I Made Grilled Cheese Sandwiches Using 11 Hacks In A Row • Tasty

published on July 2, 2020

– Hi guys It's Alvin

And I love grilled cheese

I think it's an amazing comfort food,

and we actually made a
20 pound grilled cheese

on our Tasty show, "Making
it Big" which was pretty fun

My friend Annie, who's the
producer of this video,

sent me over eleven grilled cheese hacks

to try and make a grilled cheese

and they look really fun,

so I'm excited to try them out

My ideal grilled cheese is

two slices of bread,

at least two kinds of cheese,

toasted in butter until both
sides are evenly golden brown

And the inside is nice, gooey and melty

You can't really go wrong with that

Pretty good

Okay, so the first hack
is to use a baker-style,

thicker kind of loaf cut of bread

I think this will give the
grilled cheese a nice texture

and make it better to eat and
have it be more interesting

I like this kind of bread

Second hack is to toast the
inside of the bread before

actually toasting the outside
as you would, normally

I think the goal here is to
get a nice, crispy texture

I'm actually really excited to try this

because I want that extra
crispy crunch at the end

I guess we won't know until
the whole sandwich is done

Okay, the next hack it
to rub a clove of garlic

on the bread after it's cooked

I'm excited about this
one too because it means

I don't have to chop up garlic
to make my grilled cheese

have a garlic flavor,
which is really nice

And I feel like it's just
gonna be more of a nice,

garlic flavor, rather than just chunks

It smells great

So the next hack is to
use multiple cheeses

to provide a wide range of
texture, flavor, meltiness,

all that good stuff

On the internet, I read
that three to five is great,

so obviously I chose five

Okay, so here are the five cheeses

There's cheddar, which
is your classic yellow

Cheddar's just a nice cheese to have

This is gruyere,

which I think is actually one of the best

cheeses in grilled cheese,
'cause even thought it's

super strong, and maybe
funky before it's cooked,

I think after it's cooked
it's sweet and mellow

and really good, which is nice

Parmesan cause parmesan is

just really good in general

I got some provolone for a
different, more mild flavor

and it adds that meltiness and chewiness

And muenster

This cheese, which has the
signature tiger stripe outline

It's also really melty and really good

So, the next hack is to
shred the cheese into shreds

rather than just cutting
them into slices or blocks

I have a cheese grater here

It's not a full one, but
hopefully it's gonna work

I think the idea here is to
make the cheese more uniform

when it melts so you don't have pockets

of unmelted cheese and
pockets of over-cooked cheese,

So, that makes total sense

The next hack is to spread
mayo instead of butter

onto the bread before cooking

I actually heard a lot about this one

I've never tried it in real life

So, I'm really excited to try it

I'm not sure how it's going to taste

In theory it makes sense
'cause mayo has eggs and oil

and that all could caramelize nicely, but

I'll have to try it before I see if it's

better than butter

Okay, I think it's time
to assemble the sandwich

So, I want to start with
the shredded so it can

fill in these holes and
not spill everywhere

Actually, the shredding
is a really good idea

because I think with a bread like this

it really does

stay in there more because
of all the big holes

we just talked about

So, it's almost like the
two hacks are working

in conjunction


The next hack is to actually
cook the grilled cheese

separately in two different pans

I'm not sure this is
gonna be worth the trouble

because you have to get another pan dirty,

and when you put them
together there's a chance

it could spill, but
apparently it helps the cheese

melt faster

I'm gonna try and see if this
is actually worth the trouble

Yeah, apparently the
grilled cheese isn't done

until the cheese starts oozing, and well,

oh yeah!

It's definitely oozing

So, this is the grilled cheese

It kind of has all the hacks

The mayo crust, the bread,
the multiple cheeses,

the shredded

I'm excited to eat this
'cause I just want to know

which ones were actually worth it

Oh ho ho

Oh it's really good


The bread is nice 'cause
it's nice and chewy

kind of like I thought

It absorbs all that cheese
into the holes which is great

So the pre-toasting hack,

I don't think it made a
difference just 'cause

I couldn't tell the inside was toasted

It's not like it was extra crunchy

The garlic hack was kind
of fun, and it makes sense

in theory, but honestly,
I didn't really taste it

at the end, so, probably not worth it

I like the multiple cheese hack

I think it makes a lot of sense

I think if you have a lot of
cheeses it's a lot of flavor

You don't miss the mayo, which is nice

I couldn't tell it was a mayo crust

I don't know why the two
pans thing is a thing

Pretty good, pretty good,
pretty good grilled cheese

There's other couple
of grilled cheese hacks

that I want to try that are really cool

So, I want to show you guys what they are

Okay, so I have two
sandwiches that I just made

exactly like the other one

This one we're actually
gonna cook with brown butter

in the pan which sounds really good

This one we're actually gonna
try a technique I saw online

from Chef John from Food Wishes

He actually uses actual
cheese on the outside,

and it cooks in the pan,
and it gives it a really

nice crust

I'm really excited for that

I really like brown butter

I used it in a lot of baked
goods like cookies and stuff,

but I think it's just an
amazing thing, overall

So you get so much flavor
from browning butter

Big boy, go in

Making sure the bread can
get all that great stuff

that we just worked really hard to make

(slow music)

It probably exists online,
but I like the idea of it,

is to actually put some honey on the bread

as it caramelizes, so that
when it's almost done,

honey can almost act as another

thin layer of caramelized sugar
that gives it extra crunch

All right guys, this is it

Oh my God, look at this

This beautiful honey-brown
butter glazed grilled cheese


It's so good!

Holy moly!

The honey and the brown
butter, absolute game changer

It's sweet, it's crusty, it's great

There's so much flavor

It balances with the cheese so well

I mean, I like putting honey
and brown butter in things,

but grilled cheese

It might sound weird to put
something sweet, but the

crust and the flavor it
gives with the cheese,

it's amazing!

Oh my God, it's so good

Okay, so the last hack
is to cook sandwich,

but instead of using
butter or stuff in the pan,

we're gonna use actual cheese

I think the idea is to get
this cheese to brown up

and then stick to this

as a crust, so it's almost like an

inside-out grilled cheese

But, if Chef John from Food
Wishes did it, and it works,

I trust him because he is
the OG master, so we'll

see how it goes

Okay, if I mess this up
it will probably be 'cause

it's my technique, but
I'll do my best to try to

get to where the hack is supposed to be

(slow music)


Okay, this is the third one

The inside-out grilled cheese, I guess

It looks really greasy

Yeah, I think there's
just so much cheese that,

maybe I just put too much
in the middle or too much

overall, but let's see how it tastes

It's really sharp and strong

'cause of all the salt

If you love that, then I
think this is the perfect

sandwich for you

Me, a little too salty,
a little too greasy

My roommate love cheese, so

I'm gonna give this to her

But, I don't think I can
take more than a couple

bites of this one

So, those were the eleven
hacks of my grilled cheese

My favorite three:

The first one's gotta be
the sourdough bread or

any sort of thick-cut bread

A lot of texture, a lot of flavor

I think it's way better
than the store-bought,

sandwich, white bread

But, there's nothing
wrong with that as well

My second favorite hack is
definitely multiple cheeses

I think it's great to have a lot,

but obviously you can
make it with one or two

It will still be awesome

And the third one, I really
gotta give it to the honey one

That one was so cool

I love sweet and savory, and
I love glazing a lot of things

in honey, so having that
extra shine, extra crust,

that glistening, crackly sort
of texture that isn't just

bread, it's really good

Hopefully, you guys enjoyed
making your grilled cheeses

And, I'm gonna go exercise a lot now


(slow music)

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