I slept in a BOOKSTORE (Book and Bed Tokyo Capsule Hotel)

by birtanpublished on October 1, 2020

I never thought I would be doing
something quite like this I'm in Tokyo
right now I have been for the last
number of days and I'm staying in a
place that well it's super unique
it's called booking bed Tokyo and it's
basically a hostel this is one of those
things that I disagree with with my best
friend David Amell on I'm not the kind
of traveler that goes to places and
stays in hostels even if they are
affordable and cheap it's just I prefer
to have like a door that I can lock and
I can leave all my stuff in that way I
just know that all my things are safe
but of course we're talking about Japan
right now Japan is like the safest place
in the world to travel in for tourism
and it's just a wonderful place Tokyo we
went to Kyoto and yeah just people don't
really bother you and you can really
enjoy yourself in Japan especially if
you're into the culture and the food and
all that stuff and it's just I been here
four times now this year actually not
just four times in the year four times
in the past six months but anyway um to
keep the costs fairly low while
traveling in Tokyo we did choose to stay
at a capsule hotel and the idea actually
came from ISA to stay at a unique
capsule hotel that is themed like a
library again called booked in bed Tokyo
there are a number of different
locations across Tokyo Kyoto I think a
couple of other spots so the chicken
process is pretty easy you kind of just
come in you have your reservation and
then you go and they tell you a few
things off the bat using an iPad that
way they can illustrate everything for
you pretty easily on top of the fact
that you have your own little cubby and
here you go I'm sitting in mine right
now recording this podcast you have your
own little cubby that has a small cot
like a little bed it's not going to be
like a soft like big California king bed
or anything like that you have a pillow
you have a comforter you have sheets and
that's pretty much it the rest is kind
of up to you and you come into your
cubby you have an assigned one it could
be either on one side where it's all
covered up or on the other side where
it's actually integrated into the
bookshelves and that's where kind of
themed magic comes into play but yeah
there's even a cafe here and every
morning we've been getting Americanos
from this particular cafe the coffee is
pretty good and they even have a happy
hour where they sell alcohol beer
cocktails all that stuff in the middle
of the day so if you're sticking around
kind of reading a book and just chilling
out it's it's really nice and I think
this place really hit the mark I mean
you have this wonderfully library themed
place and the beds are actually pretty
comfortable if you're someone that has
actual like back pains or anything like
that you might find it a bit
uncomfortable but after a few nights of
sleeping here I'm very satisfied with
everything and as you can see in this
clip right now I pretty much have messed
up the entire COBE with all of my
belongings and according to David this
happens quite typically there are a
couple of things in the Cubbies that I
think are a testament to Japanese
space-saving design you have a couple of
hooks where you have like jackets or my
hats or even this towel rack right
behind me and then there's even a shelf
right above your head here and this is
where you can put a lot of stuff that
way you can actually have your
belongings with you while still having
enough space to actually sleep so the
source capture hotels are concerned if
this is the way that it usually is then
yeah I dig it I like the space-saving
nature now there is a safe right here
that I have in the back of the shot or
you know some valuables obviously will
remain but otherwise like everything
that I have here sprawled out and
because it is Japan people generally
keep to themselves and of course there's
not really a fear of anybody stealing
anything so that's perfectly fine as far
as like amenities are concerned you do
get one towel that you end up using in
the communal showers but all the
amenities are fairly similar to ones
that you would get in a typical hotel
it's just that it's more communal so you
go over to the bathroom area there are a
number of rooms different spots of
either showers or toilets or urinals for
men and yeah I mean it's pretty easy to
just like get what you need done I have
my toiletry bag right over here I just
pick it up walk over brush my teeth
maybe take a shower if I need to and
have the towel here and right behind me
is the towel rack which it took I took a
day or two from
realizes there because I kept thinking
do I have to give up the towel and then
get a new one or am I supposed to keep
this one or my supposed to put it but
actually supposed to be right here if
you're used to the kind of travel where
you come to a place like a hostel or a
capsule hotel if you come to Japan a lot
and it's really just a place for you to
sleep then this place still makes sense
but what's funny about booking bed is
that it's almost as if they want you to
stick around because obviously you have
all of these books so if you were to
take one right off of the shelf and you
just sit in the side where there's a big
window looking out in our case at Osaka
in Tokyo the area then you're sitting
there reading a book and you're just
chilling out for quite a bit of time I
actually have not really done that I'm
going to admit right now that I don't
read books as often as I know I should
and even then I read them on a Kindle
but if he one of these books over here
even different shelves for like manga
and stuff like that all available in
case you want to actually sit down and
chill out and even then working here is
really easy because the the middle
portion of this particular location of
book in bed Tokyo is the common area so
you have this entire section in the
middle with plugs all over the place one
side of it is either couches and the
other side of it is this large table
that can be used as a standing desk and
yeah I just I've gotten a couple of
videos done I'm obviously going to be
editing this podcast together and yeah
it's an easy place to just get stuff
done you know you're not really supposed
to be doing too much inside of the
cubbies like even right now this is a
bit of a stretch for me to actually sit
here in my cubby and do this video right
now but yeah that community aspect is
really nice about places like this and I
totally get why people like David are
totally into what I recommend this
absolutely it's a wonderful themed place
it's a small capsule hotel and just a
concept of being in a communal living
space like this is something that's new
to me
I've always been fairly open to it but I
just wanted to do it in such a manner
that ensures that the things that I
bring with me are safe I mean for
example I had to make sure that I had a
lower unit that way I had a small space
underneath my cubby literally right
below me right now is a space where my
luggage is being stored I know exactly
where it is and at least it's in a place
that's nearby
if you have an upper-level you may not
have that area for luggage saving
luggage storage so instead you put it in
a whole different section of the of the
hotel and you have to go get it when you
want to access your things but compare
Tokyo highly recommended if you are the
kind of person that is able to handle
this form of travel I'm just looking
enough that I'm healthy enough that you
know the the sleeping arrangement I'm
perfectly fine with it some people in
reviews have said in the past though
that they found it uncomfortable if
you're claustrophobic definitely this is
not going to be particularly ideal for
you but if you are a very adaptable
travel what traveler which I feel like I
am outside of the whole hostel and
capsule hotel idea this is a nice little
way of wading into those waters without
having to dive all the way in in terms
of like the safety aspect and all of
that so with all that said I'm gonna go
ahead and call it on this week's edition
of the tech ante podcast with Joshua for
Gaara thank you so much for listening
and if you're on the YouTube side thank
you for watching the clips and with all
of that said I'm going to get ready for
my final full day here in Tokyo and then
I'm heading out back home tomorrow it's
gonna be the holiday season so until my
next episode I would just remind you to
enjoy your tea everybody

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