I lost my job… Here’s How I Bounced Back & Turned Failure into success

by birtanpublished on August 17, 2020

I lost my job in 2011 and today I wanted to share a story about how I bounced back up and came out of it stronger than before so what's weird about that is that I lost my job when the economy was actually getting back up after the 2008 recession and well now I can talk about

It candidly at the time it was like the biggest slap in the face and that I've ever experienced and to makes things worse I actually ended up having a massive heartbreak literally two weeks after that but somehow this getting

Fired thing had a much bigger emotional impact on me so I think it might have had to do with the things that have happened to me in childhood so that's why today I wanted to share with you a little bit about me the lessons I've

Learned growing up about a loss of income and the steps I took after I lost my job so that if you're right now experiencing something similar you can also use the same tactics and see the light at the end of the tunnel for those

Of you who don't know me my name is Kenneth an yell and the founder of the investiga movement a tribe of proactive women who are in charge of their financial future and sleep soundly at night because their money work for them

You probably have a seen of me or heard me on media like time Forbes Fox Business CNN Yahoo Finance and more in written multiple books published by the largest publishers in the US but things were not always like

This for me so we might probably already know that I was born and raised in Iran to a Jewish family during the iran-iraq war my dad was previously a very successful engineer and the CEO of a construction

Company had lost everything to the new Iranian regime so I grew up with very little and it was especially tough because my mom always had stories to tell about the times of things were good when my dad had a well they had as a

Family had a 24/7 personal driver and a chauffeur and housekeepers at home but now she had to wait in line to get eggs and wealth on food stamps so I grew up knowing what it feels like to get something you work really hard for and

Then at all when I turned 18 my mom was diagnosed with breast cancer which led her to a double mastectomy and to distract me from the pain she pushed me to apply for a scholarship to study

Electrical engineering in Japan I applied and I got a scholarship from the Japanese government and after learning Japanese for a year they sent me to college in the middle of nowhere and guma where I was the only girl and the

Only foreigner in my class and all the classes were taught in Japanese and I freaking hated it I didn't understand anything I suck at everything especially at math and I was a daughter of a one successful engineer and everyone

Expected me to be good at math but I simply wasn't so on top of that it was really intimidating to be the only girl in the class so you might think that I was getting hit on by all my classmates but that definitely was not the case it

Was viewed as the outsider from a third world country with no money who's feeding off their taxes that they pay to their government so this was hard because I really wanted to succeed and not only to make my parents proud but I

Actually wanted to eventually help them financially and get them back to where what they once were before they rania revolution and my older sister was really good at math and whatever she made money she would help my parents out

So this made me feel like a failure as their daughter and once I finally graduated with my first degree through the tears I was actively looking for a way out of engineering but in Japan is super tough to change majors and I even

Got myself a segment on Japanese TV show you probably seen it they can get a link to it over here I can actually show you a small clip part over here you know the sushi look Kiana but it say Japan kata-kata Makaha come on in he

Jiong WHMIS die economy NASA vaccine Yamazaki max can't stand them in Assam so I was making a tiny amount during the show which I was saving and putting in the bank and then came the year 2008

What happened 2008 a massive global recession started and the markets crashed and at the time I had no idea what a recession mean what economy is with finest I literally had no idea but all I could hear was that the US dollar

Was getting cheaper and cheaper and then I had an idea okay maybe I can buy some US dollar at a cheaper price and then send it over to my parents in the US I could even keep it and to get it it's expensive and exchange it back into

Japanese yen right I had a bunch of Japanese yen said in my bank account and with that I started going to the ATM machines everyday exchanged on my Japanese yen into the US dollar but every time I went back the next day the

U.s. always even cheaper than the day before so became addicted to going to the ATM every single day and getting disappointed that I had exchanged my money too early the day before and I had a feeling that the US dollar is going to

Get even much cheaper than best because I was hearing the news and everybody was do me and gloomy but I was getting tired of having to go to the ATM everyday to find out so I was thinking okay maybe I can write like I literally I didn't know

So I was thinking maybe you can write a coding program yo engineering mindset to automatically execute my dollar yen extra lowest price it could reach and I was talking about this out of nowhere with

My Japanese with families mom and she told me that the program is already written it's called brace ourselves trading and she hooked me up and open up account for me at a brokerage called Hiro say FX now

I had no idea what a broker is at the time but I transferred $10,000 worth of Japanese yen to that broker in August 2008 and what happened next is that I'm a bum within the month I double my money right that obviously felt great and that

Night I went out with my friends to this place and called Roppongi Tokyo to celebrate and the success was enough for me to want to completely ditch my engineering degree and start investing remember how tough it was for me to fit

In do basic math how much I hate it like doing any of that and this was the first time ever I'm I invested and I made 10,000 bucks within month in a crashing market can you imagine like how I saw my felt but I saw the returns when for

Someone who's never invested before sucked up math and it really didn't even put that much time into the whole thing to make money while the rest of the world and the markets were crashing I couldn't believe that right because I

Was like making around 1500 bucks per month wasn't even able to cover my basic expenses so you can imagine how it felt to make ten thousand bucks in one month without doing anything other than setting up an account taking a leap of

Faith in this system each omocha now I know about that my Japanese mom I told me about and the craziest thing about is that is that the fact that the whole market was crashing and the success was enough for me to motivate me to pack my

Bags and move from to Akio to the heart of global finance can you guess where some of you might know this Wall Street within two weeks of arriving into New York I got myself a job and an FX burger called fxcm which was located at the end

Of Wall Street on Water Street if you're familiar with the area and that's what I found out about all the shady things that go down on Wall Street and often the retail trader is fell victim for example in the case of

Forex workers often times they make money when the traders lose and another thing that I noticed was that around 90 percent of traders were men which was a huge thing like there was the huge absence of female traders and I was

Looking at all the traders losing money like I was in the back end right and almost zero woman in the crowd and I had my aha moment maybe if we do things differently and put quality education makes things simple for people for

Everybody to come and actually make money here people fewer people will get struggle financially and more women will join and become interested and we can change the whole world I had all this massive ideas can you imagine like a 20

I don't know how old I was 25 or whatever and I had all these ideas that was super excited and I came up with these ideas help transform the wall Wall Street and I went ahead and pitch this idea to my head boss I went directly to

Him which was a very bad move and I should never go above your boss to the bigger boss and imagine like this girl like with all these ideas freaking out in front of a big Wall Street boss and guess what happened after I pitched this

That's when it happened I got fired they fired me and now as single in New York with no money and this was the biggest slap in my face and it's the exact one that I wanted to talk to you about today because even though at the time this

Felt horrible absolutely horrible I don't know how to tell my parents about this I felt like a failure dumber than ever I had no idea where to bring money in how to pay for my next paycheck and things turned out we're very bad but the

Interesting thing is that this very thing turned out to be the very best thing that ever happened to me because it actually set me on fire so I took the time of my unemployment to invest in myself that is the thing that I did even

Though I felt I already wasted so much time seven years to be exact studying for a degree that was serving me absolutely nothing I thought to myself better late than never right so even though I was

Literally running out of money i quarantined myself in my tiny room in New York surrounded myself with investment education and really dope and headfirst into everything investing and treating I studied for the chartered

Market technician degree CMT sort of a financial planning cfa CB efg hijk LMNOP all these c-level titles that Wall Streeters get to brag and show their status because I was desperate like I was like why did I get fired I wanted to

Find out why can't ever like everyone do this and the first thing that I discovered was that these things were not actually as hard as they presented it to be and none of it was really above 5th grade math and they were making

Things sound so difficult so that they Wall Streeters sound smart scare people from investing their own money so that people had their money to money managers so they can profit and of course brokers they profit when people lose it was a

Win-win situation for Wall Street and a lose-lose situation for any retail trader and investor and I was studying all these things I found the secret sauce that made all this even easier site design investment strategies that

Are the exact right ones that I used today and you may already be familiar with them and it's easy enough for people to just do it on their own and make their money work for them without having to pay money managers or be

Scared of brokers that are gonna take the other side of their trades right and the funny thing is that this kind of brought everything together because the secret sauce had a lot to do with my time in Japan and brought my whole

Journey together and inspired me to help others to do the same thing something much bigger than just a job on Wall Street I got so obsessed and so passionate about this that when I got two job offers after that from two large

Japanese at one point before that when I got fired it would have been a dream come true I got two job offers from Mizzou home and Mississippi she ufj which was you would argue is perfect for me I

Speak Japanese I had kind of I had experience now in finance but I rejected them and I decided that I'm going to commit myself to serve people who have been getting screwed over by the banks of financial institutions and the

Self-proclaimed lures and you guys that is how the invest even movement was born you can see me here on NASDAQ on Time Square after I made a partnership with them I went on to write multiple books and get published by the biggest

Publishers in the US and spoke at the biggest financial events around the world and let me tell you the best thing that ever happened was years later that I was speaking about investing and my investment system on the stage at New

York's money show and guess who was in the audience was my boss my old boss who fired me and that moment is truly what his best feelings I ever experienced because I found out that not only I wasn't hurt by the fact that he fired me

Anymore but even more importantly I realized that those hard times that I felt like a loser all let me to that moment in our lives our failures are often the catalysts that take us to where we were

Meant to be right if it wasn't for those events spending seven years in Japan doing what I hate it feeling like a waste of my time getting fired the investment movement wouldn't have been what it is today and

That's exactly the message I wanted to share with you guys today because I know that times may be rough for you right now and I know that you may have a thousand excuses but I don't have money but I'm in quarantine but this but that

And the truth of the matter is that only you are in charge of your own happiness only you and I know that sometimes it doesn't feel that way but it is true and the best thing you can do is invest in yourself and find your passion or your

Heart or soul into it and come mid-to it and of course find multiple revenue streams so the next time something like this happens the next time one source of income is gone you have the ability to survive and think is

I really want to be there for you to help you every step of the way I've shared a ton of videos on my youtube channel about Memphis make money online using the things that you already know I'm going to share the links down here

In the description area but another thing that I'd also want to encourage you to do is to start making your money work for you as well by embossing because remember that the difference between the rich and the wealthy is that

The rich working very hard for money but the wealthy makes their money work for them you don't suddenly learn about how to handle money by making more of it and that's the exact reason why that most

Lottery winners actually lose all their money financial literacy isn't a side effect of wealth wealth as a side effect of financial literacy this is mind blowing right so for that reason I'm also going to share a link to my make

Your money work for your masterclass here and I encourage you to participate it's absolutely free of charge and as always thank you so much for joining me here and I'm looking forward to seeing you in the master class and the best of

Luck to you and your financial future

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