HUGE TECH Unboxing Haul + Giveaway – 3.0

published on August 3, 2020

Hey guys what's up it's carl here back with another episode and back i think with the fan favorites it's the monthly tech unboxing haul but i just want to show you guys one thing before we start today's episode check out how cool

This is i just got this from my xbox family they sent this over as we got the new studio it is the level up achievement but more importantly if you take a look each of these little squares is actually a piece of one of

These youtube videos they of course have the xbox controller in orange i think this is super dope so just big thanks to them this is my first piece of art this is of course an unboxing haul so i

Got this this month so dope and just like all of my unboxing hauls you guys have a chance to win one of the items that you saw today obviously not that picture because that's personally mine

So if you want to win just be sure to sub to the channel leave one comment down below on your favorite item that you saw this month and of course follow along on social like instagram as that's where i'll be

Announcing the winners slash we had one from last episode big congrats to you and i've kind of pinned that comment on that last episode so you've got 24 hours to respond and i will hook you up with an item

From the last episode so coming to our first items i'm grouping them all together they are from xiaomi and they're this week's or this month's episode sponsor they're giving away 15 of these items so

Five of each we've got the xiaomi tv stick their version two headphones and they're me band five so five of each of these this means this is the biggest giveaway that i'm doing across these episodes

So first we're gonna take a look at the tv stick and this guy retails for around 40 bucks and if you don't have a smart tv a lot of the emerging markets xiaomi is a great entryway they don't break the bank

But they still offer some pretty decent quality and what the tv stick does it turns your non-smart tv smart so for example you can connect to netflix youtube you can watch me over on twitch

All of these it supports it plugs into the back via hdmi and it comes with its own remote as well so if you try to spend 40 bucks on tech i challenge you to find something of this good value

They're earphones two basics and these come in at 40 once again you're not breaking the bank if you're looking to get into the wireless earbud game i think this is a solid

Option when you compare these to say airpods which cost 250 dollars and i wouldn't cry home about the sound quality of airpods either so this is essentially just listening for music i think they are a tad bit on the bulky

End but you know i mean for 40 dollars you really can't go wrong and the last item the me smart band 5 i think this was my favorite amongst them all this is a smart fitness

Band once again around that 50 to 40 price range it reminds me of fitbits and i actually prefer these than dedicated smart watches so i can still rock my og watch my regular one on my left wrist

And still put the smart band onto my right it tracks steps heart rate all of my activity levels of course you pair it with an app that i just got off of the app store

And if you're just looking to gauge your overall fitness levels or just have an extra bit of a motivator once again you're not breaking the bank and making a great investment to your health that was all

The stuff from xiaomi and remember 15 items so don't miss out leave those comments below our next item on the docket list we're switching over to the bluetooth speaker game

This is the cove commuter this is their second version i reviewed the first one last year and they made some really big improvements and the main thing being it has

360 degrees of sound let me show you how and at first glance right out of the box it may seem like your typical bluetooth speaker but the main feature of the coves they actually disconnect and you can

Have two separate speakers so if you want to have something a bit smaller you can take just say the left one put that into your pack leave the right one at home or if you're really looking for that 360 degree sound

You can connect them back together and now you have that immersive sound experience you can see the passive radiators on both sides of these speakers you get around seven hours of audio

Playback and one of the best features because it's bluetooth 42 you can be up to 32 feet away from the speaker with your smartphone without losing any connectivity you just have to remember

One thing because they are two separate units remember to juice up both they do use micro usb and maybe next year we'll see them make the switch to usbc but super dope one of the coolest speakers that i've

Seen i've got a link down below that you can check out make sure you try to snag one because i know these have been selling out like crazy okay we're switching tacks on

Two smartphones now and if you missed my full video on the oneplus nord this is your chance to keep up this is oneplus's foray back into the affordable

Smartphone scene so unfortunately these aren't available in north america but they are oneplus first phone that comes in under that 500 price point which i think is dope

This is their blue marble colorway it's the signature line for this phone and inside of the device we have pretty decent silicone it's a mid-tier spec so it's the snapdragon 765 g it still has 12 gigs of ram like a lot of other

Flagships a 90 hertz display and the important thing comes in at around 500 so i think this brings great value if this phone is available in your region

Wholeheartedly would recommend this i think oneplus is going back in the right direction with their smartphones they have to make them cheap affordable but still flagship killers and i think that was their mantra that

Was their mission statement i think they can get back to that with the nord smartphone number two on today's docket list is the huawei p40 pro plus

You've probably seen the og p40 which actually just came out in canada officially this is the upgrade the p40 pro plus you can see both devices i'm still a fan of the og colorway it's one of my

Favorites across any smartphone the plus series it's just in white almost like a ceramic if you're already a p40 user i wouldn't feel any remorse switching to the 40 plus there isn't too much of a

Difference the specs are very similar of course this is just slightly better the 40 plus does feel a bit heavier in the hand and if i had a measuring tape i'm sure it's a millimeter or two larger it feels a bit thicker it feels a bit

More premium but i'm curious which one you would pick if you had the choice ceramic or the og arctic blue can't remember the name of this colorway someone correct me down below and on to the biggest item on today's

Episode it's by far the heaviest as well this is a gaming laptop or creator laptop from msi it's a pretty beastly device it's got the 10th gen intel core i7 it's got the rtx 2080

With eight gigs of vram a two terabyte ssd and 32 gigs of ram and just picking this laptop up it's big it's hefty it's got some weight to it

Also a bit of a fingerprint magnet you can kind of already see all of them across the top so as you can see it's got a full 4k ips display and this is really kind of tuned to someone that both wants to be a

Content creator so say someone like me if i was over on adobe premiere editing all my videos this would handle 4k footage totally fine it still handles gaming quite well you can run call of duty you

Can probably even stream off of twitch as well doing both and considering now so many of us are staying at home we aren't traveling as much the portability of a laptop isn't as important so if you're

In the market if you need a device that can still do everything but still have a hint of that portability in the form of a laptop definitely check out this device

Hook it up to a 4k monitor i'm teasing the one behind me it's unreleased so there's a video coming on that this would be a beastly setup so that was my unboxing haul for the month of july i hope you guys

Enjoyed this episode and remember this was my biggest giveaway episode i have 15 devices or 15 items all from xiaomi i'll be hitting a ton of you up over in the comments so make sure you just respond

And i hope you guys enjoyed this month's episode and we'll catch the rest of you in one of my next ones or in one of my vlogs peace

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