HW News – Crysis Remastered Ray Tracing, NVIDIA DLSS 2, Ryzen 3100 Rumors

by birtanpublished on September 14, 2020

Everyone welcome back to another hardware news recap for the week it's a packed week for news for this one crisis is coming back there's a crisis remastered coming out Crytek showed that off in the past couple of days minecraft RTX has launched in a beta state there's

D LSS 2.0 from Nvidia as well that's supposed to fix a lot of the issues with TLS 1.0 and it's blurry unveil sony playstation 5 rumors about well availability or manufacturing and the pricing issues it may face hard drive

Makers seemingly hiding shingled magnetic recording technology and a lot of other stuff folding at home making some big news and then rise in three rumors as well so while three like the four cores well talked about that before

That this video is brought to you by gigabyte 2 horas r TX 20 atti extreme the r TX 20 atti extreme is built with a triple axial cooling solution and ready for anyone interested in intermediate GPU overclocking although it's also up

For gaming out of the box the gigabyte 2080 TI can reach the higher performance range required to play games at frame rates at and beyond 144 FPS couples particularly well with games like Call of Duty warzone Rainbow six siege and

Other competitive FP assets gigabytes extreme is built to be a looker for system builders going for extra visual flair learn more at the link in the description below really quick update

From the last one where we we wanted a good news item and at the front given how the mainstream news outlets have 24/7 wall-to-wall coverage of only bad things because that's what does well we sold a an item at a charity auction just

On eBay it was a kingpin signed PCB one of three we had three of them here we've sold two now and the item sold to benefit cat angels the shelter where we helped them take in a new kitten and also they could use some additional

Funding since a lot of the corporate backers right now are in questionable economic straits so they pulled back funding for charities anyway the items sold to someone named Cole and it was sold for two thousand four hundred and

Fifty dollars the donation should be drafted I think eBay's policy is within 21 days of sale they'll take the money and send it to the charity that was chosen and it's going to be 100% of that sale will

Go towards cat angels we're going to box up the items and ship them out in the next day or so so really good news on that separately just I guess we'll mention this deep cool has kind of been making the rounds lately you've probably

Seen some of the people you follow on Twitter like maybe Paul from Paul's hardware or Brian from BBS customs have received a box of surgical masks and a couple of the PPE suits from deep cool which is working with a factory to send

These things out some of the companies that it works with including media and we we picked one up to Paul I believe donated it to a hospital when he got it and we thought you know that's that's pretty good idea we'll help out our

Local group as well and so we worked with someone I know who works at one of the major hospitals near us and we donated those over there so thanks to deep cool for setting that out they will definitely make use of it we were told

That the 200 or so masks should be about a week supply for the team that we donated it to so that's that's pretty big dent and things okay move it on to the hardware news let's start with crisis and Crytek Crytek which has

Presumably at this point resumed its paying its employees we're not sure but they woke the crisis twitter account which hadn't been used since about 2016 to tweet some nebulous vague teaser messages to try and get everyone hyped

About why that might be happening crisis remastered is the reason that it's happening there's no release date yet aside from the ominous soon and most of the information about it is extremely basic in a move that was perceived

Optically by the the media and the user base as presumably an accidental leak the crisis webpage for crisis remastered was published and then taken down in a flash and the sceptical amount of montage who's been doing this for long

Enough probably saw that then thought wow that sure seems like it architected marketing trick for a game that has to do at least partially with things like stealth mode so anyway architected marketing trick or not cry

Remastered is a thing it's supposed to have API agnostic ray-tracing this is something that Crytek showed off previously with its engine where it got big news coverage because it was the first AMD can do ray tracing to type of

Thing which that's when all the cards can do ray tracing is just whether it can do it in real time or not anyway they did it with an API agnostic solution that did run on older and video cards and on AMD cards that got covered

Previously that's supposed to be coming over to Crysis remastered we are currently uncertain at this time to what extent Crysis remastered might or might not leverage the Nvidia RT hardware that's native to the RT X 20 series so

Will obviously follow that up as we learn more no release date we know that it's coming out on PC PlayStation 4 Xbox one and actually this is pretty big news the Nintendo switch it's the first time that a crisis game has hit the Nintendo

Platform or ecosystem at all and they were making a big deal out of that but that's about all we know right now it'll be fun though we're looking forward to working with it it'll be a good benchmarking piece and obviously a

Fun throwback as well next one Nvidia pushing its minecraft RT X update alongside Moe Jane and it's currently in beta it came out on the Windows Store this week and it follows up on one of Nvidia's biggest name gets since the RT

X product line launched and Vidya obviously had a very slow rollout it was from memory something about 55 days or so before the first r-tx ready title actually came out which was partially a Microsoft issue since they didn't push

The XR in time but also I mean they did market their entire product line on that feature it took a while so it's been rolling out for a while now but Minecrafts the biggest name yet they've gotten the minecraft ray tracing plugins

Or mods have existed for a while now you may have seen some we've seen some confusion online about wait didn't wasn't this already a thing but no this is explicitly different this will leverage the RT hardware on NVIDIA r-tx

Products whereas the previous mods did not at least to our knowledge do that and they were less optimised so in a big way at least if you have RT Hardware minecraft with the RT X update will introduce a new PBR or physically based

Rendering system which this we actually have an interview with Crytek from probably four to six years ago about what physically based rendering is and we have on with Chris Roberts from the star

Citizen team as well search the channel for PBR and you'll find it but anyway they're adding standard support to mats for things like materials that is for things like roughness mats will support reflections

Refractions global illumination based on their properties and the properties of the light around them this is all pretty standard stuff but you know look at minecraft and it wasn't before obviously the XR & RT X will add volumetric

Effects like crepuscular rays these are often referred to as god rays and fog the expected reflections on surfaces which would reflect will also be added and there's new emissive lighting for lava and glow stones and things that

Would emit light this update also brings DLS s 2.0 to minecraft which Nvidia admits as being the fix to its D LSS 1.0 blunder the LSS 2.0 uses tensor cores on our TX GPUs to quote offer image quality comparable to native resolution while

Rendering only 1/4 to 1/2 of the pixels one of the biggest problems with the LSS 1 was its per game deployment and the fact that it was like smearing Vaseline on your monitor this is something that Nvidia is trying to fix with the LSS 2.0

And the company has taken big steps to do so it wrote the following on its blog post the original D LSS required training the AI network for each new game the LSS 2.0 trains using non game specific content delivering a

Generalized network that works across games this means faster game integrations and ultimately more DL SS games the new DL SS will also have quality settings including a performance mode and that's supposed to help negate

The performance hit from ray-tracing these two are meant to go together since day one but they rolled out asynchronously and then both had issues of their own but the idea of DL SS is that it's supposed to in theory help

Reduce the workload on the GPU with drawing the pixels and free up some of that computational time some of the cycles for doing the RT graphics so they're meant to be used together Nvidia is doing this by using a neural network

And training on a dgx supercomputer the way it's doing that's a bit different but a network takes images generated by the game engine as input including a focus on motion vector analysis to plot a history

Of object movement and project its future movements and NVIDIA writes the following on its blog post as well quote during the training process the output image is compared to an offline rendered ultra-high quality 16k reference image

And just as a side note this is typically referred to as the ground truth image the quote continues the difference is communicated back into the network so that it can continue to learn and improve its results this process is

Repeated tens of thousands of times on the supercomputer until the network reliably outputs a high quality high resolution image so Nvidia then has completely reworked DL SS and it's worth worth looking at once again next one

Hard drive makers seemingly hiding SMR technology it seems that deploying SMR in the hard drives without telling anyone is the new it's it's the new fad these days all the raids every hard drive makers doing it for the

Uninitiated SMR or shingled magnetic recording is a process that adds density without actually adding any platters ASMR writes new data tracks that overlap the existing data tracks and it essentially shingles the data tracks

Akin to shingle in a roof hence the shingled naming so this allows hard drive makers to economically increase density without adding platters or altering the read/write heads which is important in the ever waning HDD market

That's been mostly relegated to cheap storage however it comes with a serious caveat in terms of random right performance if any data track has to be modified or new data has to be written any shingled data tracks have to be

Completely rewritten alongside it this makes sm are inferior for right intensive applications this in itself isn't necessarily a problem but hard drive makers are not disclosing it to the customers is for instance it became

Apparent via Reddit and a Tom's Hardware report that Western Digital is currently shipping WD red drives which are used in NASA's we actually use a lot of those for using SMR and that's without identifying the drives as using SMR so

Users on reddit have claims that these drives are performing poorly they can't be figured correctly in ZFS arrays and our problematic and raid setups among other issues on the heels of this news it

Swiftly became apparent that Toshiba and Seagate engage on the same nebulous practice thanks to Chris Mel or with block and files Toshiba confirmed seblak and files that its p300 uses SMR but does not document the use of SMR in any

Customer documentation or marketing materials Seagate also confirmed to block and files that many of its hard drives in its Barracuda line use SMR but again that's not made clear to customers in any documentation SMR is fine for

Worm or write once read many or a cold data storage or anything that's read intensive it's really the write that matters here however with all three hard drive makers decisively marketing certain hard drives without disclosing

The use of SMR it's inevitable that more customers unbeknownst to them will end up with a product that performs in a way which they didn't expect so that's really the problem here hopefully the tactic will change but

Don't color us as hopeful and II recently trotted out its latest epic offerings to bolster its assault on Intel server market share the new epic 7f blank 2 line is still epic roam derivatives based on Zen 2 however they

Are essentially frequency optimized counterparts to solve an these existing SKUs in the epic 7/2 stack and is also claiming the epic 7f 2 CPUs represent the quote world's highest per core performance x86 server CPU the epic 7f2

Line consists of a 32 of 52 and a 72 for the product name so 7f 72 32 52 they are from lowest to highest 8 core 16 thread 16 core 32 thread and then there's a 24 core 48 thread option as well first and foremost all the SKUs have a 500

Megahertz increase to the base clocks and there's a significant drop aloof lifts and boost clocks as well there's also a significant increase in the l3 cache so specifically the l3 cache increases include moves to 128 megabytes

For the 7f 32 and then there's also moved to 256 megabytes 192 megabytes for the other CPUs as well which not that it really works this way but with that much cash you could actually fit some old PC games and the entirety

Of cash on the cpu nothing is for free however these new chips come with higher TDPS for whatever whatever you make of that number we have video on that if you're curious to the tune of 180 watts to 240 watts at least against themselves

Its comparative additionally the new 7f2 chips will come with similar gains in price as these are essentially binned cherry-picked chips the epic 7f 32 52 and 72 will have a 1k unit pricing ranging from 2100 hours to $3,100

2450 in the middle there and these positioning the chips for use in databases commercial high performance computing or HPC and hyper-converged infrastructure workloads Andy has also already seen customers within its

Ecosystem adopting the epic 7f2 line including names such as Dell HPE IBM cloud and Microsoft next up per a report on Bloomberg Sony might be dialing back its production of the upcoming PS 5 console because of cost concerns and

Concerns about the wider market adoption on initial launch in the first year a quick note we have to point out that Bloomberg has a checkered history of accuracy with rumors in the technology space so we wouldn't trust their rumors

Quite as much as digital times but this one's got some merit to it according to Bloomberg citing sources allegedly close to Sony it seems that Sony is concerned that there will be some sticker shock for the

PlayStation fought and both Sony and Microsoft here have been making massive generational leaps in terms of hardware they're both moving to eight core 16 thread parts from AMD with semi-custom SOC C's 16 gigabytes of gddr5 with GT gr

5 but it's getting closer and fairly dense solid-state storage systems none of this is cheap by the way of course Sony and Microsoft have touted these specs Microsoft more so than Sony without addressing the giant elephant in

The room of price while nothing concrete has serviced if we're going to use passive voice that's been suggested that $499 could be the new normal for consoles as more potent Hardware will facilitate a much higher price and also

Higher power consumptions another aspect to throw in there to furthermore bloomberg mentions that game developers working on games for the playstation 5 are expecting a price point for the console of between 500 and $550 if those

Rumors are accurate it seems Sony is weary of over producing consoles for its first run and given the current economic climate there are also other factors to consider too more people might be stuck at home yes but a

Massive amount of people are also losing their jobs or on reduced hours so there's absolutely no certainty right now as to what the buying market for entertainment devices is going to look like at the end of the year and that's

Probably going to affect the manufacturing run potentially more so than just the price of the unit itself more than 500,000 zoom accounts have surfaced on the dark web which is probably televisions favorite thing to

Talk about the dark web it's this mystical place in today's episode of delete zoom we're going to talk about the recent history of how some 500-thousand zoom accounts have been exploited and your company may be one of

The ones that started using this recently so it's probably worth passing the story along to IT zoom has risen to prominence in the last couple of weeks largely thanks to the pandemic and it's also because Microsoft hasn't yet

Decided what it wants to do with its own platform Skype which has been left to rot in the corner somewhere according to zoom CEO Eric s un active daily users on zoom' exploded from 10 million in December to 200 million this

Past March highlighting that pre-pandemic no one really knew what zoom what with a surgeon its user base came a magnifying glass that put zoom security or the lack thereof under closer examination everything from the

Lack of end-to-end encryption which zoom promised and didn't deliver – seriously questionable call routing all the way to the more prominent and repugnant zoom bombing has arisen in recent weeks

Not to mention security experts have found multiple flaws that affect both Windows and Mac users – zooms credit the company has scrambled to release patches addressing these issues and has vowed to ratchet up

Security development over the next several months not to tsums credit zoom bombing which is still plaguing the service to salt the wound earlier this week over 500,000 zoom accounts surfaced and some selling for less than a penny

Others were being given away for free which is a common practice on dark web hacking forums first ones for free it works apparently in this context as well so most of the credentials that have surfaced on the dark web were obtained

Via credential stuffing attacks and this is an instance where attackers use credentials exposed in past data breaches so you have a set of passwords that are known against a set of common user names or emails that are known and

Then can can attempt to use those same credentials to access a different service which by the way this is a great time to remind you that one of the easiest things you can do I'll be it annoying for your own security is to use

Different passwords for every service the point of this isn't because you're not think I think there's some trouble with explaining this sometimes but the biggest thing with using different passwords is because you're not likely

To be a targeted attack so it's unlikely that there's some hacker with a hoodie up on the dark web looking specifically for you more likely they're pulling a set of passwords that's already out there from some previous leak on some

Random website forum whatever zoom apparently is one of them and then they're going to run that against the email that you use or the username that you used on websites where it might matter

Maybe banks or whatever financial sites things like that or just yeah trying to get access to other information which would financially benefit them so using a different password or one that's not discussed a lot a different email or

Username for different sites is a great way to secure yourself anyway moving on per bleeping computer zoom has quote hired multiple intelligence firms to find these password dumps and the tools used to create them as well as a firm

That has shut down thousands of websites attempting to trick users into downloading malware or giving up their credentials we continue to investigate our locking accounts we have found to be compromised

Asking users to change their password something more secure and are looking at implementing additional technology solutions to bolster our efforts seriously though get get some kind of password manager we're not security

Experts but that seems like a pretty easy one to help out folding at home hits two point four exa flops we're we're gonna go ahead and use the flops naming again the meteoric rise of folding at homes compute power continues

Unabated and it follows successful recruiting campaigns from the likes of nvidia pcmr and tech publications including ours Linus's and several others that you know of i think paul did a video as well so folding at home has

Not several milestones recently such as a couple weeks ago reaching the computing power that would best the top seven supercomputers combined and at least x86 flops and now folding at home is touting a combined 2.4 x of flops of

Computational power spread across its distributed network for those counting that's more than the top 500 supercomputers combined at least in terms of sheer x86 exa flops that's what it is of course supercomputers might do

Certain things better like their usual military and nuclear research for which they are often deployed and these two aren't necessarily directly comparable but it's a fun comparison to make the heightened interest in folding at homes

Projects has led to something of a drought in terms of work units something that folding at home has been aware of and working to rectify quote more GPU work units are coming for at folding at home we've had to shift some of our

Effort from setting up projects to moving data off servers to make more room for more data it's amazing how quick the data is coming in something like 6 terabytes per hour set greg bowen folding at homes

Director via twitter so if you're curious yen's machines the we've got to editing machines that we have running folding at home in the off hours when the editors aren't using them and those are capable of producing about seven

Million points per day when they're full of work units but that doesn't happen right now so right now we're seeing more between 4 million and 6 million points per day if you want to join the team it's two three

Four seven seven one you can go into the configuration settings and fully at home and type you'll join our team and we've got such great names in there as snowflake the cat from one of our he deserves thank

You that was an awesome one and I think there was a Steve's hair in there as well anyway we've moved up into the top 100 teams of all time we started at a low low like way down on the depths I don't know if it was in the thousands or

The deep hundreds but we were way down there just a month ago and we're in the top 100 now Linus is currently ranked to number 4 and we're at number 81 moving up significantly in the last month so thanks for joining spent a lot of fun

And as soon as there's more work units available I really want to do more with this idea because I think it'd be fun to build basically like in a mining system frame except for folding work but it's not enough work units right now next one

Or last one I think rumor for rise in three thirty one hundred and thirty one hundred acts everyone's favorite Hardware leaker is back this week with purported information regarding that rumored rise in three chips last year's

Rise in three thousand family notably never produced rise in three chips for desktop and just to be exceptionally clear here risin three is not to be confused with Zen three nor is it to be confused with it Rison three thousand as

The whole which is already out horizon three of this instance is referring to the are three chips which have been neglected for the most part other than the AP is since the first generation of Rison and Zen so the are three thirteen

Hundred X and twelve hundred were the originals and it looks like that series is coming back there's been a Peters again in between anyway via Twitter momomo us has pointed us towards information showing a four core eight

Thread rise in three thirty one hundred and alleged rise in three thirty one hundred X as well and given the naming we could assume that these will be based on Zen too although you know it's like sixteen hundred AF kind of throws that

Out the window to you but can a similar send to can assume there seven nanometer silicon furthermore the 3100 would run at an alleged clock speed of three point nine gigahertz while the 3100 ax would feature a clock speed of four point

Three we're assuming boost here not base or all core the leak didn't note whether these were base or boost but you know should be pretty obvious the leak further mentions a 65 watt TDP for whatever that's worth a cache of 18

Megabytes and they would no doubt line up for targeting the lower end i3 skews from Intel which are difficult to justify anyway again something like an r5 1600 AF so we'll look into these if they exit rumor status but either way

And the at this point is largely competing with itself the r5 1600 AF and the 2600 it's basically the same thing are going to be really tough to beat especially at the $85 the intentional $85 pricing it's not always there of the

AF so that's it for this one thanks for watching subscribe for more go to store documents taxes net helps out directly or patreon.com slash gamers in excess if you'd like to support our efforts for things like our cooler deep dives and

Our brand new review series like the Arctic liquid freezer cooler that we just reviewed actually still on the table you can support us on patreon for that otherwise check back next week for more news coverage and throughout the

Week for reviews we'll see you all next time

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