I Started a Rock Band at 47 Years Old | Superwomen | Iris

published on July 2, 2020

you're this ridiculous idea that you

know everything should be figured out

everything in your life needs to be

figured out by the time you're 30

completely nuts we did our first show

year and a half ago it's the first time

I fronted a rock and roll band at 47

years old and you know what I kicked ass

he's sitting on my floor with my

headphones you know my hope my passion

was so profound that I had music on this

pedestal way way up here I just somehow

told myself this story that I wasn't

quite that I didn't know how to do it no

no I didn't I didn't have the courage I

was moved to perform from a very young

age whit stillman was making his first

movie which was metropolitan it was my

first audition and I got the job I can't

stand snobbery or snobbish attitudes of

any kind we became a part of this

downtown scene in New York that was the

sort of art scene and they coined me the

next Edie Sedgwick and all the while

just being completely out of control

completely years of alcoholism and drug

abuse thankfully you know I've been

sober 21 years so I managed to end that

in my 20s and then after that I suffered

through many years of domestic abuse

which was hard when you got somebody

that you know was every day telling you

that you're garbage and bullying you and

scaring you it takes a tremendous amount

of courage to get out of that to walk

away from that I find that

unless there are broken bones people

have a really hard time understanding

it's also it's an icky business that you

know people don't really want to quite

don't know what to do and how it

protected when you have a child with

somebody it's very complicated it took

me years I got out and my life

flourished I started to write songs and

made some little homegrown demos and

then I met my husband I met Pablo and he

listened to it he was like oh and he

liked it we were both really inspired

everything came together Pablo and I

have spent a solid year making videos

and songs and then we put together the


it's almost alive that I that I feel was

when I'm on stage I treat every single

performance I do as if it is my last

somebody is completely ripping

themselves open showing themselves bare

that's the found gift and that is what I

aim to achieve I take that very

seriously all the things that I've been

through at various points in my life all

those pieces they all work together and

they formed the puzzle that then became

complete now my gratitude is deep you

know because life is bumpy you know but

I feel like I've reached a place where

yeah never gonna let anybody push me

around again I am living proof that it

is never too late to do what you want to

do and to be true to yourself don't

count yourself out ever






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