HW News – Intel 7nm Delays Through 2022+, NVIDIA Wants to Buy ARM, AMD Zen3 Launch on Target

published on August 2, 2020

Hey everyone welcome back to another hardware news recap for the week where we're talking about all the major hardware news for the past seven days or so intel has announced that it is delaying its seven nanometer process further

Still which is a big hit for the company and its prospects on the stock market but also in technology nvidia is working on ampere scheduling amd confirming once again zen 3 and its

Intent to arrive this year and plenty of other news like cooler master crowd sourcing the funding for a raspberry pi case before that this video is brought to you by us and our brand new gamers nexus wireframe

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Things seemed like they couldn't get much worse on the manufacturing side for intel intel has struggled with 10 nanometer process for a number of years now somewhere around 2015 that we started

Really talking about 10 nanometer for intel so it's been a while seven is also getting the delay according to recent updates from intel ceo bob swann and this is on the back of intel

Stretching out 14 nanometer as far as it possibly can and to intel's credit it's genuinely impressive how far the company has gotten skylake and its subsequent skylakes

Uh because if you look at the 10600k the 10900k they're pretty competitive but as you also look at amd's ryzen cpus especially in the 3000 series it's clear that the gap is starting to narrow

And although today we can still pretty easily recommend something like a 10-600k for a lot of gaming builds or mid-range builds as amd chips away more and more of the market especially at the lower end and

Especially in production and workstation applications intel is losing ground and it's got less it can stand on with each passing update from amd so intel really needs to get moving on

The manufacturing side because it's it can't make 1400 last forever so anyway if things couldn't get worse it did announce the delay to seven nanometer that means that volume production

According to intel is unlikely to come online until 2022 or possibly 2023 as opposed to the original potential target of late 2021 intel ceo bob swann and man who hates

Benchmarking uh delivered the disheartening news along with intel's quarter two earnings while also touching on a few other technology points according to swan intel is quote seeing an approximate

Six-month shift in our seven nanometer based cpu products timing relative to prior expectations and furthermore intel noted in the discussion that seven nanometer yields are approximately 12 months behind

The internal target goals we have identified a defect mode in our seven nanometer process that resulted in yield degradation we've root caused the issue and believe there are no fundamental roadblocks

But we have also invested in contingency plans to hedge against further schedule uncertainty swan set in order to maintain intel's roadmap and competitiveness swan said that intel will lean on other aspects such as

Die disaggregation and advanced packaging part of intel's contingency plans would see intel leveraging internal and external process technologies alike so this would mean that intel would be

Leaning on potentially third-party foundries where it might make sense intel's already started doing this in the last couple of years where when it had severe 14 nanometer

Shortages it started moving back to older process technologies for chipsets so that it could free up some of the lines some of the fab space for cpus so this is already kind of

Started but that is one of the backup plans if there are continual issues with seven nanometer as such intel is now stating that ponte vecchio which is

Uh one of the upcoming architectures that we've been talking about especially on the gpu side will combine both internal and external process technologies and that would be combined with intel's

Packaging technology that's supposed to ship in late 2021 or early 2022 at this point intel's historic treble at 10 nanometer also led it to decouple its architecture

Advancements from its process node advancements and thus sunny cove was born this allows intel to move forward with architectural improvements without handing them on a smaller process in the event of a

Roadblock this is something we covered several years ago at this point at a an event that intel hosted talking about its 3d approach as they called it to multiple dyes and process technologies

On a single package so this is a disaggregated approach that makes intel's architectures more portable between nodes and means intel could back port a newer architecture to an older process

Technology in theory intel claims it's still committed to its roadmap and annual product improvement cadence and also states that while process technology is very

Important it is only one of the six technology pillars of innovation that drive differentiation in our product we should note too here that pillars are the absolute peak way the pinnacle

Of how ceos compare their companies against each other because benchmarks are bad so back a couple of years ago amd on the gpu side with roger kadori announced that it had a five pillar

Approach to manufacturing and products intel has a six pillar approach six is one more than five and so that means it's better so intel is better than amd

Because it has six there's no way to cut this where it doesn't stain at this point especially when amd is executing aggressively on its own roadmap and products

And is able to leverage partnerships with tsmc rather than having to figure out how to make its own foundries work intel is promising more updates at its upcoming architecture day so stay tuned for that next up this one

Is a bit of a leak to gn so we've confirmed at this point with board partners that nvidia is working on its amper launch scheduling and timelines starting the week of the 26th of july that is

So this isn't major news it's just kind of typically would be considered boring scheduling stuff but nvidia amp has been big lately so they're basically about a week from time to filming but

They're going to be working on the plans for the rollout dates the launch timing and things like that for nvidia's next generation of products this typically means that you're getting close to the end

And from what we understand right now based on most of the discussion online and in discussion with board partners it sounds like nvidia's target is still somewhere in the september range

This is a date that igor from igor's lab actually predicted quite a while ago as well so definitely shout out to him for kind of nailing it on that one we don't know yet if it's going to be a september launch

Things could change look at intel as an example of how they do but that's what it looks like right now so that's the news we have on that uh we i guess the biggest thing to mention here other than the fact that

Nvidia is talking about the launch scheduling and timing next week the biggest thing to talk about is how all this happened this is the earliest that nvidia's had a leak in

As long as i personally can remember working in the industry and nvidia is also if you're not aware one of the the most extreme companies and kind of vindictive

Specifically when it comes to leaks and the people who do it so the fact that this is getting out there everything like the shroud images the card designs

Some of the spec and bench numbers you're seeing out there in leaks and rumors the fact that all that's getting out this far in advance of launch definitely is bothering nvidia or at

Least nvidia ceo jensen juan and to give you an idea nvidia often decides things like pricing for the product literally minutes before going on stage and announcing a press so that's how they at

Least always keep that close to the leather jacket because when announcing the products you normally don't actually see the pricing in those rumors because uh it's decided last minute a lot of times so anyway

Definitely bothering nvidia but that's what it looks like for the timing we'll obviously stay close to this one and cover it as soon as it gets closer to launch amd confirming once again that zen 3 is coming this year andy

Previously put out a note to press that zen 3 was still on target for 2020 after some rumors previously that it was being pushed back to 2021 so that was an official confirmation from the company

And now they are amd's confirming that again so in a perfect world amd probably was targeting computex for launch it usually has pushed its processors around computex the last couple years but we're living in a world with human

Malware that has sidelined every trade show for the year so for the last several months amd has been confirming and reconfirming again that we'll see zen 3 soon and to drive this point home once

Again amd's rick bergman executive vice president of computing and graphics took to amd's blog to post some updates the blog post mostly centered on amd's newest seven

Nanometer ryzen 4000 series apus which we just discussed however towards the end of the blog post bergman concluded with quote so what's next for amd in the pc

Space well i can't share too much but i can say our high performance journey continues with our first zen 3 client processor on track to launch later this year i will wrap by saying you haven't seen the

Best of us yet a couple things here we already know from the ryzen 4000 apu discussion the news video we ran previously that amd is working on a desktop apu in well they're both they're technically

Desktop but they're oem only so andy is working on a diy pc apu to come out uh in the 4000 series as well so what's been announced so far isn't the only stuff that's coming out and we don't know if exactly those skus

Are coming over later or if it's going to be a different name but that was already on the on the plans and we already knew about it so what bergman is saying here specifically he uses the word client

Meaning that we're going to get more of zen 3 than just epic for example so there should be a pc diy part the client side of zen 3 still encompasses desktop and mobile so we'll have to

Speculate a little bit on what the future looks like but that's the news so far from amd official next up samsung is also struggling with poor yield on its five nanometer node so intel's not the only one

Dealing with shrinking process nodes this week it seems a report out of digit time suggests that samsung is currently high centered on its own nanometer hurdle this one sized at five nanometers

Samsung's five nanometer process will rely on euv for critical layers and the high volume production was slated for end of quarter two this year however according to seeking alpha samsung wasn't able to get euv equipment

From asml installed until end of june which already puts samsung's timetable in jeopardy further complicating this is the reportedly poor yields that samsung has seen

Which digit times claims samsung is struggling to improve as such it's being reported that this not only affects samsung's own chips and product line production but possibly

Qualcomm's as well samsung's first five nanometer chip was allegedly meant to be its own exynos 992 soc however upcoming samsung products are rumored to be using the older exynos 990 instead

As for qualcomm its upcoming snapdragon 875g src and snapdragon x60 5g modem could be delayed as well as they may very well be caught in the crosshairs of samsung's manufacturing woes in a

Chip deal to end all chip deals there's also been news this week that it seems a possible sale of arm as courted the attention of nvidia this in in other words no kidding arm was in the news last week when we were talking

About how apple is moving towards its own production as quickly as it can in both cpu and gpus but especially on the cpu side and

Arm is involved in a lot of that so a couple of points to note here an acquisition of arm by nvidia would have huge implications for the cpu market and would undoubtedly attract the gaze of regulators arm is currently owned by

Softbank a holding company conglomerate that has stakes in a slew of technology companies and formerly owned a chunk of nvidia softbank acquired arm in 2016 for 32 billion dollars but recent reports have been suggesting that softbank

May be ready to list the company for sale and the two separate reports that have come from bloomberg mentioned nvidia as a potential buyer as one with the other report mentioning

That apple is apparently not interested apple buying arm would be a potential major conflict of interest and likely wouldn't sit well with

Regulators at all being that nvidia doesn't really have a horse in the soc race in any major way it may stand a better chance of getting a deal approved but it would still have to be approved and

That's a big maybe at this point reports have also been suggesting that softbank may pursue an ipo for arm instead and it's also possible that south bank is simply gauging interest

And may end up doing nothing with it they might just stick with it for now next up andy stock is currently enjoying a 15-year high and as tom's hardware points out for the first time since 2006

And the stock price has topped intel's although you get into funny stock market math if you start doing that comparison but either way and the stock price has been on the rise for months now

And starting in 2020 it's been breaking its own price records it has reached a 30 percent improvement year over year according to market watch and intel stock has been more tumultuous at this point especially with the news

Reported earlier in this very video so intel stock price took a nosedive following that uh stock markets are kind of silly things and don't behave rationally so this is

Probably expected but it took a nosedive and now we'll see what happens next people might bump the price by buying in because i think it went too low but either way it took a dive following the seven

Nanometer portfolio delay statements uh intel has only seen a one percent improvement year over year it's a company with an awful lot of money and a lot of different segments so it's also harder to move the needle

For it but either way intel's more or less been stagnant at this point so it seems that part of amd's sturgeon stock price is coming at the expense of intel setbacks and this is in addition of course to amd executing

Actually pretty well on its own road map and product release cadence for the last couple years andy's stock is currently sitting at 68 dollars and 48 cents intel has tumbled down to 50 67 and

Uh i'm not much of a stock market person that's why i work in computer hardware and reviewing it but uh my understanding is that the two aren't necessarily directly comparable

Depending on the the way that the shares have been divided but either way intel's taking a dive we'll see what that means later on and uh and how intel tries to bounce back

Last up cooler masters pi case 40 uh cooler master is currently i'll mention this too if you're like a stock trader or something in any serious sense feel free to post the comments uh talking about this stuff below so

That we can kind of gauge the opinions of the community uh anyway cooler master is currently crowdfunding a case for the raspberry pi 4 and it's doing so through kickstarter

Which is interesting because cooler master is one of the biggest companies in the space at least in the cooler and case market and power supplies and it it makes the stock coolers for amd stock coolers for intel it makes coolers

For nvidia it's a big company but they still needed to ask for some money to kick start a case apparently so this is maybe a new venture for the company that could potentially spawn some follow-up

Products depending on the interest the case is known as the pi case 40 and it is attempting to differentiate itself from other pie cases on the market in a few different ways for starters cooler master claims that

The case will passively cool a raspberry pi 4 and says that it would work for cooling even for one that's been heavily overclocked the pi case 40 will feature a cast

Aluminum body acting as the heatsink with added fins along the block for additional heat soaking secondly the pi case 40 never needs to be removed as the case will allow access to all of

The i o on the board even the 40 pin gpio headers and as the case redirects those to the other side for access the pi case 40 also features a power

Button to turn the pi on or off without having to remove the power source the power button is also remappable so it can be configured for a number of other functions like

Scripts overclocking or opening applications the pi case 40 will also include a set of vase amounts which should make it easy to mount behind a display or on the wall

And cooler master further claims that the pi case 40 is an open source project it says it's using kickstarter as a means to receive community feedback presumably in the form of money to some extent but feedback nonetheless

Additionally cooler master will make the schematics and the 3d model for the pi case 40 available for free via its website which is actually somewhat admirable so we like hearing that and currently the pi case

40 is expected to ship as early as september you can pre-order it through kickstarter for 25 dollars i don't not really sure if we're going to look at it we'd obviously

Generally advise waiting and seeing how it turns out but who knows maybe we'll have a project we can throw at it or something that's it for this one though as always you can go to storegamersnexusnet to

Help us out directly you can go to patreoncomgamersnexus to get some behind the scenes videos and subscribe for more we'll see you all next time the

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