I Meal Prep For A Week In Under 90 Minutes

published on July 2, 2020

– Hi, I'm Erica

I'm a personal chef,

otherwise known as a
professional meal prepper

Today I'm going to be making enough food

for one week in under 90 minutes

I'm going to be making enough food

for me and my spouse for
dinners for the week,

which comes out to 12 to 14 portions,

and I'm gonna be doing it
in a family style format

On the menu today, we have
seared salmon for a main

We also have a chipotle balsamic

roasted chicken thigh, another main

And then my last main is
going to be a delicious

rice and bean casserole with
a little secret ingredient

in there to up the nutrition content

I'm also doing for a side,
some sweet potato fries,

a black bean salad

And finally, I'm going to be doing

some cumin roasted broccoli

I'll finish all of that
off with just a bed

of romaine that I can
have prepped and ready

to add a little bit of veg to each meal

I'm really excited to get cooking,

and start timing myself

Just as I'm getting started
here I just wanna show you,

I've got my regular setup,

my cutting board that's stabilized,

my sharp knife, my towel

I've got another towel hanging
here, and then my scrap bowl

All of these things are super
important for efficiency

Here are the groceries I picked
up for my quick meal prep

Here are the items that I
pulled out of my own pantry

that I'm going to use today,

including some already made rice,

that I'm gonna work into the meal

And just to timestamp myself,

I am starting right at 12:40 PM

Because I want to have
something in the oven,

on my cutting board, and on
the stove top at most times,

I'm getting started with
the sweet potato fries,

just so I can get something
into the oven right away

Right now I'm about to work on two things

that are gonna speed things up for me

One of which is grouping
my like tasks with like,

I need onion for both my
bean salad, and my casserole,

so I'm going ahead and cutting the onion

for both of those things

And I'm using knife skills
that are gonna speed things up

My knife skills are far from perfect,

but being deft with your
knife is going to make

things go a lot faster for you

One of the main things
you can do is practice

The other thing I recommend is
just YouTubing knife skills,

to properly dice an onion

Okay, I have one dish all done

It's the bean salad, it's very simple

It just marinates in the fridge,
and gets better over time

So I love this dish and it
comes together super quickly

because I'm mainly using
items that are canned,

that I can just dump in

and it gives you a good amount of volume

We're still close to the
beginning of the session,

about half an hour in,

and I've got my chicken marinating here

I like to get my meats marinating earlier

so that they have a little bit more time

to hang out in that marinade

I am prepping my rice
and bean dish right now,

my casserole

I can see some cheese,

black beans and corn,

and then my little secret ingredient

I have some drained
cauliflower rice hanging out

down in there to add some
veggies to this dish,

along with some ready-made brown rice,

it's all gonna get tossed together

with some store bought salsa

I think leaning on a store
bought favorite is totally fine

I like to do this with like
pesto, and marinara sauce

If they're not the star of the dish,

you can get away with using store bought

Okay, so I have a lot of things going on

at this very moment

What I like to do to make
multitasking most effective,

I highly recommend you start
with an order of operations

On my phone I do have a list

of all the things that needs to get done

for this meal prep to go successfully,

down to like mincing cilantro

I have ordered that in
a way that I am working

with something on my cutting board,

working with something on my stove top,

and in my oven all at once

Right now on my list what I have going on

is I actually have two things in the oven,

I have my chicken roasting,

and I've got broccoli
roasting in the second one

On my stove top, my pan is heating up

so I can start searing off the salmon

On my cutting board, a head of romaine

that I'm about to cut
so that I can have it

as a base for salads
throughout these meals

So again, I just wanna stress

the importance of multitasking

And if you can give yourself a list,

or a task sheet to make that
more feasible for yourself,

you're gonna go a lot faster

All right, I'm over here
getting ready to do my salmon,

which is not so much a
recipe as it is a method

So I've got my smoking hot pan here,

it needs to be an oven safe pan

I'm adding 'bout two tablespoons of oil,

you want a high heat oil,

otherwise you're gonna get a yucky

oil tastes on your fish

This is my favorite way to cook salmon,

it's super simple and super tasty


And it's very fast


My sweet potatoes are out of the oven,

and all packaged up
because they've cooled

All I did for these is
cut them into planks,

and they get tossed with olive oil,

and salt, and pepper if you want

For the broccoli I did similar,

cut them into bite size florets,

and both of those got roasted at 400

Then popping them in the oven,

you can be doing a lot of different things

as those things roast

All right, it is two PM

I just pulled the chicken out of the oven,

and that was the last thing
I needed to finish up

So I came in under an hour
and a half by a few minutes,

which is great

Here we have our finished prep

What we have is two servings

of this balsamic chili
roasted chicken thigh,

two servings of the seared salmon dish,

at least four servings of
this bean and rice casserole

We've got two to three
servings of sweet potato fries,

same for cumin roasted broccoli,

quite a few servings of this bean salad

And then I've just sliced some romaine,

so that we can add it to our
meals as a little veggie side

But this is gonna give us
enough food for the week

Just like for me,

for you, practice is
what's going to help you

get faster in the kitchen

What I highly recommend is starting out

with a menu that feels
very manageable to you

As you work on a volume of food,

or a menu that feels manageable,

you're gonna increase your speed,

and your confidence in general

I'm active on Instagram,

so you can check me out there,

or you can find me at my
website, freshericacom

where you can find my ebook

You'll find even more
tips on gaining speed

That's it for me,

thank you so much for
cooking along with me

I look forward to cooking
more with you in the future

(classical music)

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