HW News – 5.3GHz Intel 10-Core OC, Liquid Metal on Laptops, Samsung 3nm Delay

by birtanpublished on September 28, 2020

Everyone welcome back to another hardware news recap for the week for this one we have another charity auction of a king pin PCB for cat angels this time another animal charity and we're also going to be talking about Z 490 and the ten core frequency expectations

We'll be covering some Samsung three nanometer difficulties GDD are six being confirmed for Nvidia's cards following up on last week's rumors and also talking a bit about how the clock speeds have changed in association with that

Memory change issues doing some really interesting stuff with liquid metal on its laptops including the semi-automated application of liquid metal on those laptops that's been a big challenge KB Lake refreshed chips being almost gone

And EVGA having more ko cards along with a few other things before that this video is brought to you by EB JS r-tx 2060 ko we previously reviewed the RT X 2060 ko model for its fuse down RTX 2080 died that uniquely benefited blunder and

Some professional applications offering better performance than expected in some pro workloads while offering usual strong RT x 2060 performance for gaming the RT x 2060 KO also includes the game deliver us the moon for free with EVGA

Geforce r-tx cards EVGA is actively restocking its RT x 2060 KO with new ties which you can find a link to the description below first up there's been a lot of bad news in the world lately so we wanted to start off with something a

Bit more uplifting for you all especially since we're in the hardware world so we we can hopefully provide some relief from the daily news that's been going on in world news so we previously did a charity auction

Of one of these we have three of them they are autographed by kingpin he's the world's top-ranked 3d graphics overclocker for as long as I can remember and they are blank twenty atti PCB so it's just

Gold and black these are really cool you can't get them anywhere unless you know kingpin himself and he sent us three earlier in the year so that we could do charity auctions throughout the year and we're going to be I mean I guess if

You're maybe Louis Rossman as I said last time you could you can maybe even buy the individual components and solder them on but good luck either way these are pretty cool they they don't have the GPU on them but that's what makes them

Unique and the last one we listed for charity auction was alongside a medium GN mod map that was autographed by the whole core team here and also alongside an EVGA x2 99 dark board which we listed with it

Because it also has a blank PCB except that ones for a motherboard and that card I think it went for 2000 2500 I want to say was 25 50 something like that but really cool process we previously sold a mod not signed by

Linus ended up being purchased by Linus and that one for over 3 grand and both of those were for Australian wildlife charities for wildlife affected by the bush fires at the time so for this one that we're listing now we're going to

List this for a three-day auction on eBay it is a charity auction 100% of the revenue generated by the auction will go to cat angels we've previously helped cat angels by building them a computer this was around Christmas of last year

For their adoptions because their systems were too slow and they needed something that people could get in and fill out the adoption forms and take the cats home unfortunately because of the recent issues the human malware going on

In the world the actual on-site usage of that computer has probably dropped a bit but there are other ways we can help and they came to my mind for this next card specifically because a mountain biker in the local mountain biking community that

I'm a part of found a kitten that was a couple weeks old abandoned on a major road and so that kitten named Ebenezer after the road he was found on has gone to cat Angell's I helped facilitate the transfer of the cat to cat angels and

They were able to basically immediately find him a foster home so we were able to fortunately through our relationships with them previously and from the help of our audience doing such an amazing job supporting them previously we were

Able to get that cat home right away so anyway I offered to cattails that we would auction something off to help pay for that cat's early shots or any food that was needed stuff like that or just whatever else they need to use it on

Especially right now with the economic conditions a lot of the corporate donors are kind of being a bit more conservative with their spending so what we're going to do this on eBay I think this time eBay

Actually has them listed under their charity auctions so it should bypass the fees but I'm gonna list this for three days there will be a link in the description below you can go bid on it please only bid on this if you are

Actually going to buy it because if you bid to try and increase the price what's gonna happen is you're gonna end up accidently winning and then when you say I can't pay I can't afford it it's gonna screw us all over so please don't do

That only bid on it if you're actually going to buy it I'm limiting it this time – three days instead of seven because I'm trying to help keep the price a bit more manageable so that there's more equal access to it it's a

Charity item it's gonna be expensive but you know we're trying to make it a little bit more accessible than the previous ones by limiting the duration on it so yeah a hundred percent of that will go to them and it's a great group

To support if you want 15 minutes of b-roll footage of cats we have that on the side channel just YouTube search for Gian Steve and we show their facility with all the cats climbing all over our camera equipment but that's your good

News for the week and we're happy that ebenezer got a home immediately and this will go to support him plus it's a really cool item that you won't have many chances to get we'll have one more left after this this again we're gonna

List it with the next to nine dark and with a medium on Matt that's signed by the team so it's not just me on that one but it'll be me Andrew Keegan and Patrick that's the core daily full-time team here okay so next one Z 490 this is

Hardware news now ten core frequency expectations we previously talked about Intel Z 490 platform and some information that we had confirmed the information was from last week it was relating to the silicon height versus

The PC the substrate I should say of the CPU so the silicon has been brought lower the IHS is also brought lower mi just has been modified all these changes are to support in the thermal transfer of Intel's new 10 core CPU which have an

Additional cores it will need the help getting rid of that heat so we confirm that information we've seen it all in person and it's not a rumor that's the fact and you'll see that when the processors come out now that came from

An unnamed system integrator source and now we have additional information from another unnamed so so for the ten core CPU it's probably going to be called the ten 900k which is not the same as the ten nine hundred ex

It's an important distinction we talked about these silicon's the die size last time as well it's in an article and video so if you want to just read it go look at the article but for this one it sounds like the engineering samples of

The ten core CPUs are hitting a frequency of about five point two to five point three gigahertz just reminder this is overclocking not stock expectations we don't know what stocks going to be we're only talking on

OC expectations as they are on ES samples on average couple of things these are engineering samples and also these are samples that are probably going to be on the better side so we're not really sure how that'll translate

Into retail sample overclocking but it's typically pretty close and once you're talking plus or minus one hundred two hundred fifty megahertz it's not really all that different obviously it matters to an overclocker to anyone competitive

But you know for a retail point of view it's we're pretty close to the numbers you can expect so 5.2 was one of the numbers we were told and we heard it'll be at about one point three volts for the the particular chip that we were

Talking about at five point two gigahertz and our understanding presently is that the silicon should be a bit better on average four es but we're not sure what retail will do either way sounds like another bump in

Frequency for this generation there's also a two core bump so Intel is probably going to have a shot at retaining its crown in gaming and especially in frame rate snob category of gamer which is not a slight at anyone

But just that's the type of person who'd really care a lot about that and we'll cover that obviously we'll test and validate once it comes out we are 100% certain on the silicon changes that we talked about for the last one with a

Substrate we're fairly certain on these that these rumors are accurate because well I can't really say why because we're protecting our sources from Intel but we're pretty certain about them there might be some variance plus minus

A hundred megahertz or so but we'll talk about that more when it comes out and the store mi technology going end-of-life is the next news story in a quiet fashion Andy has decided to move away from its store mi software that was

Launched in 2018 in a product change advisory or a PCA which was actually published last month but only just recently caught the eye of other press and then we saw their reporting and the signaled that

Installations downloads and support would cease for its store mi solution and it's going to end March 31st of oh it's over March 31st was a few days ago anyway it's it's dead so in the interim AMD will be preparing

A time moves fast will be preparing a replacement due sometime in second quarter the PCA notes that AMD is allocating internal resources for the replacement suggesting that whatever form the replacement takes it will be

Developed under andis roof store mi was born out of a partnership with AMD and enmities the latter of which has its own hybrid drive software called fused drive in fact AMD still recommends fewest drive in the absence of store emma i per

The pca also end users who have downloaded store mi prior to March 31st should expect the software to continue to work Albee it it will no longer be supported so basically that one will be gone on March 31st and it's gone I think

That's the mean we're going for there since I forgot the date confirmed on GDR six for the 1650 GPUs in the interest of following up on a rumor from last week which was confirmed mostly immediately after we posted the video GDR six will

Indeed be coming to Nvidia's at GTX 1650 and Vidya stated that this change was due to a lack of supply for gddr5 in the market gddr5 has been on the market for a long time and g6 is now finding its way onto basically every device that

Previously had g5 so there's a shortage of it in the interest of keeping its queue alive it's it's least useful skew and Vidya has now implemented g6 on the 1650 it is currently maintaining gddr5 and GTD are six SKUs these are packages

Of memory and the GPUs sold the partners like EVGA or gigabyte or whomever and then they list the card as you know g 5 g 6 until the g5 ones run now so interestingly if you look closely and vidya has dialed back the clock speeds

For the GDD are 6 cards the original g5 card supported a 1485 or 1665 megahertz base and boost respectively and the new GDD are six cards come down from that and those are moving down to fourteen

Ten or fifteen ninety base and boost the partners obviously have some control over pre overclock things like that so there's probably a few reasons for this one the newer GT dr6 is a mighty upgrade over gddr5 for Nvidia's architecture the

New g6 runs at 12 gigabits per second for the 1650 whereas the g5 solution was previously 8 gigabits per second that's bits not bytes to be extremely clear there GDD are six comes with a significant bandwidth increase so tune

In this installation of about 192 gigabytes per second compared to 128 gigabytes bytes per second for the gddr5 solution on the cards now with both the 1650 super and the 1650 hosting a 4 gigabyte frame buffer you end up and g6

Now you end up with a scenario where Nvidia presumably had to do something to maintain its product segmentation and its pricing structure so that's probably why you see the clock drop additionally even though g6 is intended to be more

Energy efficient than g5 the higher speed and bandwidth doesn't come for free when the card is limited to 75 watts the GTX 1650 has to draw all its power through the PCIe slot as it doesn't have any auxiliary power

Connections we know that dialing clocks back a bit also helps keep the card within his power envelope of course that's for Nvidia's reference and base cards the AV partners can forego 75 watts if they want to and add a 6 pin

Power connector and that's what EVGA is done to get a boost to 17 10 megahertz on a 1650s see old trick GDR 6 gaming model at the time of writing at least one other partner that'd be gigabyte has announced the GDD

R6 model there will probably be others from MSI and the rest in in short order we can expect to see more coming in the days and weeks following Samsung's 3 nanometer might not enter volume production until 2022 among other

Industries caught in the crosshairs of the current human malware pandemic there are foundries both tsmc and Samsung have had their ups and it seems the latest casualty may be Samson's three nanometer note according

To industry profits digit times Samson's three nanometer node which was scheduled to enter volume production in 2021 is likely going to be delayed until 2022 specifically it seems sandstone is having difficulties getting the

Necessary equipment installed due to the pandemic playing out across the globe earlier this year Samsung showed off a three nanometer prototype based on Gavit GA AF et or gate all around field effect transistors with the intent of entering

Volume production in 2021 with the delay it seems Samsung will be on the same timetable as TSM see now who is also looking to enter volume production with its own three nanometer process at some point in 2022 Asus

Announced via its rog blog earlier this week that it intends to bring liquid metal to the masses and in a much bigger way than we typically see the article isn't without the on-brand rog machismo and flexing obviously in this case

Though the what they want to be envied able rog certified badge might actually have some merit I'm like on the in one cases or the Liam Lee cases or any other case where they basically pay to have something printed on stream printed on

It so technically a suits introduced liquid metal Tim and it's rog mothership previously which was a sis's way of saying this is what we think a desktop replacement laptop looks like so according to asus the rog mothership

Allowed the company to implement an early and less refined version of the process that it's using now for the crude metal application we are well-acquainted with liquid metal and with the lidding if it's been a little

While since we've done content on it so if you didn't see our original content back in the day the biggest thing with liquid metal is that it's a very manual process to apply it's not as simple as squishing down a cooler and letting it

Spread liquid metal can be a huge pain to apply you need to get it on both services so that be the in this case say a CPU being cooled and it's IHS so the diam IHS and you're relying on service tension to keep everything together you

Squish it down and then you get contact but it's difficult to apply sometimes the liquid metal moves around in ways that frustrating and all of this is to say that because it's a very manual process

And because you can as a human develop the skills to apply it pretty efficiently there's an issue where machines can't necessarily as easily apply liquid metal because it does take some finesse and it's a bit different

Each time so what Asics has been working on is getting a machine to process it and they released some footage of it it requires a special consideration and careful application but it can net significant

Thermal improvement as we've shown in the past with a sis's automated process they've been working on for over a year now asus has implemented custom machinery and a proprietary process that it claims

Is capable of applying liquid metal tim at a scale consistent with mass production a ceaseless process seems to be made up of two steps the first step involves a mechanical arm brushing the liquid metal on the die initially with

The additional injections of compound going on later to get the amount just right in the second step during the first step the mechanical arm makes exactly 17 passes across the CPU die with each pass being slightly

Different than the last which asus claims is to help avoid accumulation of tim around the edges of the cpu and optimize coverage also asus has developed a stainless steel shim that the cpu thigh sits inside of to

Help control accumulation around the edges a su states that an earlier version of this shim sat on the motherboard but a newer version sits directly on the cpu package and can be reused for laptops using the same

Generation of chips for the second stage another mechanical arm affixed with a stainless steel pump and syringe stainless steel is to avoid reacting with the tim applies more compound at two points on the die according to a

Suit the surface tension of the first coat helps spread the rest without any further brushing at this stage asus also employs a stainless steel sponge around the die to help deal with the low viscosity and fluidity of liquid metal

And that brings up the other problem with liquid metal when you're new to applying it it works exceptionally well it's something like 73 watts per meter kelvin versus maybe 410 for a good thermal paste but it does require extra

Care because when you're spreading on a chip like an h EDT chip that's got AMD's surface mount devices near the silicon if you have spillover you'll short some of those chips and we've done it and you can blow up for a small cap

Or something like that on the cpu on the substrate so this process currently only works with certain Intel chips that don't have s MDS on the substrates directly surrounding the die ASIS claims that it is working on implementing the

Solution for AMD chips as well so this might be something we see roll out in the future but those methods aren't ready quite yet because the SMD is makes it a little more complicated and they need something to fix that it might be

Some form of conformal coating or something as simple as nail polish like we've done in the past asus also added that it's using conductor not from thermal grizzly and or our-our counterpart they're Bauer on YouTube

It did not partner with the company in an effort to keep the project secret so they've been showing the thermal Grizzly packaging in their footage ROG laptops from Asus that use liquid metal Tim and the tenth generation Intel chips will be

Available at some point in the second quarter of this year KB Lake refresh chips are almost gone it just wouldn't be hardware news if we weren't sifting through Intel's cue DMS for relevance PC ends to that end in our usual weekly

Pastime and hobby of sifting through PC ends Intel's i-5 8250 ui5 8350 UI 78550 you and I 786 at 50 you are set to begin yo wow technically this leaves 2 kb lake are chips available the Pentium Gold 44 17 you and the seller on 38 67 you cable

A car was a mess to say the least it included a smattering of refreshed cable AQ or 2016 chips launched and rebranded as eighth generation ships in August of 2017 Intel lumped in the Pentium Gold 44 17 you and Celeron 38 67

You in 2019 that further complicated the lineup Camie like our did feature a couple of notable first from Intel however they were the first u series chips to move to four cores and eight threat the chips also retains the same

15 watt power envelope the i5 8250 you and I 78550 you entered AOL on April 6 with final orders being taken until July 24th 2020 final shipments will go out January 22nd 2021 as for the i7 8650 you and I 580 350 you

Orders are being taken until October 23rd 2020 and final orders will ship April 9th 2021 and of course right now we can't get through a week of news without some form of human malware coverage main gear is building emergency

Ventilators a boutique PC builder main gear has announced that its retool in some of its lines to produce emergency pulmonary ventilators these have been named by the company as main gear live or L IV

And it's a very noble effort however if you look at the product page for main gear live you'll see that it's obviously the same people who put together the gaming product pages and that's not commentary on anything other than it's

Sort of amusing to see the world of healthcare getting gaming marketing applied to it how long until we get a ventilator with the obvious joke of RGB LEDs or tempered glass either way it's an admirable effort and it seems that at

Least initially main gear will target its neighboring New York hospitals main gear is based if we understand it correctly in New Jersey so they're right nearby main gear has stated that it plans to scale up production the ship

Internationally if need be and if demand remains as high as it is now the main gear live uses a repurposed Silverstone fto three mini case sort of cool to see that application and the live feature is a quote redundant power circuits

Multiple safety features and unique coupling devices which contain and drain exhale the aerosolized human malware from the patient while allowing routine maintenance under severe conditions well it doesn't seem that main gear will

Donate the ventilators it does state that the machines can be purchased at scale for around 25 percent of the cost compared to traditional ventilators importantly main gear iterated via Tom's Hardware quotes that these ventilators

Are not intended to replace traditional ones but rather to be used as emergency devices presumably in something like a field hospital quote medical professionals are overworked they're getting sick the hospitals are

Struggling said main gear CEO Wallace Santos – Tom's hardware and he continued to say we wanted to make this so almost anyone in the field could operate it with minimal training they're setting up field hospitals in stadiums portability

Is an absolute must these will hook up to any oxygen tank and you're good to go main gear also told Tom's that it wasn't sure how production of the main gear live would affect its existing PC product catalog well we don't have

Specifics on how this would impact our PC production but given the current situation we were willing to do whatever it takes to help during this time that was from Santos of being gear from a non health perspective one of the cool

Things one of the cool benefits we get as a community is there's some additional coverage now in much larger media outlets than anyone like us that you watch where the gaming desktop world's getting some additional

Attention and people are realizing like oh this this company also makes these things what the hell is that that's there's water in that computer that's insane this is really cool so there's some potential there for a wider reach

In effect where the very least more people are aware of the hobby that we all partake in and can feel good about it and feel like this hobby they might not have ever heard of or thought of is contributing to something much larger

Moving on to the next item this one EVGA has more KO cards but they're not as fun as the 2060 ko evj has announced a 2070 super in 2080 super ko series of cards these are down cost versions of existing cards they're just meant to be cheaper

And that's about it unlike the 2060 ko if you remember our coverage of that these do not have special secret Quadro features like randomly plus 50% performance in certain production workload tasks that was the

Coolest thing about the 2060 ko it was overclocking limited but it was exceptionally powerful and things like blender and in the Siemens NX software so you see this benefit for the 2060 ko that was completely unexpected because

Nvidia basically forgot to turn some circuit off so 2070 super in 2080 super we asked EVGA is this gonna be the same thing is this is gonna be a secret quad row and they said now unfortunately it's the same GPU in this instance is just

Cheaper the 2070 super ko is supposed to be around $500 a bit cheaper than some of the other ones EVGA has and these cards are moving towards a 2 slot cooling solution from the much larger ones that we've seen on the RT x-series

So far and a couple of final notes at the end of the show here so first of all if you like our article and have been missing them we published the e-atx video that we did as an article so if you want that is a

Reference to go see what we talked about in the future or if you just would rather read that one it's up on gamers nexus net we've also published the atx12v o intel deep dive that new spec that's supposed

To be a company in 80 X 12 volt power supplies we published that along with the manufacturer thoughts it's the video version except in an article so if you want to check those out there on the website and then we're working on

Polishing the air vs. liquid cooling content as an article shortly as well so you can check gamers nexus dotnet for all of those and finally hardware sales we haven't done these and news shows for a long time but we wanted to bring it

Back currently with how many people are working at home it's it's worth some additional coverage so the gigabyte RT x 27 t super we spotted a wind force OC 3 X 8 gigabyte card is marked down right

Now on Newegg and will check Amazon but either way we'll link that in the description below if you're looking for a video card that's marked down the Andy risin 7 3700 X is currently $285 on eBay in a new purchase not used and we're

Also going to check Amazon listings for that one will link both of those below and then the asrock p450 gaming k4 is currently at time of filming $85 and that's a good price for that board as well so we'll link those in the

Description if you're interested in any of that stuff but otherwise we're gonna keep an eye on these things and the horizons been profoundly cheap lately except for the 1600 AF that one went up in price after all the media coverage

Sorry but anyway that's it for this one thanks for watching subscribe for more go to store documents access net to help side rightfully or patreon.com/scishow his neck says and check the link below for the charity auction for this board

That was mentioned in the beginning of this video we'll see you all next time

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