I Earned ₹30,000 ($400) Making Videos at Home.

published on August 2, 2020

Okay look I know this video is like 18 minutes long but I promise if you watch still be and it will be worth it I talk about how I'm 18 money as a Video Creator in the lockdown while also going into the nuances of how to pick the right client how to write emails all

That type of stuff so if you like video production business or freelancing this one's for you it's kind of a tricky time for freelancers around the world right now if you like me you make money by doing video production chances are you

Don't really have any work right now because most of our stuff happens on location it happens at a particular spot or we got to go there fill more stuff in then you know come back and edit obviously we can only do that right now

Here in the current situation so this week I wanted to see if I could stay at home and make some money using my video production skills using my laptop and my camera I'm gonna try and make a video from start to finish right here in my

Bedroom I don't know what video it is yet but I'm gonna try to make something and sell it to somebody online basically try to you know make money from home I'm gonna be documenting that process so that's how it goes all right here's the

Game plan so I'm going to make a short 60 second videos I'm going to shoot edit our direct do voiceovers for shot 60 second videos for Android iOS applications that given developers can use on their app

Page website where everyone use it so I'm gonna make these videos and I'm gonna try and sell them to the developer of the apps now the problem is I don't really have any active connections in the app developer world and I don't

Really know any developer or anybody for that matter that needs a 60 second video for their app so here's what I'm going to do I'm going to go on the Google Play Store a really good to go there and I'm going to not literally like but like I'm

A computer I'm going to go there and I'm going to find apps that I like there's obviously some filtration that I'm going to do I'm not going to email every single app there is we'll talk more about that in a second but I'm going to

Create a list and I'm going to cold email every single one of them asking if they need a video for their order I'm making the list of the apps I'm gonna contact right now and I just thought I'd go and my process for filtering the apps

Are just the process for kind of helping myself increase the odds of me getting a gig I'm not obviously going out there any mailing every single app that I can find so first step that I'm doing here is finding a niche for the apps I want

To focus on a specific group of apps or category of apps in this case financing trading because I just think there that particular niche has a lot of money it makes a lot of money there's also other profitable issues such as travel

And gaming but travel is gonna be down for a while to no point and contacting travel apps and gaming is not something that I know a lot about some yoga that's those two I'm gonna focus on finance for this particular experiment men even when

I type finance as you can see on the Play Store there's a lot of apps there's a lot of results so to narrow down even further there's a few things that I'm doing firstly I'm checking if they have a

Video on their app page what I'm trying to reach out to these companies for is to basically make that video for their app page if they don't have a video on their app page it means it's perfect for me it's more likely that they'll hire me

Second do I like the app that I'm seeing is it something that you know I respect yes the primary reason I'm doing this is to kind of experiment with the idea of freelancing for a moment potentially making some money but at the same time I

Would it would not hurt to see a portfolio piece come out of this experiment so what I mean by that is you know if I do karaoke and I do make end up making a decent video I want to be able to put it up on a portfolio in

Which case I want to be able to say that here I liked making what I liked the app that I made a video for I don't want to just make a video for anybody that offers me money it's not all about the money I think it's important that you

Respect or like you know the work of the person that you're working with thirdly I am making sure that the developer of the app is serious about the app itself the quickest way to check that is to just scroll all the way down and see

When the app was last updated if you scroll all the way down you know it has all this information about when it was updated the number of downloads and Internet and so if the app was not updated in the last three to six months

I am NOT contacting them simple as that next I am also looking for apps I'm leaning towards apps that are based whose developers are based abroad I was preferably North America in Europe because I just

Think it's easier for me to convince somebody um who's based up or harder or to pay me some money to make a video or than it is for me to convince somebody here in India maybe I'm Co typing but I'm just playing it safe for this one

Plus I think it's just likely that I'll make more money that way I'm also trying to look for apps whose developers are full-blown companies and not just individuals because you know in that case it's more

Likely that they have separate budgets for video production and things like that in which case you know I'm more likely to get a gig and finally I'm also looking for apps whose which have you know purchases because again which means

That means that they're you know J actually generating some revenue from the app which again further increases the chances of me getting hired so that's kind of the process that I'm going through to kind of filter these

Apps I don't think it's a great idea to go out and email every single app that's just pointless and a waste of time I would rather get a few apps right I would rather you know take the time to just make a small list and check out

Every single app and email them then just bulk emailing a bunch of apps I don't really care about alright my app list is ready I have an excel sheet full of companies that I know I want to contact with their details and stuff

However before I can start emailing there's one more thing I have to do well it's kind of a big one and that is to create some spec one spec work in simple words is basically sample work work that you use when you're pitching to somebody

When you're pitching to somebody it's a good idea to show them some previous work that you've done to kind of give them an idea of what to expect think of it like as you may know I could show them some of my old work some of my

Commercial work or some iudah videos but I'm not going to do that instead I'm specifically going to pick an app from this list and I'm going to make a video for that app and then I'm going to use that as my pitch now I'm not going to

Pick just any app I'm specifically going to pick or intentionally going to pick the one with the most downloads that happens to be stock twits I think they've been around for around nine ten years so stock which is well established

In the finance category now the reason I'm doing this is to kind of create the impression that stock twits actually hired me to do that job because then it's easier for companies for smaller companies to believe or trust me with

Trust me for a job for example let's say your friend has a BMW and you make a video of the car and let's say it turns out really really good you can then use that video to pitch to other companies other car companies for work and it

Doesn't really matter if BMW actually hired you to do that job the word BMW will you know initially get their attention and then if the video is good enough that will do the rest of the job so that's kind of the mindset here

And I've actually already made the video for top twits um I would have liked to show some medias but then the video would be too long so I'm just going to stop talking right now and I will play the video that I made what if there were

An app designed specifically for traders where you could have focus discussions around trading without distractions think Twitter for traders enter stock twits the world's largest network of investors and traders some of the basic

Things you can use this app for are creating a watch list of your favorite stocks ETFs and cryptocurrencies as well as charge rooms around specific topics but more importantly stock to its allows traders to follow each other share or

Like messages and so much more oh we're also pioneers of the cash tag a feature that helps you reference a specific stock for example if you feel like sharing your thoughts on the implications of Elon Musk's tweets on

The Tesla stock simply add the dollar sign before the stock and share your thoughts additionally you can also add a bearish or bullish tag stock twits is a free application whose paid versions talk to its plus offers an ad-free

Experience and many other features alright that was the video it was made right here from start to finish in this bedroom so now that that's out of the

Way I can actually start writing the emails now when I'm writing an email there's a few things that I try to keep in mind first I try to keep the word count as low as possible preferably hundred hundred two hundred words

Because I think that if it takes them more than 45 seconds to dig the email I've pretty much already lost second I try to personalize the email as much as possible one way I'm doing this is by talking about the app talking about

Their app in the email so I actually downloaded every single one of these apps on my phone and I use it for a little bit and so I'm going to write about it in the email in that way they know that I actually care third I'm also

Going to give them an incentive in the form of a free product photo so as I said a downloaded every single app on my phone and when I did that I also took a product photo a proper professional-looking product photo I'm

Going to attach that in the email as a free gift for them because let's face it these guys probably receive hundreds of emails every single day and the last thing you want to do is send another generic email you have to find ways to

Stand out so that's kind of the thought process behind writing an email finally I'm going to be sending these emails from a custom email address that I have which is hello Ezra's bottle comm I think that automatically increases my

Credibility as opposed to using a generic email address so it's been a few days since I sent the emails I got a few responses surprisingly and guess what I actually sealed the deal with one of the

Companies that app is called for x0 after some negotiation we agreed at four hundred US dollars thirty thousand rupees for a 60-second video as well as five photographs of their app now they're also sponsoring this video

Pouring Xero is sponsoring this video but just to clarify the sponsorship amount is separate or the 30k I told you about is just for video production I'm not going to be disclosing the amount for the sponsorship they're not talking

About influencer marketing but yeah I gotta stop working on the video now I told them I would deliver it within seven days so I'm going to be scripting it I'm going to be shooting and editing in all of that but I actually won't be

Doing the voice-over for this one because they specifically mentioned that they want an American voiceover since the app is targeted for North America and Europe and I can't really do an American accent so I'm gonna be

Outsourcing the voice-over to somebody on Fiverr so my net profit is probably gonna end up being around 27 26 K I'm not sure depending on how much the voice-over costs but we'll see the first step is to kind of just write the script

And to do that first I have to use the app extensively I have been using it for some time now and I will actually show you let me show you let me show you the app because I think it's pretty cool already essentially 4x 0 is an education

App to learn forex trading as well as stocks trading stocks trading as as Millennials we like to call it I'm serious it's a pretty cool app personally I enjoy economics and business and things like that so I find

That very fun um it's free on the iOS App Store as well as the Google Play Store I'm just using an iPhone to test that right now don't worry absolutely mandroid but let me quickly show you a one section of the app it's called

Trend predictor it's kind of their kind of their USP so essentially um it gives you like real life situations and then you kind of have to predict what's going to happen to a particular currency pair or a specific stock so let me actually

Just quickly show you an example um so for here for example it's the situation is that the President of the United States promises to boost the economy what's going to happen to the ringgit to dollar rate in this case I think it's

Gonna go down because you know every time a public figure comes in says they're gonna boost the economy you know boost economy kind of strengthens the currency so it's gonna be safe to say that during it is gonna

Go down as a result the dollar is gonna go up or I don't need to be speaking the ringgit Rakhal is going to go down so I got that right as you can see and then once you scroll down you have an explanation for exactly why you were you

Know the exact reasoning behind why you were correct or why you were wrong that's pretty cool there's also virtual cash as you can see here I'm at over one lakh in US dollars I spent a little too much time playing

It last night and it's actually kind of a problem right now because I want to start filming like the main 60-second promo but I cannot do that because um so the reason is that basically the app is targeted for North America and Europe I

Mean those guys they don't use the Indian number system as you can see here right now there's two commas instead of just one if this were the International number system it would just be 1 1 3 comma 3 5 6 so I'm trying to lose some

Money right now because I want to make it look like it's the International number system so I'm trying to get to the 90k range because 90k is 90k whether we're talking in the number system or international number system so it's kind

Of frustrating I'm trying to lose money and I get like 4 answers wrong in an accident the answer one question correct and it puts me back where I was earlier so it's frustrating compared I think another 15 20 minutes and I should be at

The 90k range and then I'll be ready to film so I'm about to film the first shot it's a flatly I'm absolutely testing it right now I've put it on the computer graded it and everything and actually quite like how it's looking so just to

Quickly break down the setup for you I'm using the aperture try Etsy to light the setup and bouncing it off a white board to give me diffused even lighting I'm using the a 6300 with the Sigma 30 as usual to fill in the shot for props

Using firstly notes dollar bills and euro bills or you don't know do they say bills in Europe I just think it makes sense dollar notes in euro notes something I'm not a big fan of about this setup is that I'm using an iPhone 6

Which is kind of an outdated design but then again there's SHS came out and that has basically the same design as the 6 so I think we should be fine plus I'm also going to be using one plus 7 and the polka phone for some other shots so

I think on the whole the video should look fine and yeah finally we have some books for props Rich Dad Poor Dad in the 4-hour workweek pretty much the startup for personal finance money related stuff

Oh but yeah I think it's looking good I'm just gonna turn off the fan now and I can start filming all right it's done the video is ready I've sent it to the client the delivery he's stunned they loved it they suggested a few changes so

I did those and then I send it back but basically the video is done I'm gonna play it I'm gonna stop talking and play it for you guys right now so you can see how it turned out the inflation rate in the United Kingdom increases what you

Think is going to happen to the pound dollar rate all right increasing inflation sense to me like a bad thing that could hurt the economy thus I think the British Pound might go down so I'm going to select option B

Here ouch I was wrong but why let's have a look at the explanation here okay I understand now when inflation rises the central bank often increases the interest rates this increases the demand for the currency as a result its price

Goes up so that was the trend predictor it's full of real-life case studies about Forex and stock trading with explanations suited also for beginners I've spent some time on it as you can tell by my $93,000 balance yep there's

Virtual cash involved so you can get a feel for how forex trading works without the risk of losing real money my second favorite section is the school it helps me brush up my basics I learned more in 6 hours using this app than in weeks

Reading different fluffy books finally there's the golden hour section it tells you when the best and the worst time to trade is forex hero is 100% free it has no ads and no annoying sign ups download it now that was the video it was over 60

Seconds long which you know I would have trimmed but then I realized they would take away from the content of the video so I did not trim it now I just wanna leave you with a few things before I finish this video firstly the reason I'm

Making this video is a because I just enjoyed the process of the cold approach I just love combining business and media production I also enjoy understanding the psychology behind business and stuff like that but also be I'm making this

Video because I just want to hopefully inspire you to try out something similar I don't want you to I don't want people to rely on just one client or be dependent on a specific location or to make their money I just

Think that's not a very good idea so hopefully this kind of inspires you to at least try and go out or stay home and freelance and you don't have to make a prettiest like I did you just if you want to make a video so go for it that's

Great don't email the companies that I did but you don't have to make up videos you can make you know stuff and graphic design if you're good at Photoshop or if you'll go to the After Effects you can make intros so people just stuff like

That and you'll actually surprised that how many companies or individuals would be willing to pay you or to make content even in this period I know there are a lot of companies that are hit or drastically affected by the by the virus

But there are also a good number of companies that are either uninfected or actually thriving in this period so you have to just be smart about which companies you pick and if you do the right research and if you're smart about

Who you pick you can actually possibly make more money than you would normally and when you do get that gig please have a contract in place I don't start working until my contract is signed and until I have 50% of my payment this is

Something you should do even in real life but especially online I think since you probably won't be meeting that person it's very important thing to do and honestly my experience working with the guys at four X zero was just great

It's not every day that a client will let you tell the world exactly how much you got paid to do a specific jobs so you know shout out to them for sponsoring this video but also for just being extremely open and transparent

About this idea this whole project I decided that if I was going to make a video like this I'm going to tell you the price I'm going to tell you exactly how I did it so massive shout-out to them for that definitely check out the

App again I'll leave links in description if you're in techno mix and stuff like that check it out if you like trading check it out if you don't like it uninstall it but you can give it a shot it's completely free but yeah

That's about it for this video if you enjoy watching it give it a like if it is not water down let me know in the comments why didn't like it if you're new around here consider subscribing for more videos just like this one it's been

Sooraj thank you so much for watching take it easy and stay repetitious shopping place like Mimi Mishima serving up every single plate the hottest in the season even someone looks away

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