HW News – Intel Afraid of Benchmarks, Corsair PSU Recall, Incognito Mode Data Tracking

by birtanpublished on August 23, 2020

Everyone we're back another hardware news recap for the week and this one is it's a bit of a spicy one we've got some thoughts on Intel's hot take on benchmarks and the tremendous hypocrisy of the company I will also be talking about stock and availability of CPUs

That have been announced or have come out with benchmarks lately oh yeah those aren't allowed by the way we'll talk about that in a moment and these shipments of five hundred fifty three million GPUs since 2013 Corsair with a

Bit of a recall situation for one of its SFX power supplies a class-action lawsuit about incognito mode and some more before that this video is brought to you by Thermal Grizzlies conduct a not liquid metal conductor not as what

We've used in all of our liquid metal and delayed thermal tests capable of dropping TV thermals significantly and replacing the stock thermal interface over CPU thermals don't just allow better overclocks but also lower noise

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Below a first up quick GN announcement we've restocked these shirts this is the GP disappointment front only shirt so if you wanted to buy one of these and it was out of stock last few weeks they're back on the store now on store docking

Areas Nexus dotnet we've also restocked the blue the blue print shirt that's literally blue with a blue print style GM logo on it so you check those on the store if you've been wanting them Intel's new hot take on benchmarks in a

YouTube video addressing the upcoming virtual Computex 2020 until CEO Bob Swan presented his hot take on benchmarks and how the PC community should move away from them and instead focus on benefits of the technology at large quote we

Should see this as an opportunity to shift our focus as an industry from benchmarks to the benefits and impacts of the technology we create the pandemic has underscored the need for technology to be purpose-built

So it can meet these evolving business and consumer needs this is a moment for our industry to come together creating technology that enriches lives that creates value that supports and accelerates positive business and

Societal benefits should be our collective goal said Swan Swan also said and now more than ever we'll all have an increase in sense of responsibility not just for the products we make but the role we

Play for the world and our ability to make a difference in the same breadth of all of this tremendous hypocrisy Bob Swan also said that quote later this summer will introduce Tiger Lake and cement our position as the undisputed

Leader in mobile and PC computing innovation so fewer benchmarks then is what Intel wants in favor of trusting the multi-billion that's actually an undershoot but multi-billion dollar company and taking them at their word

When it comes to undisputed leadership we don't need benchmarks for that and as as friend of the channel there bauer would say ok phase dot JPEG gianna at this point would like to take another spin of the wheel of fortune and solve

The puzzle I'd like to I'd like to solve for ironic juxtapositions please can I get ironic juxtapositions on the board one of the points of benchmarking and testing like we do is to determine how valid a company's claim on leadership is

In tell by the way is the same company that pushed quote real-world benchmarks the instant it started having trouble so we should reduce our focus on benchmarks and also focus on them maybe the maybe that department of Intel didn't get the

Memo but either way we should both focus and not focus on benchmarks it goes without saying at this point but these comments obviously paint Intel and an unfavorable light just look at the like to dislike ratio on Computex is upload

Feel kind of bad for tight referring that one and taking the hit for Intel but either way it's not something that's reflected very positively on them and this is very clearly an attempt to shrug off of shrug off some of the blows that

Andy has struck upon Intel with its recent launches Intel wants to be Apple it seems because Intel wants you to base your judgment of a product on how magical it is and how it makes you personally feel as if emotions affect

The performance of the product and of course if the product doesn't perform well enough to evoke positive emotions they need to figure out other ways to make those happen like indoctrinating the user base so we'll see if Intel goes

The Apple route and starts marketing on magic and Wizardry and how good it makes you feel now in regards the mobile market and Tiger Lake it is true that it's Intel's market to lose AMD has been working hard at trying to get into the

Mobile market further for instance for the first time HP is now selling both Intel and and the equipped notebooks and its own line of gaming laptops as for Tiger Lake time and testing and not trusting and benefits well tell the

Story of how good the products actually are and as for the rest well we'll see if Intel is able to lay claim to any of the Crown's that it finds appropriate for feeling the benefit of the product or whatever it is they're saying now but

It's all about responsibility right that's that's what this situation has taught us it's all about making the world a better place as they say in the show Silicon Valley let's have move on to another topic

Stock and availability of new CPUs ambient have both push two new CPUs lately and the of course with the horizon 330 130 300 X and Intel following up quickly with and actually kind of good in some

Ways product line of Intel CPUs from the i5 i7 and I nine categories the i5 in particular the 10 600 K has been the most interesting of the case cues for the enthusiast audience but is difficult to find on the market and these rise in

CPUs also remain difficult to find and we have a bit of an update on the availability so one of our video editors Keegan who's probably editing this video as well had recently pre-ordered the horizon 330 300 acts and before you ask

Why would someone who are excite cameras next is pre-order of product don't you say not to do that well one of the benefits of working here is that you know a little bit in advance of its release if you should pre-order based on

Our benchmarks our benchmarks of course which are illegal at least according to intel's new philosophy on them so the 3300 x keygen has unfortunately found out as had a launch date shifted a few times and they was supposed to launch it

On May 21st and Intel was supposed to launch it CP is one day prior on May 20th the horizon 330 330 100 were both pushed back to later in May they were pushed back again to June 16th availability for retailers and then

Pulled forward a little bit so it's moved around a lot in the last week or two we spoke with some major retailers and found that the launch dates are completely pursuant to a.m. these ability to get the products available so

At this point it's not a matter of getting around to listing it it's a matter of getting the CPUs in from AMD so the AMD knew CPUs are supposed to be up sometime within the next week or two 3,300 X and 3100 you may see a couple

Already out there be careful because the ones we've seen have been massively overpriced and that's common for scalpers and people trying to take advantage of those who don't really quite understand what it is they're

Trying to buy as for Intel's new CPUs some of the non case cues can be found right now but the i5 the i9 and the i7 case queues are harder to find especially the i5 10 600k inventory is scarce at this point potentially because

Intel is busy with societal impact Andy has shipped five hundred fifty three million GPUs since 2013 new report by JP our it seems AMD has shipped over half a billion GPUs in its Radeon IP portfolio since 2013 both

Including D GPUs and AP is starting in 2013 with AMD landing semi-custom silicon deals with Microsoft and Sony for the Xbox one and the PlayStation 4 respectively and these annual GPU shipments topped 87 million for that

Year and have only gone up since moving on to 2014 that number has more than doubled to 177 million shipments in 2015 and he saw another impressive jump to 246 million shipments and by 2016 shipments were at 322 million from 2016

Onwards it was more of the same upward trend 398 million by 2017 474 million by 2018 and 553 million by 2019 interestingly Sony's previous PlayStation 4 accounts for 20% of a and these cumulative Radeon shipments

According to JP are while Microsoft's Xbox one comes in at 9% additionally notebook aps and discrete desktop GPUs make up a significant portion of AMD's shipments but we don't have data looking in at the individual

Sales volume of things like desktop GPUs as usual for strict IGP shipments Intel takes the lead there since most of its CPUs include an integrated graphics processor of some kind and vidya for its part takes the lead for most discrete

GPU shipments so everything else as you would expect however MD beats both Intel and NVIDIA in terms of raw GPU silicon shipped in terms of demand for all markets collectively jpr credits this to an

These channel and platform diversity and also notes that AMD is working on getting its our DNA to IP into Samsung phones which will further shape the GPU landscape next up over at the Corsair forums the company recently posted a

Notice about a bit of a recall for some of its power supplies particularly in the SF series of PS used on top of selling these units to consumers separately Intel also sold these power supplies in its core share one product

Line so if you've purchased one of the pre-built systems from Corsair it might be affected and you can check the serial number the part number on the power supply to determine whether yours is within the

Of affected PS use whether you need to worry or not in its notice course here states that the increase in RMA rates for SF series SFX power supplies has recently been more noticeable and it prompted an investigation and so the

Returned units from customers Corsair ended up finding out that the SF series power supplies are subject to fail if exposed to both high temperature and high humidity the issue can apparently manifest either directly out of the box

As the unit is powered on for the first time or at some point down the road as the power supply is exposed to certain environmental conditions the fault seems to be on the primary AC side of the power supply and isolated from the

Secondary side where the PSU delivers power to the components the issue could possibly affect any power supply with the lock code range of one nine four four four eight and then blank blank two two zero one one four eight blank blank

So fill in those two blanks with yours if the rest of the numbers at the front of that product identifier the lock code are on your power supply then you should probably just RMA it go through the recall Corsair stated that these were

The affected products were released between October 20 19 and March 20 20 and it states that any power supply made before october 20 19 is on effect that corsair also says it will try to replace affected customers power supplies in

Advance where possible as having two RMA a power supply is a disruptive process and Corsair recognizes that you're without a computer if you don't have one lock codes can be found either on the power supplies packaging if you have it

Or on the power supply itself if you find yourself in possession of one such affecting Corsair power supply we'll have some links in our show notes document links below in the description where you can follow on to get yours

Replaced in our recent trend of covering the more litigious news items in the tech industry Google finds itself at least sensor of a new class action complaints evolving to lawsuit for its incognito mode Google and the incognito

Mode lawsuit this time are attracting the attention of the district court of Northern California where the complaint was officially filed the lawsuit alleges that Google has been tracking users and scraping data through

Incognito mode unbeknownst to the users and the crux of the lawsuit seems to be on how Google marketed its product and marketed incognito mode particularly how users perceive what incognito mode does and the scope of its ability to make you

Incognito support documents for Chrome make it clear that incognito mode isn't exactly private and these are publicly available however the lawsuit alleges that no where is Google upfront about its data collection practices and that

Google is giving users a false sense of control over their data while browsing an incognito mode quote well aware of consumers at legitimate and reasonable concerns over privacy Google assured and continues to assure its consumers and

Users that they and not Google are in control of what information they share with Google Google further represents that sub quote across our services you can adjust our privacy settings to control what we collect and how your

Information is used and the lawsuit reads that nothing could be further from the truth the lawsuit outlines that Google uses its many tentacles to scrape user data including Google Analytics Google Ad

Manager Google applications and Google sign-in and the button thereof for certain websites quote when an internet user visits a web page or opens an app that uses such services over 70% of all online publishers use such a service

Google receives detailed personal information such as the user's IP address which may provide geographic information what these are is viewing what the user last viewed and details about the user's hardware Google takes

The data regardless of whether the user actually clicks on a Google supported advertisement or even knows of its existence the quote continues this means that billions of times a day Google causes computers around the world

To report the real-time Internet communications of hundreds of millions of people to Google interestingly the lawsuit seems to lean on the US federal wiretapping Act as a means to uphold its claims the lawsuit states that Google

Has infringed upon it users privacy really nothing new here and that it has intentionally deceived the users the class-action lawsuit is currently seeking $5,000 in damages user who has used Google Chrome and

That's dating back to June 1st of 2016 unfortunately Google probably knows whether or not you've used incognito mode although then it's a bit of a fun play and if they reveal that Windows 10 update and add in GPU scheduling

Hardware scheduling available to Windows 10 now Microsoft has begun rolling out its May 20 2008 for Windows 10 this updates already been available to early access users who wanted to preview the updates in advance and now it's coming

Out for public with the Windows display driver model or WDDM version 2.7 with WDDM 2.7 microsoft's will deliver on its promise of hardware accelerated GPU scheduling a feature it has been previewing again for inside Windows that

Latest com reports that in addition to installing the May 20 2008 users will also need new drivers from their respective GPU vendor and the Intel and NVIDIA Andy has set a future driver will add proper support while nvidia

Technically supports WDDM with its game ready drivers just not the latest version and video notes that it's driver version for 50.9 9 will allow users to toggle the quote hardware accelerated GPU scheduling setting but it may not

Work Nvidia also notes that a future game ready driver package will enable full support this is a really interesting update too because in theory it should allow the GPU to manage its own VRAM

Without direct overhead from the OS so we're removing removing potentially an abstraction layer from the process hardware accelerated GPU scheduling should theoretically make room for increased performance and reduced

Latency if it works as expected the feature is supposed to be API agnostic as well meaning it'll work fine in theory with DirectX Vulcan and OpenGL alike we'll keep an eye on it and see what happened the one support has been

Launched at a driver level for the video card companies in town saying goodbye to coffee like s CPUs it seems that coffee Lakes time and the Sun is over and Intel with its release of new PC ends is signaling the end of life for the coffee

Lake lineup in addition to some other product lines coffee lake or 8th gen Intel CPUs or skylake going to go with 3 maybe 4 depends on how you count them was more of an iterative 14 nanometer plus plus silicon for its

CPU offerings that launch succeeded KB Lee s however your coffee Lake was actually pretty exciting if for nothing else then its representation of intel's first hexa core processors in the mainstream desktop core series coffee

Like s CPUs began entering the market in late 2017 actually delivering a huge blow and these first-generation parts and regaining some of the market that included some models dropping later in 2018 along with most of the motherboards

And it properly marked intel's response to and these as n based CPUs and renewed the core wars and don't confuse by the way coffee like ass with coffee like refresh the latter of which is the ninth gen and home to the 9000 series cpus

Those aren't going anywhere at least not yet the eol notices affect nearly every 8th gen cpu including seller ons Pentiums and core series cpus xeon seem to be the only exception at the moment and intel

Is also sun setting certain compute sticks and knox that use 8th gen chips the eol was effective beginning June 1st Intel is further taking orders until December 18th 2020 that is and last orders will ship on June 4th of 2021 and

Finally for our last bit of news it's a story about the government and Internet Protocol the DoD since 2003 has been trying to migrate to ipv6 and so far has had two botched attempts at doing so the third failed attempt instills further

Lack of confidence that it will end any differently anytime soon this was summarized by the US Government Accountability Office and noted that the DoD is most recent attempt at a migration to ipv6 began in April 2017

The DoD's past attempts at moving to v6 were cut short largely because of security concerns as well as a lack of personnel trained in ipv6 however in an audit of the DoD's current ipv6 plant the GAO has found that the DoD has

Failed to address three out of four critical steps in developing an ipv6 strategy which means this attempt isn't likely to go any better than the rest of them assuming nothing changes the Office of Management and Budget or the OMB has

Previously required all federal agencies to submit plans for transitioning into ipv6 eventually and as such it has outlined a few basic requirements in establishing those plans the OMB has set forth the

Following planning requirements one assign an official lead to coordinate agency planning to complete an inventory of existing IP compliant devices and technologies and the agency's three develop a cost estimate and four develop

A risk analysis out of these four the DoD has only managed to complete one assign an official lead is to coordinate the ipv6 transition of planning furthermore in February of 2019 the DoD released its own plan for migrating to

Ipv6 that consisted of thirty-five transition steps eighteen of which were to be completed by March 2020 and thus far to date the DoD has completed six out of those eighteen steps that were supposed to be done by a few months ago

The Gao notes that without an inventory of the IP compliant devices an estimated cost and an estimated risk analysis it is unable to proceed the DoD it says is significantly reducing the probability of a successful migration schedule and

Unsurprisingly after its audit the GAO is now recommending that the DoD pretty much do what it was already supposed to have done for the OMB x' requirements previously that is develop an inventory of high P compliant devices IP v4 and v6

And develop an estimated cost to migrate the infrastructure to ipv6 and then finally to detail the possible risks however it seems that that the DoD doesn't agree with the recommendation to complete the inventory of IP compliant

Devices but it has seemingly agreed to the other two options while the Internet at large is still transitioning to ipv6 which is taking a long time obviously the DoD's transition seems to be going agonizingly slow in the meantime however

IP v4 and v6 operate in parallel though they won't forever and at this rate the DoD may run out of time we'll see how they do because it doesn't have another 17 years to keep working on this problem that's it for the news this week thanks

Again for watching as always to support us directly you can go to storlock gamer's nexus net and grab one of these shirts the one that I'm wearing but but not literally this one that would be weird kind of probably

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