HW News – HDD False Advertising Lawsuit, X570 & Z490 Chipset Cost, Switch Knock-Off

by birtanpublished on August 24, 2020

Everyone welcome back to another hardware news recap for the week and this one we have a GN exclusive item on the actual chipset cost for the chips halves like going to motherboards which obviously contributes to the higher or lower motherboard prices that you see

We'll also be talking about a jisun naming nomenclature that appears to be changing from AMD side talking about a definitely legitimate Nintendo inspired product as well called the POW Kitty x2 I think is the name Asus and it's new a

P/e solution which is a bfb equivalent and then Intel improving stock coolers I'm on a few other things before that this video is brought to you by MSI and the Z 490 unify ITX motherboard for Intel 10 series CPUs the MSI z4 90 unify

ITX board benefits from a memory layout that makes memory overclocking easy positioning the board well for enthusiasts who want to think around a bench or in an ITX system the MSI z4 90 unify runs 90 amp hour stages a 10 layer

PCB and seats the memory as close to the socket as possible all of which benefit the overclocking experience learn more at the link in the description below the first news item for the week then will be the chipset

Cost to the motherboard manufacturers the board partners are AIB is as many people call them so AIB Partners obviously by the chipset from Intel or AMD they are one of Intel and a and these largest customers out of their

Entire customer base and that's because they need to buy something to put on the motherboards so the price of those is variable depending on which chips that you're talking about but we recently started looking into chips at cost to

Manufacturers which gets passed on to customers with some kind of multiplier on it because that's how business works that's fair and how the game is played but we were curious about it and it sounds like from what we understand

Today in speaking with motherboard partners the Z 490 chipset cost despite not having the complexity of PCIe Jun 4 is actually almost the same price as the x5 70 chipset both as we understand it are approaching $50 for cost to the

Board partners that's one of the items on the bomb and on the Bill of Materials and it's higher than z3 90 was easy for 90s increased in price but doesn't really add a whole lot of features and that's the interesting part

Z 490 vs 390 the primary differentiating factor is the addition of some Wi-Fi capabilities on Z 490 otherwise they are almost identical in every other way X 570 meanwhile we don't have B fifties cost yet but we'll work on that X 570 is

About the same so it's near the $50 mark and from what we understand that's a good bit more expensive than what be 450 was but as for exact details we can't provide that right now we've got some numbers and have a good idea but don't

Really want to rush to publishing without verifying that particularly for 50 pricey number with a couple other people first but the Z 490 and x5 70 cost is the one that we verified with a few people so

We're comfortable sharing that number and it doesn't really do anything for you it just gives you some perspective as to what you're paying for and why is he 490 and X 570 boards have a price floor that's higher than previous price

Floors the chipset is a significant portion of the cost of addition to the other costs that are incurred when building a motherboard next up a Jessa and the naming nomenclature so a gia is distilled down into and these generic

Window it's encapsulated system architecture so you've got AMD within another initialism it seems to be getting somewhat of a confusing revision but that might be related to the upcoming changes for is n3 support on

402s motherboards we're not a hundred percent sure yet right now the upcoming version according to hardware locks and Tom's Hardware appears to be adding a v2 revision number and will be changing from combo a.m. for one point zero zero

Five on at least the latest version that's out there now for a GC into a combo AM for v2 one point zero zero zero zero so it's presently unclear as to why exactly this is Hardware locks reports that even the new agey subversion has

Fractured with msi using combo a.m. for v2 one zero zero zero zero on certain a.m. for be 550 boards and gigabyte allegedly using combo a.m. for v2 1 0 0 1 as to what potential changes warned to such additional versioning changes

Remains to be seen but if we have the gas it probably related to the Zen 3 stuff that's going on because that is going to be a fracture and support so that would kind of make sense next up linus torvalds moving to Andy

And it's not not that Linus the other one the other computing Linus actually don't know whose name comes up for us to be type Linus into Google anymore but it's probably one of those two will be up there along with the peanuts

Character so one of the more interesting stories this week is from Linus Torvalds the creator of both Linux and get and the almighty gatekeeper of the Linux kernel in the latest announcement regarding Linux 5.7 rc7 Torvalds added

That the most exciting thing that had happened to him recently was moving to an AMD based machine quote in fact the biggest excitement for me this week was that I just upgraded my main machine and for the first time in about 15 years my

Desktop isn't Intel based no I didn't switch to arm yet but I'm now rocking an AMD threader / 3970 X my all mod config test builds are now three times faster than they used to be which doesn't matter so much right now

During the calming down period but I will most certainly notice the upgrade during the next merge window Torvalds who is one of the most vocal people in the industry cue the clip of his thoughts on NVIDIA and NVIDIA has being

The single worst company we've ever dealt with so in media fuck you didn't have much to say though about the rest of his build he also didn't tell us much about his previous one but it's apparent that

AMD's threader per line is popular among Linux kernel developers in the limited testing we've done of things like code compiled in a Windows environment even there it's the chart leader at least for our chromium compiled using ninja and

Klain see ya additionally recently Wendel from level one techs who built our server put together a machine for Greg Hartmann another prominent Linux kernel developer and that particular build is also using an AMD threader for

CPU and that'd be the 39 70 X you can check that video out on their channel if you want to learn more about it and hear why they made those choices next up new arm IP and the cortex and Malley updates that are coming out arm

Recently announced its yearly updates to its cortex and malli IPS at its arm tech day 2020 announcing the new cortex a 78 and cortex x1 CPU designs that also included news on the malli g 78 GPU the new cortex a 78 builds on the previous

A 77 and 76 designs with a continued focus on efficiency with the more or less expected iterative or generational performance gains brought by architectural tweaks and a new process note the cortex a 77 is built on seven

Nanometers whereas the cortex a 78 will be built on five nanometers the a 78 is expected to deliver a 20% sustained performance boost compared to the a 77 while allegedly operating within the same thermal envelope which is an

Important caveat for mobile as there's only so many ways a smartphone can reasonably dissipate heat and now water cooling isn't one of them but it should be the cortex a 78 also promises a 50% improvement in energy efficiency over

2019 devices using a 77 based SOC s while maintaining the same performance arm also unveiled a new architecture in the form of the cortex x1 which is less focused on balancing PPA or performance power and area and more focused on raw

Performance this should allow customers to design higher power higher wattage solutions which will also no doubt cost more than arms traditional IP on the surface this seems like arm is finally trying to close the gap between its

Designs and apples lover hate Apple its core designs and SOC s particularly the a series have absolutely led the market for years arm also took the wraps off its malli G 78 new GPU the successor to the Valhalla based Mally g77 the Mallee

G 78 will be the second GPU derived from Arms Valhalla architecture and should bring a 25% increase in performance the Mallee G 78 stands to offer a 15 percent performance density improvement as well as scaling up to 24 cores where the

Previous Mali g77 topped out at 16 the Maui G 78 also gains a 10 percent energy efficiency boost based on the claims which seems somewhat paltry generation / generation but is still a noteworthy improvement as we cast this next story

The Maas of Nintendo's lawyers are salivating at the idea of such easy prey it's been hours since they've fed days maybe even weeks since the last feeding that is if they can get through the usual litigation firewall that's

Presented for companies based in China the corpses of various for hot websites do little to save the appetites of Nintendo's lawyers and having had their way with Soulja Boy and his latest work

It looks like now Nintendo has potentially another item to keep its eye on and that's going to be the Pao kitty x2 gluttonous ravenous and desperate Nintendo's lawyers stand ready to pounce at the most brazen thing to pop up in

Recent history and that power Kitty x2 is probably the one they're looking at it's a flippant unapologetic switch copycat the power KT x2 is an arm-based look-alike that seemingly exists to do less savvy buyers especially in the wake

Of manufacturing and supply chain issues affecting the actual Nintendo switch and its availability you might call this one confusingly similar if you were a lawyer if not just straight-up infringing the power KT x2 uses an arm a7 quad core CPU

Or arm v7 a a 7 inch IPS display with a resolution of 1024 by 600 which is a bit lower than the switches 1280 by 720 and a 3000 milliamp hour battery again this spec fails to meet the switches 43 10 milliamp hour battery but there are also

Much different devices a few interesting items of note from the marketing and the language around the POW kitty x2 quote can three people play together it's no no mark of punctuation is just a seemingly a statement can three people

Play together the advertisement for the console asks we don't know pow kitty you tell us the Aliexpress listing promises that we can quote enjoy a big screen of pleasure with the x2 and external double handles we might get demonetized for

That kind of language on YouTube when it scans the transcript with the power KTX to you there's no removable controllers so no joy cons as they exist commonly and there's no dock in lieu of joy cons though users are allowed to use or

Rather forced to use the rare PlayStation controllers the real ones that had XY a and B buttons on them you all know them lots of boxes being checked here and hook those up to the bottom of the device here's some

Marketing material summing up what the experience is ostensibly like we'll scroll through some of it while we go through the rest of the story of course the power KTX – it doesn't even play switch games rather it features

Emulators of older systems such as the NES the Gameboy the Ness the Famicom and more the device costs $80 and can be had over at Aliexpress litigation seems maybe unlikely for this one given that it is being sold on Aliexpress but poor

Soulja Boy has stories to tell about similar types of product issues a p/e besides and eating's work on its acronyms and initialisms the new ape solution by asus is a bfb counterpart to what asrock worked on in last week's

News story so asus seems to have joined asrock in the list of motherboard manufacturers going rogue and technically doing things that intel probably doesn't like but ends how likely won't stop them because they need

The help right now and it's going rogue by kind of enabling overclocking on otherwise prohibited platforms it's not really overclocking per se it's more of beat clock tuning that would otherwise be forbidden on non case cues and non z

Motherboards that aside it appears that Asus is a PE works in a similar fashion to bfb which again we talked about last week an as rocks implementation as rock is allowing that the users can lock in a higher PL 1 value that's specifically

The one that would be going from say 70 Watts up to 125 instead ACS is doing largely the same thing just with a worse name and fewer boards as of right now but support for both of these features is nebulous in the future both companies

Have a feature that's technically outside of what Intel intends to be allowed on the boards and as ROC has a disclaimer on its site saying that this feature might not be supported in future BIOS revisions and that would be if

Intel issues an update to its core BIOS that locks out the feature and this is something that both AMD and Intel do multiple manufacturers find ways around stuff they don't really get punished for it because it's not technically breaking

The rules in the truest sense but it's breaking the spirit of the rules and so the loopholes get closed but no one really gets punished for it as rock is to its credit along with Biostar among the most enterprising companies for

Coming up with workarounds for Intel's blocks so asus enables AP on select 400 series boards as rocks got it unselect four hundred and three hundred series boards and you can check their support board list if you are curious

For more for something like say a 10 400 finally new Intel stock coolers it seems Intel has finally decided to make some much-needed changes to its stock coolers that are included in the box with some processors and these are for non k parts

Now typically we recommend a cooler purchase with nearly any type of higher-end as in DIY enthusiast Class CPU so we start recommending them at about the r5 3600 and up or the i-5 series and up because and these stock

Coolers Intel stock coolers really aren't that great and you can benefit a lot in terms of reduced noise or reduce thermals by getting a different cooler either way though Intel's finally making some changes Intel for sure is the

Company that has needed it the most we've Sean and these manufacturing line in the past for its coolers and actually if we put that up on the screen you'll see that the same line that and these coolers are coming down in our footage

That's the line that Intel uses as well both Andy and Intel have their coolers made by cooler master which is the OEM for their solutions it's not always branded but sometimes you can take the cooler apart and find a small logo

Somewhere in there so both companies use the same supplier for their solutions Intel's changes in the overhaul for the stock coolers do pale in comparison to what Andy has overhauled for its coolers in the past

But the changes are nonetheless welcome according to tweak sound for this one until I silently updated its boxed coolers with a copper core it's also been changed to an 80 watt TDP rating for the number that's on the box there's

A new blacked-out housing as well which is the part that tweaked down specifically was tweeting about at Tom's Hardware also spoke with Intel about this and Intel confirmed that the following SKUs will come with the

Updated cooler they're listed as the eye 9 10 909 K'naan f.vii 9 10 900 f9k are these names confusing yet the i7 10 705 710 712 90 the w12 70 the w12 50 and and that'll be it for now the 80 watt TDP is an increase over

The previous 65 watt TDP specification which it's kind of if they all measure at different ways so it's kind of a made-up number but you get the eye as long as the test in the same way it's still

Scaling it seems to address the new Zeon W 1200 CPUs specifically for this change but it has come the consumer parts as well additionally intel has returned using copper cores for the new coolers we have

Some of these that we can potentially show the copper core is a slug that was in intel's older coolers that had been removed in recent years particularly around skylake some time and replaced instead with just a simple aluminum core

Intel has insisted on shipping coolers with aluminum core since that but that's changing even though the new coolers are only shipping with newer LGA 1200 CPUs they are of course still compatible with LGA 1150 x

Socketable CP is because the mounting mechanism has not changed so if you wanted to pick one up for probably 10 or 20 bucks on ebay which xx is still a ripoff but they typically start popping up on eBay if you want to cheap upgrade

If you're you've got a business system or something with an Intel stock cooler in it but honestly you should just buy a better cooler at that point if it can fit there's one more news item we got at the very end of the week and what was

Probably an inevitable development Western Digital has become the target of a class-action lawsuit over the way the company has handled SM our hard drives something we've been covering for a couple of weeks now in the hardware news

Recaps Western Digital is far from alone here all of the hard drive makers have engaged in similar practices and we'll recap those events if you've missed the previous three consecutive weeks that we've been covering this so it started

With users on reddit actually noticing that certain Western Digital red models for NASA's we're performing poorly not behaving correctly in certain rate configurations or couldn't be configured properly in ZFS arrays it was later

Discovered that these Western Digital Reds were using SMR rather than CMR and Western Digital wasn't being exactly forthright about it and its marketing materials or spec sheets no sooner than that news broke Chris Miller with block

And files was able to confirm that certain drives from both Seagate and Toshiba also used SMR and again neither company was disclosing this information to its customers the impact is mostly to how things configure and especially

Write speeds something that we've talked about in the previous episode seagate for its part maintains that it was not shipping any nast rive that used s mr and it seems that the nebulous practice of obscuring s mr was limited

To client desktop drives toshiba's story was more or less the same over the next couple weeks after unwavering criticism from both press and customers all three component companies came forward so to speak about using s mr well Western

Digital seems to be the most earnest about being more transparent it promised updates for product documentation and benchmarks and seagate until shiva didn't go this far all three hard drive makers officially disclosed every drive

That uses SM our fast forward to now and it seems the story isn't over yet Western Digital is now going to have to contend with litigation of the practice as to why the lawsuit is only targeting WD that's because WD was the only one to

Hide sm r in its Nasdaq CGA and Toshiba have not yet shipped an ass targeted drive that doesn't use CMR so they seem to have dodged to this bullet at least for now until someone files a complaint which obviously can always happen

Whether or not it's valid there's also the point that Western Digital seemed to explicitly deny using SM are its WD red line initially which isn't going to help their case hattis law is heading up the lawsuit stating that quote Western

Digital secretly switched many of its hard drives including its WD red master Ives to inferior shingled magnetic recording technology this deceived and harmed customers had it's law says interestingly had a slaw points to users

Having problems with WD Reds as early as March 2019 due to SMR which again isn't a good look hattis law is currently looking for affected customers to join the class-action lawsuit if that wasn't enough there's also a separate class

Action lawsuit unfolding in Canada against wd-40 sub SMR that suit alleges that WD misled customers and violated several of canada's consumer protection laws the lawsuit is being handled by top class actions and is looking for an

Injunction against WD as well as collecting damages on behalf of the plaintiffs and that'll be it for news this week thanks for watching subscribe for more as always you can get a store documents access net or patriotic common

Exes topside directly and we'll see you all next time

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