I Made a Game About MrBeast Planting Trees!

published on July 17, 2020

Now one very important thing when growing trees is to never step on the saplings because they're extremely fat God fuck don't you just hate it when you try to breathe but there's no oxygen and then you're like oh fuck I can't breathe and then you die I hate that too but

Luckily for you I have the solution trees last week team trees was announced which is possibly the biggest YouTube event ever organized by mr feast and a lot of other big youtubers to plant 20 million trees within 2019 so about two

Months and when I heard about this I thought it was a great idea so naturally I went outside to plant a tree of my own but then I realized I'm a nerd who hasn't been outside for years so the Sun will now burn off my skin if I come in

Contact with it so that didn't really work out now the other option is to donate and you can donate to team trees org and every dollar equals one tree so if you donate like fifty dollars that's like god that's like at least ten trees

It's a lot of trees it's pretty cool now I don't really have a million dollars lying around like Elon Musk's so I can't really donate that much but then it came to me the perfect idea a genius way for me and even you watching this

Video to help donate to teen trees okay hear me out a game about planting trees and you're probably thinking how the fuck does that help well we'll get to that very soon so here's what happened I sent a message to my friend Evan and I

Was like hey Evan I need some music from a tree game sure I'll cook up some good music and I was like nice and then I was like okay time to make a game and then I made the game Kapow and then I put Evans music into the game game with music

You play as mr beast and your goal is to well behind trees I know it's super creative you can even unlock a bunch of characters like PewDiePie to water your trees with G fuel which makes them grow quickly obviously that's that's basic

Science everybody knows trees like G fuel that's how it works right or you can buy mark grow grow who will fly around on his Joe and and plant trees or perhaps Davy 5:04 who will dig holes in the ground with his guitar or

Maybe tree alone musk who is running around and planting trees for you I mean the possibilities are endless actually there's only like 10 characters so they're not really endless actually the possibilities are like 10

So yeah so back to the question you're still probably asking yourself how does that help well I'll tell you right now buddy the game is available on Android so if you have one you can go ahead and download the game right now with the

Link in the description down below and all of the ad revenue during November and December will be donated towards teen trees org so technically you can plant real trees by planting virtual trees pea-brain

The game is also available for Windows Linux and Mac unfortunately though there are no ads for PC so the only way to really support in that way is through Android unfortunately I could not get it for Apple in time because it just takes

Way longer to get your app on Apple then it does for Android so that kind of sucks but that's just how it is so while downloading the game keep watching cuz we're about to dig into how I made this masterpiece of

so I started by making a trellis to keep track of everything I need to do and the very first thing on that list is to put mr beast our protagonist into the game so I quickly put him together in

Photoshop written him in unity made some quick animations and programmed in some movements and just like that mr beast can now move around in the world next up it would be pretty cool if you could actually plant trees so in order to do

That I made a quick grid system that will keep track of the trees and the holes in the ground and after some quick coding you can now dig holes into the ground you don't even need a shovel you just use your psychic powers it's pretty

Cool and of course we need something to put into the hole so I made a thick tree in Photoshop did some more programming and you can now stuff trees into the holes but nothing is really happening after you stuff the trees in so I did

Even more coding and the trees are now growing amazing you probably didn't know but it's a scientifically proven fact that by cuddling with trees they will definitely grow faster then I made a shovel and a pickup system so you can

Throw the shovel around and dig holes because that's kind of necessary but he's still using his psychic powers to make holes so I made an actual digging animation added some particles and just like that you can now dig a proper hole

And stuff a tree into it and it will grow just like real life it's crazy now one very important thing when growing trees is to never step on the saplings because they're extremely fresh God fucking did you know that water consists

Of like 99% water probably not anyway because of this we're going to add water into the game so you can grow the trees faster because trees like water so I added into the game and just like that you can now water the trees with a water

Can just like real life then I made a quick shopkeeper who will sell your trees and some other small stuff and some helpers for now you can only buy Chandler from mr beast who who run around and dig holes for you and he's

Not very good at finding places to dig some for the most parts he just kind of runs forth and back I started a day off with a quick workout session and then got home and started streaming development at twitchtv slash

Danny milkman link in description down below just saying go follow me please and we got to work on making more helpers during the stream so first up we made Marc Rober who will fly around on a drone and plant trees just like in this

Video well I guess technically he wasn't actually standing on top of the drone but we don't know what happened off camera so you know maybe it happened and after that I made Destin from smarter every day who will walk around and water

Your trees and finally we got Jake from mr beast in there who will help you collect your trees so you don't have to do it yourself and then after the stream I got to work on some save file so you can save your progress which didn't take

Very long as I've done this before and finally for today I made Linus from Linus tech tips and once you buy him he will set up a new shop where you can buy upgrades once I get to implement that but one more thing before I go to sleep

I added keemstar the garden gnome who will boost your tree growth by 50% perfection but it's been a long day so it's finally time to hit the sack one of the biggest problems with the game so far is that once you grow a tree

You just collect it and it kind of just disappears so the solution I landed on was to put all the trees you grow into the background so you can actually see your

Progress this makes more sense than the tree is just disappearing since the goal of the entire event is to plant trees and if they just go away it doesn't really make a whole lot of sense after this was done I got to work on making

More trees and adding them to the shop so you can now buy more expensive ones they will take longer to grow but will also give more money back so it's kind of like an investment I guess big brand stuff and of course I made some quick

Sound effects using SFX or and now before going any further I need to make this work on mobiles as quickly as possible so I can submit it to Google Playstore and get it reviewed as soon as I can it's currently Monday and I want

This video off by Friday or Saturday which means we have about four to five days for Google to review the app if I manage to submit it now so let's hope all goes well and I got it working on my phone quick enough and after a lot of

Messing around and polishing I sent out a somewhat working version to the Google Play Store so now we just wait for Google and and pray that they review it in time and hopefully they do but that is going to be it for me for today I'm

Gonna go hit the sack and continue tomorrow it's day four and this will be my final day of work before finishing the project which means I need to do a lot of

Polishing and balancing so I sent out some copies of the game to some people on my discord server who helped test it out a bit there's a link to our server down below by the way you should totally check it out and also massive shout out

To evil who spent many many hours testing my game and giving me great feedback and while polishing the game I also added a brand new song you can buy for around ten thousand gold which is all the way to the right in there you

Can buy four new types of trees the most expensive one obviously being the banana tree because that's top tier and I also added four new characters where tree lawn musk is the most expensive one as a tribute to Elan since he donated 1

Million dollars to the cause which is absolutely amazing anyway here you can see them in action David 504 will dig up holes with his guitar PewDiePie will water them with his G

Fuel which you know it only makes sense because trees love jet fuel Allen Walker who also donated like $100,000 he walks around and picks up trees for you and finally Elon Musk which is the highest tier characters and he will plant trees

For you so the only thing left to do now is wait for Google to review the app which is honestly kind of nerve-wracking because if they don't review this within three days I'll have to delay the game and this video by a lot like until next

Week so I really need this out by Saturday so it's currently Friday and I had actually given up I'm trying to get the game out by Saturday but then now my friend the Dutch magic harp sent me a DM

And showed that the game was actually live and so I went ahead and checked it and as you can see Oh God I don't know why there was so many black bars but as you can see it's actually published just today which is just in

Time so that's perfect I'm really happy that's great so yeah that means we can get this video up on Saturday which is exactly what I wanted so that's great that is actually amazing so here you can see the app it is live

On the Play Store and if we go ahead and hit open it should work oh boy so there we go and as you can tell everything is working smoothly so that was pretty close but we barely just did it so Evan King just finished the

Soundtrack for the game which is absolutely dope he is a really talented artist there is a link to his channel down below you should totally check it out so I will put this new music into the game and then just make sure

Everything is updated and published that version to Google Play and then we should be ready to go live so there it is if you have an Android make sure to check out the game with the link in the description down below or just search

For it I guess I don't know and has already mentioned all of the ad revenue from this game during November and December will be donated towards Team twist org so you can help out by literally just playing a game and you

Can also download for Windows Mac and Linux but there are unfortunately no ads there or just go to team trees Oregon donate there I would encourage anyone watching this video to donate just a tiny bit every little bit helps even if

It's just one dollar I will be donating a hundred dollars as I don't have thousands of dollars to throw away but hopefully we can raise a bit more together with this app so that's really going to be it I want to say thank you a

Lot for watching my video I really appreciate it if you enjoyed it then smash like and subscribe and if you didn't then smash dislike massive thanks to all my supporters on patreon you guys absolutely Rock and as always drink your

Milk hit the sack and plant some trees because it's good for the environment and stuff I like breathing so we just probably times entry Sarah

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