Hunger Games, Harry Potter, and the history of fan music

by birtanpublished on July 2, 2020

Maybe you've moved on from Wizard Rock or Time Lord Rock and you're looking for something fresh

So whether you call it Tribute Rock, or
Rockingjay, there's now a really good chance that The Hunger Games has

a healthier music scene than your hometown

When we talk about fan-created music, whether
the subject is Doctor Who or Draco Malfoy, we're

talking about Filk Literally originating
from a typo when someone was trying to write

about science fiction and folk music, filk
took hold with the rise of sci-fi fandom and sci-fi conventions,

powered by the Futurians

The Futurians counted future Hugo award winners,
Weird Tales contributors, and Isaac Asimov

amongst their ranks The left-leaning off-shoot of the Greater New York Science Fiction

Club, they hung out at the science fiction
conventions that were just starting to pop up at

the end of the '30 and wrote sci-fi tinged protest
songs to fill the late and boozy nights

It was in the '50s that filk got its name,
a typo from an article about science fiction culture

and modern folk music By the '70s, it was an
established part of convention culture

Filking had its own awards, filking had its own cons, filking had a hall
of fame

And then filking went to Hogwarts

Harry and the Potters were the first Wizard
Rock band, or wrock band They inspired a

legion of new filk music that was wholly Potter-centric,
from Draco and the Malfoys to the Remus Lupins

And of course the popularity of wrock inspired
an entire trend of fandom-specific filk

Like Trock

Time Lord Rock is, of course, Whovian-themed
power jams

The other Trock, is Tribute Rock, which is just music about the Hunger Games And appropriately enough, this guy —

Is one the genre's biggest names

That's Alex Carpenter He is great at writing
filk song, and not very good at lighting his

guitar on fire

But Carpenter is hardly alone in his TRIBUTE to the book

and movie – dubbed Rockingjay,
since Trock was technically taken

by the Whovians already, artists like ALL CAPS are dropping
major jams all about your favourite dystopian

sci-fi child murdering saga

Oh, shit

Much nicer That's Steph Anderson She seems not very murderous at all Just like other nice folks like District 13

and Sam Cushion, who actually wrote
a series of scores for the

Hunger Games, including a beautiful orchestral version of Rue's
Lullaby, a song that appears in

the book that tons of people have adapted their own melodies online



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And may the odds be ever in your favour

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