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published on August 2, 2020

For the past three years bitcoin and various other cryptocurrencies have not looked this bullish it's insane what's going on in the cryptocurrency space at the moment with astronomical gains being made overnight for example xrp and ios both

Jumped 10 in terms of their bitcoin value over the course of the past 24 hour period and in today's video we are going to look at some of those all coins that will probably perform quite well over the course of the next week we'll

Also be looking at the bitcoin market how we can expect that to perform are we expecting a dump back down to nine thousand six hundred dollars to close the cme gap or is bitcoin going to continue to chug on upwards up to twenty

Thousand dollars like mike novogratz seems to think we're gonna look at how the traditional markets like gold and dow jones index are going to affect bitcoin's price going forward

Because bitcoin appears to be paying itself to gold at the moment and that is very good for us so if that is something that you're interested in slap a like on today's video make sure you are subscribed to the channel we are

Currently one of the fastest growing cryptocurrency channels on the entire web so that i really really appreciative for and let's crack on so starting out today's video by looking

At bitcoin's price we're currently hovering just above 11 dollars and i kind of expect that to stick as we form the rest of this bull pennant formation and we're gonna cover exactly what's going on with bitcoin's

Price in just a moment but the first thing i wanted to talk about in today's video is altcoins and more specifically ripple because ripple is something that gets dogged a lot in the cryptocurrency community

For being a scam for being a bank i mean who really cares what ripple is i don't care i'm looking at this purely from an investment perspective and it is getting used you see yesterday i brought up the fact that 85 percent of italian

Banks adopt blockchain for transaction verification and they're using what's known as corder blockchain now if you go over to core blockchain's website you'll see that really there is nothing of interest on

Here it's a general generic website about blockchain there's nothing that would suggest that it's part of anything special apart from the little symbol up here in the top right hand corner that says r3

Now what is r3 r3 is part of ripple you see italian banks are using ripple they're actually they're actually using it it's not just a concept anymore it's actually being used not only that a

Bunch more banking partners are signing up to ripple at the moment and that is no doubt going to start to increase the value of ripples coin because ripple sell their coin otc to thousands

Of banks across the world it's something that has been fairly well adopted amongst the institutions is rippled compared to something like that of a smaller capped altcoin and it makes me very very bullish on the outlook for

Ripple and currently i've got a long open on by bit on ripple's price at the moment it's in a small loss at the moment however is nothing to be particularly concerned about i'm expecting ripple's price

To start now now he started moving i'm expecting it to start moving pretty gosh down rapidly considering how far it has come from its all-time high at three dollars and when ripple with three

Dollars it had a lot of hype from the retail audience the marie patil managed to buy it up to 25 000 satoshis currently it sits 10 times below that meaning that essentially if

We were to be in the same place as we were during the blast previous bull market of which i expect that we will surpass that then the lowest that i would sell my coins for in this case will be around

Two dollars per ripple coin so moving on to talk about some other altcoins this is what coin market cap looks like today very very green as i said in yesterday's video we could expect a bounce in every single altcoin that got

Absolutely trashed the other day when bitcoin's price broke above ten thousand four hundred dollars and the altcoin market crashed now one of the coins i mentioned in yesterday's video

Is already up 10 kind of expect this to continue on chugging along nicely and i've got no intention to sell my lend any time soon because as i said before i sold this about 100 times lower than what the current price is during the

Middle of the bear market and that upset me greatly because i missed out on essentially a million dollars i'll be completely honest with you the coins that i had back then would be worth about a million

Dollars in today's money and it makes me want to hit myself it's annoying anyway no need to dwell on that too much you know i could have been retired by now but no need to dwell on it orchid

Next up almost back at 18 cents where i purchased my coins i expect a lot from this coin being an only eleven half million dollar market cap listed on all these massive exchanges like coinbase or cakes kraken

The only reason it's not moving in terms of price at the moment is because it's listed on all these major exchanges so it's going to take some marketing to start shifting the value of this coin but when coins start pumping

And there is a liquidity pair on each one of these exchanges expected to take off like a bloody rocket next up ox mentioned it in yesterday's video currently up for almost 10 percent on yesterday's video

Which is very very nice to see oh x at 40 cents absolute steel during the last bull market this was a almost a two dollar coin so again there is quite a lot of growth potential left in it considering

Back then it was a concept whereas now where the price is absolutely dead this is a reality we've got al grand i actually caught al grant out of yesterday's video because i didn't want it to take too long but i'll grant you

Something that i did again buy a bunch of algorands the other day al goran i think at 246 million dollars is probably going to be a 500 million dollar cap probably within the next two weeks decred again up slightly barely moving

In terms of its price absolutely dead market making turned off here you can see that for a while they had astronomical volumes over 100 million dollars and then all of a sudden it stopped

Again meaning that they turned off whatever market making they were doing or told the exchange to stop messing around with the price of their token you would not believe how often this goes on because if an exchange

Starts market making a token they have the opportunity to make a lot of money off the pack of it however i do think that ultimately decred is almost back at his all-time low in terms of his satoshi value and he represents a fairly

Decent investment as it sits at the moment now swipe coming up next swipe hasn't done anything in terms of his price i bought more of it this morning simply because swipe is owned by finance

Finance will probably pump the out of this coin at some point in time next up swiss bog up again this is probably gonna go to about 17 18 19 cents i would have thought by the end of august which would be

Essentially double your money at that point again not financial advisor do not take this as financial advice although all coins are not a financial instrument at all anyway they're ultimately a utility token it's

Like having tesco club card points and if you're in the uk moving on from swiss bog bit shares is next now b shares is something that i've not mentioned for a very long time however i

Bought a bunch of big shares just this morning the reason why i bought a bunch of bitshares this morning is here the price is starting to move and b when it pumps it pumps this is something i know a guy that

Actually made a million dollars off the back of this from a very very small investment back in the day incredible coin for doing that to him he changed his life entirely and it'd be nice if it changed mine again as well

Now the reason why i bought b shares this morning is because their main is happening on july the 30th 2020 is their 40 and basically i'm expecting some kind of major price action around this event now

Moving on from that now next up metal i've mentioned metal on my program or whatever you want to call this once before the time that i mentioned metal is because eric

Finnman a guy that is about my age he invested into bitcoin in the very very early days and he made above a million dollars from it happy days but he turned into a bit of a dick

Stole all of his bitcoin and sold it straight into metal during the bear market now the reason i bought a little bit of metal is because it will probably pump at some point in time this is my complete wild

Card for the week and speaking of speculative players i don't know how long you've been following my channel now but my life during the course of my channel has changed dramatically

I started out with essentially no money and then i turned that money into something and then i got hacked and then i lost my money some of you asked how i got hacked i got key logged i was searching for a scammer to make a video

About this scammer and then i ended up kind of getting scammed it was bit unfortunate was that it's nothing that any of you watching this video would ever encounter unless you were looking for it essentially i

Was just looking for trouble now after i got hacked i had nothing left and then a bunch of stuff happened and it caused me to essentially go into negative equity in terms of my finances personally now this was towards about october

Of 2018 and then in december of 2018 i sold what little of everything i had left put it all into bitcoin and opened a bitcoin long at three thousand seven hundred and forty dollars and since then

My life has changed a little bit i don't know if you know i bought a lamborghini i don't want to show off about i'm not sure if you guys i honestly don't care if you like the car or not i like the car and i bought it

For me and you should always do things for yourself and not for other people people say well you got it in the wrong color i like green i've had a green lamborghini on my desk for the past three years of course i'm gonna get

A green lamborghini or you might but anyway i open this position and i believe and i'd like other people to challenge me on this but i believe that this is the best current in terms of roi position

Open on bitcoin's price now i've switched it to 100x leverage of course to accentuate the amount of money made here but in terms of profit roi is at 6639 percent now that is an astronomical gain in terms of how much

Money i have made i think i'm currently the only person in the world with a position this good in terms of bitcoin's price and i will never ever close this position because you can imagine how high that number is going to

Get say we have to get up to a million dollar bitcoin this is gonna be one hell of a position to be holding so i just thought i'd share that little bit of tidbit of information with you i thought

It's pretty interesting i want to point out that cryptocurrency can change anybody's life you've just literally got to be good at timing timing is what it all comes down to if you're good at timing then you'll

Make a lot of money in this space if you're terrible at timing then you probably lose it all so now to move over to the cryptocurrency news for the day where ethereum terms five but ethereum's price versus bitcoin's price has not

Recovered since 2018 this makes me very very bullish on the price of ethereum at the moment we had a big dip down in terms of bitcoin value and for me that made me trigger a long around about

These points here on ethereum's chart because i think that ethereum is coming up for a bit of a rebound in its price but we are going to get onto that slightly later on in today's video next up in the

Day's news data breach and crypto wallet firm ledger exposes using us personal information this is greatly concerning because this data breach if you've read through the email if you've had this email imagine

Most people have got this email because i think most people have a ledger at this point i mean ledger is one of the best most trustable wallets unfortunately if you bought your ledger directly from ledger

It turns out that they had no security on their payment platform meaning that your address they say that everything is fine everything is not fine because essentially one million email addresses

Linked with a cryptocurrency address and a billing address have now been just hacked taken sold on the dark web this is terrible news ledger is playing it down massively and i think anybody that's been caught up in this breach

Is very much entitled to compensation because their information has been breached it's been sent out to various third parties why is ledger storing your payment an address

Information on their system from a security point of view after you have conducted your business with them that information should be wiped every single time a transaction has been

Completed that address has been printed on a wallet and that wallet has been sent to the customer that is when that address should be just completely gone and for me to see this it's very very

Disappointing especially considering from such a reputable cryptocurrency company and next up in today's news there's some some really good news that makes me think that bitcoin's price is going to

Go up significantly in the very short term because 300 million dollars of usd got printed at the tethered treasury just this morning about four hours ago from filming today's video

And just before we get on to the bitcoin analysis for the day i'm going to talk about dow jones and gold and how both of them are getting on at the moment now the gold cha actually looks very similar to the bitcoin chart at the

Moment i don't know if you can notice two similarities there but both of them are kind of going up in a straight line it's because demand for both of them is increasing

Because of new stories like this about us small businesses facing mass closure because they're running out of money they're opening and closing they're losing all the customers customers are allowed into the shops

And the us economy and the us government is not supporting these businesses well enough if you look at cnbc's homepage at the moment it doesn't take a genius to work out again what is going on in the markets however the us general election

Is on the 3rd of november so possibly on the 4th of november is when everything's going to start collapsing because until then everything's probably going to continue to rise in price it's

Not good for trump to let the markets collapse because it would very much harm his attempt to get re-elected during the next term and now we've covered that time to talk about

Bitcoin's price and starting out with a little bit of background information on how bitcoin is performing at the moment now the futures this makes me very bullish on it the futures for bitcoin in december are

Currently trading around 300 more than bitcoin's current price looking at how bitcoin is performing on the current futures options you'll see that volume is just dwarfing it i talk about

Dwarfing all the time in terms of cme volume but if we go back you'll see look dwarfing dwarfing dwarfing everything always constantly getting larger in terms of the amount of volume performing on cme groups exchange open interest is

Rising and it's all just very very bullish for bitcoin bitcoin looks absolutely sterling at the moment and sterling is probably the perfect way to describe this chat we're just having a bullish crossover here

On the macd on the hourly chart in terms of the rsi we've had a bit of a dip down over the past couple of hours it's a bit of a relaxing time before ultimately this bitcoin train continues to chug on output however

There is a few things i want to point out if we do break to the downside of this bullpen information here we're just going to form a larger bullpen and that's all that's going to happen bitcoin isn't breaking down from here

There is far too much buying pressure and so if we break to the downside the next level you'll be looking to buy would be around 10 600 that is where bitcoin's price will probably stop we'd probably form

Somewhat of a flat bottom pennant formation going outwards in terms of how bitcoin dominance is getting on at the moment after having this massive increase over the past couple of days it's starting to fall back down again

It's not looking particularly bullish anymore is it meaning that all are going to have a bit of a resurgence over the next probably week or so i'm looking at bitcoin on a slightly longer term chart at the moment i want to point

Out that bitcoin is still trading to the outside of this bull pennant formation that we've been forming for the past forever and this is very very bullish news because if we continue to be trading above it

Then bitcoin is it's just it's just going well that's the best way to describe what's going on in cryptocurrency at the moment everything is just going well so bitcoin i expect to rise in price ethereum i'm

Expecting some kind of recovery on here on ethereum's price probably to the tune of around 10 in terms of its bitcoin value before ultimately penancing outwards it doesn't seem realistic to me to

Expect ethereum just to drop straight back downwards and have another 10 dump that doesn't seem realistic at all especially looking at these indicators here suggesting that ethereum is on the

Turnaround and we're going to have a bit of bullish price momentum over the course of the next couple of days so to summarize today's video bitcoin is looking bullish ethereum is looking bullish all coins are looking

Bullish everything is looking absolutely sodding fantastic the dow jones and the gold markets are looking a little bit topsy-turvy gold's looking like it's going to go sideways for a little bit longer the dow jones is

Probably going to continue to tip on upwards i am currently long on the dow jones index if you're interested in trading the dow jones index or gold or any other stock derivative for that matter check out primexpt

Link in the description you can trade it on there with bitcoin with zero kyc if you're interested in trading bitcoin futures then check out buy bit again link in the description and you guys are always

Asking me where do i buy and sell all coins for the most part i use binance again there's a link in the description for binance so hope you really have enjoyed today's video if you have

Slap a like on it make sure you are subscribed to the fastest growing cryptocurrency channel in the world at this very moment in time and i hope to see you all again tomorrow this is

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