I Bought All The FREE Items on Wish..?

by birtanpublished on October 4, 2020

– Hey what's up guys, welcome back to Tech Smart for the last episode of season two of Wish Busters. The show where we buy and try items here on wish. In this episode we don't even need our wallets, we're getting everything you could possibly get on Wish for free. (soft beat) (whooshing) Say guys, if you are new to Wish Busters make sure you get subscribed so you don't miss any future episodes and you get used to what we're doing here. We're going for everything you can find on Wish for free. Now, keeping in mind I'm going through gadgets and since this is the season finale of episode,

Of episode two, of season two we're going for all the tech gadgets that I could possibly find for free. Don't really know what the Wish gods really have in store. This site, you guys know, has been a whirlwind. And in the next season, season three, we're going for more premium items, we're gonna go to some different websites outside of Wish. Things are gonna start to change. Did I even say things? Things are gonna (beeping) So let's just jump right on into the website.

We'll see what we can find. And of course as you guys know, once the products show up, in about two to three weeks, we're gonna go and rate them in a scale of Wish meaning it's good I'd recommend it or dish. Don't buy its a zero out of five w's. We're going to see what happens. All right, now let's jump into the website. I'm just gonna type in free. We got nothing okay, well not nothing. Keep in mind when you get to the free section on Wish, well yeah you don't really get much of a choice. I feel like that's kinda been Wish Busters these last few episodes. If you guys missed the playlist

It's linked down in the description. We're going for the only thing on here that really is a gadget and qualifies. It's and ultra long tangle-free nylon braided charger. We're going for size, I'm going for the three point three feet type-C cable. I wanted a fun color. All right just give it to, blue is sold out. What do the ratings even say on this. Kris, "Haven't used, but looks good." Then don't write a review Kris, you know we hate that here. I'm getting it in gold just to flex on Kris. Just use it, it's a cable.

Ah man, these products, Ugh. Wish they were better. We found something pretty interesting. I've wanted to check one of these out. Seen this on the website before, non-ear plug wireless earphone with microphone music sport headset. But for free, in red. What do the reviews say? Four dollar shipping? They're going in for me. "It works really well" says Alyssa. Mike, "The perfect size, light weight an sound good." Not and, an. Mike sold be on that.

Something a little different. It's a phone mount. You can only get one size. I'm just going to get it in gold. Over 13 thousand people have given this a five star review. "It came in so much sooner than I thought it would and I love that. I'm buying me a second one to go on the passenger side." You don't even need hands in 2019. Gregory, "Haven't used it yet, but seems perfectly exactly what I was expecting." And we're gonna capitalize different parts of that sentence. Oo, here we go.

10 out of 10 artwork, 360 degrees and then just a ray of light that's meant to be? A protective screen protector size, oo, I'm going to get it for the 10s MAX and I'm gonna get it in blue. 42 hundred people have bought this. "Fits perfect, but I expect more" says Desislava Kanoe, "Arrived two weeks early. The fit could be better, but definitely gets the job done." See? Kanoe didn't expect more, you see that Desislava? Oo, okay. Some Bluetooth headphones that are free.

I have my spot color, everyday is different. Bluetooth headse? What's a Bluetooth headse? Fashion feels happy and goes with the flow. Fashion, simple, quality. Your graphic isn't simple. This could have at least been spell checked for a t. All right, liberate your hands to enjoy. All right, I want to liberate my hands. We're getting the blue ones. 24 reviews, not a single person had anything to say. I think we already know what we're gonna get on this one. We're going for the outdoor cap light, camping, fishing, flash light, head lamp, including batteries.

45 hundred people bought this. Richard writes, "This late, very good, came early, very happy with my purchase." And gave it a big ol' fiver. Kyle, "Have not tried it yet, but I hope the lights are bright." Kyle, we know the rules around here. Don't be writing a review if you haven't tried it! We're hittin' buy. Instead of the headphones, we got one headphone. And it's a Bluetooth ear piece. It's a universal wireless Bluetooth, hands free, sports sero headset. Why put sport in there? Would you play sports with this?

What do the reviews say? 83 hundred people left a review. Cathy, "Arrived fast in good condition. Paired easily with my device." Gave it a four star. Not a single one of these featured reviews is a five star. You got Phu over here, "The sound is not so clear and so soft." You guys are hard to impress, like really hard to impress. I got it in gold. We're at eight things in the cart. I'm going on rapid mode. Let's speed this up. Men's and women's self-defense pepper spray,

Self-defense tools, new women's safety self-defense products, outdoor safety self-defense products, mini anti-wolf sprayer. Okay. Wow, you can actually get two sizes. A five millimeter and a 10 milliliter. Kinda surprised by that. 56 hundred people left a review. "This is my second time ordering from here." So it's two now. "The original one I had bought broke a while back so I had to order a new one. Just like last time, it came in the mail early. However, it came all sticky and gunked up.

And I had to run it under some water to clean it. Other than that my review is the same as last time." Here we go he's landing the plane. "Cute, small, affordable and powerful." With he heart and the fire emoji. Wow, oh man I'm sold. Oh, okay! We're really getting back to it, another cable. Another free cable. 15 hundred people left a review. Douglas, "Arrived today. Seems pretty nice for price. Have to see how it lasts down the line." Pablo, "Nothing to say. Good product." Sounds like you had something to say there, Pablo.

One meter for, two meter for IOS. Give it to me, give it to me in blue. 10 things in the cart, okay. Okay. Non-contact buttons. I think that's PubG. Yeah that's PubG, okay yeah. 195 reviews. "The item works well and I really like it," Dalla. Gave it a big fiver. Kevin, "Great triggers, buying another pair." I'm hittin' buy. We got eleven things in the cart. This honestly should be for USBC. That would actually be really useful

And for free, pretty good buy. With a 198 reviews. Heather, "Works perfectly. Arrived early too." "Works well, received early." Great, love it Jerome. We're hittin' buy, its an audio splitter. Most phones don't even have headphone jacks anymore. Magnetic cable USB cord, not gonna read the rest. 24 hundred people left a review. Jason, "Works great and has more than one use it an be used to retrieve dropped screws and nuts and bolts." Now cable and plug is, there we go, three dollars. They're trying to make money by misleading you with a free product.

Oh, what? We got'em! Okay. Cable and plug. Okay, we found a cable and plug, for free. We got a two pieces mini mic for free. So if you guys have an iPhone or a phone that has a headphone jack still plug this in, you now have a lavalier mic. 67 people have left a review. Two dollar shipping. "Did not try yet but looks great." Manny from seven months ago, (banging) I'm sentencing you to never buy anything else on this website

And leave a review for it. But Delta over here comes in, "It's great and awesome." Clap, clap, clap. We'll take what we can get, we're putting it in the cart. Wait. (laughs) Are you serious? I should've known. I'm looking at the place order section and it says the item total, which I thought all these items were free, is actually $10. Some of these showed that they were free, but actually when you put them in the cart

It costs one or two bucks. And then of course everything has to be shipped and then that's an extra minimum of two dollars, sometimes four sometimes even more. For a grand total of $44 . I don't know what's going on with Wish. I kinda feel like I've been screwed a little. Just gonna hit place order and see what happens. So it took about three weeks and seven items showed up, so not everything. We actually has to do a second order and the other six showed up. So this is it. (plastic crinkling) But we'll check them out in a second.

We have our sponsor, the Sound Surge 60 by TaoTronics. These have active noise canceling built in. And you're thinking, okay for 60 bucks what's really good? Well they're Bluetooth headphones that have this really mushy and really luxurious leather cushions. What's also cool is they have a 3.5 millimeter headphone jack at the bottom. So whether you want to take them wireless or wired, you're covered. With some other good features like, like battery life. Which has lasted me more than a day with just a quick five minute charge

You'll actually get yourself two hours of playback. And they got a few different colors so you can kinda find the one that fits you. But what I really like is just how comfortable these over ear headphones are. Like you just flip them on the ANC, active noise canceling, just takes over surrounds your ears with whatever you're listening or just peace and quiet. So check them out, linked down in the description. These things don't mess around. And for only 60 bucks pretty much a steal. Now, let's actually checkout everything that's on the ground. So you guys know how this works,

If you don't just get subscribed it will super easy and through out the video make sure you vote up in the Icard for which product is your favorite. You never really know and with all being free products it is a total dice roll. We're basically at the Wish casino. And let's hope we get lucky. Item one and this is really why for season two we are just getting all the cheap and kinda crappy products out of the way. We got the most exciting. Ev try not to shake the camera too much because I, because I wasn't expecting that. Basic 3.5 millimeter splitter.

I'm gonna test this out later on in the video. I don't just throw it outside of the studio we're in because there's a few more accessories in this free one that deal with head phones, wired headphones in particular, that wouldn't really make sense to just listen to a bunch of music instead of just doing it all at once. And we have a free iPhone case for the 10s MAX. (plastic crinkling) If only the screen was 6 point, whoa! They actually give it something that you just don't want to rip apart. Let's slow it down there. It's like a date. (chuckles)

You win some you loose some. (beeping) So, I don't think this broke because of me, we're gonna blame it on shipping. And all we really have left is a two piece case and then a wet and a dry wipe just to make sure your screen's is nice and clean for a screen protector, but we don't really need that so. I kinds like this case. It's an interesting way to do a two piece. Maybe I just have been out of the game for so long since the early Tech Smart days. If you missed my first ever video, right up there in the iCard. That's a treat for this one.

You can still see the camera at the back. Of course, you need to take photos. You could see the Apple logo. So, what would I give this out of five? This is a five w's all day. This is a Wish completely for free. For item number three, this is an exciting one. It's been a while since I've actually been around pepper spray. If you missed that iPhone case, right up there. That's going to be the last plug for this one. So, definitely something you'd put in your purse. Nice and tiny, yeah I mean it could fit in your backpack. You know, maybe the fanny pack, the man bag, the murse.

Those are in right now. We're gonna put it on the table and we're going to see if anything. (gasps) All right, all right that's gonna be bad. I'm just letting you know that is not gonna be good. (beeping) All right Ev, I'm holding the camera. You get to smell it. None of you guys will believe it. I've joked around too many years. Yeah, right down there. – Oh yeah, that's pepper. That's real pepper. – Confirmed? – Real pepper. – So this is the pepper spray concealer.

Good. It's a five out of five. It's a wish all day. Item number four. (plastic crinkling) This season finally is getting a little more, a little less interesting. We have a free USBC to USBA cable. Pretty basic, I mean you for free you can't really go wrong. I just assume it works. But really only one way to confirm. We're going to see if it charges the Macbook Air. I don't think this is suppose to work.

But if it does work, (clicking) it's pure sorcery. (computer chiming) It works. I don't thing the rate of speed is fast, full disclaimer, but do you really think half this stuff should work? Is the free USBA to USBC cable, is it worth it? Complete five (knocking) It's a complete wish. Item five. Okay. Oh, what?

This is a light for a hat. Okay. Not bad. Does it, oh it blinks! That's it, just two modes. (swooshing) All right, my convenient go to hat. Give that an ol' little slidearow on. (soft music) What do we think? Swipe left? Swipe Right? I kinda like this. How good is it? Three out of five.

I'm giving it a wish. This is good for free. I mean you're paying shipping, but it worked. Item six. Some of this stuff you get for free isn't all that bad. We have a Bluetooth earpiece. Unless there's just some wire I don't see. Only way to charge it is probably with a cable you do have, a micro USB. And it just kind fits in your ear nice and snug. So if you want to get Ari Gold on or your just feeling like selling a house or two, or talking crypto. All right, we're going to take a vote.

Ev, yes or no? – (Ev) Yes. – Mark, yes or no? – (Mark) Yes. – Perfect. Jude, don't vote me out here. Yes or no? – (Jude) 100 percent yes. – 100 percent yes. That's a three yes's. So as long as this works. We're going to test it with the head phone splitter. It's gettin' a wish. But in the mean time, we're going to have to place you on hold.

Product seven. Another product we're going to be testing at the end. Could it be a wish or a dish? Product number eight. See what, another cable. That last cable didn't fail us, so I don't think this one will. USBA to what do we got here, lighting. And this cable's braided, but it's got a little bit of extra jazz. You have these fantastic hard, I don't know if it's silicon I don't know what material it is, but it prevents the cable from fraying. I see this working out for free really well for me,

Probably for you. But there's only one way. So here we go. (clicking) Out of five, giving it a five. It's a wish. Number nine. (plastic crinkling) (rattling) Oh, these things. These gaming button triggers. So, I think you just slide these on the side of your phone. Have this circle portion make contact with the screen. So I got a game of PubG fired up.

That seems to be the most popular game where these triggers seem applicable. I'm not confident these are gong to work. But I'm going to try to go into controls, okay maybe. This has to work I don't see any other way. Oh! I'm happy I gave it a second chance. Oh, here we go! Big moment! Out of left field. Oh! It worked! (clicking) My rate of fire was obviously increased. (gasps) No, no, no! Confidence in the shot,

Confidence in the shot! Boom! Confidence in the shot! Reload, reload, reload. No, don't do this to me! That's four kills. This is a five. Is this a wish or dish? This is wish. I don't want to stop playing. Kind of have him wearing a backpack right now. Well my team, my team's in it. Item I think 10. I don't this one could fail. So.

IPhone put it right smack dab on the logo. Is that gonna (clicking) (soft music) Maybe it's because of the frosted glass, but I think you either going to have to put a case on this or your phones gonna get broke. I mean it holds it. Not to bad. I think you might just have to press it down. Because that's gotta be good for your 12 hundred dollar phone. And you just install it somewhere on your car. I think it looks good.

I kinda like it. Let's see if we can flip the phone off. Let's do the first test. (car engine roaring) (tires squealing) Well that held really, really well. (Tires squealing) And did it stay? – (Man) It stayed – Yes it did. Out of five, it's a six. – (Man) Give it a thumbs up. – Is it a wish or a dish? More wish All right, let's actually get out of here now.

And it looks like we broke them. Are you serious? Are you (laughs) kidding. These were cool and I'll show you why. They were magnetic and for free can you beat that? Let's just turn them on. They have a nice control top. Play Tee Grizzley's Satish. (phone thudding) Whoa! All right. If you turn the volume up all the way, maybe it's this song in particular or anything with like real bass, it just goes womp, womp, womp.

It just it sounds like woo, woo, woo. Like wow. It's not that bad, for free. That's the comparison here, for free. Out of five this is getting the first four. Wouldn't recommended turning it up all the way. It does have some after taste, but for your ear so like after ear. And it's still a wish for free. We have another cable. All right, cameras gonna die. Let's try to plug it in, MacGyver. Oh man, just get it in, get in.

(soft music) In or out (gasps) Are you joke, oh! It's got the tip. So you put that face down and it's charging. You saw that. Now it's not. (clicking) Now it is. Wish or dish? Five This is a wish this is, for free. For free your phone is charging in a different way. (pounding)

The final product in season two of Wish Busters. (Thudding) (clinking) (beeping) Looks like a headphone. It is a headphone. But does it sound like a headphone? So there's a button on the side. And I heard it say "power on" so, headphone of 2020. Does it vibrate your ear to produce noise? Don't think so for free. No more predictions just music. Play U Said Lil Durk, A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie. I love the bass.

It's just blowing out the speaker out. Like it's clipping. It kinda like earbuds are just hung around your ear because that's basically what is happening. How is this out of five? This is a two. This is a dish. This is one of those products that looks cool because someone knows how to use Photoshop. But stay away, I wouldn't even take this for free. You'd have to pay me. Now for the big test to figure out if there's more dishes. So we have the Sound Surge 60s. We're going to plug the included three point five millimeter cable in,

Make these wired head phones, they do have Bluetooth. Plug it into the hub which we're then going to plug into the three point five to lighting, then we're plugging that into the iPhone, which we're then take the USB mic because we are on the ground and we are live in the field. Does this actually work? I think its only right to fire up voice memos first. (blowing) I don't think they can hear me. So, if the hubs not going to do it we're going straight pipeline in and pause the voice memo.

Hey can you hear me? I'm on the scene. I don't, this doesn't even work. Microphone out of five, gets a zero. Don't buy this. Don't even get it for free, unless they pay you, you don't want it. This splitter, don't let me down. I chose one by Hit Boy and I (phone dropping drowns out speaker) okay this is much better. Hey Ev, do you wanna plug on in and have some fun? For free his headphone splitter is a five.

It's a wish. It does what it's suppose to do. Only two bad eggs this video. Final test of this video. Actually, officially of Wish Busters season two. Let me just get this out. Keaton Keller, agent speaking. (voice talking on phone) Whoa, we gotta deal with Forkknife! Mark actually sounds not bad. Kinda looks like something you got at Louis Vuitton, minus the whole monogram. I'm giving this a five. Which is a wish. So that was 13 products that are free on Wish.

If I had to pick one that didn't destroy, but that really surprised me because all you really did pay for was shipping and for two bucks what does that really mean? I think I'm giving it to the Hollywood Bluetooth earpiece with the leather plastic kind of accents. That is a low-key statement piece. Who needs AirPods? Now just the last thing, if you did make it to this point in the video, thank you guys so much for such an amazing season two of Wish Busters. This has been a crazy one and I promise next season is going to be even better. My dream is to one day have this be on

An OTT platform maybe even TV. I think Wish Busters can truly be something special. And I'm sure you've probably been watching YouTube for more than just a day or two or maybe this is your first time seeing a Tech Smart video hopefully you'll get subscribed and join us for season three. But Wish is exploding there's a lot of new products constantly being uploaded. The way Wish recommends products sometimes we don't always find the good stuff. So, definitely let us know in the comments some potential ideas for next season. And definitely make sure you legit check anyone else doing Wish Busters type videos

Because there's really only one person that can buy all the AirPods on Wish. So guys it's your boy Keaton here signing out for TechSmart's season two of Wish Busters. If you guys are new make sure you get subscribed, drop a like if you guys want more of these. Definitely let us know in the comments any other ideas for the next season. We'll catch you guys in the next one.

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