I Made a 3D Game To Prove Him Wrong (Part 2)

published on July 17, 2020

Welcome back to another episode of I don't know what the fuck I'm doing anymore in the last episode Jotaro challenged me to make a 3d game why you don't try and make a 3d game or you can't do that so I made a first-person parkour think and today we're gonna

Finish it and upload it for everyone to play I started off by adding some subtle speed lines at the very edges of the screen that indicate how fast you're going and also makes you feel like an airplane which you know is pretty cool

Because airplanes are cool and I achieve this effect using a particle system in front of the player next up I finished a grappling gun by animating the rope and making the swinging more realistic and fun to play around with so with the

Basics done we have to make some maps so you can actually play the game because you know that that'd be pretty cool I got to work on the first map which is a tutorial level it's pretty straightforward and just teaches you how

To play it's just like my grandma used to tell me bruh Dani tutorials are lit yeah a big problem with the grappling gun is that it's very hard to aim while moving

At high speeds so I implemented an auto aim feature that helps you aim at the spot closest to your aim and with that done we can go back to working on maps again so I started putting together the first level which is like literally just

A couple of boxes and a table don't forget the table it's a fine table handcrafted by yours truly I made sure to build it strong and sturdy so it doesn't fall apart and can take a bit of it physics make me go yes so I did some

Coding and just like that you can now pick up and throw objects around which is pretty fun smash like now if this makes you go yes now as you know ragdolls make me go very much yes so of course I implemented the ability to drag

Around and play with rag dolls because if who doesn't like to play around with dead bodies am i right come on it's not just me or yeah it's just me shit and I implemented a line that shows you how you're dragging an object which leads us

To this clip so doors are pretty cool since you can walk through them and stuff so I'm gonna make my first model using blender which will be a door and when I say model I'm he literally just a rectangle because I

Don't know how to do more than that in blender okay don't judge me guys this is literally me when I walk through a door smash subscribe now if that's totally relatable guys then I used a blender

Plug-in to split director I mean the door into pieces and using this we now have a destructible door have you ever stopped and considered why do I have ears probably not because you're not a big brain like me but it's actually so

You can hear sounds and stuff so I found some free sound effects from GDC and made a slow-motion sound effect using fruity loops and here is the results if milk was considered alcohol I would probably be an alcoholic because I drink

A lot of milk I don't know where I'm going with this so anyway I modeled a milk carton in blender which is probably my first model that's not just a cube yeah this is pretty advanced we're doing a triangle on top of a cube yeah I know

Insane then I slapped it into the game turned it into a spinning boy and also gave it a white outline so the goal of the game is to reach the milk because the bad guys took it from you so now you have to get it back based on a true

Story I'll never forgive you Jonny your fucking sack of shit anyway I also added a timer because this game is based on my 2d game Carlsen which people started speedrunning for some reason so I figured I might as well add a timer then

Oh and like Obama once said in a presidential speech daddy you dumbass you need to make a main menu so I got to work on a main menu which I spent like five hours on and I was really happy with it and then I managed to delete the

Entire thing and now I don't have it anymore so a pro tip to all of you game devs out there don't be an idiot like me just don't be like me at all and you're probably fine so I put it all together again and here

In all of its glory I also added a setting to lower the graphics for all of my boys out there with bad computers and your best time on maps will also be displayed now but as you might be able to tell this room is about as empty as

My brain is pretty goddamn empty so we need to make some more models and so I got to work on some office props I started with a locker then I made a computer screen and here it all is in game it's looking pretty good but I feel

Like something is missing and I'm not sure exactly what that every good game has explosions so first I made an explosive barrel model in blender which is probably the coolest goddamn cylinder you've ever seen in your life I also

Made a texture in Photoshop and I'm gonna be honest with you I've never done this before I have no idea what to think I'm doing but anyway so I tried to texture and it failed miserably like my life man these strokes are getting

Pretty old but after some messing around I got it working properly and here it is in action it's not really action it's kind of just standing still but it there it is now saying an explosive barrel in the middle of an office

Totally natural and using Unidas particle system I made an explosion effect which if I may say so myself it's looking pretty fucking sick and here is a result of everything we've put together so far it's all coming together

Really nicely and I'm pretty happy with the progress so far it would be a damn shame if something were to happen like for example the entire project getting corrupted because of a blackout herself you know as a facility

so the project is tons of files are corrupted nothing works many errors nice but by some miracle my friend warned me of the power being cut in the area so I made a backup literally ten minutes

Before it happened I'm not even kidding shout out to evil for saving my fucking ass we're back in action baby let's go and now I need to make more maps for everyone to play so first I made a sandbox level which has a ton of

Obstacles enemies and props to play around with oh and you can also rocket jump on explosions which pretty cool then I made a second sandbox level which is pretty much the map you saw in the

First part of this video but with a bit more things around the level to mess around with and the reason I'm making a lot of these sandbox levels is because they're easy to make and still pretty fun to play on after some play testing I

Realize that it's kind of hard to notice when you're in slow motion so to fix this I added a distortion filter so you can hear when you're in a slow motion let's give it a try and see what it sounds like after blowing out my

Eardrums and turning my brain into liquid I cleaned up the mess and then fixed it and the slow motion now feels much better as it's very clear whenever it happens then I got to work on some gun models in blender to spice up the

Graphics a bit because it looks a bit bland currently so I started with a pistol then I made an SMG you see the thing I don't know and I also made a new grappler gun so here you can see them in action it's just a bit prettier to look

At them coat was previous in the game because they were just kind of squares so yeah it's a bit cooler I also put together a shotgun which is probably my best model so far and I gave it a ton of recoil so you can use it to fly around

and finally I made some sort of grenade launcher pistol futuristic thing I don't know it shoots explosive bullets which is pretty cool and since I'm not really sure exactly what this is I'm just gonna

Call it a Boomer because because it goes boom and yeah and you can use it to blow up enemies but more importantly you can use it to blow up yourself which is great cuz rocket jumps are sick obviously this and the shotgun is highly

Inspired by Team Fortress 2 and finally I got back to making some more maps now the second map is just a bit of parkour and enemies and stuff and suddenly boom lava what tough walk and for the third map I just said it and made lava

Everywhere because because lava is kind of cool I guess this one is just high speed grappling sliding jumping through holes and all of that fun stuff so not really a whole lot of enemy it's not really a whole lot of purpose but

There's lava and there's jumps so that's pretty cool obviously these maps are pretty bad and rushed and only took me a couple of hours to make because I have to get this video done and uploaded by Friday so I

Don't really have time for much more than this but I would love to work more on them in the future and possibly introduce a map editor so I can get you guys to do the job for me because then I don't have to do anything which is great

Then I've been king of order a new song on his channel and since the game currently doesn't have any music and this song is absolutely slapping I put it into the game

There's a link to Evans channel down below go subscribe now or I will slap you with a sack I also added some more settings and finally some more maps so there's a bit more gameplay to play and I set up a steam page since I want to

Keep working on the game and turn it into a full release so if you follow the link in the description you can wish this the game on Steam and if the link doesn't work then you'll have to wait a couple of days until the page has been

Approved by steam then I uploaded a game to itch dot IO so if you follow the link in the description down below you can download the game for a completely free and I'm not supposed to give my personal opinion here but that's a great price

It's available for Windows Mac and Linux though I haven't tested it on Linux and Mac so I can't really confirm if it works there or not do you keep in mind it's all pretty rushed there are still many bugs the movement is kind of wonky

And definitely need some work especially when it comes to wall running because for example if you hit the roof or something things get a bit weird but that being said it's still a fun little game also big shout out to evil and

Janek on discord who played tested the game and gave me tons of great feedback a lot of people have also asked for source code for the movement so I'll upload that and post it on my tutorial channel when I have cleaned it up a bit

Link to my tutorial channel is in the description down below anyway that's gonna be it for me thank you so much for watching make sure to smash subscribe for more trashy content like this because at 1 million subscribers I'm

Doing a milk reveal and you definitely don't want to miss that so much like if you liked the video smash dislike if you don't and remember hit the sack drink milk and don't be whack you wacko

so I promised a foot reveal at 300,000 subscribers so here you go weirdos enjoy my foots I guess I don't know

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