I Made 3 Meals With Only 5 Ingredients • Tasty

published on July 2, 2020

– Super simple, super quick

Oh I could eat this all day

So today I'm going to
be challenging myself

I'm going to attempt to
make all three of my meals

using only five key ingredients

Eggs, potatoes, tomatoes,
onions and flour

I'll also be using water,
oil, salt and pepper

and that's because I need
water oil to be able to cook

and salt and pepper
because unseasoned food

isn't that great

All of these recipes will
be available on Tastyco

And if you're one of
those people who comments

about never having the right ingredients

Try the what's in your kitchen
feature on the Tasty app

You can put in up to three
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Let's get started

(upbeat music)

Making Eggs in Purgatory,
which is just eggs poached

in a tomato sauce

My pan just warming up over medium heat

Now I'm adding my olive oil

Once my oil is at temperature
I'm going to add my onions

And I'm just letting these
go about five minutes

until they're nice and soft

So I am adding water,

cherry tomatoes, adding
some salt, pepper, pepper,

pepper, pepper, pepper, pepper

Toss those, just make sure
everything is nice and coated

At this point you can also add

whatever vegetables you may
want, garlic, peppers, whatever

I'm not adding any because it doesn't fit

into my five ingredients

But you can do whatever
you want at this point

Will this fit?

Oh I need a bigger lid

And I'm just going to cover, woo

I don't have a lid that's
big enough to fit on this pan

so I'm just going with what I got

And I'm gonna let this go for
about five to seven minutes

Are you hungry?

It's been about seven minutes
so far and my tomatoes

are just starting to fall apart

You don't want them to
completely break down,

you want them to remain
a little bit chunky,

add a little bit of that texture there

What I'm going to do is I'm
going to make little wells

in my tomato,

hit it with a little salt, pepper

I'm just gonna let this go
for about five to six minutes

until my whites are set
but my yolk is still

a little bit runny

That's all it takes to
make eggs in purgatory

Super simple, super quick

Hey Liz?

You hungry?

Oh hell ya, the tomatoes and
onions are nice and jammy,

and the eggs are nice and
runny, this is a great way

to start the day

(guitar music)

It is lunch time, which
means I'm going to be making

something a little bit more
intensive, a Tortilla Espanola

You can have it for breakfast,
you can have it for lunch,

you can have it for dinner,
you can even have it

as a snack

Get my burner on medium high
heat and I'm going to add

a lot of olive oil, and I want my oil

to just start to shimmer a little bit

So I'm going to add my potatoes

As well as my onions and my salt

So you can actually
see some of my potatoes

and onions sticking up
from underneath the oil

You want everything to
be submersed so feel free

to add more oil as you go
just to make sure everything

is nice and covered

At this point I'm just
gonna let everything cook

until it's fork tender,
which should take roughly,

five to seven minutes

I just want to test with one

And that is fork tender right there

So my potatoes are cooked at this point,

so I just need to get it off the heat

and get everything strained,

ever so carefully

Go, go, go, go

Let that chill off to the side

While my potatoes are
chilling, I'm gonna get started

on my egg mixture

I have a large bowl here

in which I'm going to crack six eggs

Uno, dos,

quattro, cinco, seis

A little bit of salt

Some pepper, pepper, pepper, (beeps)

you're gonna wanna whisk for
about two to three minutes

At this point I'm going to bring back

my cooled potato and onion mixture

Add those back and then
I'm just going to fold

all of this together

This needs to sit for about
five minutes at this point

That's really going to allow
your potatoes to soak up

your egg mixture

This is a great time to
add any other ingredients

you want in your tortilla,
meats, vegetables, you name it

This is all I'm going
to have but feel free

to go wild and customize
it however you want

My ingredients have had a
moment to get to know each other

over about medium heat, I
am adding three tablespoons

of my reserved oil

I'm going to add my
potato and egg mixture

Just get that nice and even

We want it all to cook
at about the same time

And I'm letting this go for
about four to five minutes

until the edges get nice and lacy

Oh, where's my thing?

I need to get my tortilla out of here,

flipped and then back into the pan

So what I'm going to do is,
I'm gonna kill the heat,

I'm going to remove my
pan, add a heat proof bowl

to the top, and this next part, just do it

as confidently as possible, do
it in one motion if you can

Whoop, oh yeah

Oh baby

Get my heat back on, I'm going
to add one more tablespoon

of my oil, slide this guy right back in

And I'm just gonna go around
and tuck all the sides in

so it looks nice

Now that this is flipped
I'm gonna let it go

for about two to three minutes
until it's cooked through

Oh my god that smells so good

This bad boy is good

I'm going to slide it out

Ha ha, oh, not quite done yet

I'm gonna let this rest for
about five to 10 minutes

and then I can cut it up and serve it

You guys ready to eat?

You guys sound like you're dying

Oh, a little bit of olive oil,

little bit of pepper, some coarse salt

All right, what do we think?

– It's delicious

– It's amazing

– 10 out of 10, recommend

– This is real good

The potatoes are nice and creamy and warm

and it's salty and I
could eat this all day

It's like a quiche, if a
quiche met a scalloped potato

All right, I will see
you guys at dinner time

(smooth music)

I am going to use all five
of my allotted ingredients

to make potato gnocchi
with a quick tomato sauce

I have a pot of water
here, already at nice boil

I'm going to add salt and I'm
going to lower my potatoes in

I'm gonna let these go for
about 20 to 25 minutes,

just until they're tender
enough to pierce with a fork

In the meantime I'm going
to get started on my sauce

I've a pan here over medium heat

And I am adding my olive
oil, I'm adding my onions

And I'm letting these cook for
about five to seven minutes

My onions are nice and
soft which means it's time

to add my tomatoes

So I'm gonna let these go
until they start to burst,

much similar to how I
made the Eggs in Purgatory

in the morning

All I have left to add to this is water

and just a splash more olive oil

If you want to add more to
your sauce, you totally can

You can add garlic, you can
add all sorts of herbs to it

I'm going to let this
go for about 15 minutes

so the tomatoes can
break down and cook down

and form a cohesive sauce

I'm ready to start making
my gnocchi at this point

And you can use a ricer, potato masher,

anything that give you a
cohesive, broken down potato

That looks good enough to me,

scrape off any of the excess,
and to add my one egg,

incorporate this until
just barely combined

Ready to start adding my
flour, a little bit at a time

And you want to be careful
when you're making gnocchi

that you're not overworking the dough

You want these to be light
and pillowy and fluffy

and not dense and gummy and chewy

So I'm pretty happy with
my dough at this point

It's kneaded but not overworked
and it's not sticky anymore

You can see there's
barely anything coming off

on my fingers, so I'm ready
to start forming my gnocchi

Gonna sprinkle a little bit
of flour on my work surface,

plop my dough down onto it

I'm going to cut in half

and then I'm gonna cut that in half

I've got four equal pieces,
set these babies aside

And then I'm just gonna roll this out

I'm just gonna cut this guy in half

and keep working it down

So we're going to boom, boom, boom

See these are my little gnocchi here

I'm gonna scoop these guys up,

transfer them to a floured sheet

I'm gonna finish up with the rest of them

And there they are, there's
a couple things you can do

at this point, first and foremost,
you can leave them as is

Or if you want to make
them a little bit fancier

you can roll them off the edge of a fork,

or in some cases, I have this handy little

gnocchi board here, since
I've been cooking all day,

I'm just gonna leave these as is

Throw 'em in some boiling
water and put it all together

I'm just gonna make sure
it's nice and salted,

we want salty, like the ocean,

I'm just going to add my gnocchi in

Drop them in, drop them in


These don't need that much time to cook,

you just want them to float to the surface

and then you can pull 'em

Okay so let's pull these guys

And, I'm just gonna reserve a little bit

of that cooking water

It's got all that starch
in it and now I'm ready

to put together my gnocchi and my sauce

I've got my tomato sauce
reheated, I'm just gonna add

a little bit of my pasta water,

get that nice and incorporated

And of course I'm going to
add back my gnocchi, come on

Ah, there you have it, as you can see,

my sauce is really really
thickened from that starchy water

And at this point your gnocchi's done

Who's hungry?

Come here

It's only pretty good?

It's great

Thank you, you're great too

I love you

No, not you

The gnocchis really good, it's super light

and super fluffy, the sauce
is really really sweet

and really really good despite
there being so little in it

This is an awesome way to end the day

And there you have it, three meals

using the same five ingredients

We had the jammy Eggs in
Purgatory for breakfast

The comforting filling
Tortilla Espanola for lunch

And to close things out with the easy,

yet show stopping gnocchi

Which one was your favorite?

And would you be interested

in seeing more challenges like this?

Let me know in the comments below

All of these recipes will
be available on Tastyco

and give the What's In
Your Kitchen feature

on the Tasty app a try, if
you need some inspiration

Oh yes

(upbeat music)

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