HW News – Intel Shows Xe GPUs, 128-Core Ampere CPU, DirectX 12 Ultimate Scheduling

by birtanpublished on August 17, 2020

Everyone welcome back to another hardware news recap of the week in this one Rajic story now at Intel tweeting about Intel's BFP or big package the F stands for something we'll find out in the news story and peer detailing a new ultra max and then there's also news

About Apple ditching Intel for custom silicon the internet service provider Cox continuing to screw over its customers and then major super computer news alongside a couple of other stories in the enthusiast space before that this

Video is brought to you by msi on the z for ninety unify ITX motherboard for Intel 10 series CPUs the MSI z4 90 unify ITX board benefits from a memory layout that makes memory overclocking easy positioning the board well for

Enthusiasts who want to think around a bench or in an ITX system the MSI z4 90 unify runs 90 amp power stages a 10 layer PCB and seats the memory as close to the socket as possible all of which benefit the overclocking experience

Learn more at the link in the description below so first up quick news item from us the XY 70 chipset metro poster that we put on sale last week has sold out we have one more run coming in we decided we'll

Just go for one more final push for those so we'll update you in a news video as soon as they're back in stock but thank you to everyone who picked those up it's a really cool design and we had a lot of fun taking liberties

With it and applying a real metro map idea to computer hardware so we'll do one more run of those keep an eye out for when those restock first news story is about Roger kotori's tweets for the Intel X a graphics team Kaduri joked in

His tweet that the F and B F P stands for fabulous definitely not a reference to BFG but it is to his credit it has a very large silicon package so Kaduri is a it's a former AMD an engineer if you don't know he worked at the Radeon

Technologies group and we interviewed him previously when he worked there he's been at Intel for a couple of years now and kotori's been working on the Intel x86 II comprises a lot of different aspects of computing only one of which

Will eventually be gaming the others include data center for example and professional applications so a lot of the news that's been has been more in the professional space for Intel AXI but that stuff does

Essentially work its way towards gaming even if a lot of the major high-end features get stripped out you still end up with some architectural similarities between the processes and and the silicon out there as you see with NVIDIA

For example but not always we'll see how it develops so anyway Kaduri tweeted some photos of one of Intel's Folsom testing labs for the XE silicon it's sort of fun mostly for behind the scenes look just if

You're an enthusiast in the space you might like seeing what a real lab looks like for this stuff there's no new information in terms of performance from these tweets but it is still indicative of the size that you can expect for some

Of the parts these are almost certainly for data center or professional deployment these are not going to be gaming chips most likely anyway we'll see and in the photos we see a massive retention kit for what is likely a

Socketable test system this is something we saw in our MSI factory tour as well for rapid GPU testing we'll find some footage of that to put on the screen but the way that worked is you take Nvidia for example BGA silicon and packages and

Then drop the package into a board and socket it clamp it down really hard and be oh they would be able to bend the silicon that way there was also a photo of a board containing the test silicon in Intel's lab that shows debug wires

Everywhere including some labeled like PCIe and GT there's a label that might indicate dg1 and es stages or engineering sample stages the water cooling solutions have some insane sprains coupled with them which furthers

Our guest that this might be socketable packages for testing since you need a lot of mounting pressure to get full contact if it's a BGA chip in a socket either way though we're looking forward to more graphics news from intel's team

It'll be fun once there's three major competitors in the GPU space amp your details the 128 core ultra max so we've talked about amp your computing a few times now and for good reason and free computing is trying to target a space

Where Intel and AMD are really the only contenders at least in a major fashion right now and this company is a new chip startup it has its eyes set on disrupting the x86 market for specifically high-end computing and the

Fact that the company is headed by a former Intel president Rene James makes it all the more interesting just to be absolutely clear ampere computing is different from Nvidia ampere definitely when people see the

Headlines they're gonna jump to end video ampere because we talk how to ampere computing sometimes and when I saw the headline of new ampere 3.3 gigahertz whatever I thought Nvidia ampere GPU and was going I don't thirty

Three hundred megahertz sounds kind of high for that so it's a different company anyway and pre computing has some news for us the last we talked of them it was mentioning the upcoming line of ultra chips topping out at eighty

Cores now the ultra line will have a new flagship designated in the forthcoming Ultra max brandt amperes extended roadmap now includes ultra max which will feature 128 cores will be socket compatible with ultra and should sample

Sometime towards the end of the year as a reminder amperes ultra brand is based on the arm and one knee over architecture using amperes at Quicksilver cores as they call it these are actually semi custom knee over

Scores so it's it's a mix of ampere customization custom silicon and aren't much like Amazon's graviton to ultra is attempting to cut out a swath of the server and cloud provider market for arm unlike graviton to however amperes ultra

Will be available to anyone who isn't Amazon or AWS and will give credit where it's due here pretty sure it was an attack originally that called some of these ships the anti-gravity on which was pretty witty and clever ultra

Will contain SKUs ranging from 32 cores up to 80 cores at least for the outset and the 128 core silicon should be coming later right now we don't have a firm date on everything but frequency start out at 1.7 gigahertz they scale up

To 3,300 Hertz 3.3 gigahertz and the I are performing skis are really unsurprisingly the highest power consuming SKUs with ratings at 250 watts at the top of the stack 45 watts at the bottom of the stack for TDP and we need

To look into what exactly ampere defines this TDP because it's not always not typically watt for what every SKU will offer 128 PCIe Gen four lanes giving AMD some competition in the lane space and it will support ddr4

3204 the stocks specification both ultra and ultra max will come with one you and to you platforms for rack-mountable solutions and amperes calling these mounted for the two socket solution and then mount snow for the single socket

Solution well ultra and ultra max are built on TSM C's n7 node ampere offered an update on its next generation of 5 nanometer chips codenamed serum ciarán will be built on one of TSM sees n 5 nodes and is slated for sampling in late

2021 with volume production in 2022 amperes already counting customers such as CloudFlare packet and genie motion and additionally amperes working with Nvidia to bring CUDA acceleration to arm when paired with an NVIDIA GPU at its

WWDC xx nth a Polly hushed whispers spoken in secret in every headline in the world for a while now that it would be ditching Intel for its own Apple silicon so in what seems like a move that would both further in Apple's

Vertical integration and also add a another layer of bricks to its walled garden Apple is moving towards custom silicon or Apple silicon as it's being called and this transition should move to ARM architecture to design chips for

Max and Mac books alike much like what it does for its smaller devices the iPhone the iPad and so forth so as we mentioned previously apple's moves such as it is leaves a lot of unanswered questions

Currently Apple for example was decidedly vague with regards to details and the two biggest question marks we have are one how long will Apple continued to support intel-based Macs and two what will become of x86 app

Support Apple's past doesn't instill a lot of faith in either but we'll see what happens there will be a bit of an overlap period where both x86 Max and ARM based max will coexist as Apple plans to brain its first ARM based Mac

To market by end of year on all Apple notes that the transition away from Intel will take about two years in total the move to arm means abandoning the Intel x86 is a and replacing it with custom arm still

Which means x86 code won't run natively it'll need to be recompiled or emulated Apple is overhauling its Xcode development environment for this cause and it's resurrecting Rosetta in the form of Rosetta to as a compatibility

Layer to keep x86 apps working while Apple and its development partners move to arm previously Apple used Rosetta in the early 2000s when it transitioned from PowerPC to Intel and there's an excellent recount of those days that

We'll link in our show notes document in the description below if you want to learn more about it Apple seems to think it can do for desktops and laptops what it did for mobile devices and transition into

Potentially market leading silicon that's self-made or at least largely self-made or self branded in the very least does a lot of companies do so it'll be interesting to see what Apple can do with higher power SOC is assuming

Apple manages to develop an ARM based SOC that truly rivals x86 workstations and desktop components the complexion of the CPU landscape will definitely begin to look very different for all of us and as for why Apple would leave Intel aside

From obvious reasons we have some additional insight as well one of them is just more control over its own hardware and release schedule obviously an alluring factor but normally this is cost prohibitive where especially if

You're relying on someone else's fab which can cost billions upon billions of dollars just to construct there's really not an easy solution to to ditch Intel or AMD if that's what you're using as a desktop provider and make your own thin

Apple is one of the few companies that's large and powerful enough to actually get away with such a move though there's also Francois phenyl who's a former principal engineer at Intel and is pretty well known on Twitter at this

Point who offered some insight via his YouTube channel and according to peatonal for Gizmodo the turning point for Apple was skylake and it's Quality Assurance ovis guy likes quality assurance peatonal said that it was

Quote more than a problem it was abnormally bat the quotes continued basically our buddies at Apple became the number one filer of problems in the architecture when your customer starts finding almost as many bugs as

You found yourself you're not leading into the right place Pino went on to say that the issues with skylake stemmed from changes in leadership and management that led to overall poor management of skylake

During the time peatonal said that he offered this story due to the fact that he believes Intel is a good company and he hopes Intel can learn from its mistakes next up major news in the supercomputing

Space and especially for Japan which is now the new leader in supercomputers with its supercomputer called foo gaku which is named after the tallest mountain in Japan as we understand it this was developed by Fujitsu andreikin

Center for computational science in Japan fuga who is now sitting at number one in the top 500 list and that dethrones summit so when compared to Summit Fujiya whose lead in the space in performance especially and in core

Account is significant the Fugazi supercomputer boasts 7.3 million CPU cores and our max value of 415 petaflop and an hour peak of 513 peda flops for comparison summit runs 2.4 million CPU cores with an R max of 148 petaflop

And an R peak of 200 petaflop the CPU of choice for fugu is the arm v8 2a based a 64 FX the a 64 FX succeeds fidgets whose previous server supercomputer design that was the spark 64 the a 64 FX is a 48 plus for 48 cores and for assistance

Course design running two point two gigahertz with four million eight hundred and sixty-six thousand gigabytes of memory the that's a weird number to read for ram the a 64 FX is manufactured on TS mcs and seven node with a reported

Transistor count of around eight point seven billion figure who also entered the green 500 list at number nine coming behind summit while yahoo isn't scheduled to be completely operational until 2021 four hundred of its racks

Have been deployed this month in response to the the human malware issue as an intact notes as more racks and resources come online through Yahoo's performance lead will likely increase in other supercomputer news and videos new

We're gonna go with saline on the pronunciation here supercomputer entered the top 500 list at number seven with places it behind Italy's HP c5 and just ahead of Texas's Frontera so the Nvidia supercomputers new it got a blog post on

On videos official blog if you want to read more we'll link that in the show notes document but the announcement of the Saleen supercomputer coincided with the release of a pci based version of the a100 accelerator the new ampere

Accelerator that was shown off recently you've probably seen the images of it it's a sort of champagne colored shroud and it's built for this type of deployment regarding saline the supercomputer is the latest to join

Nvidia as an internal research cluster salinas centered around on videos dgx a 100 which was shown off and which we discussed in our ampere news coverage from a while ago Cellini is 280 dgx a 100 units for a total of 2240 a 100 GPUs

Selena also uses 494 Nvidia Mellanox quantum 200g InfiniBand switches and 7 petabytes of flash storage saleem further makes use of Andy's epic roam silicon Nvidia and AMD working together on this one specifically the

Epic 77 42 parts it seems there's two epic 77 42 CPUs and eight a 100 GPUs per dgx a 100 note for some quick numbers for you Selene does have a public Linpack score and that one is 27.6 petaflop s' it's got an R peak

Score or an hour peak rating that's been published as well of 34.5 petaflop and it consumes 1.3 megawatts of power and video notes that Celine entered the green 500 list at number 2 for this one and Nvidia uses Selene for chip modeling

And development alongside other things like robotics and self-driving or Auto driving and other research projects and specifically chip designs an interesting one because a lot of the circuit layout is done by automation and then you'll

Typically have humans go in there and clean up more afterwards but that's a subject for another time Selina's Nvidia's fourth entry in the top 500 and marks another win for AMD and the server space for its epic deployment in the dgx

Lucian's as a reminder and these hardware will also appear in future supercomputer including frontier and El Capitan which we've discussed in the past and news videos and both of these are excess

Scale machines set for deployment in 2021 and 2023 respectively next up some enthusiasts product launch news that might interest the wider section of our audience this one's from Ryan Tech it's for a new

Morpheus GPU air cooler Rajan tech like arctic both work on doing aftermarket solutions for GPU cooling we've used them in the past not rising tax but we've used the Arctic's as an example where they've got liquid cooled models

And then air cooled models he's bolted onto the board and replace whatever cooler is on there sometimes they work pretty well other times it's kind of a fitment nightmare but they try to be universal and that's part of what you

Deal with so Rajan tags Morpheus we have not tested yet the new one it's an 80 57 as the name of it is a GPU air cooler and this is just supposed to be a gigantic thin stack so it's a blackout Finn stack

It has something like 12 heat pipes in it and then a large GPU called plate for mounting to the GPU obviously there are no direct memory or vrm cooling extensions coming from the heatsink instead

Reisman Tech is providing separately mountable heat sinks for those that you would attach individually since the spacing on the size is different for each one otherwise I'd be making a one-off that's card specific so this

Thing's fitted for two 120 mil axial fans you pick your own fans throw them on there if there's some knock to a brown on there if you want that and it's the heat pipes are six millimeters the fin stack is roughly 129 fins for

Whatever that's worth and it's running 12 heat pipes more is not always better but with cooling it can't help we just have to test it to figure out the main cooler is aimed at cooling the GPU itself again not capable of erm or vram

Cooling and then additional cooling solutions are included for mounting to the other chips the Morpheus 80 57 is compatible with Nvidia r-tx 20 series cards and and these rx 5000 series now depending on what card you're trying to

Cool these aftermarket solutions can sometimes be a good fit for other aftermarket cards this is pretty uncommon that you're going to buy a custom board card and then ditch the cooler but if you wanted to for some

Reason like maybe the XFX thick to the original or something then this could be something that would fit but normally it's not a problem you just start running into some clearance issues and some of the boards are taller than

Others but as long as they include enough cooling modules for larger VRMs and for you know eight installations of ggd are six and you should be fine the Morpheus 80 57 s future support for ampere and rDNA two cards is up in the

Air right now and rising tech has not yet announced availability or pricing on the cooling solution next up the Internet service provider Cox Communications last year announced it was working on a separate subscription

Called quote elites gamer but not not 1337 gamer that's really really if they have gone if they had fully committed to this name and they just went all-in on it and went with 1337 g4 m3r hey we wouldn't be making fun of them anymore

Because that's just commitment but going with just plain English elite gamers kind of land to be honest so anyway elite gamer was aimed at reducing lag and pin and games server pain on the surface it sounded like Cox

Communications was basically introducing fast lanes to its internet and to a certain extent it still does sort of sound like that but this is something that Cox expressly denies so just so we're all clear this is the same Cox

Communications that sorry I'm allergic to bullshit this is the same Cox Communications that is currently throttling entire neighborhoods to deal with excessive internet usage just just a whole block because one dudes backing

Up too much stuff so and we talk to that if you chase about it last week at the time of announcement last year Cox was trying the service in Arizona and now after about a year of not hearing anything about it we hoped it had died

It seems that Cox Communications is ready for a broad rollout Cox is confident in the service you might say that there are cocksure about it promising 32 percent less lag if you believe that and it also touts fewer pin

Spikes and less jitter according to Cox Communications quote elite gamer is designed to use an intelligent server network to route your game connections more efficiently to put it simply when you are

Not using elite gamer your game connection is treated the same as all other traffic on your network this means that generally the easiest path for the data is used not the most efficient it would be like taking the

Highway during rush hour because it's easier to get to rather than taking back roads when they would get you to where you are going faster now if that analogy sounds at all – like former senator Ted Stevens description of the internet when

He said that it's a series of tubes and that it's not just a giant dump truck that you can dump stuff on and then made some further analogy about poker chips and clogging the internet tubes are something that we it's been a while and

It wasn't particularly easy to follow to begin with if you think it sounds like that then yes but anyway Cox is an elite gamer will be included with certain plans for the first computer connections with additional connections cost in $5

Per month so we're back to the early dsl stages where when the dude setting up the internet comes in the house and asks how many computers are hooked up behind the router you have to say I don't know what that means and then hope they don't

Look further because they start charging per system as if that makes sense otherwise though Cox will charge seven dollars per month for the first connection 5 again for additional and as many have pointed out what Cox is

Offering here it looks like a rebranded version of WTF asked that might be WT fast but it's kind of hard to tell many users aren't sold on that service either if you want to look up some reviews of that one WD introducing WD red plus in

Response to SMR criticisms for this next story so the latest development is in the ongoing SMR saga including all of the major hard drive manufacturers but particularly WD has been at the center of a lot of the criticism and lawsuits

Lately Western Digital is trotting out a new identifier within its WD red line which it is calling WD red + and that distinction means that the WD red + line will exclusively use CMR while SMR will be for the other stuff hopefully anyway

So this all comes weeks after unflinching criticism not only again against WD but also against its competitors like Seagate and Toshiba WD is currently embattled in at least two class-action lawsuits that

We are aware of one of them is in the US another one in Canada and by introducing the WD red plus line WD is attempting to make good on its promise to be more transparent about the use of SMR in Nass oriented hard drives however if the

Recent lawsuit has its way it could prevent WD from advertising SMR as suitable for raid and Nass altogether WD is offering the red plus drives as suitable for users who deal with more write intensive workloads or deal with

The ZFS file system WD still maintains that WD red with DMS mr is suitable for less demanding soho users the WD red pro drives that have always used CMR will remain unchanged again the lawsuits could change all this but for the time

Being this is how WD is repositioning its product stack Tom's Hardware also reported that WD has amended its marketing materials to more explicitly point out the drives using SMR and has further noted that retailers are

Beginning to take note of this as well and updating their product listings and Vidia releasing game ready driver package version 450 1.48 for dx12 ultimate and GPU scheduling NVIDIA has released its first driver package that

Offers support for Microsoft DirectX 12 ultimate and as we've mentioned before dx12 ultimate is more of a rebranding of the API and an attempt at unifying features cross-platform so that would include PC and probably the Xbox Series

X DX 12 Ultimates the API is also attempting to streamline certain features for example DX ray tracing DirectX race great racing your D X our variable rate shading as another major one mesh shaders and then

Sampler feedback as well one of the more interesting features that came alongside the Windows 10 version 2004 update via WDDM 2.7 is hardware accelerated GPU scheduling we mentioned this briefly a few weeks ago citing that Windows was

Green lighting the feature it lacks a driver support though from all the GPU providers with Nvidia's that latest drivers Nvidia is officially adding support for that feature we're still not clear on how the feature exactly works

Or how well it works for that matter however the idea is that the GPU will be able to independently manage its own memory or vram independent of the OS which theoretically removes at least one abstraction layer and maybe some latency

From the pipeline reducing the overhead overall so in turn this could improve latency and performance potentially minor but we'll see how it works out so that's it for this one thanks for watching as always

You can subscribe for more if you'd like to support us directly or just get something that's genuinely useful to your PC building endeavors grab a mod mat at store dot gamers Nexus dotnet in large or medium or you can grab a mouse

Mat and then we've got those exercise 70 chipset metro posters coming back in thanks for watching supporting us we'll see you all next time

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