HW News – RIPLTT Plans, [email protected] Faster Than 7 Supercomputers, Motherboard Sales Fall 30%

by birtanpublished on October 1, 2020

everyone welcome back to another
hardware news recap for the week and
this one we're doing a rip LTZ or a rip
pcmr rip somebody we're not sure who yet
for a folding at home points challenge
because if nothing else it's fun to
chase points and do so in a bigger way
than other people so we'll be talking
about that we have updates on the specs
for the playstation 5 and the Xbox
series X some of that you already likely
know but we have a bit of additional
information on it the Intel and micron
partnership renewals in the news as well
and then a whole lot of news about human
malware as it relates to computers so
Nvidia's got some software licenses that
have gone up for free for those
researching the virus razor joining mass
production and folding at home
surpassing seven supercomputers combined
in compute capabilities if you are tired
of that news we have other stuff too
like Microsoft rolling out DirectX 12
ultimate branding that we'll be
detailing here and then some other stuff
that deserves discussion before that
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the first news item is a bit of a downer
but relates to our other information
that we the research we collected on the
ground in Taiwan this one is the
pandemic sending motherboard and GPU
shipments towards record lows as we
approach the end of the first half of
2020 motherboard and GPU shipments are
forecast to hit record lows amidst the
current pandemic playing out across
multiple countries we just published our
own content talking about this side of
the industry noting that a massage
engine based factory alone would
typically produce upwards of 2.6 million
video cards and motherboards in one
month but that it had been shut down for
an additional month following the new
year gigabyte has also had reduced
capacity as we reported previously with
its Taiwan factory alone responsible for
about 450,000 units
month and that's it slower production
capacity factory in Taiwan as opposed to
its factory in China and you can check
our previous video for more on that in
addition to this coverage digit times
has also cited its own sources close to
motherboard makers claiming that Intel
Nvidia and AMD are all expecting to fall
short of predicted sales targets for the
first half of the year
additionally the GPU and motherboard
sales fell anywhere already between 30
and 50 percent on the year for last
month and won't rebound according to
these sources four digit times until
July at the earliest as Jen was on the
ground in Taiwan recently we also
reported on how the current human
malware situation has caused several
manufacturers to have their staff work
from home functionally calling the
industry in sick for the most part so as
the factory closings have been forced
manufacturing has been disrupted and
staff even in the offices have been
affected things have slowed down
obviously for the industry the upside we
suppose is that in China a lot of the
factories are now back up and running
again and they are approaching higher
capacity if not full capacity yet so
it'll be kind of a slow trickle but then
you're gonna have a demand shortage in
the US as well and just regarding our
previous video – of not recommending
panic purchasing pretty glad we made
that because the economic hit so far has
been gigantic a lot of people are
obviously have threatened positions at
their jobs and service industries things
like that so panic buying a good thing
to avoid right now and honestly although
prices may in the very short term spike
from people panicking and buying
everything much like they've been doing
with toilet paper although then you get
thin for price gouging as a retailer
there the lack of demand in the mid term
might keep prices steady or bring them
down so we'll see it's also gonna play
into things like the next GPU pricing
from Nvidia which is around the corner
and the pricing for the next consoles
which is around the corner so it's going
to be an interesting year we'll see what
happens folding at home surpasses seven
supercomputers combined so after folding
at home worked with the
see master a subreddit and NVIDIA and
others to promote its new Keene still
trying to avoid saying the word because
there's a bit of the monetization but
it's not as d monetized anyway I had to
do a cut there because I actually said
it I said the C word and it rhymes again
with D monetize so come I did it twice
in like 30 seconds
human malware folding projects that's
what I was trying to say the distributed
computing network managed to pull
together 470 petaflop of compute folding
at home claims more combined
computational power now than the summit
supercomputer which for perspective is
at 149 pedo flops we don't typically use
this metric of flops tera or otherwise
for a measure of power but typically
that's as it relates to consoles we're
gonna talk about that later where I'll
dismiss the console maker claims and
they're teraflops of power because
doesn't really mean anything when it
relates to gaming it's hard our compute
performance it can be pretty helpful for
establishing a baseline or at least a
comparative value but that's a different
type of processing than when you're
talking about gaming where there's a
whole lot of other stuff in the pipeline
that's involved as opposed to just
crunching sets of data for whatever you
might be researching anyway more more
power here than the top supercomputers
top seven supercomputers combined I'm
sure there's some nuance there like
localized clusters and access with the
supercomputers and exclusivity but it's
still good or at least interesting news
and a news episode for a week or two ago
we reported that one of the new
computers new supercomputers being
constructed which is called El Capitan
using pretty much all AMD Hardware will
be dedicated towards things like nuclear
research and military work and existing
supercomputers are already being
diverted towards antiviral research but
not the kind that Intel needs right now
next up rip LTT PCMR or really whoever
makes sense
whoever the the group that we rip will
largely be predicated on the amount of
ripich that we can dish out and we'll
see I guess so we recently saw Linus
getting involved in folding at home with
six Titan V's or in 15
18 million points per day and we decided
to turn on two of our Tesla V 100 video
cards and contribute about 7.6 million
points per day from two so really
looking forward to having a fun
light-hearted competition with some of
the youtubers who might be interested in
it looks like lionesses team is getting
involved and maybe some of the others
will too it'll be a fun opportunity to
revive the rip series with a different
spin rather than time spy we'd be going
for folding at home points per day a
couple of challenges here though we'll
need enough work units to make it all
happen especially if we do a stream kind
of suck if we're just sitting there like
okay pouring where Ellen – waiting for
work units but hopefully it'll work out
well enough for an overclocking folding
at home challenge and then we'll
hopefully help some of you get involved
– if you want to participate from home
while you're stuck there we can give you
some basics on overclocking the biggest
limitation right now has been
availability of work units GPU seems to
be more consistent in getting them while
our CPUs have been sitting around idle
we're hoping that we'll be able to get
enough consistency to pull together
streams and we'll announce when those
streams are on Twitter and on the
YouTube community page once we figure it
out we can't beat lionesses all times
score because they've been doing this
for so much longer than us but we'll see
if we can at least beat the points per
day for a given 24-hour period for
someone – for PCMR not sure who or
individual user as opposed to a team but
it'll be a lot of fun one thing we're
not sure if we're our liquid nitrogen
supplier is even working right now with
all the businesses who are currently
closed we might not even be able to get
Alan to supply if that's true I think
they have maybe five liters left in the
Dewar otherwise we'll do dry ice
presumably there's not been a run on dry
ice it's not really maybe I guess people
have run out of toilet paper that might
be an alternative don't do that but dry
ice or chilled water it would be an
alternative and that'd be fun – alright
so that's something for you to look out
for we're not sure really how much it
all actually helps folding at home has
been cited in a number of research
papers relating to medical research and
medicines that have been produced or at
least have gone through studies so in
the very least it's fun to chase points
and I think we can all appreciate that
in the most maybe it actually helps
someone if you want to join our team you
can open up folding at home the
executable and click on under Advanced
Options click on configure and for team
set the team ID 2 2 3 4 7 7 1 that's our
team ID my username on there is GM –
Steve and like you said our biggest
limitation is getting work units so but
they're trying to fix that next up this
past week both Microsoft and Sony have
tried it out mostly their full
specifications for the upcoming consoles
for the year and as the case has been
over the past several months Microsoft
was the first to reveal its Xbox Series
X hardware sony has followed along
finally breaking its long held silence
regarding the hardware inside the PS 5
as we've known for some time both Sony
and Microsoft have tapped AMD for a semi
custom silicon powering both consoles
this has been known information for
years now at this point wasn't really
news but the new stuff is how exactly
that silicon has been tuned and what
architectures it might be we know that
Microsoft version is built on TSM C's
enhanced n7 node not n7 + that's a
different thing not it's UV node we
presume this to be TSM C's n7p
or performance enhanced process based on
D UV and that offers either an increased
performance boost at the same power or a
lower power consumption at existing
clock speeds one of the biggest concerns
especially with the Xbox has been power
consumption both these devices have
shown that they are built around
theoretically being able to dissipate
more heat they're supposed to have more
expensive cooling solutions than
normally and the developer version of
the PS 5 in the very least is not the
later one was built with that weird V
shape but it was stackable and the
reason for that V shape it was so that
all the venting in the middle wouldn't
be obstructed by consoles above and
below it if you have stacks of them for
anyway side note there at this point we
don't know exactly what process Sony's
version is using but it's safe to assume
it's probably the same process this is a
massive leap from the previous AMD
jaguar cores that were found in the xbox
one x and the ps4 pro both on TSM C's
16 nanometer
ff4 ff+ nodes and on paper both
iterations are carved from Andy's n2
silicon the newest version of his n as
well now with the primary
differentiation between them being
clocks and SMT Microsoft has opted for
different deployment than Sony Microsoft
has chosen to offer its SOC with eight
physical cores and sixteen threads but
with a very important caveat developers
will have to choose between running
eight cores at 3.8 gigahertz without SMT
or running all cores and threads at a
lower 3.6 gigahertz Sony's
implementation meanwhile will not use
SMT but will run with a variable
frequency topping at 3.5 gigahertz for
the GPU portion again both are using AMT
rDNA two GPUs this is where things get a
bit interesting Microsoft technically
has the wider GPU at 52 compute units
with UTC use you get 64 stream
processors and he calls them per seat
you so you can run the math of that
there's a frequency of 1825 megahertz
for Microsoft's version of the GPU both
Microsoft and Sony have been boasting
about their floating-point performance
and teraflops or T flops but we
disregard this metric as mostly useless
almost ed useful there's mostly useless
for actual gaming performance estimates
so we won't bother talking about it
typically as stated earlier in this
video there's a lot more that can be
done with games specifically because
there's so many suboptimal deployments
for games to begin with that it's it's
really kind of hard to just look at a
number and go oh yeah that's gonna run
60fps you really need the actual testing
and it's very game specific so we're not
gonna talk about the teraflop numbers
because they don't really mean anything
so Sony for its part is offering 36 to
use at a much higher frequency of 20 to
30 megahertz but again fewer see use
many reactions to Sony's GPU
implementation have materialized as
being underwhelming online but it's
worth considering that T flops is a
nebulous metric often spit out for
marketing we need to see what else they
do further we don't know what else Tony
might be doing under the hood and what
distinctions might exist there at least
not now
both councils are moving to solid state
storage as expected and reported on for
some time now and both councils will
offer expandable SSD solutions as well
as external hard drive support Sony and
Microsoft will both be influencing PCIe
John for Albia in different ways each
console will also come equipped with 16
gigabytes of gddr5 soft is using 14
gigabit per second G 6 memory Sony has
not yet disclosed the speed of its g 6
memory at the time of filming at least
stuff to our knowledge but it's likely
using the same Microsoft has a portion
it's G DDR 6 a bit differently from
Sony's Microsoft is opting for 10
gigabytes at 560 gigabytes per second
the higher bandwidth with the rest to
the 6 gigabytes at a lower 336 Q bytes
per second a quick note here on the
storage to the emphasis on storage this
generation from both companies partly
partly they've been using it as
marketing to say look how fast you can
boot and load games now which to anyone
in the PC space forever is kind of silly
obviously but that's still an important
thing partly also though this indicates
something else that's important and
likely everyone could have guessed which
is that both of these companies are
preparing to slowly roll into even more
digital download focus and cut out the
middleman which would be mostly Gamestop
and giving game stops recent actions
although they've now been changed of
trying to remain open as an essential
business for a while anyway
it looks like Game Stop might not be
able to afford any amount of closures so
we'll see if they stick around but
either way both companies are preparing
as indicated by their increased emphasis
on storage technology to move mostly to
digital downloads for some countries
with less developed internet like a lot
of America as an example that could be a
problem but for both consoles there
should still be physical storage options
to install the games at least for this
generation so both consoles are
targeting 4k 60fps and they are also
promising frame rates higher than that
in certain circumstances for example
Microsoft claims that the Xbox Series X
can run 120 FPS under
certain conditions and up to 120 FPS /
laughs in 2080 TI ray-traced graphics
and audio will make its way to both
consoles there's still plenty that we
don't know about these so we'll follow
it closely both Sony and Microsoft have
kept everything somewhat at a service
level for now and for more details
digital foundry has some deep dives on
both consoles that are worth checking
out ok next one
Intel and micron renew their partnership
some time ago we reported on Intel
micron dissolving their partnership
regarding 3d crosspoint technology and
flash memory with Intel selling its
stake in the venture to my crop as of
now it seems Intel and micron have come
to a new wafer supply of Guntur WUSA a
form 8-k filings from micron confirms
this agreement details on the WUSA are
scarce but suggests that micron will be
selling Intel 3d crosspoint memory at
pre-arranged prices we do know that 3d
crosspoint is the base of Intel's more
interesting opting products that are
aimed at the data center market micron
however hasn't seemed overly interested
in bringing any products to market
other than the company's x100 SSD that
uses the memory next ones on software
licensing that's exciting and Vidya
after encouraging users to dedicate
power to folding at home for the earlier
discussed stories has now shifted it's
combination of marketing and actually
support packaging towards genome
sequencing software licensing para Brix
is a GPU accelerated genome sequencing
solution that usually bears an expensive
license and Vidya given the current
circumstances has announced that it
would offer a 90-day free license the
researchers fighting human malware sorry
hahaha and he says that para Brix is
built on the genome analysis toolkit and
claims a 50x analysis speed versus or
via rather GPU acceleration and video
noted that it may extend the 90-day free
period if the researchers require
additional time for this specific
research and it has also made additional
GPU acceleration tools available via
github for researchers and Vidya stated
the following and its press release
quote accelerating science has long been
part of Nvidia's core mission the para
BRICS team joined Nvidia in December
providing the latest tool for that work
it can reduce the time for variant
calling on a whole human genome from
days to less than an hour on a single
server given
unprecedented spread of the pandemic
getting results in hours versus days
could have an extraordinary impact on
understanding the virus's evolution and
the development of vaccines and that's
from Nvidia's official blog if you want
to read more and I guess I'll throw in a
quick side note here because I'm sure
there's meat questions we did put CV the
full word in the title or previous video
because I had gotten an email from our
YouTube representative saying that they
would not be d monetizing as heavily
anymore for channels that are approved
and we're one of them so we can kind of
get away with saying it or putting it in
titles but the extent to which the
monetization kicks in we're not really
sure about it's a big it's a black box
to us so we just limit our exposure to
phrases that may trigger it that way we
can reduce risk of D monetization so
we're kind of sticking with the phrasing
but seeing that that box in the bottom
under the video you know what I'm
talking about at this point doesn't it
takes away a banner space but it doesn't
seem to completely demolish the video so
we can kind of do it now but only gonna
be when it's important anyway I wanted
to kind of clarify that you'll still
hear human malware from us
razor also joining other tech companies
this time or for this one anyway in
manufacturing and 95 masks or Elan musk
is doing some of that too amongst all
the other related Panic one of the more
hoarded items among the general public
has been n95 masks the shortages have
been so severe that medical facilities
haven't been able to get enough for
medical staff who likely needed the most
and several of the tech companies in
possession of manufacturing lines have
reconfigured production to make masks
including sharp Foxconn some of Ilan
Musk's companies and our razor which
announced via Twitter that it's
currently converting some of its
manufacturing lines to produce n95 masks
to donate we actually have a picture of
what one of these masks look like we'll
put that on the screen now presumably
razor will face some competition from
Corsair whose mask will look more like
Razer CEO posted the following quote all
of us have a part to play and we should
be doing whatever we can with the
situation getting more serious
please keep yourself and your family
safe and let's support each other in
these trying times the team at Razer is
stepping up to do what we can
the quote continues this emergency
conversion of some of our lines and
donation of masks is the first step of
many that raiser will take we are
committed to contributing extra time
resources effort and talent towards the
fight we're guessing if you're curious
that razor is probably repurposing some
of its lines that deal with cloth or
textiles which would likely be mousepad
factories but we're not exactly sure
razer intends to donate up to 1 million
masks around the world with Singapore
where razors Southeast Asia headquarters
is located getting some of the initial
shipments last up to change topic back
away from the sadder stories I guess
Microsoft rolling out direct x12
ultimate branding Microsoft has unveiled
direct x12 ultimate the latest iteration
of the DirectX graphics API dx12
ultimate seems to serve as more of a
rebranding and is largely a continuation
of dx12 more than anything the x12
ultimate will serve to unify feature
sets and technologies across Windows and
the upcoming Xbox series acts according
to Microsoft under the new dx12 ultimate
brand any GPU carrying DirectX 12
ultimate compatibility as well as the
xbox360 scene sorry track 2 X ray
tracing can't drop the X that's a gamer
thing you need that variable rates
shading mesh shaders and sampler
feedback and a GPS that cannot support
these features will be identified as
DirectX 12 GPUs rather than DirectX 12
ultimate GPUs these features aren't
exactly new and Vidya supported many of
them with touring based r-tx cards
however none of these features have
become standard this seems to be a play
at moving the ball in that direction
with Microsoft also helping itself
further unify the experiences across PC
and Xbox hardware trying to leverage one
of its advantages where it has it which
is that it makes those for both so this
is something that's been working out for
a while
among the more specific features is
Direct X ray tracing or DXR 1.1 which is
an incremental update over DX r 1.0
that's already out there this adds a
couple of notable improvements first DXR
1.1 will enable ray tracing work to be
done on the GPU without having without
needing access to the cpu before
rendering so that should actually be
pretty notable
additionally the XR 1.1
introduced in line rate racing which
microsoft frames as an alternative form
of rate racing for simpler scenarios
Microsoft has a deeper dive over a
developer blog which we all linked in
our show notes the link to the
description below that's it for this one
thanks for watching as always be sure to
keep an eye out for any streams if we
manage to get well we will we'll do a
stream just not sure if it's Alain to
you or not keep an eye out for that
stuff also subscribe for more
information go to store documents access
net or patreon.com slash gamers exit
stuff is out directly
especially patreon we are doing some
more behind the scenes videos for
patreon backers only right now and we'll
see you all next time

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