I lost my job to Coronavirus… How can I make money online?

by birtanpublished on August 18, 2020

I lost my job now what today's topic is dealing with the loss of income whether it's because you lost your job you went through a divorce or because you're temporarily out of work due to the carniverous lockdown I've said it before but it's more important than ever to

Come up with ideas to keep the economy going and to start investing but in order to do any of those you first need to get your cash flow running my guest today is the amazing Natalie Hudson who's someone who's been through it all

And has come out of it stronger every single time she's been through the shame the guilt the feeling like a failure and has turned it into success wealth and health before we get started I love to hear from you have you ever lost your

Job or an income go down to the comments section and let me know if you're new here welcome my name is Canada yell I'm the founder of the invest IVA movement a trouble for active moms who want to create a better life for themselves and

For their kids too we don't just rely on our husbands the bank or money managers to determine our financial future we take control of our money because we know that things can simply change in a blink of an eye in our financial

Independence is essential not just for us but for our children and their kids to come too I publish new videos every single day so make sure you click on that subscribe button so you never miss out on a future episode now

Let's go say hi to Natalie Hudson and get the movement going super excited to have you here like your

Story is one of the most mind-blowing like I was just reading I'm like oh my god I was like in tears it's just so vulnerable and you have just you have gone through so much since childhood but I mean it didn't end here and there and

You'd like just like continue to just fall down and then stand back up and fall on sound of item is just and that's why you're just so amazing what you do and today I really wanted to talk to you about because I know that you've gone

Through a divorce and you know what it is to suddenly lose an income and how to cope with it so and I think at this time a lot of people have lost their jobs even if they're not going through a divorce they're just kind of feeling

That hit and I would love to hear from you how you cope with it then how you're telling your students and your your people to cope with it now so let's get started yeah well thank you first off for having me on so much I'm super

Excited to dive into all these topics and I you know I have a heart to serve and I believe that we go through the experiences we go through for a reason and I'm happy to you know share my own stories and my own experiences and you

Know for the hope that maybe it can help somebody else who's struggling or feeling in it you know a similar way so um so yeah thank you I'm super excited to be here now of course and people if you can if

You don't know Natalie's story like her origin story is just I'm gonna add a link to it in the comments see you gotta read it you're gonna you gotta be in tears so beautiful yeah so tell us those how like what happened where do you find

Yourself after the divorce and how did you bounce back so I think I'm really glad we're talking about this right now because I think there's so many people who right now might be feeling a little bit afraid of there's a lot of

Uncertainty going on right now and especially if you've had loss of income that can be a really scary feeling and I've gone through that before and in a different fashion but I remember what that feels like so I won't go

My whole back story but just so you guys listening just a brief overview is when I was when I was growing up I'm the oldest of ten kids actually and my mom was in and out of prison for a lot of my life and so we grew up really poor and

Then the last time she got sent to prison she actually we look a lot alike so she actually stole my identity and wrote like $20,000 in bad checks almost 30,000 actually in my name and so it was this really bad deal where I had to

Testify against my own mom and and that because of the way we grew up and I think because any time she got in trouble was around work it was usually around money issues um I had a really I wouldn't say I had a good money mindset

You know kind of subconsciously what I had to learn later in life is that in my head I thought making money meant illegal activity right and so and then secondly the voice the story I was telling myself about myself was I was

Just this poor girl from small town Idaho that you know I and I didn't think that all the time but those that negative voice was always creeping back in and so um I was like most people I went I thought the only way to break the

Cycle was to go to college so I just took got tons of loans and I just thought that's the only way to break the cycle well you know it's kind of normal like everybody takes out loans to go to school until all of a sudden I got

Married really young I was 19 and all the sudden between both our undergrads and then my ex-husband's grad school we had a hundred and seventy thousand dollars in student loan debt and we were just taking when we were in school you

Know it's like okay we're just hanging out loans we're just taking out loans and then all of a sudden we get my ex-husband graduate art that deferral period was up and we were getting I mean we were drowning in student loan debt

And so we worked really hard over the years to to we you know lived on the tightest teeniest tiniest budget you could possibly imagine and I took on every single side job you could imagine I was mowing lawns at one point in fact

I have a picture of me with my two-year-old on my back like mowing a lawn I was babysitting and I had a college degree but I wanted to be at home and so so then fast forward a few years and I

Went through a divorce and it was I vividly remember the day I was sitting on my couch and I was just running this tiny little town home this was about five years ago and I looked down and I pulled it my Wells Fargo app but I was

Looking at the app and I realized I like three months of rent left in my checking account and almost no income coming in because the way we did a worse work that's how we did it and I it was a scary feeling and I remember thinking I

Remember I had a lot of shame I looked over at my two little kids who were 2 and 5 at the time and I ever had a lot of shame feeling like how was I going to provide for my kids and a lot of fear and I think that might be something that

A lot of people are wrestling with right now is you know I am I going to provide for my family what what can I do and so my head my back was up against the wall I was in a corner as I K Natalie you got to figure this out

And I knew I probably could have gone and gotten a traditional job but I had this I don't even know how to describe it I just had this passion inside of me I knew that I had this gift to help people I had heart to serve I just

Didn't know how to make money off of it and so that's when I really um and I had been bloggers for a while so I had built an audience but that's when I really started to understand the power of internet marketing and I started

Creating digital products so ebooks membership sites courses I started with just one ebook though and what I always tell people is you know a lot of people said well what would I even create something on and a lot of times I say

Well what are the things that people naturally ask you questions about right like I have a gal who I work with and she was just really good at organizing pantries and I was like that's your thing if that's what all your friends

And your family is coming to I was like I would pay for something if you saw my pantry right now most people would be like oh Natalie it's really bad right and so if I had an easy to follow system and um anyways I I kind of just really

Geeked out on internet marketing and I threw myself into it and I wrote an e-book that helps women if they had to put 10-pound babies and I partner with a doctor to create a program called Alps core pelvic floor

That helps women a lot of times moms you have a two-year-old see probably you know we always I was just joking about this that when you laugh cough sneeze jump on a trampoline you'll accidentally pere pants a little bit well that issue

Can actually be improved and so I partnered with the doctor we wrote an e-book and you know it was sometimes I sometimes I get a little uncomfortable throwing numbers out right at the beginning but I think it's also

Important to see what can happen and we launched that ebook and four months later it sold over a million dollars of this $37 ebook and so I think you know there is a lot of possibility out there in the online world and I think for a

Lot of us right now working from home that's something that a lot of people maybe wouldn't have considered in the past but could now and so I think so that's kind of big picture right now let's bring it down to the nitty-gritty

And I think what happens a lot of times is when we start to feel afraid we start to clam up right and we start to feel like oh my gosh I don't know what to do so I'm just not gonna do anything in fact I call it a three piece so I always

Joke I'm a I'm a recovering perfectionist right so there's a lot of us fall into this trap of three piece so there's perfectionism procrastination because if I can't be perfect I can't do it at all and then parallelization and

So what I encourage people to do is just scale it way back and my you know I know a lot of the stuff I encourage people is different than some of the big gurus out there who say like shoot for the moon because even if you miss still hit the

Stars you know and my thing is that's great to have a long-term vision but let's also figure out ways we can give ourselves small wins everyday and momentum and so I encourage people to break things into teeny tiny little

Micro goals like tiny and it will feel weird at first but what the goal what the purpose is is and I tell people write on a whiteboard or a piece of printer paper see see it and then when you get it done put a big red checkmark

Next to it and what it does is it teaches you it requires your brain to learn that I can say I'm gonna do something and then actually do it and then as you're going through your your micro

Goals when you're stuck in those three P's I focus on good better best right and I'm constantly even now today like I'm constantly repeating that mantra to myself because a lot of times what happens is we think we have to do

Everything best right perfectionism mentality and so if we can't do it best how many times you know you guys listen have you said okay I screwed up my diet or I screwed up my budget I'm just gonna start again on Monday right like Monday

Itis and so what I encourage people to do is say okay if you're looking at a situation it can't do best let's just focus on good if I can't do good let's focus on better and so what you do is you give yourself permission to scale

Things down according to your situation and and then you that way you still get it done so you're teaching yourself that I can say I'm gonna do something and then actually do it so long-winded story there but I think I think a lot of us

Right now especially are like I don't know what to do so I'm just gonna numb out by putting on Netflix or Tiger King or something you know and I think more importantly is to assess the situation be realistic about where you're at and

Then come up with a with a micro goal game plan 100% and this like literally goes into any kind of goal obviously and we're talking about finances but I was talking actually to Hannah Cuba and she was something like any mom

Like we don't have the capacity of I we tend to feel like a failure if we can't really accomplish something that we set ourselves to do and then we feel paralyzed and right now this is more important than ever because we have the

Kids in the house like you have your two cats seven and 10 in the house you can just come in and you're like oh my god I'm gonna be able like if you don't have that reward in your brain and saying okay I made something happen today I

Actually accomplished one of the goals then you might actually feel like a failure for the rest of the day and that's the reason why this tiny I can rewarding yourself for accomplish accomplishing small goals help

Getting to that bigger financial goal or any other goal easier right so if I want to get back to the online marketing an online business a little bit because even though I'm an investing field and I do believe that this is the best time to

Actually start learning about investing so that you are prepared for when the markets bottomed out you're actually gonna go old and even if you're investing right now there's a lot of opportunity but you obviously need to

Have that cash first like before like two months ago my job was a lot easier because people had a cash flow coming in and they were investing it and I was empowering them to invest and make that work for them but now we have to

Actually get the cash part under control so I've been talking about you know what russell's talks about and I feel like you said everything is pickle radical is that are you a follower of marie forleo as well and you know i said that for

Years and then she titled that her book I'm like oh my gosh I know I know I actually like everyday at 9:00 p.m. I have a note that pops on my phone and it says everything is for a table because I'm just like kind of look like Marie

Forleo it's funny no but she lives in New York but yes I was like it's actually such a powerful thing because wait 8:30 if I haven't figured everything out and my day oh okay the milk pops up like that the best time

Like okay everything's bigger audible I'm gonna figure out tomorrow but let's get back to the online marketing so you started out blogging and then created a course and you're just basically singing and that's I mean what I did too but

Like my nish is like investment like I'm gonna have to be an investor or am I gonna have to be this am I gonna have to be that can you just throw in some few examples so that we can wrap this session up so they can't think answer

The box have something you like think about someone who was just doing corporate work and like she thinks that that's all that there can be just yeah ideas so I've worked with hundreds and hundreds of people helping them get

Their online businesses set up and the first thing that I encourage people did you is say okay what are the things people already come to me and ask me questions about into you they might not seem that big of a deal you're like yeah

That's easy for me for example there's a guy in our in our business academy and he I love gardening I have a huge garden raised bed garden my back here and that's how we met and he likes it was a hobby of his he likes building backyard

Chicken coops and I said that too thing I said I guarantee you there's a lot of people that want backyard chickens but they don't know where to start and so he wrote an e-book teaching people cuz him his brother just like to build backyard

Chicken coops they put that knowledge that was in their head into an e-book and they're selling over a hundred thousand dollars a year of ebooks just teaching people how to build chicken coops and it's on autopilot like they

Put the work in at the beginning and now they sell on pretty much on autopilot a couple hours a week um we have another gal who she was a Pete she is a PA she's a physician's assistant and now she's actually considering actually going back

Into the field just to help right now but she didn't she didn't like the you know she had to get her kids up in the morning take him to day care work a nine-to-five drive back pick the kids up I mean it hurt it was really hard for

Her to manage it she thought how can I get into the online world and so what she did is she started she had no social media following at all and she just started sharing tips study questions for students preparing for the PA exam she

Put those she put the questions and the answers on an Instagram post and within like four months she had grown a following of twenty thousand followers of PA students and then what she did – she wrote an e-book compiling all the

Information to help PA students prepare for a PA exam she wasn't a teacher or a college professor she was just a PA herself that was trying to help other people who had struggled with some of the things that she was struggling with

You know preparing for the exam we have another gal in our group who this is a really cool when she was a CNA and very similarly she loved her patients that she got frustrated with the corporate environment and all the red you know the

Tape she had to go through and so she created a program it started with an e-book and now she has a course where she helps elderly people prevent Falls actually and so there's things that you can do to prevent

Falling because what happens in a lot of cases is and I'm not an expert on elderly following but they'll fall in and you know they might break a hip or do something that requires surgery that can cause you know other problems and so

Her thing is how can we prevent that and so she created a whole ebook and a course around it and so what I tell people and this is where my angle is a little bit unique I encourage people so one of the things that I believe in my

Bone you know in my heart is I learned this I'm a huge Bernie Brown fan and once you own your story those stories no longer have power over you and so what I tell people to do is take a look at the things the people are

Naturally asking you questions about could be organizing pantries it could be living on a budget or investing and then what you do is whatever that topic is write out a big list of people's pain points around that topic so and I don't

Mean physical pain necessarily like mine was peeing pant pee in your pants that sometimes can be painful or embarrassing but what I mean is um like their pain points like what don't they what are they struggling with in that area and

Just do a brain dump if you take out a notebook or a whiteboard and just think of every possible thing that your person that you could be helping might be struggling with and then what I do is I encourage people to write out what I

Call an arsenal of stories and Russell Brunson actually talks about this but I take it a little bit further and I say okay what are stories things that I have gone through in my own life that I can tell that will relate to this pain point

That will relate to this pain point and so then what you do is you figure out ways in your social media in your marketing that you can start sharing your stories and what it does is it creates that trust factor with your

Potential future audience where they're all of a sudden they're like oh my gosh I thought those things but I'm like I'm not willing to talk about it and so it gets people to listen and pay attention to you and then what you do and I have a

Whole process for it where you kind of show yourself some grace take responsibility and then give a solution of how to work through it so what happens is your audiences or or potential future audiences saying oh my

Gosh she's saying all the things that I'm thinking in my head but I wouldn't ever say out loud and if she worked through it or she's working through it right now maybe I could – and so it builds it's like um

It's like pouring gasoline on a fire if you if you can connect authentically with your audience like that they'll start to trust you when people trust you they'll buy from you if you have a good product that really fixes a problem and

So that's kind of where I encourage people to start and then and then from there the oil the world's your oyster I love creating digital products because you don't have to deal with overhead or shipping and you could do ebooks

Challenges membership sites courses there's there's so many fun things you can do in the online space yeah 100% so the key is basically actually understand the audience expects saying the problem that we're facing right now a lot of

People are having a lot of problems right now so with the coronavirus there is this cycle at first you're like in disbelief you're like blaming and angry and the Europe parallel paralyzed and you're like confused and then you get

Into acceptance and problem solving so once you get to the problem solving part that is when you I can actually not only help other people but help your self financial and actually get this economic cycle back on track because right now

The problem that we're having is half of the economy is paralyzed and it is super important that we keep it going and a lot of you're like oh my god why are you charging me right now to teach me this why are you getting me an A I actually

Made a video about this yesterday – and I want you to understand that it is absolutely important that you charge people and it's absolutely important that we keep the economy going otherwise it kind of is actually gonna collapse it

Is your duty to pay it is your duty to charge because otherwise we are not gonna get out of this it's gonna take years and years and years to recover the best thing you can do is to create other opportunities and you know get the

Economy going again thank you so much not only these we were like really negative wisdom I would love to have you back and we're gonna talk about you know finding your identity because I know you you've talked you have so many stories

That we can help our audience with so in our next episode we're gonna turn we're gonna talk about other bunch of things so make sure you subscribe today you like the city you share this with anybody who is in need of and you know

Income ASAP sure I'm gonna also add some links in the description you know the video so that you can download nataly's and some other resources they can get started fast you can thanks again Natalie I'll see you in

The next episode

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