HW News – Intel Z490 10-Core Thermals, DDR5-8400 RAM, NVIDIA Out of GDDR5

by birtanpublished on September 30, 2020

everyone welcome back to another
hardware news recap for the week for
this one we're talking about some
exclusive Intel 10 core CPU information
that we've collected and specifically
talking about a focus on thermal
performance for the new Intel 10 core
chip we have SK Hynix ddr5 early
specifications Intel sunsetting it's has
well series chipsets or at least a lot
of them
and video claiming that the industry is
running out of gddr5 and moving some
products over to g6 atari is new token
that's well you'll want to see that news
item just because it's not particularly
nice Intel's 10th gen 8 Series peaking
at 5.3 gigahertz and a little bit more
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learn more at the link in the
description below okay so first news
item is the Intel 10 core CPU thermal
focus gamers Nexus directly received
this information we've also verified the
information as accurate so this is
sourced from us for this story but we
received some information through a
system integrator about the new Intel 10
core CPU that's coming out supposed to
be on the rumored e4 90 platform that's
been discussed for at least a year now
in the Intel rumour mill but Intel is
renewing its focus on their own
performance in order to maintain higher
clocks as it adds more cores to the CPU
the new 10 core CPU will be about 100
millimeters squared smaller than a 70
900 X based on rough measurements that's
the previous 10 core chip and the HDD T
family the 7900 X of course later was
succeeded by the 10 900 X also a 10 core
on basically the same everything and
this one's supposed to be a 100
millimeter squared smaller that makes
sense it shouldn't really be a surprise
to anyone it's got half the memory
channels it has less i/o so no big
surprise there it's also going to have
the same Intel solder solution from the
9900 K
at least as far as we can tell currently
so it's still using Intel stem as they
call it and the die size is increasing
versus the 9900 K despite decreasing
risk of the 7 100x ATT chips so
ultimately what's happening is Intel is
bringing the silicon closer to the
substrate that's the biggest change here
bringing the silicon closer to substrate
bringing the IHS down and height which
might include reducing the silicon
adhesive sealant but we're not sure on
that specific aspect yet either way
they're trying to tighten the the height
of everything on the package and that
should help thermally it should bring
everything closer together and
theoretically make the heat transfer
into the IHS and therefore into the
cooler more efficient which would help
with the increase in cores adding an
extra two cores over the 900k you start
dealing with added heat obviously so oh
and trying to maintain at least the same
clocks if not better and we'll talk more
about that next week so that's the
changes that are the most significant
IHS has been slightly redesigned it's
not visually the same as the 900k IHS we
are not at this point certain if there's
any significant influence on thermals
from IHS redesign we'll look at that
once we have them in hand and more dye
surface area versus the 900k we'll also
spread the heat a bit better larger dye
does help with heat dissipation
typically a larger die coincides with a
hotter chip anyway though because you're
packing more stuff in there so that will
potentially be negated by the extra two
cores on the chip and we'll need to know
the voltage to really start drawing more
conclusions but we'll talk about that
next week too so the new tire size is
about 22 by 9 millimeters roughly
measured and that's as opposed to 19 by
9 millimeters or so of the 900k and by
22 by 14 millimeters for the 1700 X to
the 10 900 X if you prefer so as we
understand it the solution should be
improved relative to the previous CPU we
just don't know if you set them to the
same clocks and if you disable two of
the cores and you set the same voltages
it would probably be better thermally
but that's not how many of us can use it
so we need to see how it performs in the
real world the 10 core CPU will socket
in LGA 1200 motherboards this isn't news
to anyone it's confirmed at this point
we have more information as well
but we are actively verifying some of it
so we'll include that likely in next
week's hardware news episode you'll want
to check back for some more G on
exclusive information on the new ten
core CPU it's just that we we don't like
to report on it until we verify it so
give us another week for the rest of it
next one SK Hynix ddr5 specifications
despite the fact that the jeddak's
specification for ddr 5 isn't finalized
yet we know that ddr5 memory is coming
it's been in the news for several months
now as memory makers are preparing to
ramp production for both this year and
for next samsung recently talked about
its upcoming ddr5 and its EUV based d1 a
process that should enter volume
production in 2021
now SK Hynix is offering some insight
into what its ddr5 memory could look
like SK Hynix states that while
developing its ddr5 the goal is to
target a 50% increase in bandwidth per
dip in order to do this ask a high-neck
states that it adopted a 32 band
structure for ddr 5 double that of the
16 bank structure for ddr4 also ddr5
will see the burst length change between
16 and 8 in order to increase memory
access availability to fold DDR 5 will
also incorporate a same Bank refresh
function allowing the CPU to access
certain banks while others are operating
or refresh in which should improve
latent memory access all this according
to SK Hynix is intended to help ddr5
memory scale across more CPU cores as
we've entered the era of 64 cores in the
well enthusiasts desktop at least as
respects SK Hynix suggests that it's
ddr5 memory will pick up where ddr4 was
meant to top out around 3,200 megabits
per second so the biggest thing to
consider here
with memory if you weren't around for
ddr3 to for switch or ddr2 to 3
typically what happens is the first
round that comes out you lose some
performance versus the higher end
previous generation memory and that's
just I the the lower end ddr4 memory
back when it was in the early days of
2400 megahertz 26 66 megahertz was not
always better than ddr3 added
highest so you might see some of that
happening again there's always a bit of
a switchover period where it takes about
a year latency to catch on another thing
to note we've seen this question a lot
in the news items where we talk about
ddr5 coming out if you've been asking us
well should I really upgrade my platform
this year
– whatever AMD puts out whatever Intel
puts out if ddr5 is coming out next year
because then I'm limiting myself by the
memory it's a ddr4 keep in mind one very
important thing which is that again the
switchover is not instant just because
ddr5 the specification is ratified that
is going into the volume production next
year that doesn't mean that it's going
into mass-market use the same year so
they're gonna hit server data center
stuff like that and then there will be a
slower roll out to mainstream desktop
and consumer you shouldn't feel bad
about going with ddr4 this year if you
want to upgrade anyway so if you're
planning to build anyway and you're
building around the simple fact that you
don't like your system anymore or you
just want a project to keep you
entertained during quarantine or
whatever we wouldn't recommend holding
back just because of deep ddr5 coming
out versus ddr4 you're probably not
gonna be missing a whole lot at least
immediately and at the top end of ddr4
is really good right now
so buy based on your needs based on the
cpu don't sit around waiting for memory
because just because it goes into volume
production doesn't mean there's going to
be an immediate switchover there's
always a delay sometimes it's a couple
years you look at ddr4 it took a while
like probably two years to really start
catching on anyway we've seen the kits
go well beyond 4000 and even hit ddr4
5,000 but they also come with some
seriously inflated price tags and
voltage requirements and ddr5 will
seemingly start at 3200 this time and
scale all the way up to 8400 ddr5 will
also see a voltage reduction to one
point one volt and that's a pretty
market reduction over ddr4 is 1.2 volts
this has been a regular improvement in
memory as DDR iterates ddr4 5,000
currently requires 1.5 volts to operate
at the advertised frequencies keep that
in mind as well
SK Hynix will begin production of DDR 5
this year and we're gonna start seeing
volume next year
for everybody next one intel sun setting
the Haswell chip sets intel has
announced that select Haswell era
chipsets will be going yo l they are
trotting them out to pasture Intel broke
the news via its usual PC n which is a
product change notification until uses
these public PC MS to inform primarily
its business customers but also just
everybody who wants to read them about
its usual AOL or discontinuance changes
for products that are out the chipsets
be an EO Eldar under the links point
codename and they've been around a long
time there has well era as stated
they're associated with the socket LGA
1150 and the chipsets being discontinued
are as follows
q 87 H 81 c 226 8 or qm 87 hm 86 and
these are eight series chipsets that
entered the market back in 2013 and for
the process they were on that was back
on Intel's 32 nanometer process paired
with 20 nanometer fourth gen Haswell
chips for one hash for the time when
Intel's name and scheme was simpler and
had fewer numbers and letters in it the
H 81 was especially popular it served
the more economical approach it was a
common choice for the alternative to the
higher-end z87 chipset SIF you had more
of a budget didn't care about
overclocking of course the chipsets were
demarcated by features such as
overclocking as always and then new
usual usual HSI o lane assignment and
segmentation between the models was the
other differentiator
so Intel still insists upon all of these
ways of segmenting its market today it's
not really any different but some
chipsets are getting discontinued before
others the other chipsets listed here
other than H 87 were a bit more obscure
and targeting more business or
enterprise customers sometimes laptops
so if you've run into them it's most
likely been because you're buying a
board that was marketed at business
users but a lot of the time one back in
the day of this series of chipsets we
wrote a few articles about this on the
site and a lot of time you could save a
good amount of money by going with a
business-class chipset for your gaming
computer because it was like this secret
that people didn't know because I wasn't
marketed with the word gamer in it so
you'd save a lot of money and get
basically the same thing and
a lot of non overclocking instances and
use cases so the products using the
affected chipsets will still be
available to order for Intel's customers
that be not individuals but that will
still be available for order through
March 31st 2021 and final shipments will
go out September 30th 2021 that is a
long life cycle for those Nvidia
claiming the industry is running out of
gddr5 memory rumors of the gtx 1650
refresh have been circulating since
around february or so and everyone's
favorite hardware leaker momomo
underscore us on twitter seems to have
spotted listings at a german retailer
that suggests these leaks or rumors
could materialize the rumor and the
purported refresh for that matter aren't
anything outlandish it would see Nvidia
retrofit the vanilla gtx 1650 non-super
with GD dr6 memory there's already been
a precedent for this and Nvidia's past
hardware lineups so it wouldn't be out
of the norm for them and NVIDIA has
rewarmed past versions of cards like the
gtx 960 multiple times
adding GD r 5x memory if memory serves
the gtx 1060 had something like 5 or 6
versions including a 5 gigabyte model
for the china market there was a 3
gigabyte in a six gigabyte they weren't
really the same card because the core
chains but there were about five of
those and a lot of them had to do with
memory so specifically listings included
so far that momomo US has spotted the
gigabyte geforce gtx 1650 d6 OC and the
not to be confused with ddr 6 or d4 as
they commonly brand their cards that
this change the break the naming scheme
and the gigabyte geforce gtx 1650
windforce d6o see both of these carry
the d6 suffix and their name
additionally new part numbers show a
in the SKU as opposed to the old SKU
showing 1650 that doesn't mean it's
going to be called the gtx 1656
that's potentially just a product naming
differentiation for supplying the SKU so
that they fall under different item
numbers but we'll see and that's
supposed to carry the GDD r6 memory the
cpus fell over again as for the upgrade
PC Gamer reached out to Nvidia for
the quote was the industry is running
out of gddr5 so we've transitioned the
product to GTD r6 that was Nvidia to PC
Gamer whether or not in videos comment
is indicative of actual gddr5 supply
this really shouldn't be surprising it's
not like the industry keeps producing
the older stuff forever the industry at
large is already transitioning entirely
to DDD r6 SDRAM and that includes the
Sony Playstation 5 the Xbox series X
these are big drivers of memory big
consumers of memory as our phones and
nvidia is 20 series cards AMD is Navi 10
GPUs pretty much all GG gr 6 at this
point and it looks like everything's
gonna make the jump
Atari's new atari token next and in
between Ataris busy schedule of failing
to launch its VCS atari has also had a
packed calendar for other events and
important tasks recently gambling is one
of them getting passed around between
partners and disappointing its parents
all things Atari has done lately the
atari brand has been gutted and left to
rot on the side of the road it's got its
parasitic occupants trying to find
anything at all a value left in the
decomposing corpse of one of the
greatest game companies of all time it's
horribly sad to witness but it's our job
as proud news reporters to cover your
the most gruesome of stories and its
latest class of explaining English
idioms for ESL learners Atari is
demonstrating the meaning of the phrase
grasping at straws this is an important
class front of you who might be learning
idioms right now in English and this one
in particular looks at the company is a
new launch of its atari chain
cryptocurrency it's even got its own
website so this is build by Atari
as a real currency it's got tokens as
they're called that have no intrinsic
value in any use case except for Atari
is online casino and it's a worst
version of an arcade except the games
aren't fun but the tokens are still
useless outside of it the company by the
way literally uses the word casino to
describe its
service that it's offering for atari
chain and the casino we assume in the
announcement of this atari casino on
twitter atari probably tagged at the sec
and its tweet proudly announcing the
cryptocurrency atari emphasizes that
these are skill games and also use of
the phrase quote innovative gambling
games if you're wondering what what pray
tell innovation might exist in gambling
games well as hari's got you covered
they have games you've probably never
heard of before including one called
poker that's new
roulette and i believe it's pronounced
blackjack these are our Ataris
innovative gambling games that are
adding really no no shame of the
gambling word there and atari also
boasts quote liquidity of its token so
liquidity yes is one of the biggest
marketing points of the atari chain
token it's hard for us to believe
however that atari knows anything about
liquidity so questioning its use of that
word the company says that quote our
objective is to work on providing
liquidity to token holders we will work
on listing the atari token on exchanges
enabling token holders to exchange them
against other crypto currencies so just
like arcades from the 90s trading tokens
from one arcade to another isn't really
what we call liquidity but whatever
makes you feel better Atari the good
news for Atari is that lots of people in
the world want an ability to launder
their money and this is big business
we've heard so maybe they have an
untapped audience that they can really
reach out to with this Atari chain
currency and and and potentially start
running some ads and known hideouts of
the Bob that's where it likely get the
most CP the most the most click through
rate CTR for those of you in advertising
and when you visit Ataris website if
you're curious about this atari chain
and click on the button that says what
can I do with Atari token it's a drop
down it states that you can well
actually it doesn't say you can do
anything with it it states quote the
long-term goal is to provide as many
uses as possible this obviously will
take time if you're wondering what the
short-term goal is we'd assume it's to
make as much money as
possible before Atari gets shut down by
the government but we're not sure we're
just speculating
that's all very compelling though Atari
we hope that we can continue following
this story for when Atari opens its next
class in English idioms for ESL learners
we have a leak that their next lesson
will be on the phrase I've got a bridge
to sell you
next one or last one actually Intel's
10th gen h-series peaks at five point
three gigahertz Intel recently took the
wraps off of its new 10th gen comment
Lake age mobile chips the announcement
comes just as a nd happens to launch its
horizon 4000 renoir AP use for laptops
and that sets the stage for Intel and
Andy to battle it out in a non desktop
environment Intel's comet Lake age
consists of the I 9 10 9 8 eh k the i7
10 875 age the i7 10 850 H the i7 is at
i7 the i7 10 758 sorry it's hard to keep
these on my head the i5 10 408 the i5 1
0 3 0 0 H and surprising no one comment
Lake H is more 14 nanometer silicon with
a few plus signs added in for spice
specifically this one is a rewarmed
coffee lake at the top of the stack is
the flagship I line
10 9 8 eh K which at least follows the
naming of the desktop ATT parts the 10
980 HK has some semi predictable specs
except they don't match the h EDT specs
but whatever it's 8 cores 16 threads the
frequency is supposed to peak at five
point three gigahertz turbo boost and
that turbo boost will now hinge upon
Intel's thermal velocity boost or TVB
technology as it calls it which dictates
the turbo frequency based on thermal
conditions we'll just to say mileage
will vary depending on the laptops
cooling solutions as if Intel's naming
scheme and segmented product stack
wasn't confusing enough it seems turbo
speeds are the next thing to get
needlessly complicated although in this
instance we're now talking about
something that Nvidia stocked up for a
long time which is companies struggling
to provide a firm specification
specifically for laptop components
because they're not
exactly sure what the laptop makers are
doing and Intel and video name that you
have all caught on now that laptop
makers are not all capable of producing
a good product so they're always a bit
more hesitant and provide firm details
on the speeds so comet Lake H will
essentially have to turbo boost
frequencies depending on whether or not
Intel's TVB is enabled on the product
and more importantly whether it's
supported by the products it seems that
TVB will greatly rely upon Oh am
designing cooling solutions that are
adequate for meeting the specs
specifically for the extra head room
which suffice to say won't be am on
Intel's thin and light designs in their
entirety those laptops don't necessarily
have the space real-estate required for
a good cooling solution for the extra
boost TVB will look for an opportunity
to boost frequency beyond the normal
turbo boost based on the operating
temperature of the CPU relative to its
maximum temperature threshold and
available power budget TVB will allow an
additional two hundred megahertz of
headroom for any 10th gen CPU operating
below 65 degrees Celsius not counting
attt parts which that would be where
intel's getting its 5.3 gigahertz single
core turbo from the eye nine ten nine
eight eh k which has a non TVB turbo 5.1
gigahertz the I nine ten nine eight eh k
is also the only fully unlocked SKU
intel is listing the i7 ten 850 aged as
partial in quotes there in regards to an
unlocked multiplier intel is apparently
limiting frequency overhead to plus four
hundred megahertz with the i7 ten eight
fifty h the i7 ten eight fifty H is
probably going to be the more
interesting of the i7 parts the ten 850
H has really annoying to say is a six
core 12 thread part and as mentioned
previously it will allow partial
overclocking within thermal limits this
is the direction of silicon in the
future and Vidya was basically the first
in this space to do thermal based
boosting to the extent that it has it's
existed before but on video with its
boost behavior
really advanced that approach to silicon
so Andy was close to follow its own GPS
do that but more importantly and more
relevant to this story and these CPUs
are very thermal dependent now you get
extra frequency for about every five
degrees Celsius we've demonstrated it
going from plus eighty down to minus 160
degrees with liquid nitrogen so every
couple degrees you get frequency boost
for AMD and vidi has done that for years
and now it looks like Intel's going to
be moving that direction too this is a
good thing this is how the product
should perform because it allows you to
sort of kind of semi overclock it
automatically rather than designing for
the the least common denominator for
your component that you're selling so
it's a good move it's an expected one
though então seems to tout these CPUs as
being built for gamers and is keen to
drive home the frequency numbers
specifically this time but this makes
sense to the extent that there isn't as
much to behold beyond this of Intel's
fifth 14 nanometer iteration if we count
if we're counting it correctly they
spend a lot of them so it's hard to keep
intel's primary advantage over an D
since Rison has been and gaming now
where it's built that lead our shrinking
is in RAW frequency and single-threaded
performance Intel really has nothing
else left to boast about when it comes
to 40 nanometer silicon and no matter
how many plus signs you affixed to the
end of that number Intel's also
sprinkling in iterative upgrades such as
Thunderbolt 3 Wi-Fi 6 ax 201 although
both of these features will depend on
specific hardware requirements dictated
by OEMs for instance Thunderbolt 3 still
needs a separate Thunderbolt controller
as it's not built into the CPU itself
Intel is also up in memory support to
dual channel ddr3 933 officially
supporting a maximum of 128 gigabytes
comment leaked H will also offer Intel
octane memory support and Intel claims
that it has over 100 designs featuring
the count Lake H launch for this year
and we're going to go ahead and assume
that's that's for laptops not for the
actual SKUs but given the way the naming
is who knows they have enough numbers
now where they could have over 100 of
them if they want anyway that's it for
this one thanks for watching as always
subscribe for more go to store documents
XS net 2 helps out directly or
patreon.com slash gamers Nexus and an
important as well we've uploaded more
for our factory tour series latest was
the research and development operation
center for waterblock main
fashion check that out on the channel
we'll see you all next time

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