I recreated MKBHDs iPhone 11 intro.

by birtanpublished on August 4, 2020

welcome to the review so while ago mkbhd published his review for the iPhone Levin Pro I thought the video like any of us of the work was really really good but something that stood out to me in particular more than any of his other

Videos was the intro on this one I think it was ridiculously good not sure exactly how I would describe it but it almost had this like levitation feel to it and almost felt otherworldly

Pressure was Brandon and or win behind the camera I think they did a great job a Brandon Wayne or Marc as if any of you watching this I'm a big fan hope you find with me making this video and kind of breaking down the intro I try to

Replicate it for the first time just days after the reviewers published but I kind of failed when I first tried it so I never really shared it with anybody but then I decided I would give it another go due to the current situation

Because I have all this time and I wanted to see if I could make something even ten percent as good so I'm gonna be document in the process that's what this video is all about so the intro looks super crazy but if you play that couple

Of times you'll realize it's actually not very complicated here's how I break it down so first you've got to realize that they're not actually shooting the intro straight they're shooting it like a flatly here's a basic diagram I may or

May not have hunter on it so basically um this is the background here is the flow this is where the camera is and this is where the phone is placed except it was short not like this but like this it was short like a flat lay and this is

A very important decision it's because of this particular decision that they're able to take off the flow and the props and make it look like the phone is kind of levitating it'll make more sense once we get to the execution but that's

Basically how the first half of the intro was done and the second half was done in post it's basically masking at least that's how I broke it down that's how I recreated it now when I say I want to recreate it I mainly intend to

Recreate the movement of the shot not necessarily the entire set of the props or the color or anything like that I'm just mainly trying to get the basic concept right alright now that you've kind of understood or at least hopefully

Understood the theory behind the shot is kind of time to execute as I said we have to shoot a flat lay so this is where we're going to be doing that this is where I do my flat layers cuz I really have much space elsewhere so this

Is kind of the setup I'm using my tripod I've just laid it flat like so and then I to the camera in pointed it downwards straight 90 degrees to get a perfect flatly I don't advise do shooting this

Way do it at your own risk don't do it unless you have a very strong tripod I don't which is why I'm using books as counter hits because otherwise the tripod will definitely dip in you know there will be disasters but

Yeah essentially your first step here is to decide oh by the way I'm shooting on the 6300 as usual you already know that but for those to be there are no new to the channel a 6300 plus Sigma 30 so the first step is to kind of decide what you

Want your backdrop to be so I kinda wanted to go for like a red and white color palette if you will for this particular shot so that's why I'm using this red chart paper cardboard and it's intentionally crumpled or crumbled I'll

Tell you exactly why a little later or but I'm using that because I'm going for a pad red and white sort of color palette and then the next thing you want to decide is where you want to place your phone I decided I would put mine in

The dead center so I'm just using this iPhone 7 box as other kind of stand to lay the phone on and I'm shooting an Android I only have 11 Pro I don't think it's a good phone but you know I don't like iPhones in general but whatever

Other than Android is the poco phone with the capes in deerskin shout-out to capes India now the next thing you want to decide is what is going to be your floor or rather act as your flow plus the props that you wanna use on it so I

Decided to go with this kind of I don't know what you would you even call this design it's just leftover laminate that I have that's what I'm using the next thing you want to kind of figure out is the dressing or the props that you're

Going for in my opinion that's really what sells the effect that what says the shot so I'm using this red guitar tuner because I don't really have anything else that's red and super small I want something

That's red because as I said I'm going for red and white a color palette and then I'm using a basic notebook which actually have in that particular opened up position using a toothpick and all of this is stuck to

This cardboard or laminate using blue tack al of protech now it's something I recently discovered and it's honestly life-changing so next once you've kind of stuck your props through your floor or your piece of cardboard or whatever

It is you kind of wanna lay it like so so that you can learn one second right so you want to basically lay the thing down like so and the goal here is to kind of make it look like you're shooting straight up and not down and

For that you gotta like really use the right props and make sure you don't go overboard at it at the same time so it has to look like basically as I said you shooting straight up and not down so this is really the props that kind of

Sell the effect so find props that you can stick and ones that are not are too big because otherwise it will be hard to stick and then I also finally use this like playing cards or two sets of playing cards which are from Jack

Daniels to kind of fill the frame this is optional but like you know mkbhd obviously this uses Auto props in a shot but I kind of wanted to keep it minimal plus I don't really have much that I could find and this kind of the set

Dressing that I decided to go with it and finally I used a stool to kind of make things easier for myself I'm just laying the thing like so on the stool and that way it's easier for me and really after this all I did is I started

Rolling on the camera and then I had somebody take off the playing cards out of frame and then I remove this out of frame and that's it that's the first half of the intro the second half is done in post we'll talk about

That next well in terms of lighting I've decided to just like go like super flat lighting because that will help with masking if you want to do something complex go ahead but basically I'm just using

One aperture LED light and I'm bouncing it off the wall there so I kind of get like a even flat or light alright the Edit let's jump into Final Cut Pro and I'll kind of break down the edit for you here are two other takes that I shot

Earlier but I don't think those turned out that great so they're gonna get rid of them and focus only on the final take which is this I've already edited it editing it from scratch again would just take too much

Time so I'll just skim through and kind of show you what's going on here the first half of the intro doesn't actually require much work you just have to cut out any excess video that you may have second half is what we'll kind of focus

On so in order to get like the rotation that Marcus did first you need to separate the phone from the background in other words you have to do some masking so to do that just go into the effects panel look for draw masks I'm

Pretty sure premiere has an equivalent of this drop the effect on the clip and just cut the phone out I'm only gonna do a rough cut here to just show you but obviously the more time you spend on it the better your cut is going to be that

Being said don't worry about making it 100% perfect you just have to aim for like 95 98% accuracy and then you can kind of hide the imperfections by adding a little bit of negative feather my mask actually was

Pretty but adding minus 5 on the feather with the imperfections once you've done the mask you see you've cut out the phone and now you can basically go ahead and apply a rotation keyframe in order to rotate just the phone now

Remember I said I intentionally chose to crumble that red background it's because mkbhd shot if you notice closely you'll see that the first half of the intro has a textured white backdrop whereas the second half of where the phone is

Rotating the background turns into a solid not white but almost grey backdrop so we're kind of doing the same here I didn't have a textured red so I just crumbled the paper to give it some texture and for the past and for the

Part where often the masking which is where the phone I'm gonna be using a solid red background and the red basically I just color picked from the red backdrop that I used earlier for the text again it's

The same thing I've just keyframe the basic rotation and had it match the movement of the phone nothing too complex you can also track it if you have a plug-in that does it but I do not so I just did it manually and then as a

Finishing touch I added the black bars added a dolly out keyframe also used the same music as marques because why not I I love it when YouTube gives me a copyright strike in disables monetization

No but seriously if you gonna be doing this please at least use a different track like at least putting something new to the table I obviously just use the same music because I really wanted just like kind of recreate and make it

Look like mkbhd intro as much as possible but if I was actually going to use this obviously I would use a different track in yeah that's about it there it is and Kay PhD is iPhone 11 throw intro I think it turned out pretty

Decent mostly was just a lot of problem solving and a little bit of common sense and just a little bit of technique I don't really think it's that complex you can quite easily replicate it honestly but yeah I enjoyed the process and I

Want to do more stuff like this if you new around here maybe consider subscribing let me know actually what you think of the intro did I do good was it good enough or if I was a complete disgrace at mkbhd and his work and his

Team but if you enjoy watching this video or if you founders have give it a like if you did not put it down let me know in the comments why didn't like it if you're new around here consider subscribing for more videos

It's been suraj thank you for watching take it easy neither someone looks away

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