it

until the shorts tighten

Okay, so the only thing I'm noticing

is that this is starting
to get all scrunched

in a weird way, but I think from the front

it will look okay, and that's
honestly the main thing

Yeah, that looks cute!

And look, they fit!

I mean they are a little scrunched

but also the knots kind of hiding it

I think I'm gonna give
this and eight out of 10,

I have seen a lot of different
jeans hacks on TikTok

when I was looking for
ones I wanted to try

and this is by far the best one

I'm sure you've seen those
really cute Versace scarf tops

which are probably a million dollars,

well this hack is gonna let
you make a very cheap version

that is very DIY and I can't wait

to see if it actually works

So you get a square silk scarf, beautiful

And then you fold it in
half like a triangle

So you wanna have it like this

So once it's in a triangle,
you wanna take the ends

and tie it in a knot where
the bottom of the top will go

You should be able to pull it up,

I think I might have
done it a little tight,

but yeah that's gonna be the end result

Then you put on your chain

This tip here you're
gonna tuck under like that

and secure it with fashion tape,

I already have some on here,

and I'm a little nervous this won't stay

I mean it is adorable
and looks really cute,

I'm just gonna take off
my sports bra to show you

It's super, super, super cute

I'm just nervous about this damn tape

I think if I were to
wear this as a real shirt

I would want to sew it so
that it is more secure

Oh no, I pulled it!

Just because I'm scared
that it's not secure,

I'm gonna give it a seven

It's very early 2000s, yes

The next hack is a cool way to tie up

a baggy T-shirt that
isn't just a regular knot

Also side not, I tie dyed
this myself, I'm pretty proud

So you got your baggy T-shirt

and then just a regular hair tie

What you wanna do is
old school tie it here

like this and then, super
simple but pretty effective,

she literally just tucked it

into her sports bra, or her bra

And it gives a really
cool, yeah I love this,

this is so much more
interesting than tying a knot

I love this shape right
here, this looks really cute

I'm gonna give this a 10 out of 10, woo!

Do you have any sweatpants that are baggy

at the bottom that you want tight?

Well this is the hack for you

So you have your baggy pant here,

you wanna fold it up like
so, get your hair tie,

put that around your leg,
and then you wanna put it

right in the middle of
the folded over part

which is hard because mine are very baggy

Like that, and then fold this bit over

Oh no, it went wrong!

Let me fold it up higher, okay

Hers are not as baggy, I think that's why

she's finding it easier

In the middle, now fold that bit over

Okay, and then she tucks the
entire lot of it underneath

Which it kinda sucks

Yeah, it's not bad

Is it gonna stay?

I think you just have to kind
of adjust it a little bit

I will say, I've realized
that if you just put it

around your leg like that

and just tuck the whole thing under,

it does the exact same thing
which is way quicker and easier

and you don't have to worry

about folding this, folding that

Look, done (laughs)

And I actually like how it sits better

I just made up my own hack, brilliant!

The hack did work but I just
feel like it was way easier

just to tuck the pants under the hair tie,

so the original one I'm gonna
give it a six out of 10

I think hers would work
better on less wide pants

I am so impressed with most,
if not all, of these hacks

If you've tried any of them before,

let me know in the comments and tell me

if you like them or
not, and if you haven't,

I really actually
suggest you try them out

And I'll see you next time

All right, bye!

(upbeat music)

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