I Made my Own VR Headset… using duct tape and milk cartons

published on July 17, 2020

so a lot of you guys want to see me make a a vr game which is it it's a pretty good idea I'll just go ahead and make a VR game with the VR headset I don't have

Oh wait and so the only obvious solution here is to make my own VR headset because clearly I can't afford a real one I'm really poor this is what poverty looks like don't judge so the first thing I'm going to need is the base of

The VR headset itself and I think I have just the thing for the job here's what we're gonna need empty milk carton scissors not glass mill duct a duck-duck marker phone now this is going to be a very simple process and pretty much

Anyone can make this it should take like about five minutes or something first we marked the area where the phone will be located then we use the other milk carton as a ruler to draw lines along the main cart once this is done we

Can start cutting shop so as a Swedish man once said and now we have a hold for the phone let's test it it's great now my phone is stuck in a 15 mil Cartman I can't get it out of myself more cutting Jojo big hole now you can insert the

Phone and you can see it through the big hole now all we need is a tiny bit of duct tape perfect now cut the duct tape into small pieces no job then we place them inside of the

Main milk carton which will support the phone and hold it in place Wow look it install it being held in place amazing get another milk carton and start slicing it up chop-chop fuck there's still milk in there now we

Need to fit it to my face chop chop chop chop chop chop more duct tape I said more duct tape now probably the main feature of this headset is it's completely wireless which puts it leagues above all of your current VR

Headsets because they all have stupid wires which is just annoying you can also unscrew the lids now can a real VR headset do that I don't think so so all that's left now is to make some games we can play on the on the oculus

Milk we're gonna make some games for oculus rift it's gonna be great let's do it first off I made a test scene just make sure everything is configured right after everything is set up I put my VR headset the oculus milk

On which is a really simple process and as you can see I can fully look around in all directions and even move around it's just like real life I can't even tell the difference it feels like I'm just on a walk but I also want to be

Able to interact with menus and perform actions but here's the problem I don't have any VR arms I only have my face which got me thinking what other sensors can we use that's when I was reminded of this crackhead preschooler screaming at

A microwave and I realized screaming is the optimal solution so let's try that again ha Wow what a success that was usually VR headsets make you really motion sick and

Dizzy but I barely noticed anything when using mine so now let's make another game now the most popular VR game is probably beat saber and when I visit to the Unity headquarters in Denmark I actually got to try beat saber for

Myself which was really awesome and then me and Noah liked it so much we actually stole like three or four of the headsets and then just ran we just we just we just got out of there dude anyway so before the police shows up let's just

Make this beat saber game so first I put together a basic scenery and then I made some particle using unit is particles ooze and here is what it looks like so far then I copied the Start menu from beat

Saber and also gave the player a massive laser pp now the entire point of beat saber is to slice cubes it's kind of like fruit ninja but without the fruit and without the ninja so it's actually nothing like fruit ninja anyway I made a

Cube and is it just me or is that keep looking kinda then by using the easi slice framework for unity we can do this chop chop and there is some footage of me testing it out and slicing a bunch of cubes with my massive laser pp all

That's left now is to make the cubes move towards the players so let's give it a shot and then I became a Jedi for a while and finally ended up with this now you might think this is actually the real beat saber but it's actually just

My version and I've called it bad savor also all of the music for my game is provided by my man Evan King check out his channel which is linked down below he's almost a 20k sub so you know what to do gamers but that being said let's

Try out bad sabre on the milk ulis rift the oculus Milch there's only one color release in flask boring oh yeah party or solo I don't have any friends so I think we're gonna have to go with solo here huh let's

Start a bit easy ah oh yeah let me go it's just a real beat sabers cuz I can't tell the difference my necks turning to heard of it I'm getting Bush's sake oh oh oh

Emotions thick holy let's do one more okay this is a bit easier yeah I'm so motion to say no no okay so uh that worked out much better than expected it really felt like I was playing the real beat saber and again I

Didn't even get slightly nauseous or motions sake at all so let's let's make another game pistol whip is another really cool VR game so yeah we're just gonna make a mini version out of that teeth first I just got a pistol into the

Game beep because it's called pistol whip we kind of need to have a pistol in the game you know I'm saying then I found the ninja model on the asset store and made a run animation and is it just me or is that ninja lurking kinda so the

Ninja can now run and I can shoot him in his stupid face which is pretty cool and then I did some more polishing put together a quick map and here is the results the music in this game is of course as well by your boy Evan King so

Check him out with link in the description but with this being done let's try this on our oculus male end up and see how well it works let's just get started

Ah so after making all of this I found out there's this thing called Google cardboard some idiots actually made a VR headset out of cardboard can you believe

It it's a stupidest thing I've ever seen why would anyone do something as ridiculous as this I I would never ever consider making something dumb white like VR headset made out of cardboard come on dude are you kidding me

Anyway Google very clearly stole my idea here so I Google if you're watching this I challenge you to a boxing match one on one the only thing missing to make the oculus milk perfect is implementing VR hands so it's more like a proper VR

Headsets and also I won't have to scream because my neighbors keep calling the police for some reason I don't know what that's all about anyway there's just one problem and that is I'm using my phone so there is no way to do this or is

There what if we theoretically set up a server on my computer connect the main phone to the server and then we get two more phones which will be used as hands and then we send information from these phones to the computer back to my main

Phone now you might be saying I didn't understand any of that and also wouldn't it be easier to just go buy a proper VR headset probably am I going to do that though no I don't think I will so in the next part

Of this video we're gonna make a VR headset with VR hands so make sure you smash subscribe so you don't miss it you doofus also wishes my game Carlsen on Steam to make me bigboy okay just just do it check out my

Social media Twitter Facebook we even got Instagram now so you know how are you doing fellow kids am i hip enough for you now anyway that's gonna be a for me thank you so much for watching I really appreciate you you're awesome

Make sure you smash like if you like smash dislike if you don't as always drink your milk hit the sack hits Billy because Billy but don't hit women cuz that's bad okay see ya

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