I Built a Completely Customized Standing Desk (and it’s epic!)

published on July 20, 2020

I've always been a maker in my soul but before I liked making food I made other things I grew up in my workshop building all types of projects and I even chose that as my career path before I found my passion for cooking but now I'm getting out of the apartment I've got a new

Studio space and I'm building out the entire thing from scratch so I get a chance to build again so the question is how does this relate to being a pro home cook well number one I've got a ton of cool projects for this space and I want

To bring you along on that journey number two we all go through times when our life is a little chaotic and filled with a mess but I don't want to lose my cooking practice even though I can't cook as much I still want to get in the

Kitchen and cook meals so I can sustain myself while I'm building so you're gonna see really cool meals throughout this entire building process as well the first project doesn't have anything to do with the kitchen I need a desk so

I can edit these videos first create an office space and it's all going to be inspired by this cutting board right here if you've seen my videos you know this cutting board but first let's take it back to my apartment so we can make

Some food so this right here is my current death setup I'm using this kneeling chair I've been using it for about a year definitely helps relieve some some back issues I get from just sitting down on a

Regular chair and then I've got this my dad made me this a few years back boom laptop so I'm nice and I'm level but it's just a little crowded not to mention things are just fermenting everywhere I've got this is my storage

Section now I've got more kombucha fermenting over there not a good look now I'm tired of sitting and I'm looking for a quick little standing desk option I take this whole piece a little heavy one-handed and I pop it right over here

On this table now I have my rigged up standing desk not ideal so for years I've been dreaming about having an official a more official death set up I've been watching a lot of YouTube videos there's a lot of awesome death

Setups out there getting inspired and I think I've got a really cool idea for the ultimate standing desk but before I get to the studio to start the project I'm gonna make a little dish for something to sustain me throughout the

Process so right now the studio build-out process is taking up most of my brain space a lot of time a lot of creativity is dedicated to the space which is great it's a fun project but I definitely need to adapt because a lot

Of that space used to go to home cooking to planning meals to executing to eating really well throughout the week so I've had to adapt a bit but that doesn't mean I can't cook awesome food it just needs to change a bit it needs to go a little

More survival a little more in the moment so really it's about just looking in your fridge seeing what you have and throwing things together using all of the skills you've had in the past really make things happen so for this

Meal I'm gonna make a pasta was at the farmers market last weekend and I found some homemade pasta which I figured would be a few meals really sustaining and hearty and then I just pulled a bunch of veggies out I had some cheese a

Little bit of meat so this isn't about being you know a perfectly refined pasta it's just getting as many ingredients into this thing that will really sustain me through the day so I had this piece of smoked pork that I thought would work

Similar to like a pancetta or bacon but use whatever you had I just chopped that up into little pieces and then fried that up in some oil while that was frying I chopped up my vegetables I had a little piece of eggplant I had some

Mushrooms I had a summer squash and once that was chopped up I threw that in with the pork as well and just fried that up until it was pretty much al dente doesn't need to be cooked completely through because it's gonna cook a little

Later on wow that was cooking I chopped up a green onion that I had the stem of it plus the the green part and then I chopped up a little garlic and then I took out all of those vegetables and

Replace them with some oil and fried up the green onion and the garlic together and then I chopped up some cherry tomatoes which are one of my favorite things for making a quick tomato sauce and threw those in with the bunch and

Then just started mashing those down to really extract all of the tomato juice out of it and create sauce at this point I would add a little bit of wine but I didn't have any wine so I added some red wine vinegar which I did

Have just a few splashes of that to give it a nice Tang eNOS and to build up the sauce a bit since I didn't have that many Tomatoes I don't have a lot of sauce in here but there's so much flavor with all of the vegetables we're adding

Plus we've got some cheese so what I'm gonna do is cook the pasta really quick and then add a bunch of the pasta water that will create the thick sauce and then hopefully the vegetables will create the flavor

so right here is the key to pasta you cook the noodles a little under and it looks like soup right now but as you continue to stir the starches from the

Noodles that come off the noodles will thicken up into a sauce and this will be creamy plus we're just gonna add a little bit of cheese a lot of bit of cheese this is some goat cheese and this thing is going to

so this is pretty much done it's picking up really nicely from that pasta water and it only took like 20 maybe 25 minutes quick me up hmm cool delicious flavorful packed with goodness there's

Protein in there it's gonna be a great meal when I'm in the studio working hard and again there's a time for perfect execution and proper technique and clearly this is not that this is a hodgepodge of food coming together into

A pasta that will still be delicious but it's not perfect and I'm fine with it I'm gonna pack it up and this will be a few meals in the studio most of you are probably very familiar with this board this is the cutting board I've been

Using my videos for the past five years my dad actually makes these cutting boards by gluing together pieces of wood so all of these colors these are the natural colors of the wood and right when I got the studio space I thought

How cool it'd be to blow this up and make it a bigger surface and I thought originally I could do it for the kitchen island but you know that would be a little too busy with all the colors so I switched my focus to turning this into a

Desktop but just adding more colors of wood and making it much bigger so I took a trip home to make this custom desktop and just like cooking it all starts with the ingredients and in this case we got to go to the lumberyard to pick out all

The different colors of wood so we picked out a variety of lumber and it was all in its raw form so at the lumberyard they planed down all of the wood to really reveal its natural beauty and then they put it through the jointer

To give it a nice flat edge and then once we were back at my dad's workshop we measured up all of the wood and cut it down to length for this desk it was just around 80 inches long then we sent all of the wood through the bandsaw to

Cut it into two inch strips you can also use a table saw for this as well and after we had their strips we ran it through the drum sander just so the surface was nice and smooth for gluing up you can see the beautiful colors of

Wood here I think we had a variety of 10 different types of wood when it comes to making cutting boards how do you do you know how do you figure out the patterns with the patterns I have all the strips cut out and then I just play around with

It I put them down I see how it looks I just it and sometimes I'll even leave it overnight then come down the next day I'll look at it say do I still like this ah so you don't think we should glue this just yeah maybe sometimes if you

Really and you really love it and are happy that you do it but sometimes I wait sometimes I'll come back and look at it another time and just see if I'm real happy with it once it's glued it's it's done so this right here is

Basically a massive cutting board a few more colors than you know your normal what one foot cutting board so we've got to figure out a pattern I'm happy I slept on I'm really enjoying this new design where you have just chunks of

Different colors so you really can appreciate the natural wood and just broken up by a few accent pieces like that love it once I decided on the final design it was time to glue up the strips of wood and what we did was glue them up

In three different sections so they could each fit through the planer and then glue those three sections together later you really want to make sure you load up the wood glue on this step so you have a really nice tight bond and

Then you can never have enough clamps clamp this thing up good and let that sit overnight until it is formed into one solid piece now at this point the surface is very uneven all the different heights of the

Wood plus all of the glue so to make a nice desk surface we put each piece through the planer and every time you send it through the planer is gonna take off just a small layer until it is nice and smooth and then we put it through

The drum sander just to finish it off now the sections were ready to be joined together so we hooked up a guide and use a router to create a perfect flat edge so they would line up evenly and then for some extra support we drilled in

Some biscuits with the biscuit cutter and then popped in those biscuits with a bunch of glue and glued up the three pieces to create the full width of the table once the glue has dried we hooked up the metal guide again and use the

Router to cut a straight edge to create an even line on both sides of the desk top and then we used a rounded router bit to create a slight bevel on the desktop so it's not a sharp edge now all we had to do was finish it up with the

Orbital sander to give it a beautifully smooth surface and then it was time to load it in my car and bring it back to the studio already got some staying on here we're ready to stain this baby and bring it to life to be honest as it is

It's it's very beautiful but sustained that's what really brings it to life thank you fully for hooking up this office space is going to be insane the

Only thing I'm actually waiting for is the standing desk which is the most important part to really bring this all together so once that comes we can set this baby up yeah all right this is what I've been waiting for time to assemble

My desk so the cool thing about this specific standing desk from fully is that you can get it with just the frame only without the desktop so you can customize the desktop which is of course what I did here and you can get it in an

Extra-wide version my desktop is 78 inches wide it's insanely big and this will fit up to 80 inches so it's time to drill into this thing and see what this looks like yeah oh not a one-man job Wow this rolls nice love that I didn't

Think you would roll so smoothly so the last thing I have to do to complete the desk setup is to install all the accessories I have a monitor arm I've got a monitor I've got a desk lamp and then I also have some organization

Accessories because I want this thing to be clean clean desktop means clean mine which means efficient working and that's what this space is about efficient working really taking these video edits to the next level because I have a

Beautiful workstation so here's the final standing desk set up and this thing exceeded my expectations I've been loving the motorized standing desk it's just so incredible to have that adjustability throughout the day

And I also love how this desk is on casters this gives me the option to seamlessly move the desk around the studio if I want to change the lighting or maybe I want a live stream closer to the kitchen this really opens up a ton

Of options a lot of flexibility I'm using some red audio engine speakers which I really like they've got great sound and they also match the red tones of the wood which works nicely for lighting I'm using the beam LED desk

Lamp from Foley which gives you the option of different light temperatures as well as controlling the brightness on the lamp and the Jarvis monitor arm from Foley is really nice and sturdy and has great adjustability as well so I can

Change positions throughout the day and finally to keep everything nice and tidy I installed the Jarvis bamboo desk drawer from fully to give me a little extra storage to keep my surface nice and clean so I'm actually editing this

Video right now it's the first video I've ever added on this desk setup and it took me a little bit to get used to to be honest with the big screen I was always editing off a laptop with the adjustable desk but I am slowly but

Surely of loving this setup and everything about it the adjustability having this screen but the video on the big screen and the timeline down here and it has been excellent for editing so all good

On his death setup

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