I Can’t Do This Anymore!!!!!! A Message To Our Subscribers!

published on July 13, 2020

I am so frustrated I just can't do thisanymore I can't find one single consumeradvocate for homeowners in therenovation space I'm not afraid to tellyou the truth rightthere's a cheap way there's an averageway there's a good way there's a great

Way and then there's the new way and youcould spend as much money as you wantsolving any problem you want and we'regoing to start sharing all the differentoptions from every different perspectivewithout you having any concern whether

Or not someone's paying for my opinionthere's a ton of other things were goingto share but I'm not going to share itin a lot of these videos because a lotof the information I want to share withyou guys I was gonna share face to face

I had this idea I'd go on tour I'd beable to speak I'd share a bunch of realvaluable information in small groups beable to help people with theirindividual problems and I realized thatwe had to cancel the tour couldn't be in

Groups of more than five that's a littlefrustrating when you're trying to bespeaking to her so we cancelled it werefunded all everybody all their moneyall rightthat was not a that was not a difficult

Decision to do but what we're gonna doinstead is we're going to do this monthon the 11th the 18th and the 25th threeSaturdays in a row one o'clock in theafternoon Eastern Standard Time I'mgonna do the entire circuit of speaking

That I was giving out I'm gonna do threelive shows for two hours and then we'regonna take some questions all rightI'm doing the entire tour for free foreverybody no need to buy a ticket you'relocked in you're at home you got nothing

To do anyway so I'm like why the hecknot let's just spend the whole daytogether three weekends in a rowthere'll be three amazing differenttopics you can check out the descriptionof this video we'll have everything laid

Out as far as when it is and what we'regonna be talking about that's the leastthat I can do to help you guys out whilewe're going through all this mess butmoving forward just be easy on us allright it's expensive what we're doing if

Somebody wants to give me a appliancesand it's free and they're just sayinghere put this in the video I'm gonnatake it because I don't want to have tofind another revenue stream to be ableto support that kind of investment

So we're gonna take product placementbut no one's gonna be able to pay us offand I'm gonna have my own opinion soyou're gonna see probably a little bitmore of this going down the road wherepeople will send us products and I'm

Gonna do a review online I'll go inthere and I'll say hey it's good or badugly and I'll tell the honest truthalright and so that's what you canexpect from us in the future now as faras how are we doing we're fine I'm more

Concerned with you I mean our channel isalmost a million subscribers now andit's a difficult time because we know alot of you are probably going throughhell with your family right now it's notan easy time right we wanted to do

Something to help give back and soyou'll see in the videos we've got alittle fundraiser going on it was toughto pick a place to align ourselves withbut you know I got married at 18 I hadfour kids you know a little bit of our

Story we had some really lean yearsthere right but we never went withoutfood and we know that there's a lot ofdifferent circles were there there arekids that used to go to school everymorning they get breakfast and they'd

Get lunch and these are programs thatwere out there to help make sure theywere getting fed and they're not goingto school right now they're locked up athome and those same kids that didn'thave breakfast and lunch before are now

Locked up at home with a lot of parentswho weren't working all rightwell listen the foundation name iscalled no Kid Hungry it's pretty simplethe concept is simple they'reredirecting a whole lot of effort to

Take the food from the schools anddeliver it to the kids at home that's ahuge undertaking so hats off toeverybody involved in that personallywe're going to be giving $150 a monthfor the whole duration of this Kovach

Crisis and then our goal to be honestwith you we'd love to see one dollarfrom every one of our subscriberswouldn't that just be amazing to be ableto do that so listen hit the greenbutton it's a fundraising button that's

What it's for they have options therefor how much you'd like to give ifyou're in a place that you can help themdo so I think it'd be really beneficialjust never never a day that you can givemoney to help kids oh it's a bad day

Rightit's just a nice safe place to put somecash all right let's get on with thiswe're gonna do a tour of the kitchengive everybody a channel update cuz youall have been crying out for it ask him

To be able to see how things are goneand then we got a bunch of other up youknow business take care of first of alllet me just say this before we show youthe kitchen a lot of the projects thatwe've got going on here we're filming

Brand new content for our other channelcalled reality Rena vision and you'regonna love itit's been growing and it's been doingwell if you haven't heard about it yetwe're gonna put a link to that channel

Right here and yes some of the videos onthere up to the point they're just allremastered older content that neverreally got exposure with YouTube but nowwe put them all on the same place thatchannel is growing really fast and we're

Really confident that that's going to bea huge successwe're continuing to invest in itcontinue in a film for it so be a partof that as well it's a lot more like aTV show than how to so it's a little bit

More fun so now we're gonna take youthrough the plastic alright so let's gotake a look in the kitchen come on max Ilove you through the plastic wall herewe go this is what it's like in ourhouse we have this place pretty much

Finished right I mean these a few moretweaks but we're kind of moving ontrying to get the pantry done because ofthis whole renovation process we've gotour we got everything in our living roomright now you can see ya pantry in the

Corner but you can tell that at leastthe space is cool is functional we havesome more features to put in we're gonnaput in a special decorative wood somebarn board on the front of that wholeisland that's gonna be really cool and

Then we're gonna finish up with the doorand the pantry in the barn door and thenthe huge space out there just great bigliving space be awesome later on thisyear in the channel we're gonna betackling outside we're doing a huge

Outdoor patio area so we're gonna getrid of the pool old ugly thing you'veseen in some of the videos we're gonnaput in a nice outdoor living spacewe're gonna teach you guys how the DIYhow to do your own stone patio because

One of the greatest return oninvestments even if you pay somebody todo it for you is an outdoor patio it'slike 80 to 85 percent return if you doit yourself you double your money justsay so I guess one of the major changes

We got going on this year in the channelis thatinstead of just Saturdays we're gonna bedoing a lot of Tuesdays as wellespecially while we're doing the thedo-it-yourself tour live shows on

Saturday so here's my challenge to allof the viewers out there set your bailfor notifications on your phone and onyour computers we've only got abouteleven percent of our subscribers whoset the notification bail which is

Really interesting in it I think largelythat's because a lot of your men a lotof us are older we're not reallyyoutubers but it's part of the thingright if you don't have your bail setYouTube's not going to tell you that the

Videos out until maybe a week or twoweeks later and you're gonna be missingout on a lot of great content so hit thenotification bell make sure it has thatringing look to it okay and then we'llbe able to see you every time we put up

A video and you get notified before wego live which is really key one of themajor changes are making on the channelthis year is we're not just filming whatwe're working on yes we're gonna finishthe house and do the outside so I want

To hear from youso put anything you want to see on videoformat in the comment section down belowjust tell us you know you give us yourtop three three things that you needhelp with and that'll help us to

Determine which videos that we shouldfilm first so we can help our audienceout the most because instead of youwatching what we're up to we want to beable to make the videos that you need mealright that's the new direction we're

Gonna head hopefully that works out wellwe're gonna experiment with that for alittle whileI just wanted to say one more time youknow stay safe stay home if you'rewatching this video and it's not covert

19 then that's fine we aren't going tobe filming any more covert 19 videosokay this is just a real-time channelupdate we're throwing it in the mix sothat we can give everybody a little bitof an up to speed what's going on in our

Life and yeah there we gohope you enjoyed that don't forget towatch a new video on Tuesday we'restarting another new project because wefilmed a whole series and my daughter'snew house you're gonna believe this but

We've renovated her brand-new housebefore she moved in so it was a reallygreat awesome experience to be able totalk about construction technology theselections that you make when you'rebuying your house where you can save

Money where you can make money becausewhen you renovate a brand new homeand you having a home built for you youhave the opportunity to make choicesthat are gonna blow your mind and if youlike what you see in this kitchen then

Click the link up here alright don'tforget to watch the series from thebeginning you can learn how to renovateyour own kitchen now this project mightonly be 60 cents on the dollar if youpaid someone to do it but because we did

It I think we made about 25 grandnot a bad day at the office see you soon

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