“I love back-to-backs!” | Hamilton, Bottas and Verstappen’s thoughts on action-packed Styrian GP!

published on July 21, 2020

71 hard and fast laps for the styrian grand prix and uh a mercedes driver wins for the second consecutive weekend well done lewis congratulations thank you man normal service resumes pole position victory

You had the pace you had it covered today yeah well firstly i have to say a big thank you to my team and everyone back at the factory uh this has been um what a weird year it is but it's great to be back up here

And to be driving and to be driving at the at that kind of with this kind of performance the team did a fantastic job with the strategy and then it was just for me to just keep it

Together stay off the curbs and um and bring it home yeah you didn't quite get the point for fastest lap i went to uh color science in the mclaren on a fresh set of tyres yeah but you had to look after the car

You had to protect the car a little bit through the race did you yeah well i tried to get the fastest lap but of course on um 40 lap old mediums i wasn't going to get it to

Someone on new fresh tires so but that's okay i'm i'm so grateful to to be back in first place and honestly it's um it's been feels like a long time coming obviously since the last the last race

Last year so and to come back in this weekend after a difficult weekend at the first weekend uh last week it's uh this is a great great step forward well it was certainly a

Champions drive and we get to race again just next weekend don't we oh man i'm so i love this i love back-to-backs can just go back-to-back all year long i might need a holiday in between the

Races congratulations again we'll have a chat with valkyrie valtteri we've got lots of uh noise going on from the coolest down here but can you hear me okay

You're still leading the world championship so that's the good news but lewis had the pace today yeah obviously lewis started from the pole he had a good start so i think he could really control the race

And it was not quite as much happening as last last weekend but from my side yeah starting fourth i think today was stomach limitations so still got good points still leading so

It's not too bad um yesterday wasn't ideal so that's why i know 25 points today well done a good fight with max you caught him you passed him he re-passed you

But you've got the job done in the end but exciting at turn four there yeah it was yeah good good battle with him obviously i think i had quite a bit more pace at the end than him as we extended the first pin so

But yeah racing closely is always good so you can leave austria and head to hungary very satisfied could have been more satisfied but it's been not bad first couple of races so looking forward to next week thanks a

Lot again and we're looking for max who's having a chat over there great drive max you tried your best to split the mercedes you gave it everything you had

Yeah well i tried but we are just a bit too slow so uh i pushed as hard as i could also when uh when valtteri uh was trying to pass me i tried to go i tried to make it a bit difficult i

Knew he was anyway gonna get by uh one lap later but it was at least fun uh because the rest of the race was pretty boring so um yeah the podium is good but uh still a lot of work to do

Yeah you got points on the board can you find any speed between now and next weekend you've got any any goodies any presents coming on the car well i don't know yet we'll uh we'll look into it

And then we'll see you next week okay thanks for the fun you gave us in turn four good luck

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71 hard and fast laps for the styrian grand prix and uh a mercedes driver wins for the second consecutive weekend well done lewis congratulations thank you man ...