I let an AI edit my skate video (Insta360 One R)

by birtanpublished on August 23, 2020

it is way too early to be at a skate park but it's been closed for three months this is my first time back and i have this 360 camera this is the insta 360 1r and this thing claims to help you edit

Your videos with ai so you can do stuff like make clones of yourself or skate around a rocco's modern life planet or even just tap a few buttons and we'll

Analyze your footage and edit together a sizzle reel for you so today i'm going to try my very best to land some tricks and we're going to go back to my apartment where you can see the ai

Editor live in action in a couple of different ways and then i'm going to try and edit it without the ai and we'll watch them back to back to back and you could decide which one you

Like the best but until then all right there it is so uh let's do it this might be a horrible idea little scary

All right the battery died literally as i landed my last trick but if anyone asks i for sure landed it it's probably a fitting end to that session because i am way too sweaty so i'll talk to you soon

all right i'm already sore but it was fun finally getting back out there we got the camera right here we're gonna do all our editing on the app itself using only wi-fi which

Surprisingly works pretty well but before we get there we're gonna need a timer and a wheel now what's the wheel for i already spent some time in the app listening to the song choices and to be

Honest i don't think i would choose very many of them if it was totally up to me so we got beat modern trap one that's actually called extreme sports never let me go and crazy edm now i

Don't have a fancy spinning contraption so we're gonna let my cat shane decide what song we're gonna use here's to hoping it's not crazy edm deepwater trap all right

Beat modern trap it is but the gods must have wanted crazy edm because they sent a thunderstorm and now it's real dark and we lost all our nice natural light so bear with me

So the first ai cut we're going to do is using flash cut which is the least amount of human interference we're going to start the timer now we come in here we go to stories and

Writing it's kind of like a preset then see this button right here flash cut that basically just analyzes all my clips and just sees what it thinks is the best thing to do and then puts them together in this

Preset so that's gonna be option one uh flash cut finds your best shots and edits them together on beat confirm i don't really wanna look at it i wanna watch it at the same time you guys are watching it so to speak we're gonna go

Export bam we're gonna wait to watch them all back to back to back at the end so yes i could have gone in and watched the preview and adjusted the transitions and

Adjusted the music but it's an ai editor so especially for this flash cut version i really didn't want to do anything i just wanted to make as few taps as possible

And end up with the finished video there we go stopping it's about three and a half minutes not bad to go from nothing to exported video although we haven't watched the quality

Of that video all right but the second ai method is a little bit different i'm going to tell it what clips i want and i'm going to analyze those

Individual clips in the hopes that the ai will recognize the best parts of those clips so starting time or now you click this little circuit brain brain explosion and this will analyze the clip and pull

Parts of it out and from what i've seen it seems to pretty much get what i want i got to make sure they all have that multi-colored circuit board brain but now instead of just clicking flash cut

Let's go little kick flip ollie come the other way we gotta pick my cat's song export so yeah exporting i definitely had to tap a lot more spend a lot more time clicking

Analyze on the clips and telling the ai which clips i wanted to use so we'll see all right before we watch them we're in

For the final frontier resetting the timer and this is all me baby so this time we come into stories create new story i think we want one our album stop

Honking please and i'm just seeing edit music which i didn't do in the ai thing but i see there's a mixer oh yeah that's pretty good i want the song come right on the fall but

It's not happening really tracked my body throughout that whole slam which is nice i guess you can set keyframes or you tap and hold and for the most part it does really good

At tracking people although it does punch in a lot it seems to get rid of my skateboard a lot oh you can see that i definitely don't clear this thing i hope no one's looking too hard

Oh gross it is very hard editing on a phone i love this tracking thing it's awesome oh and my home's deal is worth 350 million dollars did you know that yeah i like that a lot it makes a very

Simple trick look cool with the person tracking so we're probably not going to end on a good beat and we didn't start on a good beat but i'm going to go ahead and export now

I have 9 battery left on my phone my phone is hot i'm doing the screen capture editing on the phone my stress levels are really high thunderstorms seem to have passed though

We're back we're back to the daylight oh the cat's here jamie say hi we used your song okay stopping 1744 so not too far behind the second ai option

Finally the moment has come we put the nelly earpiece back in again let's start with the first one the flash cut version where i just sorted through all my clips and just put in what it thought was the

Best stuff yeah it's seeing the lens guard which is weird because the footage itself didn't see that but for some reason this auto edit is seeing the lens card let's do it

got a lot of me talking to myself being frustrated wow that was really bad it liked me turning the camera on and off running away from the camera

It apparently didn't like skateboarding at all though because uh i'm not sure if it caught a single skateboarding clip we gotta watch it one more time

It like purposely made the stitching way worse like i didn't see any of those lines editing it and now all of a sudden they're all over the place all right so flash

Cut with a lot to choose from did a really bad job next up it's the ai version where i told it what clips to look at so let's see oh man

That one was pretty discouraging i gotta say and let's do it nope got one got one trick two i'll count that one three

Nope not really no oh you know what it was miles better than the flash cup version let's watch this one one more time didn't get my fall so that was nice of

It it totally missed a couple tricks but it got a few what's weird is it's not as on beat as i would think it would be because i thought that was kind of the whole point

And then it got the last trick but it cut it real cut it real tight at the end for whatever reason okay i feel better about that one i'm still still a little disappointed if i'm being

Honest now let's watch mine which i also have not watched and let's do it all right now i think the one that i edited was definitely the best but

That's not to say i didn't use a bunch of ai elements i think the ai editor as a whole is nowhere close to being there yet but there's a lot of little things that the app helped me do that

Would probably take me a hundred years to do on my own whether that's the little effects that you've been seeing scattered throughout this video or just the stuff like the person tracking was really cool

And to do that effect myself especially in the app would have taken a really long time to do now i'm not sure if this actually is artificial intelligence or just some crazy software wizardry it seemed to

Really like me reaching out to turn the camera on or like running away from it but 360 cameras have been out for years and i've never really been interested until this thing came along

And i think this app is pretty intuitive even for someone who doesn't have tons of video i didn't experience and it really streamlines that whole process so you have these 360 degree images that are hard to kind of know what to do

With and it tries real hard to guide you down this path to get something at the end that's at least fun if not super polished and for what it's worth i do like this specific camera a lot

It's very cool that it's modular it actually came with a regular lens so it's both an action camera and a 360 camera in one totally comes apart it syncs up with my phone super easily and the wi-fi editing

Feature was actually really easy especially when you consider how heavy those files probably are i would imagine this probably makes it more durable and speaking of durable if you get one of these use the lens

Guards by the lens guards the very first time i turned it on i wasn't using them and i accidentally knocked it over so use them if you got them definitely 100 my fault

I hope you enjoyed this experiment i sure had a lot of fun making it and i didn't hurt myself too bad let me know which of the edits you liked the best and be sure to critique my skateboarding style and

Of course my mustache but most importantly be excellent to each other thank you so much for watching from shane and me we're signing off

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